Chapter 1-5

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This Is my first fanfic and it's based on bruno's life behind the music. so I hope you love it as much a love writing it. Enjoy!!!


{Chapter 1}




"Ugh!! I dont feel like going to work today" staring at the ceiling


I got up and made my bed and headed straight for the shower when I got out I put on my dark blue skinny jeans with my black tank that said "I feel a sin comin on" flat ironed my hair applied minimum makeup and grabbed my black cropped leather jacket and keys and walked out the door. I worked at a mens clothing store in Los Angelos that I now own because my father passed away (not foreal) and left it to me. I work here alone cause I never took the time out to hire anyone but because business has been picking up I think now would be a the perfect time. So I went into my office and got the now hiring sign and put it in the window it was kinda slow for a minute until this girl came in and asked for an application.


Girl: "Hi, Umm can I get an application?" she said nervously


Karri: "Sure, what's your name?" 


Girl: "Alyssa but everyone calls me Ally" she smiled


Karri: I smiled "ok Ally just fill that out for me and we'll go from there" I instructed her


Alyssa: Ok


After about 15 minutes she brought me back the application. as I looked over it she asked me a question aboout the store.


Alyssa: "What made you want to run a mens store?" 


Karri: "Well actually it was my fathers but he passed away"


Alyssa: "Oh...I'm sorry" 


Karri: "It's ok tell me ali when can you start? 


Alyssa: (eyes wide) "wow....umm today"


Karri: "ok!" I laughed


I showed her what to do and she was catching on pretty quick. I liked her she was really cool I could see us hanging around. so about 2 hours later we were sitting behind the counter finishing up our lunch when these guys came in joking and laughing  when one of them spotted me out and smiled at me. he was short (but fun-sized hehe) with dark curly hair at first he had on his shades but took them off as he aproached me man he had the most gorgeous big brown eyes you could imagine.


Guy: "Hey ladies what up?"


Karri: "Hi can I help you guys with something?" coming from behind the counter


Guys: "Dayyummm!!!" they all said in unison


Karri:I rolled my eyes "can I help you"I said irritated


Guy: could sense that I was getting an attitude "chill beautiful lol by the way I'm bruno and these are my boys"


The guy with glasses spoke up first he had the most craziest laugh but I had to admit he had her crackin up on the inside.


Guy1: "Hello I'm phil"


Guy2: "And I'm phredley but everybody calls me preesh"


Karri: bust out laughing " WHAT? who the hell just comes up with the name like preesh?


Bruno: "I did" staring at me and bit his lip


Karri: I looked at him "Mmm" rolled my eyes again


Bruno: you know it's not good to do that so many times they can get stuck you know?


Karri: turned her head quickly "What??" 


Alyssa: "anyways hi i'm Ally where you looking for something specific today" 


Ooh she saved his ass real quick because I was about to go off but I'm glad she did cause I had to be the bigger person in all this.


Phil: "yeah those jeans over there (nodding his head to the side) I want to take a look at those"


Alyssa: looked at him with a puzzled face


Preesh: "can you show us the jeans" pointing to them but looking at bruno and karri


Alyssa finally caught on to what they where saying they left us alone


Bruno: "So..." he smiled 


Karri: looking at some papers "So... what?"


Bruno: "Is this the key to your heart" touching her key necklace


Karri: moved his hand "what?" laughed a little


Bruno: Is this the key to your heart? cause if it is can I have it?


Karri: "How long did it take you to come up with that line" 


Bruno: "Uhh only about a minute ago" he smiled


man he needs to keep that mouth closed because that smile is gorgeous


Karri: "well you couldv'e kept that cause it was straight out corny sweety"


Bruno: "Aww man my lines usually gets the ladies"


Karri: "well not this one better luck with the next one" walked away to my office


Bruno: mouth wide open "WTF I just been dissed by a girl I don't ever get dissed by girls" 


Phil: "so how'd it go?'


Bruno: (In a daze)


Phil: waving his hand in bruno face " Uh hello, BRUNO!!!"


Bruno: irritated "Yeah"


Phil: "what happened?"


Bruno: "She dissed me, man"


Preesh: bust out laughing "Ahhhhh damn you done lost yo touch with the ladies"


Bruno: punched him in the arm "I have not lost my touch just got a hold to a bad apple that's all"


Phil: "well you think you can tame the shrew pimpin"


Preesh: "I don't know man she look like she could chew his lil ass up"


Bruno: punched him again "shut up she just needs some of this mars sars that's all"


Phil: "you think so?"


