Chapter 14

31/05/2011 19:01

I opened my eyes. Where am I?

‘You’re awake!’

Jamareo was sitting on the couch in front of me.

‘Yeahh...ahh...what happened?’

‘We drove you home and u just crashed. Are u okay?’

‘My head is dizzy but I’m good. Where’s Eric?’

‘He’s gone over to Phil’s house. Talking to Bruno. He’s pretty pissed about it’

‘And why are u here??’

‘Well, thought u needed a friend but if u don’t want me here I can go’ he got up and went towards the door.

‘Hey hey! No!.......stay..........Please.........’

The thought of being alone in my room just scares me. Especially after the incident that just happened with Bruno.

‘You’re right, I need a friend...speaking of friend, have u seen Jessie?’

‘ She went out’

‘Ohhh’ I said, disappointed.

‘So...what’s up with u and Daniella?’

He laughed.


‘It’s funny that everyone wants to know what’s up’

‘Yeahhh...Coz I thought u two are dating’

‘Well, not really. We’re just friends. I mean, she’s an amazing girl it’s just that,......

‘She’s not the right girl?’

‘Kind of’

‘Then, what kinda girl that u like?’

He looked at me.

‘What?’ I asked. ‘I look terrible, I know’.

I haven’t changed my clothes yet and I smelt like shit. Well, not really.

‘No no. It’s just that.....I........’

As I was waiting for his answer, my phone buzzed. I picked it up. It’s Bruno.

I shrugged and looked at Jamareo. ‘I have to take this call. Sorry’

‘Yeah, okay. You want me to leave the room?’

‘Sorry’ I made a face but he gave a smile and then walked out.

I turned back to my phone and answered it.

‘What do u want Bruno?’

‘Talk. We need to talk, Cat’

‘What for?? There’s definitely nothing to talk about’

‘Cat, come on!’

‘Come on, what? Huh? You think this is easy for me? Hell no, Bruno! This is shit and I just......I can’t take it anymore, Bruno. Seems like you two haven’t get over with each other yet.’

‘Cat, I’m totally over her. She’s the one who still keep her feelings for me.’

I rolled my eyes. ‘Tell me, Bruno. Why were u guys breaking up? Long distance relationship? I don’t think so!’

‘I don’t know how to make you believe that I love you.’

‘Me neither.’

‘What do u mean?’

‘I think we need to take a break. I mean, I don’t know how I’m feeling right now. It’s sucks for me, too.’

‘But Cat......’

‘I’m sorry, Bruno.....Look, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later. And please.......don’t call me nor come here.’

‘Cat, you can’t do this!’ he was pleading.

‘Apparently I can!’ I ended the call and tossed my phone down.

I lay on my bed and looked up the ceiling. Am I doing the right thing? Well, I am mad at him for kissing that ex-girlfriend-from-the-past-who-turned-out-to-be-my-step sister but deep inside, I can’t lie about my feelings toward him. I rolled on my bed for a little while then got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower. After I got dressed I went downstairs and heard people talking in the living room.


Jamareo was there with my dad and they both got up when I entered the room.

‘Cat! You’re awake?’ He gave me a hug and kissed my forehead.

‘Ahhhh...yeah. What are u doin here?’

‘I just wanted to check up on you. You’re okay honey?’

‘Yeah dad.’

‘Well....actually I’m leaving tonight.’


‘I know. I’m sorry for what had happened with you and Bruno and Ally. I thought I wanted her to get close to you that’s why I’m bringing her here but....... turns out otherwise.’

I sighed. ‘Yeah dad. Me too. I’m sorry’

‘For what?’

‘Everything....all the things that had happened all these years....’

‘Cat,I will always love you.’

‘I know and I love you too Dad.’

‘Okay,.....’ he looked at his watch then at me and Jamareo. ‘ I better go now. I see you soon, okay Cat?’

I smiled and walked him to the door. Jamareo walked into the kitchen.

