Chapter 15-17

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Chapter 15


I took a deep breath. “I sat down near the shore of a lake. I just wanted to think about everything.” Tears started to fall. ‘Stay strong Cam, stay strong.’ Bruno wiped some tears away with his thumb. “I wanted to go back after like 30 minutes. So I started to walk back and all of the sudden someone pulled me into an alley.” The tears started to flow faster. “He asked where I’ve been and what I’m doing here. And before I could answer, he started to hit me.” I cried even harder. “It’s okay. You’re safe with me.” He hugged me tight. I hugged him back. I never opened up this much to someone. I never showed my weakness so soon. After 5 minutes I stopped crying. “Do you want something to drink?” “No thanks. I’m fine.” I said with a small smile.


-A few weeks later-


My wounds have healed, I’m looking like my old self again. Julie and Paõlo found a job and now have their own apartment and Kyra and Joshua are living with them most of the time. Bruno wanted me to get signed with Elektra but I wanted to wait a little longer. First, I wanted to get to know my way around the business world, so I got a job as a model. I was getting well known.

“Cam, you wanna come with me to the studio?” Bruno asked. “No thanks. I’m gonna look for an apartment.” “How many times do I still have to say you’re staying with me?” “Bruno, I-“ He covered my mouth with his hand. “Shut up about it. I mean, I need a cook.” I laughed. “Fine. For now.” “Yes! So wanna come?” “No, I got a shoot in 2 hours.” “So, you could still come for an hour…” “No.” “Yes.” “No.” “Yes.” “Ugh… Fine one hour, but then shut up!” I got annoyed. “But let me get ready.” I ran upstairs. “Ugh… Women!” I quickly got changed and did my hair. I saw Bruno impatiently waiting on the couch. “I’m ready.” “FINALLY!” he said really agitated. “Hey, you wanted me to come.” “Yeah yeah.” We got in the car and drove off. I started to get used to the LA traffic. I turned the radio on. Just the way you are started to play. A couple of seconds later Bruno turned it off. “Why did you do that?” “Did what?” “Turn the radio off.” “Oh, I just don’t wanna listen to it right now.” “Why not?” “Just because.” “Oh, okay…” ‘That’s odd…’ I sighed. “Something wrong?” he asked. “No, I’m fine. Just a bit tired.” “Okay, but if anything is wrong just tell me.” “Of course.” We arrived at the studio. “WASSUP BRUNO!” Phil yelled as we walked in. “NOTHING MUCH MAN!” Bruno yelled. “GOOD TO HEAR!” “Hey Ari.” I said calmly. “Hey Cam. Seriously, what an idiots.” “I couldn’t agree more.” Me and Ari just continued talking while Bruno and Phil kept yelling for what seemed an eternity. “Now it’s just getting annoying.” “Tell me about it. But what are you doing here?” “He forced me. But I’m leaving in 45 minutes for a shoot.” “Well, I’m glad I’m not alone with these two.” I laughed. “GUYS!!! Can you please quit yelling at each other?” They looked at me with a surprised look. They looked at each other for a minute. “YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH OUR YELLING?!?!” they both yelled. I sighed and looked to the floor. “You two are hopeless.” Ari said. “WE KNOW!” I grabbed two pieces of paper I saw on a table and crumbled them. I walked towards Phil and Bruno. “Guysss…” I said in a questioning tone. They looked at me and opened their mouth to yell again but I quickly stuffed the pieces of paper in their mouth. “There, problem solved.” I said to Ari and we both started to laugh. Ari had stopped laughing but I wasn’t. I was almost crying. ‘Hahahaha! The look on their faces!’ I thought. “So you still think it’s funny?” Bruno asked while he came towards me.  “Yes.” I said while I started to calm down. I saw Phil with an evil smirk on his face as Bruno approached me. “Oh fuck!” I got up and ran away. “I’ll get you! You’re not getting away from me!” He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I quit struggling knowing I wouldn’t win anyways. “Look what I caught.” Bruno said to Ari and Phil. I could hear he was proud. “Can you let me go now?” I asked. I could hear Phil and Ari laugh. “No.” “Please Bruno, I have to get to that shoot!” I said annoyed. “Fine, but I’m not done with you yet.” he said as he put me down. “So are you two dating now or something?” Ari asked. “Iiieww… NO!” I replied. “Well, see y’all later!” I said as I walked out.


Bruno’s POV


“Iiieww… NO!” she said. I looked down. ‘I wish we were.’ I thought. “Well, see y’all later!” And with that she walked out. “Yo Bruno! You ready to make some music?” Ari asked. “Huh… Of course dude!” “Aww… Is little Brunito thinking about Camilla?” Phil asked with a childish voice. “What?! No.” I replied shortly and insulted. “Obviously a yes.” Ari said. ‘Why do these guys know me so well?!’ “Let’s just get down to business, okay?” “Whatever you want man.” Phil said.



