Chapter 14

24/01/2012 17:52

“Alright..” I said a bit nervous. “So why doesn’t she believe you?” I took a deep breath, “Every time I turn around I find myself doing things that I regret horribly.” “Like..” he said motioning his hand. I shrugged, “Well mostly cheating..” He shook his head, “How many times did you cheat on her?” I shook my head as well, “I don’t know.. I lost count.” I said slowly. “Well..” he started to say but, I cut him off. “Uncle Johnny everyday I have to live with this on my chest. I hate to even think that I hurt her like that, she didn’t even deserve any of it. The fame just got to my head.” I said pointing to my forehead. “You’re a lucky man..” I nodded, “I know.. and I can’t even get her to trust me for more then 5 minutes..” “Ah.. you both don’t have trust?” I shook my head, “None what so ever.. that’s our only problem. I bet she thinks I’m all over some girl right now.” He pointed to me, “Something is going to happen very soon that is going to be a test of trust. It’s going to be up to you if you pass that test or not. I’m not a physic or anything like that, but it’ll show her.. it’ll show her.”

I slid my hand down my face. “Don’t be frustrated Bruno… just think before you act.” he said as we got a couple of blocks away from the house. I nodded slowly, that was basically everything summed up right there. Think before I act, it sounded easy but, it was a relatively hard thing to do. We walked in silence for the next couple of minutes. I admired the sights and sounds of Hawaii while I thought about our whole conversation. “I love you Bruno, and you know I want to see nothing but the best for you. You’ve made me so proud and I know you’re going to continue doing that. But, marriage is a big step in your life. Before you do anything, think about how she would feel.” he said as we walked up the driveway. I nodded, “Thanks, I love you too.” He took my in for a hug and patted my back, “You’re a good man.” I smiled and blinked slowly as we unlocked, “And I’m going to strive to be a greater man.” “That’s what I like to hear.” he said going to his car. I went up the door and reached into my back pocket for the spare key my mom had given me. I unlocked it and slowly opened it, trying not to make too much noise.

I went into the kitchen and downed a cup of water before I made my way upstairs. I walked into my room to find Diamond balled up on my little bed. I smiled to myself as I slowly closed the door. I stripped down to my boxers in the darkness and carefully pushed myself in the bed behind her. She started to stir a bit as I put my arms around her. I laid my head close to hers and took in her scent. I think that I really needed that talk from my Uncle Johnny, he had never told me anything wrong in life. Whatever I needed to do to make things all right again, I was going to do it. I knew that as the days passed on, I was going to learn a lot more things from him. I smiled as I felt her touching my hands and intertwining our fingers together. “I love you Bruno.” she whispered. I bent down and kissed her back, “I love you too.” I squeezed her a little bit tightener to me and fell asleep to almost silence.

I opened my eyes to a palm tree swaying a bit threw the window. I smiled to the thought of me still being here. I sat up slowly and rubbed my face, I had already knew Bruno got up earlier then me because he had woke me up, but I managed to go back to sleep. I guess he could get used to this time change a whole lot better then I could. I got up and had a shower and threw on a blue tank top and some jean shorts. I put my hair up in a ponytail and put my sunglasses in them. I went to open the door again, the doorknob turned. I stepped back as Bruno opened the door. He smiled and took my in his arms squeezing me. “Someone’s happy!” I said laughing. “How could I not be happy?” he said letting me go. I shrugged, “I guess you’re right.” “So this is on our agenda today..” he said starting to count on his fingers. I crossed my arms and smiled as I listened. “Uh.. sleep… sex… MAYBE SURFING… party tonight.. MAYBE DRINKING…” “Oh and more sex.” he threw in before I could say anything. I started laughing and he did as well. I sometimes had no words.

“I guess that means yes? Yes. Alright let’s go.” he said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the room. “Bruno..” I said laughing as I pulled back. “What?” he said stopping. “Can I say something first?” I said shaking my head and smiling. “Alright.. you may talk.” he said smirking. “Well I wanna know are those things in order..?” He started laughing and came closer to me, “You never know.. who knows what’s gonna happen.” I looked at his lips and then to his eyes, “Alright…. well maybe we should start with sex..” I said biting my lip. He backed up and closed the door without taking his eyes off me. “You ain’t said shit baby..” he said grabbing at his 88 tee’s tank top. I moved my hands towards his thigh as we both leaned in and kissed each other. He smiled against my lips as I started rubbing him there threw his shorts. I backed away quickly, “But… we can’t because your mom is here.” He frowned, “What?” I quickly ran around him and opened the door. “Now that ain’t right!” he said as I ran down the stairs. I laughed as I hopped off the last step.

I looked up to see Bernie and Jamaro sitting at the table coloring. I smiled as I walked towards them, “Can I color one?” Jamaro quickly went threw his coloring book, “YES! Can you do this one?” he said pushing a page towards me. I pulled up a seat next to Bernie and she rubbed my back as I pulled it towards me. It was a picture of a beach with the sun and palm trees. I smiled to myself, “Of course.”

3 o’clock rolled around and I was out on the patio helping my mom grill. I waved the smoke away from my face and backed up as the fire grew high. “Now that’s a fire.” Presley said. I turned to her, “Shutup.” “You shutup.” she shot back. I laughed. “Don’t you both start..” Tiara said from the table. I made a face at her and she did the same. I loved picking with her, it was one of my favorite past times. I looked over to Diamond by the door watching my mom closely. Our eyes met when she figured out I was looking at her. I raised my eyebrows and she just smiled and shook her head. I heard the doorbell ring. “I’ll get it.” I said walking towards the sliding door. Diamond stepped out of my way as walked across the living room the the front door.

I opened the door to Eric and his arm around a girl I recognized but, had no name for. She smirked, “Bruno..” I crossed my arms, “Wait let me think..” She started laughing, “Don’t waste your time. Mariana.” “Ahh!” I said stepping out the way for them to come in. “I knew it!” I said stomping a bit. “What?” Eric said. I shrugged and gave him the sly eyes, he knew what I was talking about. “My mom is out back.” he said to her. She nodded and went for the back door. He shifted his attention back to me and I smiled like a fool. “Yesss.” I said laughing. “Yeah man.. we go out..” he said smiling. I shook my head, “Don’t get me wrong.. I’m happy for you bro.” “She’s gonna come back to L.A. with us..” he said smiling from ear to ear. “Really? I’m glad you finally going to settle down..” “Cause you we’re all up in my business.” I threw in quickly. He shot me a look and I laughed. It really was good to see Eric settling down, I felt like he was more of a family man then I was.

I started to follow him out to the back when I remembered something. I snapped, “I’ll be right back.” I went towards the stairs and jogged up them. I went over to the nightstand and picked up my phone. As I unlocked it, it showed I had 4 missed calls and over 10 text messages. I frowned, “What the hell..” I said to myself. I opened them to find a number that I recognized but, I wasn’t too happy to see. “Fuck..” I said to myself………