Chapter 16

23/04/2011 16:25

I wake up feeling sick. I run to the bathroom but the door was closed. Alisia was vomiting her life away and I heard Phred humming to her. As if by a miracle, the nausea went away. Hmm, I walked back to the room to see Bru mouth open wide & drooling, he was sleeping. You could see the kid in him when he was sleep and it was cute. I grabbed my robe & slippers and walk downstairs into the kitchen, whipped up some Spanish omelets, bacon and chocolate chip pancakes. I heard someone walking and seen Alisia and Phred holding hands. They looked tired.

“do you make breakfast every morning” asked Phred

“pretty much, I made some for everyone” I said

“Mmh bacon “ Alisia said as she grabbed a plate

they both got some food and joined me, but they looked so tired.

“late night?” I asked

“you can say morning” Alisia said

“why, couldn't sleep?”

“yeah was up early this morning”

“morning sickness”

“no planning your wedding”


“yeah, Bru decided to surprise you with the wedding ready today”

“are you serious?”

“oh yeah, i'm serious”

Wow. How could he just up and plan our wedding with out me, and to think Alisia helped with out waking me. I folded my arms and sighed, I guess i'll have to get over it.

“well tell me the details” I said

“me & maria picked out your dress” Alisia said

“maria was in on it too?!”


“great, so continue”

“we would rather show you than here you huff and puff about it” Bru said

I looked over and seen Bru on the stairs in a yellow shirt with an UFO on it and some black jeans. His curls were curlier than I ever seen them, he smiled at me but I didn't smile back. I was fuming on the inside.

“how dare you peter?” I said

“oh you'll get over it when we take you to the church”

“yeah well see”

He came over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek

“awh Boo boo, don't be mad” he said

“don't boo boo me piggy” I said

He started kissing me all over my face and snorting like a pig. Alisia and Phred stared to laugh and I was smiling but I was too mad to laugh. He kissed my hand and pulled my hand outside.

“um I am in my robe here” I said

“babe, it's 8 in the morning, no one is going to see you” he said

“Well I have to call Gi and tell him that...”

“he's coming and I...invited your dad”

“who said he was invited, that's like me inviting your mother”

Bruno glared at me. Hard. He let go of my hand and walked towards his bike got on and rode off. Alisia had her head down and Phred just looked at me and shook his head.

“that was low” Phred said

I didn't say anything but I started to walk towards Alisia's car. That was low for me to say but I wasn't going to admit to it. He invited my, I mean Johnny to the wedding knowing damn well I didn't want anything to do with him. I started to fiddle with my fingers, I was doing the guilty dance with my thumbs. I looked out the window when we came to a stop, we were at the church maria's mother got married in. Maria was at the door.

“Chica, que pasa? You don't look to good, are you mad? Look don't be mad it's a happy day amiga” maria said

“No i'm happy it's just...where's Bruno?” I asked

“oh Bunito is with Philippe getting ready and Phred you should be on your way to get ready”

“who's all here”

“you'll see when you walk down the aisle chica”

Her and Alisia, pulled me into the church to get me ready for the wedding. They took me to the dressing room and I seen my dress.

“Alisia picked it out but I added some stuff to it” Maria said

God, the dress was beautiful. Long and elegant, white and creamy. It had a long V neck line with thick straps that were hanging off the sides, the breading was shaped like stars and moons and lilac on the stomach part and the bottom on the dress had the same beading. It was tight fitting and I just absolutely loved it. The girls got into their dresses they were all lilac and strapless, short and with little bows on the back they were beautiful. We all did out make up and I felt beautiful But when I put my dress on I felt even more beautiful. Alisia and Maria gasped and smiled. Maria started speaking Spanish really fast and crying, Alisia was crying too.

“you look so beautiful Alicia” Alisia said

“thank you” I said

“no look for your self” Alisia said

I looked in the mirror and my mouth dropped. I didn't even recognize myself, I looked like a totally different women but even with my beauty, I felt ugly. What I said to Bru was mean and nasty, this was our wedding day and I had gotten him all upset. I'm such a bitch. So I started crying.

“i'm such a bitch” I screamed

“no no, it's ok” Alisia said

“yes I am, I need to see Bruno and apolijiez” I said

“you can do that later but right now we need to meet Gi” maria said as she started to fix up her makeup

They both grabbed my hands

“you look stunning gurl” Alisia said

“si muy bonita chica” Maria said.

