Chapter 15

14/06/2011 11:08

‘Why didn’t u tell me that your boyfriend is here?’

‘I wanted to but you were sleeping last night when I got back and I had a dinner date with him so I left.I already told Jamareo about that .He even met Peter’

‘Yeah. He did mention about that at last..........So, why is he here?’ I looked at Peter. He was sitting by the table checking his phone.

‘I know! Shocking,right? He called and told me that he just arrived at the airport and he wanted to see me. I was like, WHAT???!’

‘You could have called me...I was so fuckin’ worried about you, you know that?’

‘Sorry.......’ she leaned towards me. ‘So, what’s up with Bruno? What’s the status now?’

I sighed. ‘I don’t know. Probably nothing. I needed some time.’

‘You sure he kissed her?’

‘I saw it, Jess! Ask my dad if u don’t believe me! And what I was so pissed about was the fact that Phil was there too when they both made out!’

‘What’s his reason now?’

‘He said she didn’t get over him yet. She’s the one who kissed him first. BlaBlaBla... I mean, come on! Really? Then why she’s there? And why Phil didn’t stop them from kissing?’

‘You know,you shouldn’t have to worry too much.’

‘Not worrying? What am I suppose to think about that? He cheated on me before!’

‘Okay okay. I’m sorry. Look, I’m gonna head home to see granny. I’ll see you at home, okay?’

She took Peter’s hand and left the shop. Wait, did Peter just wink at me???


‘You need a ride, Cat?’ Tess asked me while Phred was smiling in the car.

‘No, that’s okay. I can walk’

‘Come on! Hop in. It’s okay.’ Phred said.

‘No, that’s okay’ I checked my phone. Jamareo said he would call me but he didn’t. ‘Have u seen Jamareo?’

‘Oh..yeah. This morning but then he went away with Eric to buy some stuff for our show tomorrow.’

‘You guys are performing?’

‘Yeah......ummm....Hope u could come.’

 I really want to go? Am I even invited anyway? How can I confront Bruno? Ugh! Too many questions.

‘No promises.’

‘You sure you don’t need a lift?’

‘S’okay, Phred.’

‘See you tomorrow, Cat’ Tess said before they drove off.

I started walking since there’s no use of me standing here waiting for Jamareo. As I was walking, a car stopped next to me. I turned.


‘Hey’ he got out of the car. ‘Cat, I’m sorry.........’

‘You said you would call me.’

‘I know......I forgot. But I’m here now, were u waiting for me?’ He opened the passenger door for me.

‘Not really. Well, maybe...’

‘So, u wanna go anywhere?’

‘No, guess I wanna go home. I’m tired.’

I stared out of the window as we passed the busy streets. My mind’s not feeling well these days. I tried to forget about him and all the things that he had done but those things were hard to slip off.

‘Are u okay, Cat?’


‘Come on, tell me. Something’s up.’

‘I don’t know.......

‘Are u still thinking about Bruno?’

I faced him. His eyes were focusing on mine. ‘Focus on the driving, Jamareo.’

‘Oh...sorry....’ He turned back to the road. He kept on driving till he stopped the car on the roadside.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked.



‘Come on. Tell me. What’s going on?’

‘Nothing, Jam.’

‘Look, if it’s about Bruno, just say it.’

‘Maybe.........’ I bite my lips. ‘Did u meet him today?’

‘Yeah....This morning. I went to Phil’s house.’

‘He asked anything about..........’

‘Yeah. He asked me about you’


‘Look, he wanted you to come to his show tomorrow....’

‘Yeah. Phred did mention to me about the show....’

‘Are u coming?’

‘I’m not sure.’

‘Come on.’ He holded my hand. ‘At least come to support me.’

I sighed. I don’t think about seeing Bruno again. Not now. ‘I’ll think about it.’

‘Oh!!!!! I know you will!’

I chuckled. ‘Right....Now can u please take me home???’

We got home and I asked Jamareo to come over and stay for a little while. I walked into the house and saw Jessie and Peter in the living room.

‘Hey guys.’

Jessie turned her head to me. ‘Cat! Hey....’

‘Where’s granny?’

‘In the kitchen. Probably.’

I sat down next to Jessie. My eyes were glued on Peter. No, not because he’s good looking tho, he kinda is but it’s weird to see a guy who I didn’t know in my house and he’s Jessie’s boyfriend. All these years since first grade, I’ve always know all her boyfriends. Now,a total stranger is here and how do I know whether he really  loves her?

‘So, why are u here?’ I asked.

‘I got a friend who lives here and when I heard Jessie is here too, I decided to come and visit. Besides I miss her so much...’

‘Awwwww…………’ Jessie said.

I rolled my eyes. ‘Ewww…….’

‘Haha! Cat is jealous!!!!!

‘It’s okay, Cat…..Jamareo here is single…..’

‘And I’m ready to mingle baby!’ Jamareo said with a smile. I shook my head.

‘Awwww…look at her…She’s turning red!’ Peter joked.

I am? Duh? Of-course I am.

‘I hate u guys!’

As we were talking and laughing, Jamareo got up.

‘Sorry,phone call. I’ll be right back.’ And he left the room.

‘Who could it be?’

‘hmmmm...Maybe it’s Daniella…..Wonder how she’s doing…..’ I said.

‘Or Bruno.’ Jess said.

‘Or Daniella???’ I said back.

Right. She really wants to play games with me now?

‘Okay, fine. It’s Daniella..........Maybe’

‘Ugh! Well, I think I wanna go change first.’

‘No...Why don’t u sit here. It’s still early. Look, I’m gonna go and get something to eat. You guys want drinks????’



After Jess left and went into the kitchen,I took the remote and turned on the TV. Peter was sitting in front of me, staring.

‘What are u looking at?’


 I laughed. ‘Right...Why are u looking at me?’

‘Coz I want to.’


He got up from his seat and walked towards me. He leaned his body to the couch, next to me. Okay, now I feel very uncomfortable.

‘You can stop acting now, Cat’

‘What? What are u talking about?’ I turned to him.

‘It’s just the two of us here. You can stop pretending now.’


‘I know you’re interested in me too. I can see the way u looked at me just now.’ And he touched my hand.

I shook it off. ‘Look, can u please not doing this? I have a boyfriend!’

Okay. I lied.

‘Really? Who? That singer who cheated on you?’ He said with a laughed.

I looked at him. How dare he talked to me like that? A hard slap from me should do it.

 ‘Look, you’re so pathetic ,girl!’

‘I’m pathetic? If I’m so pathetic then stop hitting on me!’

‘Because you’re so pathetic that I wanted to hit on you.’

‘You have a girlfriend, Peter!’

‘You mean Jess?’ Then he stopped. ‘..........Or  Amber? Or ......maybe Krissy?’

I froze. ‘FUCK! You cheated on her??????’

‘Means, cheating????’

‘Fuck you, Peter! Get your filthy hands off me!’

I struggled to get my hands of him but then he hugged me and holds me so tight that I almost can’t breathe. He started playing with my hair that I wanted to scream but he covered my mouth with a pillow .Why am I in this position?

‘Look, if u dare telling her about what I told you, you’re dead!’ He whispered into my ears. Harsh.

I was breathing heavily and I can’t get off him. I looked at him and he had this stupid jerky smile on his face. He kissed my forehead and finally let me go. I got on my feet and wanted to run away but he grabbed me back. I pushed him and wanted to slap him but it was too late. He put his lips onto mine and started playing with my tongue.


I let him go and turned. Jessie.