Chapter 14

23/01/2012 10:41
I run out in the street, dodging a taxi, after the truck. It turns a corner. I keep running in the street through the cars, they're honking, but I don't care. I turn the corner where the truck went and run into a guy on a bike. He flies off the bike and into a pole on the sidewalk. I look up and the truck is no where to be seen, 
"ugh." the guy groaned. I turned around and looked at him, he was laying on the ground, his head was bleeding a little.
"Are you alright?" I asked walking over to him.
"You just ran into me!" he yelled standing up holding his forehead where it was bleeding.
"I'm sorry, so sorry." he looked at me, saw the uneasy look on my face and calmed down. 
"Your sea turtle." he pointed to my right, I turned. Her sea turtle was laying on the ground in a puddle. I walked over and picked him up, mud, water and dirt dripped off of him onto the ground. I rung him out and looked at his sad face, I turned back to the man, but he was gone. 
I walked back to the apartment and just stood up against the door. The empty apartment stared back at me in disappointment. I walked in the bedroom and looked at the bed.
"Just last night." was all I could say.
With the windows down, my elbow on the door where the window would be and my head on my fist Jacob drove away.
"So he's who you left me for?" Jacob asked.
"Not now Jake." he let out a sigh.
"You owe me an explanation."
"I don't owe you anything! And we were never together! You know that."
"My heart tells a different story.."
"I've told you from the beginning that we're just friends, you've never listened."
"Because I feel a stronger connection with you. Something more than a friendship."
"Now's not the best time."
"Why? You're single right?"
That's a good question, am I single?? "" I pulled out my phone, saw the background picture of me Bruno and my sea turtle. A tear rolled down my cheek. I remember when he won that for me. My favorite stuffed animal. 
"Are you?" Jacob asked. I looked at him confused. "Single...??" he asked. I looked at him, he looked back. I turned my head and faced the wind from the freeway. I bent my arm and put I on the door, I rested my head on top, the wind blew right in my face drying most of my tears as they fell. 
I'm guessing I fell asleep because I'm waking up in my bed. I sat up, its dark in here, it should be light. I open my door, I hear the tv. I go to the living room, my mom, Jacob, and step dad are watching t.v. 
"Where's the sun?" I asked.
"It's six o'clock at night." my mom said.
"How? It was only a 6 hour drive-"
"We got here yesterday Syd." Jacob said. 
"I slept the whole day?"
"Yeah." my mom laughed. "You hungry? I've got tacos!" she smiled hugging me.
Tacos, today's taco Tuesday. "Yeah, sure." I smiled she went in the kitchen. I went back in my room and sat on my bed. I looked up at the walls at all my posters, pictures, and quotes;it looked exactly the same as when I left. Jacob walked and sat next to me on my bed. I leaned over and rested my head on his shoulder.
"I really missed you Syd."
"I know." I looked up at him, he kissed my forehead. 
"I know this is a hard time for you, but I want you to know I'm here for you. Always have been and always will be."
"Thanks Jake." I hugged him. 
"Hot plates." my mom said from the hallway, we let go. That was always her warning that she's coming, I laughed. She had her arm through two tv trays and a plate in each hand. Jacob grabbed the tv trays and put them up in front of me and where he was, he put the plates on them. He got some drinks and sat next to me.
We ate and caught up on what's happened in the last year or so. After we ate, I went out to the U-Hall and looked through the boxes for my sea turtle, I couldn't find him. 
"What are you doing?" Jacob asked scaring me, I screamed.
"I'm looking for my sea turtle, I can't find him anywhere. Fuck I must have left him in the apartment."
"Call your boyfriend." 
"Stop." I glared at him. I hoped out of the truck and locked the door. 
"Call him up, you know you're not mad at him. What did he do anyways?"
“How would you know? And nothing.” I said walking away. He grabbed my arm, “Wait.” he said. “You wanted me to be here for you, I’m trying just let me listen to you.”
“I love him, lovED him, I don’t know.” I looked down, “Walk with me.” we walked down the street and I told him everything. 
