Chapter 14

18/09/2011 17:43

Chapter 14


I walked to my room. I can't stop crying. My mom died. Fyza broke her leg. I have to leave Bruno. I have to let my job gone. I have to leave The Smeezingtons. I packed my things really quick. I walked to Bruno's room. He's in his V-Neck shirt and a leather jacket. He took his fedora. I grab my car key and he drove me to the airport.

"Your flight is at 10pm. Have a nice trip to Hawaii." a tall blonde girl pass me the ticket and smiled. NICE TRIP?! I'll shoot myself for that.
"Okay." I turned and started to cry.
"Baby, don't cry. Please. You're hurting me." Bruno said to me as we sat on the chair while waiting. Another one hour left. We talked a bit about our future.
"I don't think we can continue with long distance relationship." I said. I tried to control my tears.
"No!! Sasha, don't do this to me. You know I love you so much." he cried. FUCK. Bruno is crying. I put my hand on his lap.
"Baby, I'm so so sorry. I.. Just... Can't hurt you. You'll miss me and you can't do your work." I kissed his forehead.
"First call for a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii at Gate 42." I looked at Bruno. 
"I'm so sorry babe. I love you so much." I said. I took my bag.
"I love you more." he said and we kissed until we can't breathe!  "Don't make me wait until I'm dying." he faked a smile.
"We'll meet, someday." I said as I walked away into the gate. I waved at Bruno. He smiled and looked at me with a sad face. I walked into the plane. I sat next to a window. I'm sitting next to a guy with blue eyes. His skin is whiter than mine. Paled. His hair, he put some gel on it. He's thin and he's wearing a t-shirt and he's sweat like he just ran all the way here. I don't what to say cause I'm so sad right now. I closed my eyes.

"Miss, what time is it?" he said, softly. I opened my eyes. I turned to him. He's looking at me. Smiling. I looked at my watch.
"It's 12:34am" I smiled and looked at the window.
"Thank you." he said. I looked at him.
"you're welcome." I smiled.
"Hi, I'm Shawn." he passed me his hand.
"I'm Sasha." I smiled and we shaked our hands.
"Pretty name." he smiled.
"Thanks." I smiled. 
"Have anyone told you that you're gorgeous today?" he smiled.
"Since it's 12:37am, nope." I giggled.
"Well, then. You're gorgeous." he smiled. I can feel my blood's running fast.
"Thanks." we talked longer and he asked me thing I don't know what to answer.
"So, Miss Perfect is single or taken?" he smiled. Showing his teeth.
"Hm? Errr..." I don't know what to say. I left Bruno and I think we're over. "It's, complicated.." I said and turned away. I tried to avoid his eyes. Long distance won't last. People always remind me of that.
"Lucky me" he smiled. I laughed and suddenly, I noticed that there's a watch on his left hand. Nice try, Shawn. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up. It's 2:56am. We're near to the airport. I looked at the view until we landed. After we landed, I quickly grabbed my things and took a cab to The Honolulu Hospital. I head to the counter.
"May I know where's Fyza McAdam?" I asked.
"She's at the third floor. Take the lift and turn left. Walk inside and find room number 23." The nurse said after she searched for her. 
"And Amy McAdam?" I asked.
"She's at the five floor. Her body is still there." The nurse smiled. I walked and looked for my sister. Few minutes later, I saw her on the bed in room 23.
"oh my god ! FYZA!" I ran to her and hugged her. She opened her eyes slowly.
"Sasha? SASHA ! You're back!" she cried.
"Shhhh. I know. I'll take care of you until you can walk." I smiled.
"Thanks Sis! Have you.... seen...mum's body?" her voice cracked.
"Not yet.... mind telling me happened?" I asked. My tears started to fall on my cheek.
"I... I was driving the car. Mum sat next to me. I stopped at the traffic light. It turned green and I slowly drove it. And suddenly, mum screamed. I looked at her side and a lorry hit the car. It hit mum and.... she died on the spot. That's all I remembered." she cried.
"Oh god. It's the lorry's driver fault." I said. My phone rang. "I'm sorry. I'll take it out side. Take some rest." I said and walked out. It's Bruno.
"Hello?" I smiled. I walked and sat on a chair.
"Hey babe. How's everything?" he asked.
"Fyza broke her left leg. But it's not that bad. And mom.. I didnt see her body...yet." I cried.
"Shhh, it's okay. I'll come to you now."
"No! Bruno, STAY. If you come and find me, I'll never forgive you." I tried to smile, but I can't. I'm gonna lose everything. My love, my dream. My Bruno.... I cried.
"BABY? I want to come. I don't care." he said. He's sound sad.
"NO! For the last time, NO!" I put the phone down and cried. Bruno called me again and again until... I turned my phone off. 
"Hey, you're the girl from the plane! Why are you crying?" he touched my shoulder. I looked at him. I'm surprised.
"Shawn, what are you doing here?" I said. I wiped away my tears.
"I'm visiting my.... Friend. She had an accident. What about you?" he smiled.
"Well... My sister had an accident. My mom.........she died..." I cried. I can't stop thinking about it. I can't stop imagining the accident.
"I'm so sorry." he hugged me.
"It's okay." I said. It's awkward when a stranger hugged you. He let me go.
"Well, I have to go and check on my.... mom's body." I said and stand up.
"Well, can I follow you?" he smiled.
"Yes, sure." I said and walked to the lift. I pressed fifth floor. I can feel Shawn is staring at me. But ignored it. I walked out from the lift and asked the nurse where can I see my mom's body. The nurse brought us to the very cold room. It's scary. She pulls out my mom's body. I started at her face. She looked calm. Her body's full with scars. I cried. Shawn hugged me. I can't help it and ran outside. I took the lift down and goes to sister's room. I ran to her and hugged her tight. 

