Chapter 1

19/04/2011 21:26

Hello there, dear reader! My name's Iryn. I have this story going on my head for a long time now, and finally, I am gonna write it down today. So yeah.. I hope some of you here would find the time to read this fanfic that I made. I'm inspired by all of the hooligans who post their fantastic stories here. So.. Hope you like it. ;)


True Love's Second Chance

Chapter One


"Alegria.... Hey Phil, take a look at this.." Bruno says as he shows a silver ring that he found along the street. "Do you know what this means?"

"Well.. Not really bro.. But I think it's a Spanish word." Phil says, interested with the ring. Bruno carefully looks at the ring, as if he already saw it, he just can't remember where or when.

"Wanna sell this one? I bet it's not fake silver. This might be worth a fortune!" Phil says as he tries to snatch the ring from Bruno.

"Hey! Rings like this are precious. 'Know what? I'm gonna wear this. Here, hold my coffee." Bruno hands his cup of coffee to Phil, gets his necklace and puts the ring into his necklace chain.

"Man, that ring looks good on your necklace. It fits perfectly."

"I know, that's why I'm gonna keep it." Bruno says, as he took his coffee from Phil and walked towards the studio. Bruno stops for a moment then looks at the bright, full moon. "It's just shines so bright every time I look at it." Bruno smiled.

"Hey, Bru Bru, you better get your ass inside the studio and stop looking at the moon. We still have to finish working on that album of yours. You remember that, don't you?" Phil impatiently calls Bruno as he gets inside the studio.

Bruno gets his last, quick glance at the moon. "The moon never shined so bright like this.." he says to himself as he walks inside the studio.


"Good bye, Alegria.."

"No...  Stop..." Alegria says as she reaches out her hand to reach him. "Please... STOP!"


Alegria woke up by the sound of his brother knocking on her door. Her eyes felt heavy like some elephant hanged at the bottom of her eyes.

"Alegria! Alegria! Open this fuckin' door! I know you're depressed as fuck but you at least have to eat even just one grain of rice. You haven't eaten for days!" Calyx shouts at his sister, worried that she might die of hunger.

"Leave me alone! Just.. Ugh. Leave me alone." Alegria answered as she covered her face with a pillow.

"You know? I'm sick of you. I'm sick of you and your endless crying. If you don't want to eat, then fine! Suit yourself!" Calyx walks away, angry but concerned of her sister. He knows exactly how she feels. It's not easy to accept that the person you love has died, and you can't do anything about it. Alegria's fiance died so sudden, just like how their parents died. They had no clue that it was going to happen. It was so unexpected. "Well.. I guess that's just how life is.." Calyx mumbles to himself.

Alegria looked at the moon so carefully, wondering why it shined to bright that night. It was shining so brightly, that it seemed so close. "Yes.. You're so close, yet so far..." She softly spoke as she stared at the moon. Then everything just went black.


"So, what are the findings, doc?" Calyx asked the doctor, curious about Alegria's condition. Alegria just sat beside her brother, nervous.

"Do you have a family relative that has a brain cancer?"

"Uh.. Yes, doc. Why did you ask?"

"Your sister's malignant tissue has cells that look most abnormal and are growing very fast. I'm sorry, but your sister has a brain cancer. And it's already on it's last stage."

"What?! You're joking right? I mean, she's completely healthy! How can she have brain cancer?! This is ridiculous!"

"I'm sorry, but there's nothing that we can do.."

Alegria ran away. She ran as fast as she could. She could hear her brother calling, but she didn't care.

Alegria walked aimlessly along the road. She realized that she wasn't ready to die. She saw a flower shop and bought some flowers and bought candles along the road and decided to visit him.


"Nine months have passed and here I am, standing in front of your grave. It's my first time visiting here... I'm sorry if it took me so long just to see you. You know how depressed I am, don't you? Ahhh... When are you ever going to wake up?" Alegria softly said as she put the flowers and candles beside Peter's gave.

"You left me without notice. You really like giving me surprises, don't you?  Well, I have a surprise for you too! I have a brain cancer.. And yeah, I won't be living for long. We'll still be together in the end. Haha.." She says as she lights up the candles then stands up. "Well, I wouldn't be staying here for long. It's cold out here and Calyx might get worried. I'll..." She stops, then wiped the tears that came from her eyes. "I'll visit you again real soon. Bye.." Alegria walks away and stared at the gray sky. The weather was opposite to what she read on the newspaper. It was freezing cold that day, but it didn't rain.

She sees a coffee shop then decides to have a sip, just to keep her warm. Hours have passed, she's still sitting inside that coffee shop. She's waiting for someone to come. Someone she knew would never come.