Before he walked to his car, I stopped him. ‘Dad, tell Debbie I can’t wait to see the baby and make sure it’s a boy! OR ELSE!!!!’

He laughed. ‘Yeah. I’ll put that in mind.’

‘Call me when u get home!’

‘Sure do.’

I watched him left and walked to the house. I don’t know what to do now. I walked into the kitchen and granny and Jamareo were talking and laughing....

‘Am I missing something?’

‘,Jamareo...he’s hilarious!’

I raised an eyebrow and looked at him ‘Really?’

He just smiled and showing me his perfectly white teeth.

‘So, where’s Jessie? She’s still not home?’

‘Yeah...I think she’s on a date.’

‘A date? With who? She has a boyfriend!’

She found a new guy already, HERE??????

‘I’m not saying she’s on a date with a random guy!’

‘You mean, Peter’s here????’


‘Gosh! She didn’t tell me!’

‘Who’s Peter?’ Jamareo asked.

I rolled my eyes. ‘Her boyfriend, duh???’

‘Ohhhh..Right. Dark hair guy?? Tall and tan-skinned??’ he looked at granny. She nodded.

‘WHAT??? You met him already???????’

‘Duh???? He picked her up.’

‘You didn’t say anything about her going out with her boyfriend! You just said SHE WENT OUT!’

‘Well, let’s  just wait for the girl to come home. It’s almost midnight. Wonder where she is???’

‘Hmmmmm.....I have a feeling she’s not coming home tonight’ Jamareo said. I punched him.

‘No, I know she’s coming home, Jamareo!’

‘We’ll see about that.’

‘Anyway, why are u still here? Don’t you have a home?’

‘Apparently I don’t have one. Can I stay here tonight granny?’ he asked.

Granny looked at me. ‘Sure!!!!’


‘Awwwww......she already said yes!’ and he ran upstairs.

‘What’s up with that dude?’ I asked granny.

‘I don’t know. I thought he’s this quiet guy but turns out not really.’

‘I thought he’s like that too. hmmmmm......What is he so happy about?’

‘I like him though. He’s very........polite....and gets old know what I mean?’

‘Errmmm, yeah...I guess...Well, imma go to my room. If Jessie’s home, tell her that I want to see her.’

‘Don’t you want to eat first?’

‘S’okay. I eat in the morning’


‘Goodnight granny. You should go to bed too’.


I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. It’s 7 in the morning. I looked at my phone and saw no missed calls or text messages. Guess Bruno got the message right. Wait, what happened last night? Is Jessie home? I quickly gave her a call but it led to voicemail. I got out of bed and walked towards the door. Before I walked downstairs I looked at the guest room. The door’s closed. Jamareo must be sleeping and I don’t want to wake him up. I walked into the living room and sat down turning on the TV.


‘Morning gran.’

‘Jessie’s not home?’

‘Yeah. I wanted to ask you about that too. Ugh! I called her but.............’ Sighed ‘Where the hell is she? Why she didn’t call me?!’

‘She’ll come home soon.’

‘And when she does, she better prepare a very good explanation!

‘I’m sure she has a very good reason. Now, why don’t you go and take a shower.’

‘Should I wake the guest?’

‘No, that’s okay. He’s already awake!

I turned and looked at Jamareo. He’s fully dressed and his hair’s still wet. ‘Why up so early?’

‘I need to get home. Well, back to the hotel anyway.’

‘Yeah. Definitely. This is not a hotel’ I said to him.


‘Kidding!’ I said to granny then looked at Jamareo. ‘Kidding!’

‘L-O-L!’ he said.

‘Whatever! I’m gonna go and get ready.’

I walked next to Jamareo and gave him a little push. He just smirked. ‘Told ya she’s not coming home.’

I rolled my eyes. I hate when I’m not right.


I went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower. I really needed that. I got out and when to the closet and took out my uniform. As I was putting on my undies, my door opened.

‘Cat, granny wants that.............

‘Damn, Jamareo!!!