"Sasha?" she pulled away.
"What?" I asked, still crying.
"Who's this?" She looked behind me.
"Oh, sorry. Meet Shawn. Shawn, this is my sister, Fyza." I said.
"Nice to meet you." Shawn smiled.
"Nice to meet you too." Fyza smiled and winked at me. I gave her the "he's-not-my-boyfriend" face. We talked for hours but Fyza have to take some rest. I took my bags and kissed Fyza on her cheek. We said goodbye and I walked out from the hospital. I saw Shawn but I pretend like I didn't see him and waited for a cab. 
"Hey," he smiled.
"Oh, Shawn. Hi." I looked at him.
"So, where are you going?" he asked.
"Waikiki," I smiled.
"Really? Me too. I lived at... Well, my friend lived near the park. How about you?" he smiled.
"OMG. Me too!" I looked at him with a weird face. We both laughed and took the same cab. Few minutes later, I asked the cab's driver to stop.
"I'm here." I looked at him. He looked at me with a surprised face. "What?" I said.
"My friend.... he lived..... here." he pointed a house. In front of my HOUSE! 
"Omg. Are you kidding me?" i said.
"Nope." he paid the cab's driver and we walked out from the cab. He helped me to take out my bags. I opened my house and put the bags inside.
"So, thanks for everything." I smiled.
"Sure." he said. He looked at me in my eyes. I don't know what to do. He makes his move to me. Slowly, he kissed me. I pulled away. He tried to kiss me again.
"I'm sorry. I can't. I just.... can't." I looked down. I don't know what Bruno will think about me. 
"It's okay. I'm fine with anything." he smiled.
"Well, I guess you should go and take some rest." I told him.
"Yeah, so... goodnight." he smiled and kissed my cheek. My face turned red.
"goodnight." I said and closed the door. I looked at him through my window . He walked across the road and he walked to the house in front of me. He knocked it and few seconds later, a man around 20 years old opened it and they hugged. And he closed the door.