“Did  you guys…”
“Yeah, twice.” he let out a sigh.
“He was my first, Jacob. You don’t get it. First boyfriend, first kiss, first love, everything.”
“I’m sorry.” he stopped us and looked down at me. “You don’t deserve some one like that or for this to happen to you.” I looked down, he put his hand under my chin and lifted my face. “Don’t you ever think less of yourself. You’re an amazing girl, the best in the world and you only deserve the best.” he leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips, I pushed him away.
“Wait wait wait!” I shook my head and kept my hands up in protest. “Technically I’m still with Bruno, I can’t cheat on him. He might have hurt me, but I’m not gonna sink that low and hurt him back.” he grabbed my hands, 
“One kiss wont hurt anything. He’s not even here!” he said leaning down trying to kiss me again, I moved.
“Think again.” I heard Bruno say. I looked to my left and he was standing there with my sea turtle in hand. Jacob dropped my hands and looked at Bruno.
“For you sweetheart.” Bruno said handing me my turtle, I took him gladly and smiled, Bruno smiled when he saw my smile.
“She doesn’t want you anymore buddy.” Jacob said to him.
“I doubt that, but if it’s true I’ll respect that.” he looked to me. “Is it true?” he asked.
“Expected.” he nodded.
“So why don’t you just get the hell outta here?!” Jacob said walking in closer on Bruno.
“Why don’t you back the fuck up. There’s no need for you to get in my face. I’m not here for you, I’m here for the love of my life.”
“Well she doesn’t love you anymore!” Jacob yelled at him.
“I can speak for myself!” I yelled. Jacob shoved Bruno.
“Look man, there’s no need for violence.” Bruno said.
“Because you don’t wanna lose.”
“Lose? Lose what? If anything YOU will lose HER respect for fighting with me. YOU started it, not me.”
“Losers talk, stop getting scared and fight me like a man!” Jacob threw a punch, Bruno dodged it and reciprocated with one, Jacob’s head bounced back.
“I’m warning you not to do this.” Bruno said. Jacob threw another one, Bruno moved aside, pushed Jacob and he face planted to the ground. He jumped up and charged towards Bruno, I stepped in between them before Jacob got close.
“You guys stop!” Jacob didn’t see me and punched me in the jaw. I stumbled sideways, to my right, and into Bruno. I started to cry, not because of the pain, even though it was excruciating, but because he hit me. Bruno opened his arms, I turned to him and let him hug me. 
“Sydney I-” Jacob said walking closer.
“Stop! Just STOP! I don’t ever wanna see you again.” I said to him.
“I didn’t see you.”
“Yeah it’s hard to see a whole fucking person standing right in front of you!”
“I’m so sorry.”
“She said she doesn’t wanna see you. I should knock some sense into you for hitting her, hitting a girl too. Next time I see you and she’s not around, I won’t stop. I won’t ever let you forget what you did. You WILL pay.” Bruno walked with me into the house. My parents weren’t on the couch anymore, most likely their room watching some movies. I sat on the couch, Bruno got some ice for me and put it on my jaw. I held it on my jaw and my turtle in my lap.
“What are you doing here?” I asked him.
“You left him. And I couldn’t stand being so far away from you. I know it was only one day, but the way you made me feel, it felt like years we were apart. The long distance was killing me. I don’t ever want you to be mad at me or think that I don’t love you. You know you are the love of my life, that spot can never be replaced by another person. There’s one thing missing from my life right now, and you are the only puzzle piece in the world that can make my life complete. He took the ice and turtle away, grabbed my hands and stood us up. He got on one knee and pulled out a box. “I’m not doing this to make you not mad at me anymore. I’m doing this to show you how much I love you and how that will never change. Will you do me the honor in becoming your husband? I love you Sydney, will you marry me?” he opened the box. There was a beautiful diamond engagement ring in the box. I looked at him face and smiled, he smiled back thinking the answer was yes.
“No.” I smiled, he dropped his smile.
