Chapter 15

24/07/2011 15:34

#Chapter 15 Excuse me, did you say…"birthday party"? I asked, really surprised.


"Ladies and gentlemen, the plane is about to land, please may keep your seatbelt on and may wait for the complete shutdown of the aircraft before to go. Thank you." 



This call meant that we were arrived. I was super exciting. In fact, I woke up a few minutes ago, with a blanket on me. I bet Bruno covered me with this when the air turned into cold and freezing. By the way, he was sleeping at this time. Oh my god, he reminded me this cute chubby kid he was on the baby' pictures I saw of him. I just wanted to come to him and pinch his cheeks and say something like "It's my little chubby kid Bruno!" but there was people around and even if they all seemed to be business men and women, I didn't want to end up on YouTube. When the plane landed, I gently woke up my boyfriend and told him we had just landed. He had these cute sleepy eyes. All I could say was "awww, you're so cute!!". He just laughed at me because of this stupid high voice I just made. I took the blanket and threw it at him straight up in his baby face. Yes, I kind of like throwing stuffs in his face. Sweet revenge, doesn't it? Bruno caught up the blanket and took our bags. When we got out the plane, I put my hands in the air and I instinctively yelled "Family, I'm on my way homeeeee". Bruno had to stop walking and put our bags down because he was laughing too much. The hell?! He's always making fun of me, this guy is so "2nd-grade-minded"!

I took this opportunity to ask him if my family knew that we were coming. 


_Absolutely not! It's going to be a big surprise for them when they'll see you here, for your birthday party! I'm going to make a lot of people happy on tomorrow! he said with a huge smile drew on his face. 


Wait…what?! Does it mean that he planned something special?! 


_Excuse me, did you say…"birthday party"? I asked, really surprised. 

_Hmm…yes? he said, with a "I'm not guilty, please don't beat me" face. 

_Whaaaaat?! Where?! When?! With who?! I successively asked, impatient at all.

_Who knows? he said, smirking. 


Suddenly, it reminded me something dumb…really really dumb…


_My hands? I instantly replied. 


He laughed again and again. 


_Who told you this joke? he asked, surprised too.

_I'm a hooligan Baby! I know all of your kind of jokes, I know everything! he laughed but his laughing face turned into a freezing one. 

_What's wrong? I questioned him, wondering about this all of a sudden new facial expression. 

_Nothing. Everything is fine! he said, faking a smile. 


He took the bags and said that he rent a limo who takes us to our hotel. We walked across a ton of people before to reach the last single door of the airport. The limo was parking in front of the airport, we just had to get in. "To the Ritz please" the driver nodded and drove us there. When we arrived at the hotel, Bruno paid the limo driver and we went to the reception of the hotel to get our keys's room. Bruno asked keys for "Mr Gene Hernandez" and thanked them. We took the elevator and searched for our suite. I opened the door then Bruno ran until the bed and threw bags on it. I so laughed at the crazy face he made when he ran. So epic. He made a "What the?!" face and put me on the bed. He straddled me and started to undo his clothes. He was taking off his clothes, one by one, totally laughing out loud. I wanted to do a move, to leave his embrace but he was stronger than me and forced me to stay laid down on the bed. My boyfriend is crazy. When he was in his underwear, he passionately kissed me and undo my clothes too. This jerk was all happy to see me in my underwear too. Then, he said "Okay, now…Bye-bye…lights off!" clapped his hands and pretending it was the total blackout so he could sleep. He laid down on his back and started to make unattractive, fake sleepy, noises. I gently beat him and got up to go to the bathroom. I brushed my hair, my teethes and cleaned my face. Now I was ready to go to bed. (Yeah, we -UNFORTUNATELY- already ate something in the plane). I jumped on the bed to scare him, he was trembling. Oh my god, I'm such a boss. I started to loudly giggle. He was still shaking from all his body but it wasn't because of me…He got this grave look. He scared me a little. He quickly stand up and went to the bathroom. I heard the noise of the water flowing from the faucet. Then nothing. He suddenly reappeared and laid down on the bed without even speaking. He turned the lights off. His body wasn't shaking anymore. 


My name is Kaylee, I'm almost 19 and I'm Bruno Mars's girlfriend.