Bruno: putting his shades back on "I know so"


So finally it was time to close up the store and I told ally that she could go home and that I would close up shop. after she left I went into my office and started straightening up when I began to think about bruno man he was so sexy but I can't be fallin for him right now I'm just not ready to give my heart to someone else right now after what happened to me with my ex, but he just seems like the perfect gentlemen. ugh!! come on Karri focus being in a relationship is not an option I'm so afraid to fall in love again i's like I don't know what love supposed to look or feel like. could he be the answer to my problem?



So what do you guys think yay or nay? your comment will be greatly appreciated it will get better 

as I go along :)



Chapter 2: Are you Serious??


It was 11:30pm when I made it home I got out of the car and grabbed my things out the back seat. as I walked up to the door steps I see a vase with lavender and white roses (lavender is my favorite color) and a card. I was hesitating to actually look to see who they were from because my ex doesn't know where I stay and I don't think it would be my sisters cause they stay in Florida. so I finally picked up the vase and took them into the house and sat them on the coffee table. I grabbed the card and and read it saying " A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life, to be thankful for a good one." xoxo. I sat there almost in tears because of such inspirational words but swallowed them trying to figure out who sent me this but I just couldn't get it so I brushed it off and went to sleep. When I woke I did the usual hygiene thing grabbed me a breakfast bar and headed out the door but stopped in my tracks and stared at the roses that I was givin last night, but I shook my and headed straight for work. when I got there ally was already there

Karri: walking through the door " hey ally when di..... Oh come on are you serious?"

Bruno: Smiling " well hello there beautiful"

Karri: walked passed him "why are you here?"

Bruno: "now is that how you supposed to treat your customers?" 

I got that from some movie forgot what hehe!!

Karri: *sighed* "what do you want bruno or whatever your name is?"

Bruno: It's bruno and I would like to take you out on a date, Tonight."

Karri: No

Bruno: he had a surprised look on his face "huh? wait did you just say no?"

Karri: put my hand on my hip "I don't ever recall me speaking any other language or studdering so yes, yes I did"

Bruno: "Aww come on why are you being so mean to me?" he said with a hurt but soft voice

Aww he look and sound so cute when he whines..... stop it karri

karri: "I'm not mean I just don't like you" as I said looking down feeling bad

Alyssa: "Ouch that gotta hurt" walking towards the sales floor

Bruno: Oh so you wanna play hard to get? well this is just the begining sweet heart I'm not done with you yet" 

he put his shades back on and walked towards the door but stopped 

Bruno: "Oh how'd you like the flowers" he said with a devlish smile

and he was gone

Karri: mouth wide open 

Alyssa: closing my mouth "you can close that now you're drooling" laughing

Karri: "That motherfu.........."

Alyssa: cutting me off "ok so lets get to work we have inventory to do"

As the day went by I was still thinking about what had happened last night and then finding out that it was him that sent me the flowers. Hmm that was just so sweet as I smild to myself

Karri: "wait a minute how the hell did he find out where I lived" 

Alyssa: laughed a bit "girl you still thinking about that?" 

karri: "Uh ya!! he probably followed me home"

Alyssa: "but didn't you say the flowers were there when you got home? so clearly He put them there before you got there" 

Karri: "yeah you have a point, but...."

Alyssa "but nothing just leave it alone and lets get done with this inventory so we can go home"

Karri: "yeah you right"

So we finished inventory and we exchanged phone numbers and we both closed up the store and went home. when I got home there were no surprises waiting for me atleast thats what I thought until I got into the driveway

Karri: shoked "WTH" getting out the car

I walked up to the garage door and there was this box wrapped in a red bow and when I reached down to grab it it moved making me jump back. I slowy untied the ribbon and then opened the top and to my surprise there was a baby teacup yorkie with a lavender bow so I assumed it was a girl and she was so pretty, but I then got back to reality and headed for my front door looking around to see if anyone was watching me and ran in the house and locked the door.


