Chapter 14

27/01/2012 20:51

4 Years ago

Being 7 months pregnant definitely had it’s drawbacks. In the hospital waiting room I felt that I could barely fit into the tiny chair. I hated hospitals. Luckily Bruno was sat next to me holding my hand and rubbing my fingers with his thumb. He knew that he could calm me down by doing this.

“Miss Franklin?”

Me and Bruno looked up at the mention of my name and it was our turn to go in for my second ultrasound scan. We were starting to get so excited about this baby and we hadn’t even planned for it. Bruno got up first and helped me to my feet. “Up you get babies,” he said to me as he was helping me. Once I was stood upright he rubbed my round belly with a huge smile on his face.

“I still can’t believe I’m gonna be a daddy!” He starting jumping up and down and dancing.

“OH MY GOD! Bru, please stop it. Your sooo embarrassing!”

When we were in the doctors office I hopped up onto the bed and laid down. Bruno took the seat next to me. Doctor Callaghan entered the roomed and smiled widely.

“Morning you two. How are the mother and baby?” He asked me, taking a seat next to the Ultrasound machine.

“We’re both fine. But baby hasn’t been kicking much recently, thank god! It hurts like hell!” I said jokingly.

“Well lets check baby now,” I lifted my shirt up to reveal my stomach and he squeezed the gel onto it.

“Ooh that’s cold.” I said shivering slightly.

Dr Callaghan started to glide over my stomach with the machine, he seemed to take longer than usual.

“Is something wrong doc?” I asked

“No, there shouldn’t be…” He drifted off mid sentence, “I’m just going to check baby’s heartbeat” he said moments later, taking out another part of the machine.

When there was no noise the doctor put the equipment back and switched off the machine. Bruno took my hand as we both seen the look on the doctors face.

“Doctor Callaghan, what is wrong with our baby?” I said, my voice trembling with fear. I squeezed Bruno’s hand for support.

“Well I’m afraid it’s bad news.” A single tear rolled out from my eye, “I couldn’t find your baby’s heartbeat and it’s not breathing.”

“What are you saying doc?” Bruno asked, his voice was also shaking

“I’m so sorry, but you have lost your baby.” he said.

Bruno jumped out of his seat and gave me a huge hug. I was at a loss for words. I didn;t even realise that I was crying until I felt the sobs coming through my throat. I looked over to Doctor Callaghan.

“But it’s still inside of me?” I asked him

“Yes. That’s the other bad news, your still going to have to give birth to the baby.” He replied.

I looked at Bruno’s face and he had horror in his eyes. I grabbed him again and sobbed into his shoulder, I knew he was crying too when I felt his tears drip onto my cheek.


“Melanie remember the last time.” Bruno almost shouted. “I can’t do it again. Your body was incompatible with the baby. What if it happens again? Can you handle another loss?”

“No I don’t think I can baby.” I replied taking both of his hands in mine and looking deep into his eyes. “I feel so much better about this one baby, I don’t know why I just do.”

“But what about your body? It didn’t agree with your body last time.” He said

“We’ll go to doctor Callaghan regularly and go to any other doctors we need to. I’d do anything. I’m having this baby Bru. And whether you like it or not you’re the father.”

Suddenly he put his arms under mine and lifted me up and span me around kissing me.

“Well in that case lets make an appointment right now!” He said, smiling now.

I kissed him fully on the lips and said, “I love you Peter Hernandez.”

With that I went to leave the room to get the phone and before I could get out the door Bruno caught my hand and said, “I love you so Much Melanie. No matter what happens with this baby I will always love you. If we are unfortunate enough to lose another baby then I will do whatever it takes to make you happy again. I will never leave you again like the last time. Never.” he really emphasized the word never. “You are going to have this baby my love. Mon amour. I’d do anything. Be anything for you. If a father is what I have to be then so be it.” He took me in a tender embrace and he stroked my hair.

He whispered in my ear, “you are my baby mama. And I can’t wait to be your baby’s daddy.”

“You’re so corny,” I whispered back in his ear.

I turned my face up to kiss him. “I love you so fucking much.” I mumbled against his lips, smiling.

This was the happiest I had been in years.

And I was going to enjoy every minute of it.