Chapter 16


 The day passed quickly. We worked on a couple of songs and laughed a lot. “Yo Phil! Catch!” I threw a ball of paper against his head. We laughed even harder. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. “Guys, hold up…” “Why?” Ari asked. “Hey Cam,” “Oooohh, is little Brunzie Wunzie calling with Camilla…” “Phil shut up! I’m having a conversation here!” “Dude, just get laid.” Ari said as they walked out. “Why are you giggling? It isn’t funny! Sure, I’ll be there in five, kay? See you then.” I hung up and walked to Ari and Phil. “Guys, I’m out.” “Oooohh… He really is getting laid! Gimme the five Ari!” “Seriously guys, maybe you’re the ones who need to get laid.” I said laughing as I walked out.


Camilla’s POV


“Okay, that’s it.” the photographer said. I walked to the dressing room when I heard someone call for me. “Yo Camilla!” I turned around and saw Adam, the model I worked with today. “Oh, hey Adam.” “Can I offer you a ride home?” “No thanks, I’ll call someone.” “You sure?” “Yeah, thanks for the offer though.” I smiled and walked into the dressing room. I called Bruno. “Hey Bruno.” I put it on speaker so I could get changed in that time. “HeyCam,” I heard him say. “Oooohh, is little Brunzie Wunzie calling with Camilla?” I heard Phil say in the background. “Phil shut up! I’m having a conversation here!” I laughed. “Dude, just get laid.” Ari said. I giggled. ‘These guys are crazy.’ I thought. “Why are you giggling?” “It’s funny.” “It isn’t funny!” “Hahaha! Well, can you pick me up?” “Sure, I’ll be there in five, kay?” “Sure. See ya in five.” “See you then.” Bruno hung up and I got dressed. Three minutes later I was dressed and sat on the sidewalk, waiting for Bruno. ‘Wait, did I tell him the address?’ I thought. “Maldito” I said under my breath. “And now in a language I can understand too.” I looked up to see Adam smiling at me. “It’s nothing.” I said smiling back. I grabbed my phone and sent Bruno a text with the address. “It seems like your man forgot about it. Are you sure you don’t need a ride?” “No thanks, I’ll be fine.” He started to creep me out. ‘Luckily I don’t need to see him again after all this.’ I thought. “Well, if you ever need me, here’s my number.” He gave the paper to me with a wink. “Thanks.” I just smiled uncomfortably. I saw Bruno’s car pull up. “Well, there’s my ride. See ya.” I said as I got up and walked towards the car. “See ya CJ!” ‘Why is he calling me CJ? Only people close to me called me CJ sometimes.’ I got in the car. “How was the shoot?” Bruno asked as he started driving. “Same old.” “So, I assume boring?” “Yeah…” “By the way, who was that guy?” “Oh, he was just the guy I worked with today. Why do you ask?” “I’ve seen him before and he isn’t really my type.” I could see his grip on the wheel getting tighter and his knuckles turned white. “Are you okay?” “I’m fine. Why do you ask?” “Just because… You know, never mind.” I said hoping not to make him even angrier. The rest of the ride we both stayed quiet. After we arrived, we went inside. I dropped my bags next to the couch. I saw Bruno walk to the kitchen and decided to follow him. “Bruno?” “Hmm…” he said while pouring some orange juice into a glass. “Are you sure you’re okay? I’ve never seen you this quiet.” He turned around and walked to me. He was just inches away from me now. “I’m fine, don’t worry.” I looked into his eyes. I hesitantly grabbed his hands. “Your eyes tell a different story.” He just stood there in shock for a couple of seconds. “It’s just that… You know, never mind. Just forget about it.” He grabbed his glass, walked to the living room and dropped on the couch. I sat next to him. He turned the TV on and lays his head on my lap. I started to play with his hair, it always relaxes me. We stayed silent and watched the news. “All these sad things. Can’t we watch something else?” I asked. “Sure, and he switched to The Haunted. “Brunoo…” I said in a winy voice. “You know I hate scary, paranormal things…” He just laughed and kept watching. After some minutes I giggled. “What’s so funny?” Bruno asked. “Oh, nothing.” He sat up and looked at me with puppy eyes. “Please, tell me.” I quickly covered my eyes with my hands. I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist those eyes.  He slowly pulled my hand away from my eyes. “Please?” “Fine, if you shut up and change the channel.” “I shall, my fair lady.” He said in a British accent. I laughed. “Well, I was thinking and… Uhm… The way we were laying on the couch kinda reminded me of all those romantic comedy couples. I know it sounds stupid.” I said as I looked away. I heard him chuckle. “That’s a cute thought. I’ll change the channel for you.” He changed it to Animal Planet.  “I wish we really were a couple.” I heard him say under his breath. “Huh?” I replied. “What?” “I thought you said something.” “Nope, I didn’t.” “Oh, okay.” I just acted like I didn’t know. ‘So he likes me.’ I thought. “Well, actually there’s one thing.” I looked up at him almost immediately. “I was wondering, if maybe…” He nervously rubbed the back of his neck.” You wanna go out with me tomorrow?” He looked away, like he was preparing to be rejected. “I’d love to.” I answered. “You do?” He looked at me with big eyes. “Yeah, it could be fun.” He hugged me firmly. “Thank you.” he whispered in my ear. I just smiled and hugged him back.



