Chapter 1

22/08/2011 06:19



"I'm done with this bullshit! I'm leaving!" I screamed at my dad, and headed to my

room. I always knew that suitcase in my closet would come in handy one day. I threw

in some more clothes, a few personal items, some money I had hidden from my father,

took my car keys from my dresser and headed toward the window. I opened it as loud

as I could, and threw the luggage out to the yard.

Then, it hit me. My dad probably thought I was kidding when I said I was leaving.

He would go back to sleep, wake up, and be childless. How would he feel? Sad?

Happy?! At that point, I didn't give shit and climbed out the window. I was on the

second floor, and it was snowing. In May. Damn Colorado weather. So fucking

unpredictable. I thought it was funny that my dad only wanted to move to Aspen

because "celebrities spend their vacations here." He hasn't seen a celebrity in our

10 years of living here; I've seen Charlie Sheen and Mariah Carey. I never told him

this because he would probably hit me. Again. And again.

I slowly made my way down the tree next to my window and headed for my car. I set

my suitcase in the back seat, opened my trunk to make sure my guitar and my

favorite Teddy bear were in there, and climbed into the cherry red Mustang. I

waited a few minutes for it to warm up then headed for the Denver International

Airport. I would take me at least four hours to get there, but I needed any time I

could get to just think. Think about how my dad would be without me. Think about

how Cesar would feel that I just left without an explanation and pretty much fled

the state, as if I were a criminal.

But I was starting brand new. I wanted to forget everything and change anything. I

wanted to get my hair dyed to a different shade than it's usual dark brown. I was

thinking maybe a light caramel color. Maybe even get extensions to elongate my

shoulder-length hair. The color would work very well with my skin tone and

extensions would change the figure of my face completely.

During this time of brainstorming, I had called the airport to see if they had any

open flights in the next seven hours. My options were:

-Chicago, Illinois

-Seattle, Washington

-Lincoln, Nebraska

-Boston, Massachusetts &

-Honolulu, Hawaii

Without a doubt in my mind, I chose Honolulu. That would be the last place anyone

would look for me, since I always said I hated the heat. I knew it was a lie, but

everyone else believed me. Even Cesar. He was the only person who could see through

my lies. But he did believe this little one. At least I think he did. He was the

only person I actually cared for in my life.


I was sitting by the gates, waiting for my flight to board. I had decided to pay my

plane ticket in cash, so my dad couldn't track my credit card. I knew she probably

wouldn't but I didn't want to take any chances. I made a note to myself to open up

a new bank account.

I had gotten my hair dyed light brown and got extensions that matched. I also

purchased dark brown contacts, to put over my blue eyes.


My phone started ring. And it wouldn't stop. It wasn't my dad. He obviously didn't

give a shit about me anymore. It was Cesar. I had at least 50 missed calls from

him. I didn't have the heart to answer him so I turned my phone off. Just as my

phone turned off, a few loud, obnoxious guys walked into the terminal. I paid no

attention to them, until the started walking toward my gate.

"Shit." I mumbled to myself. There were three guys. One was short, around my

height, and his hair was very Elvis-like. The other was also short, and had a

slight beard. The last one had black-rimmed glasses that reminded me of Steve

Urkel, and by the face expressions he was making, you could tell he was funny. They

had all calmed down since entering. By the sounds of it, they were working on a

song. I wasn't really paying attention, but I caught a line of the song:

"If perfect's what you're searching for, then just stay the same."

The Elvis wannabe sang that line so perfectly, I could have closed my eyes and

could have mistaken him for an angel.

This whole time, I was looking at my phone contemplating whether or not I should

turn my phone back on and return Cesar's call.

"Excuse me, miss?" I jolted and looked up. It was the Elvis guy. He looked at me


"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." He seemed sincere on what he said.

"It's fine." I said as I smiled at him. And he smiled back. I'm pretty sure part of

me just died and went to heaven. He had the most perfect dimples I had ever seen in

my life. His teeth were pearly white and his eyes were perfection. I shook myself

out of the trance. "Can I help you?"

