Chapter 1

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Alissa James : 21 years old. Born in Honolulu Hawaii.

Joelle James : 21 years old. Born in Honolulu Hawaii.


Los Angeles 8.12 PM : On the highway from L.A.X airport.

My eyes hurt from looking at the sun..only an idiot as me could actually look at the sun for no apparent reason. ‘What the same hell are you doing?’ I heard my sister say. She is only 40 minutes older than me. It’s allot tough, most twins are born very quickly after the other one. But for some reason our mom wasn’t in good shape or something.. ‘ I was looking into the sun.’ I said with a death glare on my face. She pointed on my nose ‘even I have brains enough to know that.’ She said while laughing. ‘please..please Joelle…just don’t point on my nose..’ I sighed while staring out the window while she was driving. ‘Are you still sad about moving to L.A?’ she asked with sympathy. ‘I’m going to miss my friends..all of them back in Hawaii.’ I answered while sighing again. ‘What do you actually think about moving to L.A I know it’s a new start and everything. But I never actually got to hear your side of the whole story.’ She shrugged. ‘I don’t know..I think it’s good that were starting out fresh after what happened to you.’ She stopped talking very quickly cause she knew she shouldn’t have started that subject. ‘JOELLE!?’ I yelled ‘ALISSA!?’ she yelled back innocent. ‘I should really just shut u..’ it was like my heart stopped as we hit another car..the only thing I could remember was our car spinning and flipping around a few times. We had hit the railing from the crossroads. The car was on fire and it was upside down. I didn’t really realize what was going on until I saw we were upside down. My head hurt so badly. I was in extreme pain. I looked next to sister was gone.

The last thing I remember was that a handsome young man was running up to our car. I passed out as soon as he called 911.


1. Saved 

I woke up in a hospital bed confused enough to jump out the window for no apparent reason.

I was not only confused, I was scared to.  Scared of what might have happened. And scared of what did happen. I needed to know where my sister was. I needed to know who the guy that saved us was.

There we just to many questions spinning around in my head. Who did we hit? Did they survive?

Did my sister survive ? I was scared to scared for the truth. I looked at myself , nothing seemed to be wrong with me. The only thing that was a pain in the ass was my ass…and my head. The pain was allot worse than it was at the moment of the accident. The disgusting smell of the hospital made me want to throw up.  The hospital room was small but not too small. I was hooked up to allot of machines but nothing seemed to be wrong with me in my opinion. The doctor walked in.

‘Alicia Laura James?’ he asked. ‘..Alissa.’ I said to correct him. ‘does not say so in your birth certificate in our system.’ He said smiling. ‘do you want to tell us what happened?’  he asked me slowly.

‘where is my sister?’ I asked  dramatically while almost crying. The doctor sighed. ‘She is in the room next to you..she was found next to the car which was odd because she had the seatbelt still on her. The car must have hit something very badly’ he said with a concerned expression ‘IS SHE OKAY!?’

‘she isn’t recovering as well as you are since she was on the wheel.. She hit the railing with her head when she flew out the car. ‘I NEED TO SEE HER! WHERE IS SHE!?’ I yelled at him,  the more I talked or yelled at him the more it felt like my head was going to explode.  ‘calm down Alicia.’ He said calmly. He tried to hush me up, but it’s not that easy. ‘IT’S ALISSA AND NO I WON’T UNTILL I SEE HER!’ I know I’m over reacting…well no I’m not over reacting, I want to see my sister. And no one will keep me away from seeing her. Even if my legs were chopped of I’d still walk my way to that room..and don’t ask me how but I’d do anything for her. She stood right beside me trough everything that I’ve bin trough.  And I did the same, and I always will look out for her..and she for me of course. ‘I NEED TO SEE HER JUST LET ME SEE HER!’ I yelled again this time with even more emotion. ‘Alici…Alissa she needs her rest..I’m sorry but it’s for her good. And yours.’ The doctor looked at his clipboard. He was so close to the end of my bed that I could hit him in the nuts by just lifting my leg. So I decided to do that. I lifted my leg high enough to reach the man, but my prediction of hitting him in the nuts wasn’t the best prediction I made. I hit the clipboard out of his hands. He was shocked and he looked at me pretty mad. ‘I WANNA SEE HER. NOT TALK TO HER SO I DON’T SEE THE PROBLEM OF ME TAKING A LOOK AT HER FACE!’  Some dude walked in. I knew him from somewhere..I just didn’t know from where I knew him. The doctor gave me a ‘shut up’ look and then he walked out of the room. ‘DUDE!?’ I yelled while he walked away ignoring me. ‘Thank god that your okay!’ I looked at the guy.

