Chapter 16

03/05/2011 13:59

'Alegria, I still love her.' The words kept ringing and echoing in Alegria's head. She saw him quickly drifting away, she was chasing him, holding out her hands to reach him, but she can't.

Then, she woke up, she was sweating all over. 'It was just a dream.. Just a dream..' Alegria said to herself. She didn't realize she was already crying at the moment. Suddenly, her chest and head hurt so badly, so she took the sleeping pills and pain killers and drank almost all of them. Everything went black. When she opened her eyes, she was inside a white room.

Calyx noticed that she had already woken up and spoke. "Alegria! Thank God you woke up! Why the fuck did you drink all those sleeping pills and pain killers?! Do you know that you almost died because of that?! Don't you ever do that again!" Calyx said as he shook Alegria's shoulders. He was already crying, worried about her sister.

Alegria looked at Calyx, but she didn't say a thing.

'Alegria, I still love her.' These words. She felt pain in her head as they echoed. "Ahh... My head.. It hurts.." She said. She was so weak that she didn't have the strength to shout in agony.

"Wait, I'll just call the doctor.." Calyx said, clearly panicking as he went out of the room.

'Alegria, I still love her.' These words. She can't forget them. She cried as these words kept ringing in her head, and it ached even more. Everything turned black.


It's summer again. It's been a year since Bruno last saw Alegria, but he still can't forget about her. He kept himself busy with his tours, shows, producing songs, and a lot more. He was doing and thinking about a lot of things, but his mind was still full of thoughts about her. He never had any form of communication with her since that day. He never dared to call or text or visit her. He didn't apologize.

Bruno and Eric decided to take a break and have a week-long vacation with their whole family in Hawaii. They arrived at the airport, and as usual, fans are there to welcome them. The bodyguards were around them, keeping the fans from being too close to Bruno and the family.

Bruno was smiling and waving at the fans, just like he normally does. But he froze when he suddenly saw a girl that looked like Alegria. The girl was short-haired, but she looks exactly like her. The deep-set eyes, the nose, the lips, even the shape of the face.

"What are you looking at?" Eric asked Bruno, also looking to the direction that Bruno was looking at and then looked at Bruno. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." Bruno answered as he looked at Eric.

"Let's go then. There are already too many fans out here." Eric said as he continued walking.

"Yeah.. Right.." Bruno said, as he followed walking. He looked at the direction where he saw the girl, but she was gone. Maybe he was just hallucinating, so he shook his head and continued walking.


"Ahh.. It's so nice to be back home!" Eric said as he stretched while walking in the beach. A lot of people were surrounding them, but thanks to the bodyguards, no one dared to get near them.

"It's been a while since we've been here, and it's even because we had a show. Now, it's time to relax and enjoy.. And look for some good-looking ladies." Bruno chuckled. He didn't really wanna have a vacation to relax. He wanted to forget. Forget about the big mistake that he made.

"Come on, don't lie. You still love her, don't you?" Eric asked.

Bruno smiled, but he didn't say a word. Even if he lied about it, Eric knows the truth. He would know the answer with just one look in his eyes.

Suddenly, Eric saw someone who he thought he would never see in such place. "Bro, is that.. Alegria?" He stared at the short-haired woman wearing shades and a plain red bikini. She was just walking by the beach, staring at the sea. No one was with her.

She's. Damn. Hot. That was what came into Bruno's mind when he saw the woman. He took his shades off to take a better look. 'The tattoos..' He can't be wrong. "It is her!" Bruno said, still looking at Eric. "So she was the woman that I saw in the airport earlier... I thought I was just hallucinating or something." Bruno said. Bruno walked towards the woman.

"Bro, where are you going?" Eric asked.

"To Alegria, of course." Bruno said, walking faster.

"Wait, Bruno, you don't know if she still remembers you, don't you? She probably have been on that surgery last year, so I'm sure she won't remember you anymore." Eric said as he held Bruno's shoulder.

Bruno stopped. 'He's right..' Alegria might not remember him. No, Alegria will not remember him. But he can just introduce himself to her again. He will make friends with her, then court her, then everything will be back to where it was before. 'That's right.. Everything will be just fine.' He thought.

