Chapter 1

27/08/2011 17:56

Chapter 1


i opened my eyes, i cant believe this is happening. who knew we were meant to be together? Funny how my family knew it. Bruno's head on my stomach. I looked at the stars. He lifted his head and lay down next to me. He kissed me on my lips. "I love you" he smiled. 

23rd October 1990, i will never forget the date.

I looked at the house. Its crowded. Everyone were celebrating my 5th birthday. I was sitting alone on the couch in the living room. Suddenly, this chubby boy, brown skin, perfect brown eyes came to me. He passed me a box, wrapped with red wrapper and a pink ribbon on it. I took it. "Thank you!" i said. i ran to my mother and pass her the box. She put the box on the table with a few more present. I turned around, the boy's not there.

"Sasha !" my dad called. He's standing next to a table with a cake. I ran to him and hugged him tight. I climbed the chair, facing the table and my dad put the cake in front of me. Everyone gathered around the table and started to sing. I blew the candles and suddenly, i saw the chubby boy again. He smiled to me and ran to some other girls. Hours later, everyone started to leave my party one by one.

"Sasha, this is our new neighbor, he lives next door, Mr. Hernandez" my mom said pointing a guy with a mustache.
"I'm Pete. This is my wife, Bernadette." he grabbed this beautiful lady's hand.
"hi," i said smiling.
"This is our daughters, Jaime, Presley, Tahiti and Tiara," they waved at me. These girls. I saw that chubby boy ran to just now.
"This is our sons, Eric" appointing a boy, a little chubby with a white skin.
"And Bruno" pointing the chubby boy. "I believe he passed you the present right?" Pete asked.
"Yes, he gave it to me" i smiled.
"Good, he picked it himself," they laughed.
"Thank you for coming" my mom smiled and they said goodbye and leave. Bruno waved and leave.


Since then, me and Bruno became bestfriend. People called us "BruSha" because we did everything together. I've never missed his show. We spend time together almost EVERYDAY. We studied together in my room. My mom dont care about what we're doing. My balcony is facing his balcony. So, we often talks through the balcony. I cant find someone like him ever in my entire life. My sister, Fyza and mum always said that I'm lucky to find my soulmate since i was 5. I dont understand what thats supposed to  mean.

"Bruno," i said while i hugged my knee on the sand at the beach.
"Yes Sasha?" he turned and smiled, showing his perfect white teeth.
"I think I like Kevin" i knew my face turned red.
"So, after all these years, giving your reasons to other boy, that youre waiting for Mr. Right, is Kevin?" he smiled and turned away. Everyboy at school asked me to date them. I dont waste my time with Mr. Wrong. I've known some of my friends who lose their virginity before 15!