Chapter 14

14/03/2012 13:16

DIRTY. Kinda.

As the horny motherfuckers that we are, we ended up making out. We are both lying down on her bed with me on top. I rubbed her thighs and kissed her neck. She ran her fingers through my hair. I looked at the nightstand on my left and saw my beanie, my shades and my phone. I saw the screen of my phone lit up and I just ignored it and kissed Alyssa. I moved my hand up her dress until I reached her panties.

“Is this alright?” I asked her.

“Yes.” She said and kissed me, she slipped her tongue in me and I did the same. I rubbed her over her panties and kissed her neck.

“Just do it, I don’t want any teasing.” She said and moaned a little. I inserted a finger in her and watched her bite her lower lip. I did it with a rhythm that I guessed she liked because she started to moan a little louder.

“Oh god.” Alyssa moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. I inserted another finger and kissed her.

“Shit, Bruno.” Alyssa moaned in my ear. I kissed her neck and gave her a hickey. She didn’t complain-that’s good.  I removed my fingers in her and cupped her breast. She slipped her tongue in my mouth and gently massaged her boob.

“Yo Alyssa, food’s ready.” Drake loudly knocked on the door and made us jump.  Shit, we’re getting there.

“Okay, we’ll be there in a minute.” She said. I stood up from her bed and carried her. I put her down in front of her dresser and let her fix herself. She moved her hair to her back and exposed the hickey.

“Oh my god, why?!”  She looked at me worried. 

“You didn’t react when I did it.” I said and put my hand on her shoulder.

“Oh yeah, it’s alright. They won’t notice it.” She said.

“So, you won’t cover it up or what?” I asked her as she ran her hands on her dress.

“My make up bag’s downstairs. Probably with Carrie.”  She said and pulled me out of her room.  She tried to cover her neck with her hair.  We went to their dining room and I saw her whole family waiting for us. She sat on the chair next to Drake and I sat beside her.

“Aly, what’s that?” Drake pointed to her neck.

“Nothing. Nothing.” She shook her head lightly and looked at me.

“I’m sorry.” I mouthed. Her father called her who’s on the end of the table.

“Alyssa, so tell us about Bruno and how you met.” He said and everyone started eating.

“Oh, we met at a party…” she started.

“At a club.” Marcus butted in who’s sitting in across Alyssa. She gave him a dirty look and she continued.

“Of course I already know him because he’s famous but I never met him. So, that night I met him because he was with Jamareo. Jam is his bassist.” She said and looked at me.

“Wow, so romantic.” Marcus said sarcastically.

“So Bruno, what are you up to now?” her mother said who’s on the other end of the table.

“Oh, I’m on tour right now with Janelle Monae.” I said.

“That’s like two days from now right?” Elizabeth asked me. I nodded and smiled at her.

“I’ll watch his show actually.” Alyssa said.

“And where in the world did you get the money to buy tickets?” Marcus asked her.

“He gave me tickets.” Alyssa cleared her throat and took a bite from her food.

“And did he also gave you plane tickets to go here in Texas?” he asked. Alyssa looked at him and tightened her grip on her fork.

“Honey, stop.” Carrie put her hand on Marcus’ shoulder. Marcus shrugged Carrie’s hand off and ate.

“So, tell us about yourself more Bruno.” Arlene said.

“Umm. I sing, write, and produce songs. I…I was born in Hawaii, went to L.A when I was 18.” I said.

“For college?” Martin asked.

“No, sir.” I said softly. Martin nodded his head and kept on eating.

“I just really want to get into the business, but you know, maybe someday.” I said and took a bite of my food.

“How old are you, Bruno?” Marcus asked me.


“When I was twenty-five, I was …” Marcus started to talk but Alyssa stopped him.

“Don’t brag Marcus, it’s not amusing.” She said.

“To me, it is.” Marcus answered back. Alyssa rolled her eyes and pushed back her chair.

“Excuse me.” She said and stood up. I looked at her as she walked away.

“Excuse me.” I said and walked out to find Alyssa. I walked towards their backdoor and opened it. I saw Alyssa who’s sitting at a bench in front of their pool smoking.

“Hey.” I said and walked towards her. She blew out the smoke.

“Sorry about my bitchy brother.” She said. I got her cigarette and smoked too.

“It’s alright.” I said while I let the smoke out.

“I guess you have to go before something bad happens.” She got her cigarette from me and continued to smoke. She got up and paced around.

“No, it’s okay.” I said. She sat on the edge of the pool not letting her feet touch the water.

“Bruno, you have to. Your friends might be freaking out right now or you have something to do.” She said.

“You’re right.” I said and looked down. I sat down beside her as she smash the cigarette butt on the ground.

“Fuck my life.” She said and looked at me. I smirked a little and held her hand.

“Don’t say that.” I said and she slowly got up.

“So, I like what I’ve said. You better get going.” She smiled at me and helped me get up. She held my hand as we faced each other. She gave me a long sweet kiss and held my hand tighter.

“My stuff is at your room, so…” I said while looking at my shoes. I looked at her and she smiled and pulled me in their house.  We went straight to her room. I walked over the nightstand got my stuff. We didn’t talk the whole time that we are in her room. I looked at her from the mirror; she was staring at me as she sits straight at her bed. I turned around and she immediately stood up.

“Let’s go?” she said. I nodded and held her hand.


“It was nice meeting you, Bruno.” Drake said and shook my hand.

“Thank you for having me, so I better go now.” I said and bowed a little. I walked over to my car. I looked at Alyssa who’s running towards me.

“Call me later okay?” She said and gave me a deep kiss.

“I will, babe.” I said and winked at her as I get in my car. She walked back to Drake and both of them got inside. I looked at my phone and saw 15 missed calls from Phil and Eric and 10 new text messages. Shit, I’m in deep shit when I get back to the hotel. I got my phone and called Phil. As the phone rings I put it on loudspeaker and started the engine.

“Bruno! What the fuck?” I started to drive away from their house. Phil sounded really mad at me.

“Yo Phil, I’m sorry. Her parents, her family, didn’t let me go. Dude, I’m fucking sorry okay?” I said.

“You met her parents?” Phil asked.

“Her whole family to be exact.” I said.

“Bru, what the fuck? You shoulda texted or called me. You missed our fucking sound check. So we have to deal with Phred trying to be you.” He raised his voice.

 “Phil, I’m so sorry.” I said.

“This is the reason why we want to keep you away from Alyssa.” He said.

“Phil, dude, I’m sorry. I forgot.”

“Whatever Bruno, just get yo fucking ass right here, right now.” Phil said and hangs up.