"I'll just introduce myself, don't worry." Bruno told Eric, and he continued walking. Eric and the bodyguards followed him.

The woman noticed Bruno was staring at him, but wasn't sure if it was really her, so she continued walking. The crowd became obstreperous when Bruno walked towards the woman.

"Eherm.." Bruno coughed as he walked with the woman.. "Uhm.. It's nice here, isn't it?" He said as he looked around, then at the woman.

The woman didn't answer him, and just gave him a glance instead, then she looked back at the sea as she continued walking.

"My name's Bruno. Can I know the name of this pretty woman standing before me?" Bruno gave his charming smile. He's sure he's Alegria, but he still asked for her name.

The woman just stared at Bruno's hand and then looked at his face. "I don't talk to strangers." The woman said as she continued walking. Eric laughed at Bruno as he was walking behind them.

"Well.. You just did." Bruno smiled as he followed the woman. "Is it this difficult for men to ask for your name?" Now, he wasn't sure if she really was Alegria. The way she talks and her attitude.. Dang. She's changed. She's not the Alegria that he used to know. The surgery really changed her.

The woman stopped walking and looked at Bruno then she removed her shades. "Wait a minute.. Bruno... You're Bruno Mars?"

'Finally..' Bruno smiled."Yes, I'm Bruno Mars., the grenade guy. Can you tell me your name now?"

"Alegria. My name's Alegria." Alegria smiled.

'So she really is Alegria.' Bruno smiled and held out his hand to shake hers. "Nice to meet you, Alegria."

"Nice to meet you too." Alegria smiled as she shook Bruno's hand.

They heard some fans scream frantically. They both chuckled.

"So, is it your first time here?" Bruno asked.

"Well.. Yeah. Never been here before. How about you, what is Bruno Mars doing here? Having a vacation?" Alegria asked.

"Yeah, I'm with my family. By the way.." Bruno looked at Eric. He signaled him to come closer. "He's Eric, my brother. I bet you already know him."

"I'm sorry.. But I don't. But it's nice to meet you, Eric." Alegria looked at Eric.

'She really forgot about everything. She doesn't even know who Eric is.' Bruno thought.

"Nice to meet you too, Alegria." Eric shook Alegria's hand.

"How'd you know my name?" Alegria tilted her head in curiousity.

"Uhm.." Eric bit his lip. "I heard the both of you talking.. I was walking behind you two."

"Oh.. I didn't notice you.. I'm sorry about that." Alegria smiled.

"It's okay." Eric smiled back.

"So, how long do you plan to stay here?" Bruno asked.

"Well, just a week.. How about you?" Alegria answered.

"Wow, what a coincidence. We'll be staying here for a week, too." Bruno smiled. "What hotel are you staying at?"

"Hyatt Regency. You?"

Bruno chuckled. "We're staying there, too. Really, what a coincidence." Bruno grinned. 'Ah, what luck..' He said to himself.

"Alex!" A guy came running towards her.

Bruno looked at the guy. 'I've seen him before..' Bruno said. 'The stalker guy.. Why is she with him?'

"Oh guys, this is Alexander." Alegria introduced the guy as he held her on her waist.

Bruno wanted to punch the guy for holding Alegria like that, but he had to control himself so he stayed calm.

"Your boyfriend?" Eric asked.

"Uhm.. No. He's still courting me." Alegria said, smiling. "I'm playing hard to get." Alegria mouthed the words and winked at Eric. "I guess you already know them, don't you, Alexander?" Alegria looked at Alexander.

"Wait a minute.. You're Bruno Mars right? And you.. you're Eric! You're his brother! Wow, it's such an honor to meet you! I'm such a big fan!" Alexander said as he held out his hand to shake Bruno's.

'He acts like we didn't punch each other before at the cemetery and now, he's saying that he's my fan. Great.' Bruno just stared at Alexander's hand and didn't say anything.

"Oh.." Alexader dropped his hand, noticing that Bruno didn't want to shake his. "Uhm, Alegria, Calyx is looking for you.." Alexander said.

'So..Calyx is here too..' Bruno said to himself.

"Well, I guess we have to go now. Bye guys." Alegria said as she left with Alexander.

Bruno stared at them while they left. He can't believe it. 'Of all the guys to be with, why does it have to be that stalker guy?' He thought.