"I was just wondering if my friends and I could sit in these seats next to you." I

looked to my right. Three seats. Just as I was about to answer, "Flight 382 to

Honolulu now boarding." I looked at this man (who I am now going to call Elvis

until, if I ever do, get his real name) and he laughed quietly. As if he knew the

plane was about to board and wanted an excuse to talk to me. Or maybe I was being

conceited, thinking that every guy wanted to be with me. That's how it was in high

school, and I got used to it.

I got up, took Mr. Bear and my oversized purse from next to me, and then I noticed

how close Elvis was standing to me. And I was right. He was my height, maybe an

inch and a half taller. He stepped away quickly; he looked uncomfortable as he ran

his fingers through his hair. I'm pretty sure I was staring, and he noticed. He

smirked and went to board the plane. I started reminiscing about what had just

happened. I replayed absolutely everything in my head. His smile. His perfect

teeth. His chocolate brown eyes. His lips.

"Flight 382 to Honolulu, last call." Dammit lady. She just had to ruin my perfect

moment. I practically ran to the gate and handed the lady my boarding pass. "Don't

trip on your way to the airplane." She smiled at me. She saw me running over. I was

so close to saying "You too."

"I won't," I promised her, smiling back. I started walking toward the plane as

calmly as I could. I was praying that I wouldn't have the seat next to Elvis.

I stepped into the plane, and it was almost full. There only three empty seats. One

of them being next to Elvis. I panicked a little. I didn't want to embarrass myself

if I ended up getting the seat next to him. I looked at my ticket. 17D. Aisle seat. I dared not look up. I started walking down the aisle. But them I suddenly

remembered, the two other seats that weren't next to Elvis were window seats. Row

17. I looked to my left. Empty seat. Next to him. His brown eyes stared at me. I

could feel my cheeks turning red.


"Are you going to sit down or not?" Elvis said in a joking manner. One of his

friends, the one with the beard (he had the window seat) nudged at the guy with the

glasses, then nodded toward me, as if to say "He likes her." I was more nervous

than ever. These guys looked like best friends; they would know when one in their

trio liked someone.

"Umm, yeah." I hesitated and finally took my seat. I carefully pushed my bag under

my chair and looked straight forward, to try and pretend Elvis wasn't sitting next

to me. I sat Mr. Bear in my lap and started to pet his head.

The plane took off on time: 14:05.


Ever since I laid eyes on this girl at the gate, I knew I had to get to know her.

She was absolutely beautiful. Her eyes showed that she had cried herself to sleep

many times. It was some kind of weird skill to know these types of things by

looking at someone's eyes.

Phil texted me after she got on the plane.

"U gonna hit that or what?"

"WTF? I just met her." I texted back. looked at him. He smirked. He looked down at

his phone.

"That's never stopped you before." he said out loud. He was right.

I saw someone stand next to the seat next to me. It was her.

"Are you going to sit down or not?" I said. I tried to make it sound funny, but I

think it came out as pushy.

"Umm, yeah." She said. She sat down and pushed her huge purse under the seat. I've

always wondered how girls live with those damn things. I can't even handle my

wallet. She looked straight ahead. She was trying to ignore me. We can't have that,

now can we?



"What?" I asked. I looked at him. I thought he was just calling out some random


"Bruno," he repeated. "That's my name." Bruno. Suits him. At least I don't have to

call him Elvis anymore.

"That's Phil and that's Ari," he continued, pointing out his friends. Phil and Ari

both reached out their hands, both of which I gratefully took. Phil looked at me


"Daisy." I said, after I had shook both their hands. Phil smiled at me. I guess he

liked my name.


"So, Daisy, why are you going to Hawaii?" Bruno asked, out of the blue. I liked the

way he said my name. Phil nudged him.

"You can't just ask her that," he whispered. I smiled.

"I'm moving away from my dad." I said. Bruno looked at me. He looked confused. So

did Phil. Ari looked like he was about to fall asleep.