Bruno P.O.V

As I was driving thinking about the fact that she just turned me down again I started to think "maybe I should get her something again" and I had just the perfect idea. so I drove to the destination i was getting her next surprise and then heade to her house before she makes it home. I kept looking in the backseat and kept smiling thinking she's gonna love this I smiled to myself. I finally made it to her house and instead of putting it in the same spot that I put the roses I'm gonna put it in the driveway that way she would see it as the headlights wouod shine on it. I lookd at my watch and hurried up and got in the car and parked down the street on the corner where I could witness her happiness and in a matter of moments she was pulling in the driveway making a complete stop I thought to myself "this is gonna be good" I watched her get out of the car and head dtraight for the box and when it moved I heard slightly scream as i laughed loud enough for myself to here and then she walked back up to it and lowly untied the ribbon and opend the top. man the look on her face was pricless as she picked the puppy up I couldn't help but smile seeing that big smile on her face. I watched her as she began looking around to see if anyone was watching her man she was so beautiful I just can't wait to make her mine.

Karri: "Aww you are so adorable what should I name you?"

I kept smiling to myself because I know that bruno is behind this whole thing and to be honest this was the most sweetest thing he has done besides being annoying lol, but I just don't know I so want to give this love thing a try but I'm afraid to fall in love again but at the same time I'm tired of being lonely. Mmm!! those strong arms holding me tight as we cuddle those big brown eyes staring into mine telling me everything I want hear, those lips tasting the sweet venom that spread against mine poisoning me making me want more....Woooooo!!! ok karri snap out of it. 

Karri: still holding the puppy "I think I'm gonna call you Alana which means beautiful and that you're"

I put the puppy on the couch as I made her a little pallad and then gave her some milk

Karri: "2morrow mommy is gonna go shopping for the baby because I don't have to work it's sunday"

Damn I sounded so retarded but I done fell in love with her and most of all I think I'm falling for bruno......Maybe


Chapter 3: What just Happened?


The next day I woke up and got in the shower and put on my juicy couture jean jumpsuit and my my strappy sandals I put my hair into a messy bun and then a double stretchband. I grabbed alana and drove to the pet store as I was looking around I felt like someone was following me I shrugged my shoulders and kept walking until someone tapped me on the shoulder scaring the crap out of me....


Karri: holding her chest "Sweet Jesus....Phil"


Phil: laughing "hey karri" looked at the dog " that's your baby?"


Karri" smiled "yes this is alana"


Phil: "Aww how cute"


Karri: "what are you doing here?"


Phil: he hesitates " uhm...well...I..." he mumbles "shit"


Karri: frowned "what phil whats wrong?"


Phil: about to answer "I'm her......."


Bruno: "he's here with me" coming from the other isle


Karri: are you guys spying on me?" slightly smiled


Bruno: "Now why would I do that"


Karri: handed the puppy to phil "you are the one that's been snooping around my house leaving gifts aren't you?" walking towards him


Bruno: backing up "I don't know what you talking about I only left the roses" backing into the end cap


Karri: in his face "and...." bit her lip


Bruno: stuttering "ok ok the puppy" 


and without noticing she applied a soft kiss to his lips and pulled away


Karri: running her finger under his chin "thank you" she walked away


bruno stood there in shock while phil was teasing him


Phil: laughing "damn she got you wrapped around her little finger already" imitating bruno "ok ok the puppy" 


Bruno: fixing his clothes "Shut up!! I'm a man aint no girl gone ever have the brunz wrapped around they finger"


Phil: "she does" 


I walked towards the cashier once I got everything and realized what I have done


Karri: "I can't believe I just did that" thinking aloud


cashier: "excuse me"


Karri: snapping out "uh nothing I'm sorry"


cashier: "that'll be $127.86"


I turned around and started going through my purse getting my wallet when the cashier said 


cashier: "you are all set mam"


Karri: snapped my head up "what? I haven't even pai....Mmm" looked at the door looking at bruno smile and leave


Karri: smiled "what am I gone do with him?"


Is that a question I really want to ask myself right now being it has been almost three years since....well you know. I just cannot believe I kissed him man....and his lips were soft and sweet just like I imagined they would be and he smelled SO good his skin was so soft...OMG!! karri chill out. I finally made it to my house and nothing was in my yard so I was good I set up alana's things and toys and she was all over the place playing she was so cute. I sat there and watched her play until my phone rung and it was alyssa.....


