Chapter 14

24/07/2011 15:14

#Chapter 14 He couldn't struggle against the tiredness anymore & started to sleep like a baby. 


Bruno didn't sleep this night. He couldn't sleep at all. There was this voice in his head, he didn't know why he could listen to it, he didn't know what this voice wanted and what does it wanted to tell him but this voice didn't want to stop talking to him as well. He would probably turn crazy because of it. He didn't know what was it up with his body too. He couldn't barely stop shaking for about three weeks now. He was trembling then he managed to calm himself down then he was trembling again…it was a vicious circle. So, when the sun woke up, Bruno got out of the bed all tired and in an absolute need of fresh air. Luckily, his bedroom got a balcony. He put an old sweatpants and an old tee on and squeezed in between the curtains. He opened the door glass and he leaned on the guardrail. He breathed in the cold air of the morning and he searched in his pocket for his cigarettes. He finally found the packet, took one and lighted it up. He carried the cigarette to his lips and when he inhaled the smoke, everything seemed better. Actually, he knows it's bad but smoke relaxes him. He stayed here a longtime to contemplate the sunup. And even if he was living in Los Angeles, the view he had right here was amazing. 



About one hour later, I woke up and searched for my man in the bed. He wasn't here. I got up and drew the curtains, he was standing right here. Behind the window, he was smoking. Oh my god, i told him to quit so many times, too many times. I quickly put a housecoat on and opened the door glass. Bruno turned around towards me. He smiled. 


_Good morning Kay. 

_Morning honey! I said in a "just woke up" voice. Argh, you're still smoking! I said, quite upset. I told you to quit! 


He heavy sighed. 


_I know Kay, i know…

_So why do you still smoke? I asked, kind of pissed off. It's bad for you, bad for your health, for your voice, for me, …

_Well it relaxes me and I usually smoke outside as you can see. he replied. 

_Can you put it out? i said, wanting to cut short to the discussion. 


He inhaled the smoke a one last time then he put it out because he knew that I couldn't bear it -I was asthmatic- so…

I came to him and hugged him. He passionately kissed me. But he got the breath of the last cigarette on his teethes. I made a disgusted face. He joked, pulled out his tongue. "Go brush your teethes you weirdos!" I said, gently pushing him away as I went back into our room. I opened my closet when I saw that a big part of my clothes were missing. I asked to Bruno, behind the door of the bathroom, if he took my clothes. "What? I can't hear you! Come in!" he yelled from the bathroom. I knocked at the door and without waiting for the answer, I entered. It's a Bruno wrapped in a towel that I found when I opened this door, a shirtless Bruno. I love it. 


_What did you say lately? he asked, with a deep voice. 

_Hm…I whispered, way too much distracted by him. Did you pack my stuffs for today? I barely managed to ask. 

_Yeah. I already packed. We just have to get ready and go to the airport. 

_Oh great! Thanks honey! I said, kissing him on the forehead. I'm going to need the bathroom Baby…

_Well, it's not like i was a stranger…you can take your shower in front of me…

_Bruno please…I said with pleading eyes. 


He made a serious face and left, pretending to be outraged. 

I took my shower while Bruno was knocking at the door, like a freak. 

I didn't answer first, then he hit the door, more and more, stronger and stronger. What the hell does he want?! "Can I come in?" I heard. He knocked again and again. I stopped the water, quickly wrapped me in a towel and opened the door to him. He seemed lost, he was searching for something. "Can I help you?" I gently asked. No answer. He was still searching, hardly searching everywhere. Then he found his toilet set, he looked into it, finally took it and went away. In fact, Bruno was so weird. I didn't see him like that, I don't know what's in his mind, this is quite curious. 

It's been one hour that I was in the bathroom and it was 6am. Bruno started to lose his patience. 


_Kaylee, we going to miss our flight! he said, a little bit bored.

_I'm coming honey! I said, through the close door. 


A few minutes later, I got out of the bathroom. Bruno came to me. 


_My god Kay! Why the hell do you always take hours and hours in the bathroom?! he said, confused. 

_To be pretty for the boy I love. I said, childishly smiling. 


Bruno came and put his arms around my neck.


_What if the boy you love loves you…"just the way you areeee" he said, looking at me right in the eyes, singing like in his music video. 


I laughed and quickly kissed him. He looked at his watch and yelled that it was time to go. I checked everywhere if i didn't forget anything then he grabbed my bag and his and we took our way to the airport. When Bruno and I arrived at LAX, a bunch of photographs were waiting for us inside and they instantly took pictures of us, hands in hands, walking towards stewardesses. We put our luggages on the baggages carousel and he gave our flight tickets to one of the stewardesses, she checked our tickets and said "Oh, Bruno Mars? I love your music so much! Just keep singing okay!" she said all smiling. Oh, the way she was looking at him…what the hell?! I put my arm around Bruno's waist as I wanted to show her that he was mine. She suddenly calmed herself down and shyly smiled. Bruno told her that he would never stop singing and that he "preeshiate" her to be such an amazing fan. She couldn't stop laughing. don't even know how I wanted to punch this little cunt in the face…I only faked a smile, faked a "thank you" and we walked towards the plane. When we entered in, Bruno was looking for our seats. He found them and told me to sit. First class, hell yeah! B. put our bags in cases next to us and sat in the seat next to mine. He let me sit next to the window because he remembered when I told him I loved to see the landscapes during the trip, I always loved to travel in plane. Don't ask me why. An hour later, a stewardess told to passenger through the mic that we were about to take off soon. Then, we started to fly. I looked at the window for a longtime but then I felt the tiredness grabbing me and I finally fell asleep with a elbow on the ledge. In the meantime, Bruno was silently watching a movie, with his earphones on. Sometimes, he liked to stop and put the movie on the "pause" mode and watch Kaylee sleeping. She was even more cute when she was sleeping. When the air started to be cold, Bruno took a blanket and covered Kaylee. She was shivering but when she felt the warm blanket all over her, the corners of her mouth stretched into a smile. Bruno smiled as well, he wanted to take care of her all the time. A few hours later, he was really tired but he didn't even wanted to sleep in case of she would have needed something. He yawned so loud that the stewardess (who he had see earlier at the airport) came to him and told him that she'll take care of Kaylee and that he could sleep. He refused but at a moment, he couldn't struggle against the tiredness anymore and finally started to sleep like a baby. 


My name is Kaylee, I'm almost 19 and I'm Bruno Mars's girlfriend.