“i love my best friends, what would I do with out you guys” I said

“you'd be one ugly bride” Alisia said

we all started laughing when there was a knock on the door. Alisia and Maria did my hair,They put my hair up into a bun with tight curls and a bang over my left eye and Maria went to go open the door and it was Gi. He looked so uncomfortable in his tux but so handsome for an older guy. His tux was lilac with an white shirt and tie

“Alicia you ready” Gi asked

“yes I am ready” I said

“” he said

I just smiled and blushed. Alisia put on my avail then her and Maria ran out the room to the main area. Gi held his arm out and I walked over to him and locked arms with him. My heart was pounding like never before. I was so nervous, I guess because this was the real thing. The doors opened and my heart was leaping out of my chest, Phil, Phred, Eric, & Jamero, were wearing the same tux as Gi was but Bruno was wearing an cream tux with a lilac shirt and napkin in his pocket, he managed to wear his hair naturally curly. I looked over to the girls and Brus' sister was there smiling at me. I smiled back and looked around to see was here. Everyone from the neighborhood was here including Bru little fan, my father, I mean, john was here with his son but no girlfriend. Thank God. He looked happy but sad as he seen another man was walking me down the aisle. Gi's wife and kids were here, Brunos dad was here too. I looked around for my mother but she was no where to be found. Gi pulled me as I took my first step, and my legs felt like boulders. I looked over to Gi and he was sweating, he wiped his forehead and smiled at me.

We finally get to the end and I felt like shit, looking and Bru who was angry in the eyes but smiling for show. Gi kissed me and lifted my avail, he shook Brus' hand hard and looked at him.

“you take care of my girl, you here?” Gi said

“yes sir I will, if not, you can make me into the bru-burger” Bru said

everyone laughed and Bruno took my hand. I started to cry and his eyes went from anger to concern and that made me cry harder.

“Bruno i'm so sorry I said that” I said

He didn't say anything, but just stared at me.

“It was wrong for me to say those things and I know saying sorry wont take it back but I wish It could”

He put his forehead on mine and wiped my tears.

“your gonna mess up your gorgeous face babe” he said

“forgive me?”

“yes always, you understand why we...”

“yes babe I understand and i'm grateful for all of this”

Bru kissed my forehead and we got on with the ceremony. We were pronounced husband and wife and everyone clapped while we kissed. Now I was truly Mrs. Hernandez and that made me so happy. His grandmothers ring shone so brightly like it was happy that it was officially mine.

We got into the car to drive to the reception, it was in my back yard and the way they decorated with the tents, it didn't even look like my back yard. The lilac and cream decorations and tables were beautiful. There was lilacs on the tables and plates of food ready to be eaten. The wedding cake was vanilla and cinnamon icing. I could smell the cinnamon in the cake and it made me hungry. The reception started and we went to cut the cake. Of course we smashed our faces in cake and the photographer took pictures.

“Ok everybody it's time for the first dance” the guy from the band said

“ Bru did you pick our song?” I said

“no, I don't know who did” he said

The band started playing and the guys started singing. In Spanish. I looked over to Maria and I rolled my eyes, yeah she would.

“Que? It's the greatest song, plus we needed some Espanol up in here” Maria said

I looked at Alisia

“don't look at me, she did all the music” Alisia said

I shook my head and Bru pulled me to the middle of the dance floor and we started to slow dance. I knew it was Lucho Gatica because maria was in love with the guy.

“Babe, look I know you didn't get the chance to be apart of the prepareale of the wedding but I promise you this, when the guys and I make it big, we will have your dream wedding” Bru said

“Babe, I don't even care anymore. I'm just glad to be yours and you be mine” I said

“no, I promise you a longer wedding, with vows and more personal stuff and the colors you want”

He, for once had on a serious face and I just kissed him and felt him smile as I did.

“i love you Mr. Hernandez” I said

“I love you more Mrs. Hernandez” he said

We just kissed some more and people awed and whistled . I bit my lip as he licked his, I wanted to get out of here and I bet so did he. Before we decided to ditch everyone someone from the band spoke.

