Chapter 15

23/01/2012 10:42

“What’s this?” she asked barely moving.

“Well you’re turning 21 in a few weeks and I wanted to give you your present now before you go back to New York.” her grandfather said.
“You’re giving me your car?” she asked. I walked next to her and saw everything more clear. Her grandfather’s Corvette had a HUGE red bow on it.
“The corvette?”
“Yes. You know I’ve been trying to sell it, but I thought you deserved it more.”
“Oh thank you, thank you so much!” she said and ran over to hug her grandpa.  She looked at the car smiling.
“C’mon, cake in the house.” her mom said. Her family filed out and headed up the back yard into the house. 
“I can’t believe he gave me the car!” she said to me. “I always joked that he should give it to me, I never thought he would.” I put my arm around her shoulder and we walked up to the house. We got inside, sang to her, she blew out her candles and her mom cut pieces for everyone.
“Mmm this cake and ice cream is so good.” I said taking a bite of both.
“One if Sydney’s favorite!” one of her cousins said, Sydney smiled.
“Well, I think this would be a good time to share a little announcement with you all.” Sydney said and stood up.
“Announcement?” her aunt asked her mom.
“What announcement?” he mom asked her.
“I’m moving to California.” she said and smiled.
“That’s great, but why is that so special?” Her mom asked.
“How can you afford it?” her grandma asked.
“It’s is important because I was offered a job down there from…Elektra Records.” at first they didn’t get it.
“You didn’t go to school, what do you know about any of that stuff?” her aunt asked.
“Ugh, no you guys! They signed me! Like to a contract, I’m a singer, artist, musician!”
“What?” her grandma asked.
“They signed me, Bruno,” she pointed to me, they looked at me, “and his partner Phil.” everyone sat there. “Geeze guys I thought that you would be happy for me! You know how bad I’ve wanted to be a singer and you don’t even seem interested.
“We’re happy sweetie, it’s just that…” her grandma said.
“What if it doesn’t happen?” her mom finished.
“We’ve signed a two year contract. They can’t back out. They wanted to sign me from ONE YouTube video they saw, said I had true talent. That I didn’t need recording tools, all live all the time. That’s what makes it so special. Every album or track I’m on will be live, no editing at all.”
“And you will get paid?”
“Of course, mom!”
“Well then…congratulations sweetie!” she smiled and hugged Sydney.
“Thanks mom.” she tried to smiled. Everyone congratulated her and we had a celebratory drink. 
Since her grandfather lives in the country every once in a while we would hear horse and buggy go by outside. As the sun went down we all went outside, her family still drinking some and everyone laughing.  Sydney laid in my lap as we starred up at the stars, the smell of wood burning in fireplaces wafted through the air, lightning bugs gave us some light. Sydney reached up and caught a firefly.
“He’s cute.” she said looking at him as he crawled around in her hand. I caught one then dropped it in her hand next to the one she had. “Aw a couple.” she said, I laughed. She put her hand on top of the other leaving the bugs in between.  I put one of my hands under hers then my other on top.
“On the count of three.” I whispered in her ear.
“One.” I said.
“Two.” she said.
“Three.” we said together. We opened our hands and the fire flies flew out at the same time in the same direction.  She turned her head to the left and looked me in the eyes. I kissed her lightly on her jaw then her lips. 
“I love you.” I whispered to her.
“I love you too baby.” she said back smiling. I saw a flash, we looked up, her grandma just took a picture of us.
“Nan!” she whined. “Sorry she’s always the paparazzi everywhere we go. Always taking embarrassing shots. She likes to take pictures of people especially when they’re eating!” I laughed.
A few hours later we left. Sydney’s step dad drove himself and her mother home, and Sydney drove herself and myself home in her new car. When we got back to her house everyone crashed.
The next morning I drove around with Sydney to get everything done with the car. She wanted to stop down at the local park where everyone hung out. She pulled up and a few girls ran over.
“Oh my fucking god you stole a car?!” one of her friends asked.
“And a hot male model?” her other friend asked when I got out of the car.
“This is my boyfriend Bruno.” she introduced me, I smiled and nodded. “We just came by to say hi.” she said and hugged her friends.
“When’s the next time we’ll see you?” one of them asked her.
“Well…hopefully a few months…on tour?” she said quietly. 
“You made it?!”
“Both of us!”
“Congrats!” they said. We all talked for a few minutes then drove home. 
“Since this is your last night, I wanna take you out to dinner.” she said to me when we got home.
“You cant take us, but I’ll pay.” I said.
“You must not understand the meaning of, I wanna take YOU out.” 
“I know the meaning, I’m ignoring it.” I laughed.
“We’ll see.” she winked at me and got dressed.
We got dressed up kinda fancy and we went out to a place called the Boat House. We enjoyed a nice candle lit dinner and I loved every second of it. 
“I’m really glad you came out here.” she said.
“Me too. I wish I didn’t have to leave yet.”
“Me either, but we’ll see each other in a week or so.” we raised our glasses made a toast to us and left the restaurant. We got home and laid in her bed talking. We discussed our plan for when we get to Hawaii, what we’re gonna do in Cali and some other things. I fell asleep first.
She woke me up in the morning with breakfast in bed. 
“You didn’t have to do this.”
“I wanted to.” she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. We ate breakfast and she walked me out to the curb. I threw my bag in the back of my rental car and turned to her.
“I’m gonna miss you.” she said.
“Not as much as I will you.” I leaned down and kissed her, I could tell it hurt her, but she didn’t wanna stop.
“Don’t hurt yourself.” I told her.
“I haven’t been able to kiss you the right way all week, you’re leaving you need a real kiss.”
“Anything from your lips is perfect.” I reassured her. With one last kiss to the lips I got in my car and drove off.