Chapter 16-18

01/11/2011 19:28

Chapter 16

Obviously Mid calls me and I tell her everything that happens, or what didn’t happen should I say. Then straight after my mom calls me and I tell her everything too. “Mom what did you think when you met him?” “He’s adorable, a little short but from what I saw, he seems like such a gentleman” My mom is always a good judge of character. “He really is amazing I haven’t been this happy in a long time” “Sweetheart are you falling for this guy?” “Yeah mom I think I am” “Does he like you back the same?” “I think he does. I hope he does” “I want to meet him” “Mom! It’s too soon!!” “Come on Lex; as if I’m gonna embarrass you!” That’s true; she’s never embarrassed me before. “OK, but I get to choose when” “That’s all I ask, speak to you later.” “Bye Mom”.
I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited to go to work before, after my long shower I take the time to straighten all of my hair so it’s all sleek and smooth and pick out the nicest work dress I have with my heels. I decide on this black and white fitted dress, it’s quite short, but it’s hot as balls outside. I re read Bruno’s txt to me over and over again and each time I read it, I fall for him a little bit more. “Chewie, are you gonna come with me today?” And she runs up to me ready to go, what a good dog.
When me and Chewie get to the studio we see that Bruno’s car is already there. My heart starts to beat in anticipation and I can’t help but smile. I go inside and see Bruno and Phil goofing around. No Ari today then. Bruno looks so damn irresistible yet wacky at the same time. He’s wearing jeans, converses, and an 88 tees shirt with a checked shirt on top. I really need to buy him some new clothes. He looks smoking in his fedora and these huge black rimmed geek glasses. What a dork. But he’s my dork. As soon as I walk in Bruno’s eyes spot me, I don’t know what to do. Has Bruno told the guys? Or does he want to keep it secret? It seems like no one else has noticed me so I make my way over to Bruno who’s standing in the corner. Phil moves away as I approach. Bruno comes in for a hello kiss and I realise he’s told everyone. “Whhhheeeeeyy!! Get a room guys! Oh wait you did, Bruno’s last night!” They all cheer; I look at Bruno in mock horror that he told them I spent the night at his. “Baby I didn’t tell them that part” What the? Then who could have. Fuck “Mid I’m gonna kill your big mouth!” “Whatever bitch” “Now where was I?” Bruno continues and he kisses me again. I could get used to this.
“Bruno we need a killer guitar solo from you in get high” Ray says to him “So you gotta get your hands of Lex and come do some work” I suppose it’s true, Bruno hasn’t left my side since I arrived. “Sure, what kind of thing do you want?” “Anything” “Come on dude, give me something to work with” “Ok, well play him the track and let him hear” I interrupt. They play the track and Bruno starts to bob his head in concentration, when the song finished Bruno looks deep in thought and confused. “Ok, play the track again and whenever you feel its right, you come in, but only when you feel it” I have faith in Bruno that he knows what he’s doing. He nods and they play the track again. About half way through the song Bruno shreds his guitar and plays the highest note he can and plays this intense guitar solo. I can’t take my eyes off him, the way he plays it is so mesmerising. Like he was born to play music. You can just see it in his eyes and how he occasionally closes them and just moves with the rhythm. Bruno does like to grind against his guitar allot. I envy that guitar. The way Bruno’s hands slide against it, the way how close it is to his body. The rhythm, the music that he’s making. This isn’t helping the sexual tension in the room at the moment. I need a moment to myself so I go outside for a smoke and sure enough Bruno follows me.
“Baby, you really should stop smoking” he says as he lights mine and his cigarette. “Yeah and so should you, it can’t be good for your voice” “Don’t change the subject” “I’ll stop when you stop” “Then you’ll never stop!” “That’s fine by me…..” “Did you know my dad said he’d beat me if I didn’t stop smoking?” “Awwwhh did Bruno get a good ass whipping by his daddy?” “Nope! I just moved away” he says with a sly wink. “Smart”. “I missed you when you left” he says all serious. I’ve never had anyone miss me before or say anything so sweet to me. “I missed you more” “Not possible” he says as he comes in for a kiss. He pulls away and says “Lex would you like to go out on a date with me tonight?” Without thinking I burst out laughing “Alright, if you don’t wanna go out with me you could just say!” He says in mock horror. I was only laughing because I realised we’re going about dating each other in such a mixed up way. “Of course I will go out with you tonight” “Well I don’t know if I wanna take you now….” Oh is that how he wants to play? “Ok then, don’t go out with me tonight and don’t date me” I lean in to Bruno and give him a long passionate kiss and whisper “Your loss” and walk back inside. “No wait! I changed my mind! Come baaaaack!” He yells after me whilst laughing. I can’t believe how much fun being with Bruno is.
We go back inside and everyone in the studio is quiet. “Lex, Jacques wants to see you in his office, now, he didn’t seem like he’s in a good mood either” Phred says to me. OH SHIT. In the background I can hear Jacques screaming and cursing in the background. He’s definitely not happy. “ALEXIS GET THE FUCK IN HERE NOW!!” my phone goes off, I look and see I have a txt from Mid, she must want me to read it in private because she’s sitting across from me, the txt reads “E has had words with J” E? Who could E be? Oh……