"Bro, you okay?" Eric asked. He noticed that Bruno stared at Alexander like he wanted to kill him or something.

Bruno shook his head. "Why does it have to be that guy?" Bruno said, infuriated.

"Why? What's wrong? Look, I know you didn't expect Alegria to have a suitor, but that guy, he seems nice. I think there's no need to worry about her." Eric said.

"Eric, have I ever mentioned Alegria's stalker before? He's that guy! Alegria's with her stalker! Now tell me, how can I not worry about her?" Bruno raised his voice.

"Bruno, you're just jealous." Eric said. "He was Alegria's stalker, alright. But I don't think that's the reason why you're angry right now." Eric patted Bruno's shoulders. "Come on bro, just give up on her. She's happy being on a vacation, and she has a suitor. Don't bother her anymore. You'll just hurt her again."

"I'm not gonna give up that easily." Bruno said. He really was just jealous of Alexander, but he can't just let that stalker guy take away Alegria from him.

"Bro, you know what? Let's just go back to the hotel. More fans are showing up. Good thing Derek hired lots of bodyguards for us. Come on, let's go." Eric said as he walked away from Bruno.

"Eric, I still love her. I'm gonna get her back no matter what."

"You left her for Chanel, but ended up dumping the both of them. And now, you're saying that you want Alegria back. Bruno, are you crazy? Calyx is never gonna let you be anywhere near his sister. You know, forget about it. You'll just end up hurting her again."

Eric was right. Calyx isn't just gonna let him do what he wants with Alegria. He's the protective type of brother. But he isn't gonna give up just like that. He has to make things right again. If he wants to get her back, he has to suffer the consequences from the things that he has done in the past.


'I'm not giving up, not now.'


"Alex, you know revenge isn't gonna do you anything good." Calyx said.

"This is just for fun, Calyx. Don't worry." Alegria smiled at Calyx, trying not to make her brother worried.

"Alegria, Calyx is right. Showing yourself to him at airport was already a wrong thing to do, and now you wanna make him fall inlove with you again. Just stop it already." Danielle said as she sat beside Calyx.

"You know, just don't worry about me. I'll be fine." Alegria smiled.

"Alegria... I can't go any further. Let's just stop this." Alexander said.

"What? You too? Oh, come on. I'm asking for your help guys.. Just for one week, then after that we can stop."

"Alegria, just tell him the truth!" Calyx shouted. He was sick of all the revenge plans. He hated Bruno for leaving her sister for another woman, but he knows revenge is never a good thing.

"What? You suppose I'll just tell him everything? That my medical records just got mixed up with a brain cancer patient? That I was anemic, I just had a migraine, and that I have not undergone in any kind of brain surgery that will make me lose my memory? Is that it?" Alegria said, raising her voice.

"Why shouldn't you?! Alegria, just stop this shit. This won't do you any good!" Calyx shouted. He doesn't want Alegria to live like this, hating the world just because a man broke her heart. She wasn't like that.

"It will make me feel good! I wanna see that fucking jerk cry in front of me, on his knees, begging me to be with him again. I wanna hurt him a thousand times more than he has hurt me! I want him to suffer! Calyx, you know how I've suffered because of him! My life was miserable because of that fucking asshole! Can't you at least make me feel happy by helping me do this?!" Alegria cried as she spoke. Alegria has made up her mind, she wants revenge.

"Alegria, I know you won't be happy if you see Bruno cry for you! Admit it, you were even hesitant on doing all of these! Why can't you just stay away from him?!"

"Because she doesn't wanna be away from him. Because she still loves him, even though he has hurt him. She just wants to make him suffer at first, then she would forgive him eventually. Right, Alegria?" Alexander answered. He already had a vision of the future. That even though it has already been a year, Alegria still can't forget about Bruno. That he will never be loved by Alegria.

"You've changed, Alex. You've changed a lot." Danielle said as she stood up and went out of the room.

"Why... Why does he have to show up again, when everything's okay now?" Alegria cried harder. She was already okay before he showed up. She wants him out of her life. She wants Bruno to stay away from her. She doesn't want to fall head over heels on him again.


'Alegria, I still love her.' These words, they echoed inside her head again and again.