Chapter 15

27/01/2012 21:01

I took a deep breath and dropped my arms. She was the last person that I wanted to talk to right now, right at this very moment. I bet she was in Hawaii as well. I looked at my phone once again and started to read the messages.“Hmm.. not bad on the Grenade song.. I heard it on the radio today.” “I know you’re in Hawaii.” “PIck up the phone Bruno.” “It’s fine.. do what you want..” “Peter.. you can make this hard or easy your choice.” I shook my head, why doesn’t she just give up, I thought to myself. I debated on whether I should call or text her back. If I did it would put into some deal with her that I didn’t want and if I didn’t she would show up somewhere at the wrong time. And after the things she’s done in the pass there is no telling what she might do. I started pacing squeezing my phone in my hand. I finally came to my decision and stuffed my phone into the pocket of my shorts. There was no way I was going to let her come between anything else. I had gave her what she wanted, there was no longer anything I could do for her. As I walked out of my room, I wondered if I was making a huge mistake.

I pushed it all to the back of my mind as I jogged down the stairs. I knew bad things wouldn’t happen if I just focused on more important things. I went back onto the patio and finished helping my mom. I was pretty excited about dinner tonight, chicken was on the menu. I looked over to Diamond again and she smiled. I really loved her smile, ever since the first time I laid my eyes on her. It was something I could tell from a mile away. I knew that, that smile was going to get a whole lot bigger when she found out what I was getting her for Christmas. I really couldn’t wait. I couldn’t have asked to be in a better place right now.


December 16th, 2010

All I can say at these last couple of days is wow. The other night me and Bruno went out to a party that his sisters had invited me too. Me and Bruno hadn’t had that much fun since his birthday. Surprisingly, we both we’re having so much with his sisters that we both didn’t drink at all. I was really proud of him. Him and the guys have a show in 3 days at a huge arena that seats over 10,000 people. He talks like he’s kind of nervous but, I know that he’ll do just fine. He’s been perfect ever since the day he proposed to me, and sang Just The Way You Are on that little stage at Carla’s wedding. He had came so far. I also went to one of family gigs yesterday night and I loved how smooth it was. I could actually enjoy his voice without thousands of people screaming. I know one thing, he turned me on so hard with that tank top.

I got to know Eric’s girlfriend Mariana some and I have to say she was really a sweetheart just like Eric. I had no idea why Eric had been keeping everything a secret, but it was his life. I bet he would beat me and Bruno with kids of his own. I’m sitting here at the table waiting for Bruno to come back from doing whatever him and all the guys do together. Christmas is in less then 10 days, and I’m really excited about my present I got him. He better get me something nice.  The highlight of my day will be surf lessons from Bruno. This is about to be real fun. Muahahahahahahaha.


“So babe… you sure you know how to do this?” she asked me as we walked onto the beach. “Yes.. I got this..” I said gripping my surfboard underneath my arm. She smiled and shook her head. I really wasn’t that good at surfing but, I had bragged about it so much in the past that I couldn’t chicken out now. I looked out to the ocean and the waves looked amazing as the sunlight hit them. I pushed my board into the sand and slipped off my shoes. I looked over to Diamond and watched her closely as she took of her shirt. It was like time started to move in slow motion. She paid me no attention and took of her shorts leaving her in her bikini. I swallowed hard and fumbled with the button of my shorts, I hated how easily I got turned on. But, she just did something to me that I couldn’t explain. “Ya done staring?..” she said without looking at me. I smirked, “No.” She jogged threw the sand and went and stood in front of my board, “Now you can’t see me.” I shook my head as I pulled my shirt over my head.

I pulled the board from back out of the sand and grabbed her hand as we walked towards the shore. I bent down and laid the board on the ground. “Rule number 1… never go out too far..” I said seriously. She crossed her arms and nodded, “Alright.” “Rule number 2.. umm…” I paused and started to look around. I had forgot number 2. “Bruno..” she said after a moment of silence. “Just come on I have to show you.” I said stepping on the board. I signalled for her to stop on with me. She stepped in front of me and I grabbed her hips, “Alright bend your knees a little bit.” She did I told her and I looked out to the water again. I explained to her how to keep your balance and when to stand all the way up as the wave got underneath us. I knew that if I actually did get out there, I could possibly drown if I didn’t do this right. I hadn’t even got proper lessons myself.

“Alright let’s practice.” I said stepping off the board. I looked up to him and he just stared at me. I frowned, “Are you okay..?” He shook his head like a little kid. I already knew he was going to finally confess that he barely knew how to surf himself. “What’s wrong?” I asked smirking. He took a deep breath, “I, Bruno cannot surf like I have said.” I burst out into laughter, I had no idea why he said it like that, but it made it even funnier. “It’s not funny..” he said softly. I looked back up to him, “But, you bragged so hard for years.” He shrugged, “So.. I can sing.. if you don’t love me for that.. then I don’t know what to tell you..” I waved him off, “Stop it.” He bent down and grabbed the surf board and then came back up and grabbed my arm. “Alright.. you wanna surf.. let’s do it.” he said pulling me out into the water. “But Bru..” “Na.. no buts! You wanna do this. Let’s do it.” I could tell that I had upset him a bit, but in a funny way.

We walked out into the water until it was up to my thighs. He put the board out and hopped up and sat on it. I got in front of him and we both started to kick out farther until we we’re out far enough. He leaned up to my ear, “When I tell you to stand up.. you gotta do it really fast.” My heart started beating really fast as we waited for a wave to come, he rubbed the side of my arms in anticipation. “Alright here comes one!” he said pointing to his left. I quickly looked over to see the water rising towards us. “Stand up!” he yelled. I quickly stood up and he did the same. He grabbed my hips and we both balanced ourselves as much as possible. Right as the wave was about it hit us, my foot slipped off and the board flipped. I felt the board knock the wind out of me.

We both went fell into the water and went under. I swam back up to the surface quickly and wiped the water from my face. I frantically looked around looking for her. I started to panic and yelled out for her but she didn’t answer. I went back under the water and seen her floating there a couple of yards away from me. I quickly swam as fast as I could over to her and struggled to pull her to the surface as the waves hit against me. I squeezed her cheeks, “Babe open your eyes!” She didn’t respond and started yelling. I held her up as much as possible and started to swim towards the shore. Every second I looked to her and she was still motionless. As we got to the shore I reached my hands under her shoulders and pulled her onto the sand. This was like a nightmare and I was hoping she wasn’t pranking me. I dropped to my knees at the side of her and moved her hair from her face. I bent down and opened her mouth and started blowing into her mouth. After the 2nd time, she still didn’t respond.

I started pushing on her chest and yelling her name. This can’t be happening right now, I thought to myself. Surfing suddenly was going to become not one of my favorite things to do. A solid minute had passed and I was really really starting to panic. “Someone help me please!” I yelled looking both ways. A girl that was about 10 feet away ran over and dropped her things as she dropped to her knees as well. She started to push on her chest while I blew into her mouth. “Oh my fucking god.” I said as I looked down to her emotionless face. “Don’t do this to me!” I yelled…..