Chapter 17

Slowly I turn the handle to open the door to Jacques’ office. I’m dreading every second of this. I take a deep breath and walk in. “You wanted to see me?” “FUCK YES I WANTEDF TO SEE YOU! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!?” “I don’t understand….” “YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID!” “Jaq, please stop screaming at me like that” I try to calm him down; he gets violent when he’s this angry. Jaq takes sharp breaths. I just wait. “Alexis. Do you realise what you could have done to me!? What you could have done to our production team if the police had gotten involved!?” He only calls me Alexis when he’s fuming. Shit. “Can you just tell me what the fuck I’ve done wrong!?” “I had a call today, from a certain Emma I think her name is?” “Don’t listen to her Jaq, she is a vindictive liar” He bangs his fist on the table, I’m scared now. “YOU STILL FUCKING HIT HER ALEXIS!” “SHE HIT ME FIRST!” “THAT’S NO EXCUSE TO GO AROUND HITTING PEOPLE!!” “Look, she hit me first and I retaliated. Can we move on from this!? She’s not a part of my life anymore and I intend on keeping it that way” “Why!? Because you have a new “flavour of the month? Face it Lex, you’re fucked up. You think no one noticed all the pills you pop? You think we all care about you but we don’t. And I bet that new guy you’re dating only wants you for sex. Remember Jake? He fucked you then left you didn’t he. Go away and fucking re evaluate your life you dumb whore.” I try so badly to keep it together but his words cut through me like a knife. “Fuck you Jaq” “I wish you fucking would” I get out of his office and run to my car, I don’t even notice if I pass anyone on the way I just need to leave. I can’t breathe, I start hyperventilating, and I feel faint. Keep it to-fucking-gether Lex! The tears are flowing so fast now that I can’t even see. I’m in no mood to drive but who cares, like he said, no one cares about me so who would care if something happened to me. I put my foot down on the gas and just go.

As soon as I get home I just run upstairs to my room and start to cry on my bed. I know that I shouldn’t give a fuck about what he says, but his words still hurt. Was I in the wrong? SHE was the one that hit me first. How childish is all of this! Did he really have to bring up my pills? And did he have to mention that asshole Jake!? That’s what hurt the most, he made me realise how much Jake actually hurt me. How I promised that I wouldn’t let myself fall like that again for anyone. How I promised myself I would make sure that the guy I fell in love with, was THE guy. Is Bruno THE guy? How I just want to lie here with Bruno in his arms. He’d make me feel better. I don’t think I can cry anymore. I just lie there in silence. I don’t know how long time passes, but I hear someone enter my house and walk up the stairs. It’s probably Mid who let herself in with her spare key. “Baby?” That’s not Mid.

Bruno walks in and I instantly feel happier, but I don’t move, I just smile at him, I don’t think I can form words right now. Bruno comes over to me on the bed, lies down with me and pulls me in to his lap. I don’t know how, but he makes me forget everything bad that’s happened in my life. He starts stroking my hair and rubbing my shoulder. Without even knowing why I start to tear up again, I’m not crying but the tears are just rolling down my face. “It’s ok baby, just let it all out, I’m not going anywhere, I promise” Did he have to say that last part? And I just start to cry and cry. When I’m done, I do feel much better, I don’t know if it’s because I cried all my pain out or because Bruno’s holding me in his arms. I like to think it’s both. I sit up and try to form sentences. “Did you hear what he said?” “Yeah baby I heard, do you realise how much I wanted to smash that guys face in after I heard it!? I wanted to rush in there and say something but everyone stopped me, they said I’d make things worse for you” “I hate him, and I don’t hate anyone. Hate is such a strong vile word. But I hate Jacques. With all my heart” Bruno starts to run my back again, the slightest touch from him just feels amazing. “I know you do baby, me too” I need to take my mind off this; I can’t handle this stress anymore. It’s getting to me, why does it have to be me? It’s not fair. I know what I need; I need sex to take my mind off this. I don’t care at this point if it’s a dumb thing to do. I need Bruno right now. I want Bruno right now. “Baby what are you thinking about?” he says as he kisses my neck. He wants it too and I know he does. I turn round and give Bruno such an intense, steamy, passionate, long kiss. I put all of my emotions and feeling towards Bruno in this kiss. He doesn’t object. I start to rub my hands all over his chest. These clothes. These clothes need to disappear. As if Bruno knew what I was thinking he starts to run his hands up my thighs. Thank fuck I’m wearing this dress today. The way his hands move all over my legs feel amazing. His hands get higher. Fuck.  Just as I decide to start undoing his buttons Bruno pulls away, still leaving his hands where they are on my upper thighs. He looks in to my eyes and says “Lex, this is wrong, I don’t want to have sex with you like this, I mean, I want to. I mean I really REALLY want to, but not like this baby” I completely understand, this isn’t what I want either. It was a stupid idea anyway “I know, I don’t want it to be like this either” I think Bruno can sense my disappointment. He leans in close whilst still rubbing my thighs and whispers “But we can do other things”