Chapter 17


“Why did you say thank you?” I asked when he let me go. “Just because… Yeah, never mind…” I chuckled. “I’m kinda hungry, how about you?” I asked, walking towards the kitchen. “Naahh, I’m good.” I looked around the corner, peeking over to Bruno. “What?! You’re NOT hungry?!  Who are you and what did you do to Bruno?” He laughed. “Fine, fine, I’m busted. I was just joking. Can’t you hear this hungry beast in here?” He pointed towards his stomach. I giggled. “What are you gonna make?” I heard him ask from the living room. “Just a sandwich.” “That ain’t enough for me!” “Trust me, it will.” A couple of minutes later I came back with our sandwiches. “Girl, this small thing isn’t gonna be enough.” I laughed as I took a bite of my own sandwich. I turned the TV on and went through a couple of channels, till I saw Tom & Jerry was on. We finished our plates while watching, laughing and talking. “Okay, you win. You were right, this thing is enough.” I heard him say as I brought the plates to the kitchen. “Told you so.” I sat down next to him on the couch. “You know, I still think it’s a miracle that there aren’t any rumors yet.” “Yeah, quite the miracle.” I replied. “You should go to sleep Cam.” “What? Why?” “You sound tired.” “No, I don’t.” “Yes, you do. Now go upstairs and go to sleep.” “Ugh… Yes daddy…” I rolled my eyes as I got up and walked upstairs to my room.


Bruno’s POV


‘Wow. Did she seriously just call me daddy?’ I thought. ‘That’s hot.’ I got up, turned off the TV and walked upstairs. I checked on Camilla. She was sleeping peacefully. “Sleep well, Cam. Tomorrow will be a long day.” I whispered and kissed her forehead. I went to my own room and after I lied in bed, I quickly fell asleep.

I woke up by the sound of my alarm clock. “Ugh… Already time to get up.” I mumbled. ‘For Cam, you’re doing this for Cam, Bruno.’ I quickly got dressed and walked towards her room. “Camilla, wake up.” I softly whispered in her ear. “Come on.” She mumbled something I couldn’t understand. “Just get out of the bed you lazy.” I said as I pulled the covers of her. She looked so good in her shorts and oversized shirt. “Bruno, give me back the covers…” she mumbled. “Nope.” “What time is it anyways?” she asked. “It’s 4:50Am. Now get up.” “4:50Am?! Bruno go away, I actually sleep around this time.” “Please, for me?” I begged her. “Fine, for this time.” “Thank you. Now be ready in 30 minutes.” “You’re expecting too much from a lady around this time!” she yelled when I left the room. “I know.” I simply replied. After 20 minutes she was ready. “You ready to go?” I asked. “Go where?” “You’ll see.” We walked towards the car, when I heard her say, “I hate you so much right now.” “I hate you too.” I said while I opened the car door for her. I closed the door and got in myself. “Can I sleep during the ride?” she asked. “Sure, I’ll wake you up when we’re there.” She slowly fell asleep again. I softly started humming some tunes and before I knew it, we had arrived. “Camilla, wake up. We’re here.” I softly spoke. “We’re where?” “You’ll find out soon.”


Camilla’s POV


I got out of the car as Bruno opened the door for me. ‘He’s such a gentleman.’ I thought. I looked around, trying to find out where we exactly are. “Follow me.” Bruno said as he grabbed my wrist. After a couple of minutes of walking we arrived. I looked completely amazed. “Did you do this Bruno?” I asked surprised. “Yep, I know how you miss watching the sunrise on the Dominican Republic so I thought you might want to watch it here with a nice breakfast, as sun is the same everywhere on earth.” “Aww, thank you! You shouldn’t have.” I said as I hugged him tight.