Chapter 14

30/01/2012 01:47

After the picnic, Bruno dropped me off at Katie’s house. She invited him over for a while, so we sat in her backyard. “So what did you guys do this weekend?” Katie asked us. Bruno and I just smiled at each other, remembering how we spent Saturday evening. “No comment.” I said. Katie laughed and rolled her eyes. “Well, I’ll leave you girls to your gossip.” Bruno said. He leaned in and kissed me with his perfect lips. When our lips parted, we both whispered our “I love yous” and he left us girls. 
It was just Katie and me. We sat and chatted about the picnic. I told her about Eric and how their parents don’t know about me. “But do you think she would get mad?” Katie asked, crossing her legs on her chair. “I don’t know.” I responded. “But of course she would be concern because I was a student and our age gap is 8 years.” I sighed and looked down. “Phil even suggested I go with them back to Hawaii and meet the family in person but I can’t because of my parents.” Katie frowned. “Sweetie, if you want this to work, you gotta tell your parents soon.” I couldn’t help it, but I felt tears forming in my eyes. “Katie, they won’t understand. My parents will freak out and will probably ban me from seeing Bruno.” I then started full on crying. Katie sat next to me and wrapped her arms around me to comfort me. “Girl, don’t worry! Bruno loves you and I know he will take care of you forever.” Katie patted my back. “And oh gosh don’t forget, we are moving in together when school starts or-“ Katie gasped. “You can move in with Bruno!” I looked up at her and wiped my eyes. “Yes! That would be so cool and I honestly won’t mind and you will be much closer to the school and Bruno can support you since he’s a teacher and-“ “Katie what about my parents?” Katie stood up. “You are going to UCLA! You are 18! So what if they don’t approve?! Bruno will support you in any and in every way! Me and the girls will stay behind you! The guys said they will support you too! You have no worries!”
That night, my parents kept questioning me about Bruno. “So did you see him this weekend?” my mom asked me while serving me pasta. “Yes.” I said really quickly. “Where and when?” My dad asked, raising an eyebrow. “We had a cook out with his brother and friends.” “So you met his brother and friends but yet we haven’t even met him.” And like clockwork, my phone went off. I forgot to leave it in my bedroom to avoid this type of situation. I checked it under the table and of course it was Bruno. “Who is it?” My dad asked very sternly. I can tell from his tone that he knew it was Bruno. “No one.” I quickly responded. My dad sighed. “Answer it.” I looked up at him, my phone still ringing. “Oh yes answer and invite him to come over for dinner on Friday.” My mom said while waiting for me. My pulse was beating rapidly. It was quiet except for the ringing. I held my breath and answered. “H-hey Bruno.” “Hey is everything okay?” I felt a lump in my throat. “Oh I’m at the dinner table. My parents wanted me to answer the phone at the table.” My voice is shaking. My parents had big smiles while I was dying inside. “Oh no they found out or-“ “No no, they want to invite you over for dinner on Friday. They say it’s time to finally meet you.” Silence. After what seemed like forever, Bruno responded with “Are you ready for this?” I looked up through my glasses at my parents, beaming with pride. “It’s now or never.”