Karri: "hey ally"


Alyssa: what's up girl? I heard you kissed bruno at the pet store?"


Karri: "Damn where'd you hear that?"


Alyssa: "phil told me"


Karri: "phil? where did you see him?"


Alyssa: "umm...well....he's....uh" 


Karri: "anytime now"


Alyssa: "he's here with me. me and phil are dating"


Karri: "Oh well congrats I guess" in a jealous tone


Alyssa: "well look I gotta go I will talk to you later ok?"


Karri: " yeah bye" hung up the phone


Man how is that she finds happiness and I'm still lonely dang. I got up and I happened to see the box that alana came in and I noticed a note in it that said:


I wish I was there,
to kiss you Goodnight.
I wish I was there,
to hold you so tight.
I wish I was there,
to gaze into your face.
And wonder why angels,
have come to this place.

I wish I was there,
to talk all night long.
Or sit in the presence,
of the one that I love.
I wish I was there,
to tell you I care.
I wish I was there,
to tell you,
"You captured my heart"
And "You'll always be there."

I just sat there thinking gosh this guy really likes me, but why? I didn't think he was that serious I happened to notice that he left his phone number on the paper and suddenly I got butterflies in my stomach like I was back in high school lol. Should I call him? I hesitated but a part of me just wanted to hear his voice but then the other part just didn't care but once I thought about that kiss the other part didn't matter so I pulled out my phone and dialed his number oh god here we go...I pushed send and it ranged about 3 times and just when I was about to hang up he answered sounding out of breathe

bruno: out of breathe "hello"

Karri: *silent*

bruno "uh hellooooo anyone there?"

Karri: hung up "dammit what the hell is wrong with you Karri" I say to myself

I am so stupid that was the perfect opportunity to talk to him and I screwed that up ugh!! I'm going to bed now and as soon as I got up to walk toward my bedroom my phone rings...Oh shit!!! I answered the phone but didn't say anything

Bruno: "Cat gotcha tongue?"

Karri: "No... but you do" she said unintentionally

what the hell did I just say

Bruno: talking seductive "Mmm is that right?" he begin to sing "Can kiss you on your lips, baby? put my hands on your hips, baby?

Whlie he was singing I slipped off into another land as I let him serenade me that I didn't even notice that I had moaned in his ear when he said " touch you all over, all over, all over, all over at that moment I didn't care what was going on and that's when I felt a cold chill run through my body, but felt like it was at 101 degrees as I slid down into the couch crossing my legs biting my bottom lip as he finished the last part saying

bruno: "Je t'aime baby"

Karri: *moaned* "je t'aime tres baby"

I said I love you too for those who don't know haha!!

bruno: bust out laughing in my ear

Karri: coming back to reality "omg what the hell just happened?"

bruno: "nothing but that I just gave you this Marssss Sarssss mwahahaha!!!" he hung up

Karri: confused "What??"

I guess that was my que to go to bed, but damn that boy can sing. So I walked into the bathroom and ran me a hot bubble bath let alone needed to be taking a cold shower *enhaled* jeez karri what are you doing? *exhaled*............ 


Chapter 4: I Can't!!



As i got in the tub I grabbed my Ipod and I see a song that I didn't recognize and began listening to this: and instantly I knew that voice I started drifting into a deep thought until the song was over and so I bathed and got out putting on my button up pj shirt (they are called boyfriend shirts) and got under the covers. as soon as I got comfortable I hear loud music outside my window so I jumped up and looked out the window and there he was dancing to the music I couldn't help but laugh at how he was dancing so I opened my window


Karri: yelling "what are you doing?"


Bruno: "just here me out" he began to sing this:


I sat there and heard him out and once it was over I just sat there and didn't say a word why? I just don't know.....well let me quite lying he was looking so good he had on a white v neck tshirt with some light denim jeans with a leather vest and some black and white converse his hair was combed back (the whomp and stomp). jesus god why is he torturing me


Bruno: sat on the hood of the car "come down here" he smiled


dammit stop doing that I felt my knees get weak


Karri: sat there "for what"


Bruno: "Please" soft voice


Karri: chuckled "ok" closed the window


ok karri you're just going to go talk to him thats IT. so I put my hair into a messy bun and put on my white tank and my short dark denim shorts and some footies I opened the front door and he was still siting on the car but the way he was looking at me damn I wanted to just Oooh!! but kept my cool atleast for awhile. I walked over to him and he just sat there and stared at me


Karri: "ok I'm out here and you can stop drooling anytime now" I laughed a bit


Bruno: "I can't help it you're just so beauiful....what is a girl like you doing lonely anyways?"