“Sydney I would die for you, bend over backwards to make you happy, I will NEVER hurt you again!”
“Shhhh.” I put a finger over his mouth and pulled him up to sit on the couch with me. “I love you too Bruno. I never asked you to propose-”
“I know I want to thought.” I put my finger back over his mouth.
“Let me finish please.” I smiled. “I never asked for this, I just wanted to know that our relationship is actually going somewhere, and I wasn’t just some last minute fling.”
“You could never be that to me. The answer is still no?” I nodded.
“I don’t think we’re ready yet. Yes we love each other, and both agree we wanna spend the rest of our lives together, but there’s still some kinks we gotta work out.”
“I understand.” he lowered his head.
“This isn’t a no forever, just a no for a few months maybe a year. We’re still together, just getting to know each other better.” I smiled. He looked up and kissed me, it hurt so bad to move my mouth, but I didn’t want to stop it. I heard my mom’s bedroom door close. I put the ice back on my jaw and stood up.
“Sorry am I interrupting?” She asked.
“No ma. Um mom this is my boyfriend Bruno.”
“Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” He said standing and offering his hand.
“Hello, please call me Michelle. Nice to meet you two.” she looked at me. “What happened?” she asked and eyed Bruno carefully.
“Oh, I fell.” 
“You fell?” she asked carefully. “Are you sure someone didn’t…push you? Or anything else?” she looked at Bruno.
“What?” he asked scared.
“No mom, Bruno would never! It um, it was Jacob actually. Him and Bruno got in a little fight, Jacob didn’t see me, swung and got my jaw. Please let me stop talking, the pain!”
“Let me see it.” I moved the ice. “Oh my god!” she rushed over and touched my jaw. “It’s bruised and swollen, you should go to the doctor.” she touched it lightly and I pushed her back instantly.
“Sorry! That just hurt so bad!” my eyes started to tear up.
“C’mon let me take you to the emergency room.” Bruno said.
“Alright.” I said grabbing my turtle.
“We’ll be here if you need anything.” my mom said. I nodded and Bruno and I left. 
I instructed him on how to get to the E.R. when we got in it wasn’t that busy, but we would be there for a while. I gripped my turtle, not wanting to let go. Thirty minutes later we were called back to a room, just to wait another twenty five minutes.
“I’m sorry you have to sit here.” I told him.
“Don’t worry about it. I’m here for you, always.” he smiled. I tried to smiled, but dropped it quickly at the pain.
“Hello.” the doctor said walking in.
“Sydney?” she asked me, I nodded. It say you’re in need of a jaw X-ray, is this correct?” I nodded. “Well why don’t you tell me what happened?” I looked at Bruno.
“I’ll explain if that’s alright, it’s painful for her to speak.” she nodded. “She was trying to stop and altercation between another gentleman and myself. The other man swung and hit her in the jaw.” he spoke so professional, it was weird hearing him like this. I knew it killed him to call Jacob a gentleman.
“Can we move the ice?” she asked me, I lowered it. “This is going to hurt, a lot, but I need to do this.” she pushed on my jaw and ran her fingers along my jaw line, I cried instantly. “Sorry, don’t worry it’s over.” she handed me some tissues. “I feel a crack, but just to be sure let’s go get the X-rays. Bruno held my hand as we walked to the room, he had to hold my turtle when I walked in. When I came back out he was waiting for me. We went back to the room and the doctor came back a little after. 
“Alright.” she held up the X-ray in the light thing on the wall. “Right here is where it’s broken, and here is where it’s chipped. I will give you something to heal it, something to keep infections away, and something for pain. No major chewing, talking or any other mouth activities.” she looked at Bruno, we all laughed, I stopped short. “The pain medication will make you drowsy, don’t operate machinery after you take it, and just take it easy. The swelling should go down in a few days, the break should be good in a month or so.” she handed me prescriptions for everything. 
“Thank you.” I said.
“You’re welcome, have a great night.” we left and he drove to the Walgreen’s down the street. We got my medication and he drove us back to my house.