Chapter 18

This chapter has adult parts, I don’t want to offend people, but if you don’t like reading things like that, then don’t read it and save me the abuse. Enjoy you horny Hooligans! :)

Other things? “What do you mean by other things?” “Let me show you” My heart starts to race, is he gonna do what I think he’s gonna do? No, it can’t be. If we’re not having sex then. Oh shit. He starts to kiss my neck, fuck. I do love it when he kisses my neck. He builds up the tempo and starts to attack my neck with kisses. He then moves up to my lips and simultaneously lays me on my back whilst he gets on top of me, supporting all of his weight on his arms. I dislike this; I want to feel Bruno on me. He must feel my frustration because he lowers himself on me. I gasp at what I feel pushing against my abdomen and I feel Bruno laugh against my lips. I feel his hands all over me; he then slyly starts to pull my dress up. Fuck. Is this really happening to me!? He pulls my dress up just pass my belly button. Oh God and I’m wearing my lacy black boy shorts. At least they’re sexy. Bruno starts to move down my body. My heart is beating like mad, is he really going to do this!? I feel his lips on my stomach, it feels amazing. I just close my eyes and let Bruno do his thing. I eventually feel him playing with the waistband of my boy shorts. OH.MY.GOD. I feel him slowly pull them down and throw them to the floor. I feel his lips and tongue on me, in me…….


I think I lost my voice….I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so much in my life before. That was. Just. Wow. He pulls my dress back down and sits back looking satisfied with himself. “Feeling better?” FUCK he wants me to speak after THAT!? I can only manage to get out an “Mmmmhmm” A thought occurs to me. “I’ll need to make it up to you at some point” I say with a wink. “You better”. “I need a shower” “Want me to join you?” YES. FUCK YES!! “No thank you, you’ve done enough for one day” “I doubt you’d say no to that again” Of course I wouldn’t! But I just ignore that comment and go get have my shower. The shower feels soo good, but lonely at the same time. If only Bruno was here to joi-man Bruno is really making me horny 24/7. I wonder if he feels like this. Then I realise he was as turned on as I was when he leaned his whole body against me. He must still be ha-I NEED to stop thinking of Bruno like that all the time. But he’s my boyfriend, I can think of him or do him anyway I like. This guy has me under his spell. I think I’ve fallen for him and I’ve fallen hard.

When I get out the shower Bruno’s not in my room. I hear the TV on so I know he’s downstairs. I just throw on my jeans, a black and red fitted top with my heels. I put on minimal makeup, but just enough that I feel comfortable with and go downstairs. I see Bruno lying on the sofa still with a huge smile on his face. I go and give him an upside down Spiderman kiss. I’ve always wanted to try that. “Hello beautiful how was your shower?” Lonely without you “It was relaxing” “How’s your voice?” He says trying to hold back a smile. I throw a pillow at him and reply “My voice is fine thank you very much” and turn away from him. Was I really THAT loud!? He comes up behind me and hugs me. “I was kidding, you weren’t that loud. Besides. I liked it when you screamed my name” Did he say I wasn’t THAT loud!? It’s still embarrassing no matter how he puts it! I turn and kiss him.

He pulls away and says “You ready to go?” “Go where?” “Out on our date remember?” “Oh sure! Let me just go get ready, amuse yourself with the TV while I’m gone” “What are you gonna do?” “I’m gonna change out of these hideous clothes, fix my trampish hair and just throw some more make up on. I won’t be longer than an hour I swear” Just as I run for the stairs Bruno grabs my arm and stops me. “What?” “Baby you don’t need to change, you look perfect like that” “Ew, no I don’t, I won’t be long I promise!” He looks annoyed. “Come here, let me show you something” And he pulls me over to my piano.