“Ok, father daughter dance”

I looked over at Gi and he stood up but I felt someone tap my shoulder, I turned around and it was john.

“Can I have this dance?” john asked

“No” I said

That smile was wiped from his face and I walked over to Gi, oh well john wasn't my father. Gi shook his head but we started to dance anyways.

“is that your father?” Gi asked

“no you are” I said

“Alicia, he is still your father, even if you don't say he is”

“a father would have been there for me and not of ran of like a coward”

“you never know his situation”

“i don't care, there's no excuses for leaving me”

“he didn't leave you, you left him. He wrote you letters everyday right?”


“and he sent you gifts on your birthday”


“well now he's here at your wedding, just because he never physically said he was sorry, don't mean he's nope”

“he had no right to move on”

“but did he have a choice”

“he chose to have an affair”

“is that right?”


“you still don't know do you”

“know what”

He kissed me on my cheek and stopped dancing. I looked at him in confusion but then he pushed me towards john.

“dance with your father”

Before I could object, john grabbed my hand and started dancing with me but I didn't move. I just looked at him and he was pleading. I hate when people beg. I turned my head away from him and I heard a noise. I looked at john and he was....crying? Yes john the grown ass man was crying.

“it's ok, if you don't want to dance with me Alicia, I know I don't deserve it”

He started to walk away but I put my hand on his shoulder and sighed. Man, I hated the guilt trip but when he turned around. He looked at me like he knew he wasn't wanted and....that just broke my heart. He was truly hurt that I didn't want him as my father. I looked around and looked at everyone searching for the one person who would understand. Alisia. She was the only one who knew about forgiveness. Even though her dad did her very wrong she still forgave him.

I pulled john and gave him a hug. An tear came to my eyes because no matter how much it hurt, I had to move on and forgive him. He hugged me back and everyone started to clap.

“I am so sorry for making you feel as though, I forgotten you but...” john said

“don't worry about it...laundry” I said


“ it's a saying stating to start over”

“OK. Laundry” he said as he kissed my cheeks

The band started playing again and we danced

The reception was great, the band was great and even Bru and the guys sang a couple of songs. Bru and I sat at our special table after we danced forever Then Alisia got on the stage.

“Hey everyone, I know i'm supposed to make a speech but I decided to sing a song” she said

“yeah baby sing it!” Phred screamed

Alisia redden and all I could do was smile. She was going to sing. Alisia was shaking a little and kept opening her mouth but nothing came out. Phred got up and got on the stage with her.

“baby it's ok just breath” Phred said

“i...i...” Alisia stammered

“you can do it Alisia”

Phred kissed her and looked into her eyes. She nodded her head and turned towards us. Phred talked to the guy on the piano and got on and started to play a melody. She started to sing day by day by Frank Sinatra

After She sang her song we all clapped, wow Alisia could sing her butt off, She came over to me and gave me a hug.

“wow gurl” I said

she just blushed and sat next to me. Phred got up and Eric, Phil & Jamero got on the stage as well.

“Well now that Alisia blew the house, it's our turn to sing for you guys”

“don't embarrass me guys” Bru said

“we will” Phil said

everyone started laughing and then Phred started the bass part of the acapella and Phil started to sing

in the still of the night, I hug you, hug you tight, coz I love you, love you so...”

They were singing the five satins in the still of the night. Bru held my hand as he was mouthing the words. I loved that song it was the cats pajamas. When they finished we all hooted and and clapped. Maria run to the stage and grabbed Phil, I just hook my head because I knew where they were headed.

After the speeches, and the eating Phil and Maria came just in time because it was time to toss my boutique.

“you ready girls?” I said


I tossed the boutique and turned around. Bruno's sister caught them and Bru ran over there and took the flowers off of her.

“Oh hell no!” Bru said

“Give em back Bruno” she said

He held the flowers over her head and he was laughing as she was trying to reach them. He was running around and she was chasing him all over the place. Everyone was laughing and Gi Gi was laughing so hard. She finally knocked Bru over and got the flowers. She ran over to me and gave me a hug.

“you'll come right” she asked

“of course” I said

There was more pictures taken hugs and kisses spread all around. I hugged john and his son had his arms out to me, I looked at him and his eyes were big and brown. He was gorgeous, he looked as though he was only 5 years old. I didn't want to pick him up, this was the child that took my place, that replaced me but as those eyes pleaded to be loved my heart melted and I picked him up.

