Chapter 1

16/01/2012 10:17

“Man I told you.. it’s only going to get better.” Bruno said as he opened door. I quickly flipped my journal closed and set it next to me. Him and all the guys walked in most of them going straight to the back. I turned in my seat to look at him, He instantly started to show me his beautiful smile. “You miss me?” he said smirking. “Nope… not one bit.” I lied. His smile dropped, “That’s deep.” I lightly punched him, “Bruno! You know I’m lying.” He bent down and kissed me, “I know.” “Eww…” James said he walked past. “Hey hey! Chill out!” he said laughing. I shook my head, “What are we going to do with them?” He grabbed my hands in his, “Nothing right now..” he said smiling. Phil walked in, “Ahh the love birds are going on tour… what am I going to do.” Bruno let one of my hands go and waved him off, “You’re going to deal with it.” I just shook my head and laughed. “I can’t bring my finacee’ with me..” he said sadly. “Awwww… Phil..” I said as he walked past us. Bruno laughed, “Why do you fall for that? He’s such a drama queen.”

“And I did hear that.” he said from in the back. We both ignored him. Bruno let go of my hand and walked over to the mini fridge, “Babe, what did you eat?” I shook my head, “Nothing really.. just some pizza from last night.” He grabbed his stomach, “I could eat..” “When are you not eating..” Eric said walking to the back room. Bruno quickly turned to him, “Why do all of you have to get in our conversations?” He got so mad so quick and I held in a laugh, too cute. “Stop talking so loud then.” Dwayne said from the beds. They all burst out into laughter. All he could do is shake his head. I had only been on the tour bus with them for 1 day and it was already an adventure. I just couldn’t wait till we started going to cities that I had never been before.

Last night was pretty awkward considering me and Bruno had to try and squeeze into a tiny bed, but it worked. We we’re kind of used to it since we did when we we’re in college. Of course everyone messed with us most of the night, making cat jokes that I still didn’t understand. We all end up eating some chinese food since San Fran was known for it. I sat on the couch with my legs threw over Bruno’s. We both we’re stuffing our face, I hadn’t realized I was that hungry. “Can I have some?” he said opening his mouth. I smiled and scooted some food out of my box and slowly put it in his mouth. He raised his eyebrows as he chewed. I shook my head, and kept eating. His first show of his United State tour was tomorrow and I was so excited. Sadly, I wouldn’t get to spend this Thanksgiving with my family, but I would get to be with all the guys and that would be the next best thing.

“Scoot over.” I whispered to him as we laid in the bed. “I’m too the wall.” he whispered back. Our bodies we’re touching as much as they could, our legs intertwined together. He reached out his arms more and put them around my back and pulled me closer. We we’re making so much noise and I was just waiting for someone to say something. “You’re hurting my arm.” he whispered. I rolled my eyes and lifted up a bit so that he could move his arm. This is not going to work, I thought to myself. He leaned in a kissed me, and we started making out, it sounded so loud in the silent room. I pushed him away, “No…” “Alright..” he said softly. He buried his head into the pillow, “I need some tomorrow.” I looked at him in mock horror, “Don’t say things like that out loud.” He laughed a bit, “They all know.” I shushed him, “But, still!” “GO TO BED.” Phil yelled making everyone laugh, I knew they we’re all up. I felt my face turn red in the dim light. “GET SOME!” Bruno yelled back. I covered my face with one of my hands. Eventually after a couple more arguments we all asleep.

I woke up with my face a little bit underneath Diamond’s. I thought we we’re close when we we’re in our bed, but THIS was close. However, I didn’t mind one bit. There was no more waking up and sneaking out of the bed anymore. I took the free hand I had and started to rub Diamond’s thighs. When I almost got up there she began to smile, still keeping her eyes closed. “Yeah you feel this.” I whispered. She opened her eyes leaned in and kissed me, “Good morning.” “Morning.” I said reaching under her shirt. She quickly rolled from my grip down onto the floor. I laughed as I slowly got out the bunk too. She went into the bathroom and I walked out into the foyer. “Yo yo!” I said to Kam and Jam sitting at the table. I opened the mini fridge to get the orange juice. They both started laughing and I quickly turned to them, “What’s this laughing stuff?” They both shook their heads, and I just waved them off. I was used to them doing that now, always laughing at me and I didn’t know why.

Diamond finally came out of the bathroom and I went in after her and used it. I came out to find her going threw her bag. I grabbed her butt as I walked past going into the lounge. “Bruno!” she yelled as I walked threw the curtain. I laughed as I sat down next to Phil and Kenji. “Everything good?” Kenji asked. “Absolutely.” I said smiling. Phil got up and stretched, “Tonight is not coming fast enough!” I shook my head, “I hear that.” Ryan walked in the room fully dressed like he had been out. “Look at pretty boy! Where you been?” I said pointing to him. “Take care of some business fool.” He flopped down on the opposite couch to us and put his feet up, “Some good business.” I shook my head, “Man you nasty..” He laughed, “No you’re nasty.. you don’t even know what I’m saying..”

“Bruno come here please!” Diamond yelled from the other room. It sounded like something was wrong. “Run to yo boo.” Phil said as I got up. I shook my head as I lifted up the curtain. I went up to her and she looked upset, “Babe what’s wrong?” “We got a huge problem..” I frowned, “What?” “I’m out of birth control.” “Wait, what?” I said looking down to her bag and then to her face…….