Karri: felt uncomfortable to answer "I don't want to talk about it"


He looked at me and stood up and got in front of me and put his hands on my waist picked me up and sat me on the hood as he kept his hands on my waist and stood in between my legs as I stared into his eyes they were so beautiful like I said telling me everything I wanted to hear while his lips were slightly open looking as sweet as I remembered and without thinking I kissed him again only this time it turned into a passinonate one no tongue (yet hehe) after about a minute we pulled away and I held my head down in shame as he lifted my chin with his finger and whispered soflty in my ear 


Bruno: "stop fighting just let it go"


Karri: Begin crying 


I burried my head into his shoulder wrapping my arms around his neck crying harder than ever it was so sweet how he lended me his shoulder but after awhile I raised my head up and he stared into my eyes seeing the hurt in them as he wiped the tears away


Bruno: "Let me in"


Karri: low voice "I can't" got off the car "I'm sorry" and pushed passed him and ran in the house 


Bruno: KARRI!!!!


I closed the door and locked it standing up against it and then slid down crying even harder after hearing him scream my name I wanted to give it a try so badly but I'm having a hard time getting over the past and what my ex did to me......


3 years ago........


Karri: crying "why are you doing this to me brian" 


Brian: tieing her up to the bed "it's what's best for you I really loved you karri but chelsey is the best thing that ever happened to me"


Karri: "why because she opens her legs in a split second"


Brian: got upset and back slapped her


I couldn't believe what was going on he was actually gonna try and rape me but I was not going to stop fighting as he finished the last knot and hoovering over me staring at me with a smile....


Brian: undoing his belt "this will only hurt a lot" he laughed


I screamed and wiggled on the bed trying to fight as he struggled with me and put his hands around my throat but I still managed to scream but then I blacked out. I finally woke up and saw that I was in a hospital but everyhing else was just a blur until someone said something


voice: Karri can you hear me? 


Karri: struggled to talk "yes" she said with a dry voice


voice: I'm Dr. freeland 


made that up


Dr. freeland: listening to my leart "how are you feeling?"


karri: drank the water the nurse gave me "I'm fine what happened?" trying to sit up


Dr. freeland: "you were badly beatin and it wasn't for this lucky guy over there it probably would have gotten a lot worst"


I didn't recognize this person but thanked him and he knodded his head but there was only one question existing


Karri: "Is having kids still in the picture"


Dr freeland: confused look "what do you mean?" he said looking at my chart


Karri: "he raped me" 


Dr. freeland: serious look "No..he didn't this young man here got to you before he did your womb is in perfect condition"


Karri: sighed in relief "omg" started crying "thank you so much how could I ever repay you?" 


The guy: walked over to me "it's ok I'm just glad you're ok and you won't have to worry about him anymore for a long time"


Karri: confused "what do you mean, a long time?"


The guy: they sentenced him to life in prison"


Karri: heart dropped but a happy drop "thank you jesus I'm free" I smiled


The guy: lughed "that you're but like I said I'm happy you're ok but I must get home to my family"


Karri: smiled "ok thank you...."


The Guy: "oh I'm steve sorry about that" he laughed


Karri: smiled :ok steve thanks once again"


Steve: "you're welcome bye"


I couldn't believe all this happened but was happy that I made it out of it alive and healthy




I heard him start up the car and drive away as I was still sitting next to the door but finally got the strength to get up and got to the bathroom to wash my face and stared at myself in the mirror. I walked into my room and sat on the bed next to the nightstand where I saw that I had 3 messages from Alyssa I didn't feel like checking them so I layed down thinking about what happened and fell asleep but managed to think about him dancing and singing and it made me smile in my sleep. it has been 3 weeks since I saw bruno I wondered where he was because he haven't been answering none of my calls or texts and even no more surprises I was getting nervous then my phone rings but it's alyssa


Karri: hey ally what's up where are you? you were supposed to be here at work an hour ago"


Alyssa: I'm sorry something came up I'll be there in a few"


Karri: "ok see ya then"


Alyssa: "oh hey do you mind if phil hangs around with us today?


