Chapter 15

03/05/2011 13:46

'Why now?' Bruno asked to himself. 'Why show up to me now when everything is already okay? When I have already found somebody else to love?' He just can't understand.

"I know, It's a wrong decision to leave you. I thought you had a relationship with another woman, but I was wrong.."

"And you still left me, and replaced me with another guy. That's what you did." Bruno said. His heart ached at the memory of Chanel leaving him.

"And I regret the day that I have left you.. I am sorry.. Please, just answer one question, and after that, I'll leave... Do you still love me?" Chanel spoke as she cried, pleading to Bruno.

Bruno shook his head. "You know I have a girlfriend." He said as he faced Chanel.

"Bruno, do you still love me?" Chanel repeated, she wanted a clear answer.

"We're getting married." Bruno raised his voice.

Chanel froze for a moment, the words hurt her ears. She calmed down, and spoke. "Bruno, I'm asking you, do you still love me?" Chanel looked straight into Bruno's eyes.

Bruno didn't want to answer. Rather, he doesn't know what to answer. 'Do I still love her?' Bruno looked away from Chanel.

Suddenly, Chanel embraced him as she cried. She knew that deep in his heart, his love for her was still there, that he hasn't completely got over her, that he still loves her.

Chanel looked at Bruno. "I love you." She said, and kissed him softly. Bruno kissed her back. He tried to stop and control himself, but he can't. He missed her hugs, her kisses, her love. He missed everything, he missed Chanel. At that time, all he can think about is he wanted to make love with her.


Alegria suddenly woke up, it was still dark. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock. It was 4:49am. She tried to sleep again, but she can't.

She then decided to get up and prepare something to eat. So she combed her hair, tied it, brushed her teeth, and went downstairs. She opened the fridge and took the ingredients for the food that she wanted to cook. She cooked lots of omelets, bacon, and baked some cookies. She was really hungry, so she cooked more than usual.

While eating the cookies, she suddenly thought of something. 'Hmm.. I'll bring these to Bruno's place later.' She took some plastic food containers and put the omelets, bacon, and the cookies into three different containers. 'Oh, right.. I forgot about Calyx..' She thought. So she took some of the food and put it on one plate.

Alegria then prepared herself to leave. Calyx woke up and noticed the food on the table. 'It's still early..' He thought. "Alex?"

"Yeah?" Alegria said, as she came down the stairs, all dressed and ready.

"Where you goin'? The surgery will still be on 11am." Calyx looked at the clock. It was just 6:18am.

"To Bruno's place. I'm gonna bring him breakfast." Alegria smiled as she put the food containers into a paper bag.

"Alegria, isn't it a bit too early to leave?" Calyx said, worried.

"I wanna surprise Bruno, so I should go there before he's awake." Alegria smiled. "Well, I should be leaving now. Bye Calyx." Alegria took her bag and opened the door and went out. Alegria hailed a taxi cab and off she went.


Bruno woke up from the sound of the doorbell. He looked around, and saw Chanel beside him, they were  both naked. His eyes widened. His head hurt as he remembered everything that happened last night. The doorbell kept ringing, so he went straight to the door with just blanket to cover his body. He opened the door. 'Oh shit..' He thought. It was Alegria.

"Good morning Mr. Bruno Mars. I brought you some breakfast." Alegria grinned as she entered Bruno's house.

"Good.. Good morning.." This was all that Bruno could answer. He didn't want Alegria to see Chanel, but he couldn't just stop Alegria from coming in.

Alegria noticed that Bruno was only using a blanket to cover his body, and got curious, so she asked. "Oh hey, why are you wearing that blanket?" Alegria said as she put the food containers and her bag on the table. Bruno just kept silent.

"Bruno, who is it?" A girl shouted.

Alegria tilted her head, confused. She went straight to Bruno's bedroom.

"Alegria, don't." Bruno said as he stood in front of the door.

"What? Are you hiding something?" Alegria said, angry. She was certain that she heard a woman's voice.

"No, let me explain..." Before Bruno could finish talking, Alegria opened the door. Her eyes widened when she saw a woman inside Bruno's room, who was just done wearing her clothes.