The shop played good music, so she stayed for a while. Suddenly, she hears this song.. The song that speaks what her heart truly feels.


"Talking to the moon..

Tryn'a get to you..

And hopes you're on the other side, talking to me too.

Or am I a fool who sits alone..

Talking to the moon."


She looks around then taps someone's back. "Uhm, hi. Uh.. Do you know what the title of this song is?"

"Uh.. Yeah. It's Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars." the stranger said.

"Oh.. Thanks.." Alegria replied, then wrote it down on a piece of paper. She immediately went out of the coffee shop and ran to her house which was only nearby.

"Where were you?" Calyx asked.

"From the cemetery.. Hey, do you know who Bruno Mars is?"

"Uhh.. Yes. Why did you ask?"

"Nothing.." Alegria said, turning the computer on. She started searching this song, then listened to it. She started searching for more songs of this guy named Bruno then she searched for some information about him.

"So... His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez." He shared the same name and same talents with him, she thought. She searched more and more information about Bruno Mars and listened to all of his songs all night. She didn't notice it was already morning. She clicked another link listen to a song that Bruno has written. She had completely fell in love with this guy named Bruno Mars in just one night. It's like some spell has been cast on her, making her totally in love with him.

She visited his official site, followed his twitter account, bought his album, bought shirts and stickers, and wrote blogs about how she loves him. She even made a fanbook which was filled by Bruno's pictures and stuff, designed beautifully by herself. Then searched for his upcoming tourdates.

"Oh my God, BRUNO MARS IS GOING TO HAVE A CONCERT HERE!" Alegria yelled excitedly as she was reading more information about the concert.

"Here she goes again... You have been crazy about this Mars guy for more than a week now! I don't even know if you can concentrate on your work." Calyx said.

"Oh my gosh, I'm gonna buy VIP tickets! I'll take a leave on my work! Wait, when is that? Oh, next month! I'm gonna wait for him at the airport! I'll finally be able to see him!" Alegria swooned, completely ignoring Calyx.

"She's finally smiling.." Calyx mumbled to himself, smiling at the sight of his sister's reaction. She has completely forgotten about him at last, he said to himself.


A month passed, and yes, it's the most awaited day. Alegria wore the "I ♥ BRUNO MARS" t-shirt with the "Just The Way You Are" logo on top of if, brought her fan-book then waited patiently at the airport. Lots of fans were also waiting, and she didn't know what time Bruno will arrive, but she didn't care. As long as she gets to see him, it's okay. She looked at the fan book she made, then looked up to see if Bruno arrived already.


"HE'S HEEEEEEERRRREEE!" One of the fans shouted then suddenly came running all of the fans. They were shouting and pushing each other, including Alegria. She held her fan book even tighter and struggled to find a good place to see Bruno. Then.. There he is. Walking towards her way, smiling. Her world stopped. It was as if he was the only guy inside the room. But then someone pushed her forward, which made her stumble to the floor.

"Oh.. Shit!" She said while looking at the large wound on her knees. It was bleeding continuously. She's suspecting that the wound was caused by the sharp edge of the umbrella that a fan was holding. It could also be the wood signboard that a fan was carrying, but she wasn't sure. She fell on the floor so hard that she can barely stand. If only the fans weren't this violent, she thought to her self. "Now where did my fan book go?"

"Is this yours?" A guy behind her spoke, as he was handing her the fan book. She heard some fans scream louder.

"Why yes, thank you so much!" Alegria answered, while taking the fan book. She then decided to look at the face of this kind guy who helped him and boom! It was Bruno Mars!

"Here, take my hand." Bruno said, offering help for Alegria to stand. Alegria stood speechless, looking at Bruno's sweet face.

"Oh, you got quite an injury on your knee. What happened?" Bruno spoke, concerned of the condition of his fan.

"I.. I was.. Someone pushed me.. Then... Uhh.." Alegria said, stuttering and shocked.

"Hahaha. Okay, lemme just give you a hand..Hey bro, can we take her with us? She has a large wound on her knee and it's bleeding so bad." Bruno said to the man in black while holding Alegria on her waist.

"Uh.. Okay.. But we will not take her to the hospital. We have to take her to the hotel then we'll call a doctor. It would be much more complicated if we took her to the hospital."

"Wait, hospital? DOCTOR? No no no! I... I'm afraid of needles! And besides, I can still walk! And it would be such a bother to all of you if you bring me to your hotel room.." Alegria objected.

"No, we're taking you with us. Just look at how band your wound is. And hey, don't you like that? You'll get to hang out with all of us." Bruno smiled, but still concerned about the wound.

"Well.. I'll come with you then.. I guess.." Alegria answered, blushing.