Karri: sure I don't care I could use a couple laughs here and there"


Alyssa: laughed "oh trust me before the day is over with you won't be able to breathe by the time he's done"


Karri: chuckled "ok see you guys in a minute"


Alyssa: "ok see ya"


I hung up the phone laughing to myself at the thought of phil being here when my happiness got cut short seeing bruno walking pass the store with another girl under his wing. I was in complete shock when I saw this and thats when he noticed me looking through the window keeping eye contact for a minute


The girl: did you want to go look in that store?"


I seen the girl say something to him


Bruno: still staring at me "naw I'm fine lets go" and walked off


I couldn't believe it he got another girl I got so upset, but then it hit me it's all my fault cause I pushed him away so whoever she is she's a very lucky girl I thought to myself but I was literally crying on the inside ugh!! she aint even all that. gosh that totally should have been me....dammit!! Omg!!! I'm in love with bruno...



Chapter 5: It's On!! 


After awhile of thinking about bruno and that GIRL, ugh!! ally and phil walked through the door sensing something was wrong


Alyssa: "what's wrong? you looking like somebody just died" sitting her bag down


Karri: mumbled "yeah me"


Alyssa: "what?"


Karri: bust out crying "He got a new girlfriend" said it while heeving


Alyssa: looked at phil "who?"


Karri: sobbing "Bruno"


Alyssa: "how do you know?"


Karri: heeving "because he just walked pass the store about 30 minutes ago with his arm around her and I just sat there and stared like a complete IDIOT!!!"


Alyssa: called phil "phil"


he didn't answer because he was on the phone talking to someone


Alyssa: yelled "PHIL"


Phil: wide eyed "Huh?" putting the phone in his pocket


Alyssa: walking towards him "who were you just talking too?" in a calm voice


Phil: stuttering "uh, w-well uhm......"


Alyssa: gettin irritated "who dammit?" stomped her foot


we some demanding gals aren't we? Aha!!!


Phil: jumped "Bruno"


immediately I stopped crying and was on fire


Karri: furious "What?"


Alyssa: what were you guys talking about?"


Phil: "nothing....ok he called me and he asked me where I was and I told him because he was asking if him and ch...... (started whispering) chelsey could come over and chill with us"


heard everything he said


Karri: in a low voice with my back turned "I heard that" turned around "WHO THE FU** IS CHELSEY? oh're talking about that tight a** BIT** he was walking with aren't you?


Phil: "damn when you get mad you get mad" he laughed


Karri: yelled "ANSWER ME  you probably knew about this didn't you even while I was sitting there at your house and you laughing in my FACE" hitting the counter


Phil: "YEAH damn"


Karri: balling up some papers "I can't fu**ing belie......" my eyes blood shot red from anger


bruno walks through the door looking like a sorry excuse for an a**hole (sorry Bruno)


Bruno: silly smirk on his face "what's going on here?" staring at me


Karri: "you motherfu......


Alyssa: cutting me off again "uh bruno why are you here?" trying to back him away from me


Bruno: still looking at me "I just wanted to see what you guys where doing"


then that BIT** walked through the door


Chelsey: kissed him "hey baby hey phil" looked at me


Ooh we my clothes wasn't touching me anywhere I wanted to eat this rat bit** for dinner 


Bruno: "hey baby you done shopping?"


chelsey: "yeah and I have something special for you but you have to wait until tonight" in a seductive voice


Ahhhhhhhhh what the hell in 3.5 seconds It was about to go down


Alyssa: looked at me "uh I think you should leave bruno..a.s.a.p" knodding her head towards me


I had a death stare on my face for the both of them


Phil: eyes wide "damn uh bruno you need to leave now"


that bit** just had to say something


chelsey: "why I mean we have the right to be in here" she looked at me "she aint nobod....."


and before she knew it I had grabbed her hair and started punching her in the face


Karri: "you bald headed whanch I'm with yo anorexic a**


I felt someone grab me but I wasn't letting go of this whanch weave infested hair as I wiggled my way out slammed her on the floor and back slapped her 


Karri: blacked out "this will only hurt a lot" punching her in her face then I heard something crack and she screamed


Chelsey: screaming "my nose" 


blood was gushing everywhere and as she was screaming I then grabbed her throat and started choking her


Phil: trying to undo my grip around her neck "let go damn you strong"


Karri: still choking her "MmMm it aint that time yet" 


Haha love you madea lol!!