‘Get out!!!!!

He quickly closed the door. ‘I’m sorry....ummm.....granny...

‘What granny wants????’ I shouted.That was so embarrassing!

‘She asked for the book that u borrowed from her.....’ he said from the outside.

‘It’s in the living room. Second drawer on the cabinet’




‘Next time KNOCK first!’

‘I’m Sorry!’

Damn, can my life gets any better?


‘Look, sorry bout what happened.’

‘That was so embarrassing, Jamareo’


‘Did u see anything’


‘Right. No, huh?’

‘Okay, maybe I did see a little........


He chuckled. ‘You asked!’

‘Okay, I don’t wanna know about that. Let’s forget about it and pretend like it didn’t happen.’



‘So, you have a car but you don’t drive?’

Jamareo offered to send me to work today. I can’t say no so yeah, he’s driving now.

‘I had an accident not too long ago and now I’m still not ready to drive again. Maybe later. Besides, my workplace isn’t that far so I can walk. I love walking. It’s easier.’

‘Well, there’s nothing for you to be afraid of. I’ll help you get through it.’

I smiled ‘Thanks!’

‘So......’ he cleared his throat ‘Bruno called me last night.’

‘He did?????’ He did? Of course.

‘Yeah. He was worried about you and he asked me to look out for you. That’s why I stayed.’

‘Ohhh...Well, tell him I’m fine!’

I stopped.

‘......and I’m not a baby so I don’t need anyone to look out for me.’

‘You.......ummm.....still mad at him?’

I shrugged. ‘I don’t know, Jam.....Well, can we talk about something else?? Please????’

I don’t feel like sharing my feelings and thoughts right now. Not to his friend especially. We got to the cafe and I thanked him for sending me to work.

‘You want me to pick you up after work?’

‘You’re not doing anything?’

‘I don’t know.I’m gonna meet the guys soon. I’ll give you a call, okay?’

‘Yeah...Thanks btw!’

He grinned and drove away. I got in and the first thing I got was a hug from Tess.

‘Oh dear! I thought u’re not coming to work today.’

‘And why’s that?’

‘Phred told me.’

‘Of course’ I sighed. ‘Now, what you want to know?’ I sounded pretty irritating.

‘Errrmmmm, nothing much if you don’t wanna tell. But, I heard this Ally girl. Who’s she?

I told her everything since there’s no reason for me to hide it coz she’ll find out anyway.

‘Damn, girl!’

‘I know.’

‘So....How’s Jessie??’

‘I wanna know bout that too. She didn’t pick up any of my calls.’

‘Well, she called me last night.’

‘She did?’


‘And she didn’t even bother to call me.’

‘She understands about what happened with you and Bruno so she wanted to give you some time to chill. Well, maybe she’ll come over soon.’

‘And I’m so fuckin’ ready for that!’

It’s 11pm and my mind’s not in the game. I don’t know why. My body’s just sore and I don’t have the energy to even start a conversation with my customers like I usually did and I’m so fuckin’ worried of Jessie. I sat behind the counter and checked my cell phone. I gave Jessie a call. Still no answer.

‘Hey Cat!’

I looked up.

‘Jessie!!!!!!!!! Where the fuck were you??? You didn’t return any of my calls, or text me and I was worried...............’

‘Okay okay okay. I know you’re gonna explode but I have a pretty damn good explanation here.’

‘And what is it???’

Suddenly a voice behind her spoke.

‘Hi....I’m Peter. You must be Cat?’

I looked at him. Yes. He looked just like the guy in the photo that Jessie showed me. It’s all there. And I can’t lie. He’s kind of attractive in person and he got those dimples just like Bruno.

‘Yes. I’m Cat’ I said and shook his hand.

‘Nice to finally get to meet you.’

‘You too.’

‘I heard so many things about you, by the way’ and looked at Jessie.

‘Hope it’s the good ones.’

Jessie smirked and said ‘You’ll never know.’