"Why?" Bruno asked, not breaking eye contact.

"Well, I was financially supporting him. He started bitching at me, saying I didn't

give him enough money. I took him into my home. He still didn't loosen up. He

resorted to alcohol and drugs. And then he began to abuse me." I tried to stay

strong, holding back the tears. I was no longer looking at Bruno or Phil, rather at

the seat in front of me. I continued, "This continued for months, no one would

hire me because of all my bruising. Thank goodness for saving accounts." I tried to

add the joke to loosen up the conversation. I don't think it worked.

"Did you ever report him?!" Phil asked. I had tried before, but that only got my

father angrier. I looked at the floor.

"Can we not talk about this anymore?" I said quietly, but loud enough so they could

both hear me. I felt as if I were about to cry. I had never talked about this to

anyone. Not even Cesar. I hid all the bruises from him. And here I was, talking to

two (maybe three?) complete strangers about this, but I felt as if I had known them

for my whole life. Then, I felt someone's hand on my wrist. It was Bruno. He looked

at me with eyes of sadness, anger and despair.

"Are you going to be okay?" he asked, not breaking eye contact.

"I'll be fine once I get to Hawaii." Bruno nodded.


We stopped in Los Angeles to make sure everything was fine with the plane. I really

had to pee, but Bruno was asleep on my shoulder. I didn't have the heart to wake

him. He looked so peaceful as he slept. He was still holding my wrist. Every once

in a while, he would murmur something I couldn't understand. I only understood one

word though: Daisy.

About 15 minutes later, the plane was back in the sky, we were on our way to

Hawaii. And I could no longer hold it.

"Bruno." I whispered.

"Daisy." He was whispered back. He was still asleep. I couldn't help but smile.

Phil was awake and laughed when Bruno whispered my name. His laugh was absolutely

hilarious. It sounded as if he was purposely snorting. That woke Bruno up.

"What the fuck is so funny, Phil?" He said. He sounded angry.

"Excuse me, Bruno. But I kinda have to go." He got up slowly. He rubbed his eyes.

"Sorry about that," he said, as I got up. He saw me.

"Where are you going?" I looked at him. There was really only one place I could go.

I smiled.

"McDonald's." *BRUNO'S P.O.V.*

When she left, I started laughing. I liked a girl with a sense of humor. I was

laughing for so long, Phil had to shut me up.

"Shut up already. Are you so in love with the girl, that you laugh at her dumbest

jokes?" In love? Dumbest jokes?

"Bitch, I'm not in love with her."

"Is that why you kept saying her name in your sleep?" Shit. I probably freaked her

out. I rubbed my forehead.

"Did she hear me?"

"Yeah. The first time, she looked at me, wide-eyed. After that, she thought it was

funny. Then, we started talking. She's really nice and sweet. And she's hilarious."

A few minutes passed, and Daisy wasn't back yet.

"So, you gonna ask her out?" Ari asked bluntly, waking up from his nap. Phil looked

at him, and smiled. It was as if Phil was on the verge of asking me the same


"I don't know. I mean she is beautiful, but I haven't known her long enough to know

if she could handle my lifestyle, you know, after I make it big."

Phil nodded.


"Daisy's been in there for a long ass time. I'm going to sleep." Phil said, putting

his hat over his face. Ari was already snoring. Five minutes after that, Phil was

snoring as well. People started looking at me. I shrugged.


I was still in the closet they call a bathroom. I was in there for 20 minutes.

People were probably getting angry with me. But, who cares. I was taking deep

breaths, leaning against the door. I had never felt this way before. Could I

already be in love with this guy? I hadn't even known him for 3 hours and I didn't

believe in love at first sight. I took my last deep breath, and walked out.

My seat was maybe ten rows ahead. I saw Bruno with his head down. I looked at the

floor and continued walking. I got to my row and Bruno was staring at me. This shit

was getting really awkward. Just as I thought things couldn't get any worse, the

plane began shaking as I was about to sit down. Damn turbulence. I lost my balance

and fell in his lap. Fuck...