‘..who are you?’ I asked ‘..I’m very sorry if I don’t know you anymore..’ I spoke quietly. ‘ it’s…’ he didn’t finish his sentence. ‘ not know me..’ he spoke with a small smile on his face. I looked him in the eyes. ‘…YOU SAVED US!’ I almost screamed of happiness I thought  I’d never ever see our saver again. ‘THANK YOU!’ I yelled again. And when I yelled that the pain came back aggressively.

I quickly sat back down again and I moaned from pain. ‘owww.. ‘ the pain was so strong. I felt it somewhere in my stomach.  ‘Are you okay? Should I get that doctor again?’ He was so worried. I have never seen a man worry that much about someone he does not know personally.  And let’s not forget that the man was smoking hot, hot oh, Joelle doesn’t know what she’s missing. I’m looking at a piece of fresh melted shiny gold here. ‘I..I’m fine.’ I said still craving from pain. ‘no you’re not. I’ll get that doctor.’  I looked at him for one more time and when he was about to walk out the door to get the doctor I said to him ‘NO! NO DON’T’  he turned around ‘..what? you’re craving from pain and you want me to do nothing?’ he said with disbelieve. The pain got worse I moaned again ‘OKAY GO GET A DOCTER..but just not the one from 3 minutes ago.. I think I scared him.’ The dude smiled at me and then went away to get that damn doctor.  ‘What is wrong with me..’ I said whispering.  I just sat there, thinking about so much things that I almost forgot the pain. I was thinking about my sister, I was thinking about how  our mom would’ve reacted if she was still alive.

I was thinking about the people that we hit, I was thinking about my nameless saver who just walked out the door to get me a doctor. But then I started to think about my pain again. I gasped and grabbed the railing of my bed to lay back down.  Every time I get these ‘painful attacks’ the feelings get worse. ‘I’m back with a doctor.’ He smiled. I passed out.


His Mind  :

I completely freaked out. ‘eh…nurse, DO YOUR NURSING STUFF!’ I looked at her concerned as hell. My guilt started killing me. What if her sister doesn’t survive,  what if she doesn’t survive...oh I couldn’t even think about it. I have to tell her..but not now she is mentally not stable. The nurse beeped up some doctors. ‘sir you need to leave’ That’s what they told me. I was so dazed off that  they had to lead me out of the room without even telling them not to touch me. ‘Sir?’ the nurse had a southern accent something that is quite irritating if you look like …her.  ‘Sir, are you related to those young women?’She looked at me impenetrable look. ‘Sir, I need you to answer my question.’ She said again. I had the feeling I woke up out of a hypnosis but then I was mentally aware of what she asked me. ‘No’ I answered.  ‘are you a friend?’ she asked. ‘No’  I looked at her monster lips who were moving very slowly when she said ‘..are you married to one of them, boyfriend , fiancée?’ she blinked twice with the meaning “dude, answer my mother fucking question.” I looked at her again ‘No.’ I said. I was sitting on this lounge sofa at the waiting room in the corner. Only if I looked up with my head I could see her. Her boobs blocked her face. She was black with MLBA : Monster Lips, Boobs& Ass. ‘Then what the same heck were you doing in that room mister!?’ she was kind of mad. She probably thought that I was some serial killer who pretends to be visiting her but then put all kinds of medication in her infusion so she would die. Well to be honest I felt like one.  I looked down ‘I’m the one that hit their car..’  ‘w..what?’ the nurse looked at me confused. ‘I’m the one that hit them.’ I said again with an extreme guilty feeling. ‘’No, no don’t say it again. That makes it even worse!’ she looked at me with disbelieve. ‘I can’t believe you didn’t run away..’ I looked at her with anger ‘would you!? How could I possibly run away from almost killing innocent people?’ ‘Sir..what is your name.’ is what she asked me. I looked down again. ‘…Bruno..’