Alegri froze for a moment. She recognized who the woman was, from the pictures that she had seen on the net a long time ago. It's Chanel, Bruno's ex-girlfriend. Or at least she thought they already broke up. She was confused and furious at that moment, but she didn't make it seem obvious. She clenched her fists, calmed herself down, and talked. "Good morning, ma'am. Are you, by any chance, Miss Chanel Malvar?" Alegria asked as calmly as she can, slightly smiling.

"Uhm.. Yeah, I am.." Chanel answered and bit her lip. She was kind of shy when she saw Alegria inside the room.

"Ohh.. I see. I guess I might have interrupted something.." Alegria said as she went out of the room and closed the door, still smiling, like she saw nothing that she would be angry about.

"Alegria, please.. Let me explain." Bruno said as she followed Alegria to the kitchen.

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Bruno Mars for interrupting you and all, but I have to leave now." Alegria said as threw a fake smile at Bruno and grabbed her bag.

"Alegria.." Bruno grabbed Alegria's wrist. Alegria shook his hand off and opened the door. "Alegria, I still love her." Bruno said. He didn't know why he said it, but he needed to.

"I am sorry for just coming here without any permission and for being a hindrance to your sweet romance with her. Well, go on. You can be all lovey-dovey with her now." Alegria grinned, and shut the door hard.

Bruno was shocked by Alegria's behavior. He thought she wasn't the Alegria that she knows.

Chanel went out of the room as soon as she heard the door shut. "Bruno, who was that? Is a new friend of yours?" Chanel asked. She was completely clueless that it was Bruno's girlfriend. It's just that Alegria was all smiles when she came in, and that made her think that Alegria was just an acquaintance.

"She's... A friend." Bruno answered.

"Ohh.. I see.." Chanel said. She went to the kitchen to get some water and saw the food on top of the table. "Wow.. Did your friend bring these?" Chanel said, opening the food containers. She took a fork and tasted the omelet. "Mmm.. The omelet tastes good. Wait, is she a cook?" Chanel asked as she continued eating. "Come here, eat some."

"No, I'm not hungry." Bruno went inside his room. 'What the fuck did I just get myself into?' Bruno scratched his head and laid on his bed.

Chanel noticed Bruno was acting weird so she followed him into his room. "That was your girlfriend.. right?" Chanel asked.

"Chanel, I don't wanna talk about it."

"Break up with her."

Bruno looked at Chanel, surprised at what she said. "What?"

"I said, break up with her." Chanel demanded.

Bruno shook his head. "I'm gonna follow her." Bruno said as she took his clothes from the floor and started getting dressed.

"Are you gonna be with a girl like her who clearly just went out with you because she wants your fame or with someone you have known for a long time?! You haven't even been with her for long! She just went out with you because you're Bruno Mars! If you were just Peter, she wouldn't notice you!" Chanel said. She didn't want Bruno to leave her again.

"Get out." Bruno said. He didn't wanna hear more of this shit.


"Get. Out."

Chanel got infuriated, so she took her bag and went out.

Bruno was confused. He didn't know if he was gonna believe what Chanel just told him or he was gonna follow Alegria and explain to her what happened. But he was too ashamed of himself to tell Alegria about what happened to him and Chanel. He chickened out.

'I'm sorry, Alex.'


"So in the end, we're still gonna be together, huh, Pete?" Alegria said, as she put the bouquet of flowers beside Peter's grave.

She was trying to hold herself from crying even when she was just at Bruno's house. She didn't cry in front of him, she didn't want to. She didn't wanna be weak and cry frantically in front of Bruno but this time, she can't hold it anymore. She cried herself out infront of Peter's grave.

"Why did you have to leave me? I wouldn't have been inlove with a good-for-nothing jerk if you didn't die." Alegria spoke while she cried hard.

Suddenly, her head ached badly. She opened her bag and looked for the pain killers. 'Shit..' She left it at home. She held her head, trying to lessen the pain, but it was still the same. The pain was still killing her. Suddenly, she fell to the ground. Her head ached so bad, that she didn't even have the strength to shout for help.

"Alegria!" She heard an unfamiliar voice from afar.

"Alegria, are you okay?!"

Alegria opened her eyes. It was Alexander, her stalker. She was scared, but she had no choice. He was the only one around that can be able to call for help.

"I'll call your brother..." Alexander said, clearly panicking. He heard him talking to her brother and after a few minutes, her hung up. "He told me to go to the city hospital. We'll get you there, just hang on.." Alexander carried Alegria and brought her to his car. He drove his car to the hospital as fast as he can.