“It’s broken and chipped.” I said to my mom when we walked in.
“Really?! Aw my poor baby.” my mom said hugging me. 
“Bruno.” I said.
“I know it’s coming now.” he had a glass of water and all my pills. I took them all slowly and went in my room. I put more comfortable clothes on and laid in bed. Bruno came in with a bowl.
“I thought you might like some applesauce.” he said sitting on my bed next to me.
“Thanks.” I sat up and took the bowl. He leaned over and kissed my jaw lightly, then my forehead.
“Anything else you need?” he asked.
“No. Thank you for everything.” I said barely moving my lips.
“You don’t need to thank you. It’s my job to take care of you.”
“I feel like I’m gonna fall asleep though. You should go out and do something so you’re not bored.”
“I’m never bored when I’m with you. Wait you have a T.V right?” he asked.
“Yes.” I laughed. “Ow ow ow.”
“Oops sorry, I was just trying to make a joke to cheer you up a little.”
“It’s okay.”  I finished me applesauce and laid back. I laid on my right side so I wasn’t in pain. I was on the side away from the wall, he was on the side against the wall facing me. 
“I love you.” I whispered, he kissed me and I fell asleep.
I lay here looking at her as she sleeps. It hurts me to know she’s in pain because of her so called friend. I swear he is going to pay for this. She doesn’t deserve it.
I pulled out my mini notebook and looked at the song I started earlier.
‘There’s only so many songs that I can sing to pass the time…. And I’m runnin out of things to do to get you off my…mind.’
That’s all I have so far. I can’t finish this right now because I’m not sad anymore. I’m here with her and that’s all that matters. My phone started buzzing in my pocket.
“Where are you?” Phil asked when I picked it up.
“With Sydney.”
“You’re not in New York anymore?! I need to tell you something.”
“We are on the phone you know, tell me now.”
“We have an offer. B.O.B wants to record with you.” he said.
“Seriously?! Don’t fuck around man.”
“Straight up! He wants to get together when we get down there.”
“Oh my god!” Sydney opened her eyes. “Fuck, Phil I gotta go, I’ll call you later.” I hung up.
“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to wake you.”
It’s okay.” she said quietly.
“I have good news though.”
“Oh yeah?” she asked excitedly.
“B.O.B wants to work with me!” she laid there looking at me, she blinked a few times. 
“Um, not to bring you down that’s great, but um I don’t know who that is.” I laughed.
“He isn’t super known yet, but I’ve heard a few of his songs and he’s good.”
“I’m happy for you.” she smiled a little.
“Thank you. Now shh, go back to sleep.”
“I don’t wanna.” she yawned.
“You’re tired.”
“No…I’…I’m…” she fell back asleep, I chuckled lightly. I fell asleep soon.
The next morning I was the third one up, Sydney was still sleeping. I spoke a little bit with her mom and she got to know me. When Sydney finally woke up it was 1.
“We were going to cedar point today, you guys should come.” her mom said.
“Sounds like fun.” I said.
“I guess.” Sydney said.
“Lets go get ready, we’ll leave in an hour.”
I went out to my car and got some clothes out of the bag I packed. I wasn’t sure how long I would stay till so I packed a few things before leaving. Sydney got ready, she looked beautiful like always, and her parents got ready and we left in her moms car. The car ride was about an hour I guess. When we got there it was super crowded. The rides were big, lines were long, and the smell of food was everywhere. 
The whole day we went on the rides, we didn’t hit everything, but a few things more than once because I liked them. We got lunch half way in then did more rides. The last two hours we were there we played games. I won my brother a panda and a big super Mario doll for Sydney’s mom. We walked up to a booth and I had to play when I saw what the prizes were.
“That’s an actual electric guitar?” I asked the guy.
“Yes, sir!”
“How do I win it?” I asked eyeing the beauty hanging from above.
“Knock everything behind me down in under twenty seconds.”
