Chapter 15

29/12/2011 15:18

Why does Dre look so pissed? Maybe if I ignore him and walk straight in to the studio he’ll ignore me. Just as I get close to him he says “Alexis” Did he really full name me? “Err, Dre…” Does he even have a full name? “Where have you been Lexii?” “I was out buying us some food, now if you don’t mind, I wanna go inside before the food gets cold” “I just wanna ask you one question” “Go on” I say impatiently. “Who’s fucking job is it to go out and get stuff for Bruno?” “Oh my God Dre, you’re not serious right?” “Of course I’m fucking serious! If you start to go out and do my job then what’s left for me to do!?” “Wow Dre, I can’t handle your stupidity right now, move so I can go inside” “I’m not moving until you admit that you just wanna do my job” “Excuse me!?” “Things were fine before you started to get involved in all this album stuff, you’re not needed! The only thing you’re needed for is to keep Bruno occupied at night. THATS IT” “Wow, you’re a jerk” “No, I’m just doing my job” “Which is?” “Protecting Bruno!” “WHAT DUMB SHIT IS THAT!? You’re protecting Bruno from his fiancé!? Wow Dre, you got the looks and the brains, I can tell” “Shut up Lexii, we all know you don’t wanna marry him, even Bruno’s said that he doesn’t know why he bothers anymore, and to be honest I don’t know why either” “Shut up Dre and go home. Go hug a cat or something” “Why won’t you just tell him that you don’t wanna marry him!? Do us all a favour” “are you gonna let me go inside now that I’ve listened to all your bullshit?” “No, I’m not done with you” “Fuck this. BRUNO!!” I yell so he comes outside and saves me. Instantly he comes outside, “Hey baby *Kiss* Dre? You’re still here? I thought I told you you could go home” “Well, I thought I’d stay and say hi to Lex” “Well you’ve done it now, so leave” I say harshly. Bruno looks confused but I just walk inside and pull him with me.

As I walk inside I see Phred, I just burst out everything to him, I’ve always done that, I’ve always told Phred everything and anything. “Dre is such a psycho! He just yelled at me for going out to get food! I mean what the fuck!?” “Lex, it’s obvious, you’re stepping in on his man” Phred says. “Ew guys! Can we stop talking about this now? He’s my head of security. That’s it” “Yeah he’s your head of security that wants you!” “Stoooooppppp itttt!” “Urgh, you know what else he said!? He said something like, You’re only good for keeping Bruno company at night” “NO FUCKING WAY!?” “Well Lex, you kinda are” Bruno says with a wink. Sly fool. Then I realise and turn to Phred. “Phred, why are you here?” “Uhhh, I just, uhm, came to see you…” “Ok, you suck at lying” “Yeah you really do” Bruno agrees. “So why are you really here then?” “No reason, in fact, I gotta go….” He looks at Bruno, nods and leaves. THE FUCK!? I turn to Bruno hoping he’d give me an answer, but he just looks away and continues eating. I hate all this secret stuff. I pull him in to the corner and say “Why all this secret stuff!? Why are you hiding things, and why are you getting other people to lie!?” He just smiles, kisses the top of my head and says “If I told you what I was up to then you’d kill me” “Err, would I dump you?” “No, not dump me” “Would I be happy with what you’re doing?” “Lex, I’m not playing 20 questions with you, now let me eat!” “Fine” I say as I lie down on the couch, before I know it I fall fast asleep… I slowly start to wake up as I feel my top being pulled and my bra removed “Bruno, not now, not in the studio, I’m tired” “Err, we’re not in the studio, and I was only trying to make you comfortable” he says as he climbs in to the bed with me. I open my eyes and notice that we actually are in our bed. “How did we end up here!? Oh my God, you didn’t let Dre carry me did you!? If you did then I’m jumping in the shower now” Just as I get up to move he places his arm around me so I can’t move “I carried you!!! Why is it so hard to believe!?” “Awwwwhh you did? Was I heavy?” “So heavy! I nearly broke my back dragging you out of that place, lay off the cheeseburgers baby” “You jerk!” I take a pillow and start whacking him with it. “Ok ok hahaha, stop! You weren’t heavy at all, but Dre did wanna carry you” “Ew, thank fuck you said no, what happened when you said no?” “He got all moody, saying it’s his job and a bunch of bullshit” “Baby I don’t like Dre. Fire him” “Ok, in the morning” he says as he lies down to go to sleep. “You’re lying aren’t you?” “Yupp” “I hate you.” “No you don’t, good night baby”

I actually hate it when I wake up and Bruno’s not next to me. I get up and go to find him; I look out to the drive and see his car is still there, he’s on the house somewhere but where!? I hear voices, is he in the spare room? With people? I press my ear up against it and listen. “Yeah, I got it all sorted, got a couple dates set for her to choose from and everything” I hear my mom say, why is she here? “Yeah and Bruno, what do you think about these? They’re so beautiful” Mid says. “Damn they’re perfect! How’d you find it?” “I got my ways” “Ryan, you got it safe right? Don’t lose it or I’ll pound your” “Bro, it’s safe” “Phred, you got the-“ “Yupp, done it all, me and Mid stayed up last night and finished it all” “Why’d you stay up? We haven’t told her yet for ya’ll to have a time frame” “Yeah but it was fun… and we had a bottle of wine too” “Moving on! Bruno you still set on Hawaii?” Mid says. “Yeah, I mean, I really want Hawaii, but I dunno, I’ll run it by her, but I won’t force her to do something that she doesn’t wanna do” “Hawaii sounds beautiful, if you want it that much, then it’s obvious she’ll say yes to it” My mom says. The fuck are they talking about, that’s it, and I’ve had enough of not knowing. I turn the knob to walk in. But it’s locked! Wait, we don’t have a lock on this door “What the fuck? What have you jammed the door shut with?” I hear them all laughing and loads of paper being ruffled before Mid says “Dre is sitting in front of it” “Dre, move your fat ass and let me in, I don’t like all this secret stuff” “Maybe you should tell her” Eric says. IS EVERYONE IN THERE!? When I don’t hear a response I leave them to whatever they’re doing and go back to bed, I’m so angry that I fall asleep instantly. I feel  Bruno run his fingers through my hair trying to gently wake me up “Go away, if you’re gonna keep secrets from me then you can leave, I don’t care if it’s a nice secret anymore” I say with my eyes still closed. “Can’t you just trust me” “No, I did that once and look where it got me” SHIT. DID I JUST SAY THAT!? “Fuck! I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to say that, it just came out” “No, it’s true” and he kisses me. I pull away “Tell me….” “No, not yet” “But please              ! Why is everyone here, and they all know? Why are you asking Ryan to keep it safe and Mid is telling you her opinion on stuff, and what about Hawaii!? Sounds like you wanna move and you’re choosing houses or something” “You were eavesdropping!!” “Of course I was! Now tell me!” “Well, I’m not moving to Hawaii, and we’re not choosing houses, but picking a new house will come in to it” “Stop with the mind fucking already!” “you want me to regularly fuck you then?” “NO! I want you to tell me! And besides, where is everyone anyway?” “Downstairs, your mom is making breakfast” “Ew, you wanna fuck me whilst my mom’s downstairs!?” “Come on Lex, if I can fuck you whilst my mom’s in the same house asleep, then I can fuck you whilst your mom is downstairs, it really won’t put me off” “So, you’re really not gonna tell me?” “No” “Fine” If he won’t tell me then I can get it out of Mid, that bitch can’t keep a secret…