Alyssa:  "yes it is girl let her go"


I then squeeze harder for the last time and then loosend my grip and thats when bruno grabbed me and put me over his shoulder and took me to my office and slammed the door ooh and he was mad I tell you


Bruno: heated "wtf!! what is your problem" in my face


Karri: just stared at him


Bruno: yelled "ANSWER ME"


Karri: pushed him "I HATE YOU!! *crying* you just give up on me not giving me a single chance to explain to you why I was so hard on you I was scared I didn't want to remember"


I started explaining without even knowing. I began to cry harder as my voice gets hoarse my heart was hurting so bad I then feel his arms wrapping around my neck


Bruno: crying "I'm so sorry I'm so sorry karri" he said into my ear


Karri: sniffed but still crying 


Bruno: still crying "it's gonna be ok I'm right here"


Karri: crying even harder "hold me tighter and don't let go"


bruno squeezed her even harder but it was still gentle as they both were still crying he started singing: I just listened while I began to stop crying but kept my eyes closed smelling his sweet scent as it calmed me down like a newborn baby. he was still singing but I could here that he was still crying so I traded spots and wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waiste I started carressing the back of his head as we began to sway back and forth and his grip got tighter but gentle I enhaled and then slowly exhaled that he felt by breathe on his neck he looked at me for a split second and kissed me I held back for a minute


Bruno: soft voice "stop fighting" he said lowly


Karri: knodded my head 


and he kissed me again and I kissed back and that kiss felt way different then any other times I have kissed him It felt like my heart was mending as we kissed I never felt so good in a long time. he pulled away


Bruno: staring into my eyes "Let me in"


Karri: started crying "......ok"


he smiled and picked me up and spun me around kissing me again but with more passion and this time some tongue :D we finally got ourselves together and just when we opened the door there's phil and alyssa damn there about to fall through


Bruno: *sighed* "that's just pitiful" 


Karri: chuckled 


Alyssa: cheesing "So......"


Karri: "So....what?"


Alyssa: "girl don't play dumb founded what's up with you two?"


Phil: looked back "yeah that's what I'm screaming"


Bruno: "oh sh** I forgot about her" he laughed


Karri: "we are official, but he's on probation for a while"


Bruno: mouth wide "but why?" sad face


karri: laughed a bit "that face aint gone work with me you got to try harder than that pimpin"


Bruno: rolled his eyes "dang man"


Phil: bust out laughing "you got you a good one this is gonna be rather interesting to watch"


Karri:confused "why you say that?"


bruno gave him a look that said you better not answer that with his fist balled up karri looked at him catching him in the act while she frowned at him he straightned is face



Karri: "now what where you saying phil" looking at bruno then back at phil


Phil: 'he don't like authority"


Karri: smiled devilishly "really"


Bruno: glaring at phil biting his lip


Karri: noticed him "Aww baby straighten your face up you can't have it like that for to long it can get stuck you know" laughing


Bruno: looked at her 'haha funny" 


he wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear


Bruno: "do I have permission to love you?"


Karri: "yes'


Bruno: whispered "I love you"


Karri: giggled "I love you too"


Bruno: started whining "no say it like you said it on the phone *bit his lip* that turned me on"


Karri: frowned and puched him in the arm "yeah cause you did that on purpose you horn dog" 


Bruno: pretend crying sounding like a woman "you said you'd never hit me" blocking his face


Karri: laughing "you is so retarded what am I gone do with you" shaking my head


Bruno: had one eyebrow up biting his lip "do you really want me to answer that" got his hands on my hips


Karri: rolled her eyes "No I don't" smiled and pushed him "move"


Bruno: smacked me on the butt 


Karri: turned around "stop starting stuff you can't finish"


Bruno: smiled "I just had to do it one time, man cause when you ran back in the house that day I was there I was like dayyumm!! it was bouncin so hard"


Karri: "you nasty little....."


they started wrestling


phil and alyssa was just standing there watching and laughing at us while we playfully argued and wrestled with each other in the meantime we all closed up the shop *oh by the way you probably wondering what happened to chelsey well just say we never saw her again after that a** whoopin hehe!!* and went home.