“Sounds easy enough.” I put down some money and he gave me three balls. He hit a switch and things started moving, music was playing and lights were flashing. “This is impossible.” I said, they guy laughed. I threw one ball and knocked some things down, the second one knocked almost all of it down. I hit the booth with my leg because I thought I had them all. When I hit the booth it knocked the rest down.
“Hey!” I smiled.
“You were supposed to use the balls.” the vendor said.
“I did, two of them and now…” I threw the third ball in there. “Now the third one.”
“That’s sneaky, but I’ll take it.” he said. “Pick your prize.”
“The green one!” he went under the booth and grabbed a green electric guitar. It was kinda a sea green, but I loved it. He handed me a case to put it in so it didn’t get scratched. I put the strap over my back and shoulder.
“You look good with a guitar, like a true musician.” Sydney said, I laughed. We walked a little more and Sydney stopped and gasped.
“No way!” she squealed. I walked over and saw what she was looking at.  “I wanna play.” she said. The prizes were actual turtles. Well you could chose between a gold fish or a turtle. She reached in her pocket, but I put my money down first. She didn’t fuss about it, but I know she will later. 
“Instead of getting a ring over a bottle, you have to get one cherry tomato in five different bowls. If you get more than one tomato in a bowl, the ones in that bowl don’t count.” he gave her 6 tomatoes. She tossed the first two at once. They went in two different bowls, she smiled. The next one bounced right out and landed on the ground. The last three she threw together and they went in different bowls.
“Yes!” she jumped excited. “I want the little baby one.” she pointed to the little one in the corner of the tank.
“My turn.” I said. I plaid the game three times before I won the game. “I couldn’t let the baby go without company.” I said picking the other baby in the tank. He put them in a leveled box with water on one side, and food on the other side. He handed me the box and I walked away smiling. We got some ice cream for the road and headed home. We stopped at a pet store to get stuff for her turtles. When we got back to her house she put up the tank and got their home all set up. 
“What are you gonna name them?” I asked her.
“I don’t know yet.” she smiled thinking about it. “When do you have to leave?”
“Friday, so two days.”
“I’m gonna miss you.”
“I’m gonna miss you too. But you’re gonna be out soon after I get there, right?”
“Yeah. But it’ll still be a while.” I hugged her, we sat on her bed watching her turtles.
It was pretty late so we went to bed. The next day we stayed in mainly until later. We went out to dinner. Tomorrow her family is having their annual party at her grandfathers house. 
When we got there the next day she had aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends there. She introduced me to everyone and we had some food. Everyone was drinking, laughing, and having fun.
“Are we ready for some volleyball?” her aunt asked.
“I’ll play.” I said.
“Good luck.” Sydney said. We separated into teams, the girls took their shoes off, going barefoot in the mud, put their hair up out of their eyes and put their phone far away. Most of the girls were wearing shorts and tank tops, they all looked like twins. 
“Flip flops are markers.” Sydney said reminding them. We started the game and it was rough. The guys spike hard and aim for the weak, the girls go hard for the openings. Everyone’s laughing and joking with each other. We played three games to break the tie games. Sydney’s team won against mine. She’s so happy when she’s here with her family and playing around. I know this isn’t the best place to be thinking about her like this, but I cant help it. 
“Ha ha loser, we won!” she ran to me and rubbed it in.
“Yeah because I wasn’t trying! I didn’t wanna spike it in someone’s face. Not a very good first impression.” she laughed a little. “How’s your jaw?”
“Good, I took my medicine earlier, but had caffeine so I wouldn’t fall asleep. I barely feel it.”
“I don’t think that was such a good idea.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re fighting what it was made to do.”
“It was made to take the pain away, it’s gone so I don’t have to worry about it.” I shook my head at her, she just smiled. We played some more games, but Sydney started to get sad.
“Whats wrong?” I asked her.
“I think I’m gonna tell them now. About the move and the deal.”
“Aren’t they gonna be happy?”
“I think.”
“Sydney come here!” her grandfather yelled. We walked around the garage and her jaw dropped.