“Alicia , you are so beautifully pretty” he said as he gave me kiss on the cheek

I blushed and melted. Man this kid was mushing his way into my heart and you know, it was working.

“what's your name little one” I asked

“Johnny but call me L.J” he said

“why L.J.?”

“for little johnny” he said

“well L.J. It's nice to meet you”

“daddy has pictures of you all over the house so I knew who you were even when we didn't meet”

I looked at john and he was just blushing.

“really” I asked

“yeah...i never forgotten you Alicia” he said

Tears welled in my eyes as I hugged my father with LJ in my hands. It felt good to hear that, to know that it was all in my head that he left me. He never replaced me and I was still his daughter no matter what. Hearing that didn't make me upset about meeting LJ's mom. We pulled apart and I put LJ down.

“where's your mommy LJ?” I asked

“she's at work, she said she sorry and wanted to give you this” he said

He gave me a little box and I put it on the gift table.

“tell her I said thank you” I said

“i will” LJ said

He gave me a hug and I knew we were going to be buddies. Dad gave me a hug and a kiss.

“Call me so you can come visit us” dad said

“yeah visit!” LJ said

“ok I promise” I said

Dad gave me his number and they were on there way. I started to look around for Bruno but end up finding Gi. He had this big smile on his face and open his arms wide. I sat on his lap and he hugged me.

“ I remember when you were 13 and you asked me for a job and you know what you told me?” Gi said

“no what did I say” I asked

“you told me that I should hire you because I wasn't going to find a better waitress than you because you were the bee's knees and you were a better waiter and cook than me”

“oh really?” I said as I laughed

“yes and you know what, I did”


“kicked your little smart ass out my diner”

We both laughed.

“but you came back every day demanding I hired you, and that determination of 5 months finally made me hire you”

“wow, I really wanted a job”

“yeah and I really wanted you to go away”

I smiled at him and he smiled at me.

“and that's how I know you were special”

Gi gave me an envelope that said open at home. I gave him a hug and a kiss then got off his lap. Gi started to cough so he drank some water.

“you ok Gi?” I asked

“yeah, i'm fine just dry mouth” he said

“hey babe there you are”

I turned around and Bru jacket was off and his shirt was a little loose but then his eyes got real big.

“what babe?”

he pointed and I turned around. Gi was on the floor gasping for air. I ran over to him and pulled him up. His face was blue like a berry. Bru ran over to help me pick up Gi and take him to the car. We put him in our just married car, which was Alisia's car and Bru drove off to the hospital.

“Gi Gi stay with me, keep trying to breath” I said

I held Gi's hand all the way to the hospital. When we got there Bru ran in and grabbed people to get Gi out of the car. They cut open his shirt and ran into the hospital with him on a stretcher. The nurse pulled my hand off of Gi and made us sit down ina the waiting room. Sitting in my wedding dress I held Bru's hand and his leg was shaking while my hands were shaking. After what seem like hours a doctor came in the waiting room. I looked at the doctor but I couldn't hear all that he said as I started falling to the ground. Bru was holding me while I was on the floor, tears flooded my eyes, my cheeks and my ears.

“He died of an heart attack...i'm so sorry but we did all that we could do” the doctor said

The doctor walked away and I was frozen. I couldn't scream, all I could be was an human waterfall. I finally snap out of it anda look around, I was home. I don't even remember how I got here, I looked down and I was holding the envelope Gi gave me. I opened it and it was a picture of him and his wife, a necklace of a picture of Gi, Maria Alisia and I in a shape of a heart. When I opened up the piece of paper, it was the deeds to the Diner. He had gave me the diner as my wedding gift. There was a letter with the deed.


You are the daughter that I’ve always wanted and i'm so proud of you. You never let anything stop you from what you want to do. You are my strong women that i'm proud to claim you as my daughter. I'm so happy that you are happy and i'm so glad that you are finally settling down. I see the happiness in you and I can't wait to meet my little grand child. Here is the deeds to the diner. It is now yours and parts of it is Maria's. You two are strong enough to handle it now that i'm retiring. I love you girls like my own. Keep that strong personality that I love so much


I put the letter to my chest and cry.