Chapter 16

27/07/2011 09:42

#Chapter 16 Happy Birthday & best wishes to the cutest birthdaygirl.


Today was the big day. But I was still sleeping like a baby. I could feel someone caressing my left arm, softly. I could feel his finger touching my face, gently. I could feel his kisses on my lips, smoothly and there wasn't a nicer way to wake up in the world. When I opened my eyes, I turned my head on the left and saw him smiling.



_Happy Birthday and best wishes for the cutest birthday girl. he said, with a soft voice.


I blushed and hide myself behind my hands. He removed my hands from my face and kissed my neck. It tickled me so much that I was writhing in all directions. I almost punched him in the face. But it's not my fault, he would have known that I'm not responsible of my actions, i'm so ticklish. I was yelling at him to stop, I was yelling so much, but he never meant to listen to me. He was keep boring me. A moment later he stopped, I was out of breath, gasping. This moron was laughing out loud. I pushed him away and he fell down on the floor. I went to the bathroom and started to prepare me for the day. Bruno rushed in the bathroom, took his stuffs and got out. He was preparing himself too. An hour later, we were both ready to go. A deliver guy knocked at the door. Bruno didn't make a move. "Bruno, stand up and open the door!". He stared at me like a fool and he didn't even move his finger. Sometimes, he really pisses me off. I ran to the door and opened it so fast. The deliverer gave me the bouquet of roses and went away. I inhaled it, it was the first bouquet someone ever gave to me, the beautifulest bouquet i've ever seen actually. A little card was hidden in it. I read the card.

"I promise to love you for the rest of my life. xx B.♥"


A tear rolled down my cheek. I turned around and ran to Bruno, jumped on him and put my legs around him, kissed him with passion. "Does that mean you liked my bouquet?" he said, still laughing. I laughed and Bruno told me we had to go. It was the breakfast time and he planned to go to a "boulangerie"  to eat, I quote "these dayum croissants!". I smiled.


_You're so cute, so excited about croissants! I said, tender.

_You say that because you knew croissants since you're a small baby, which it isn't a very old time…-I punched his arm- Hm..yeah. Sorry.


We went in front of the hotel and quickly got in the limo to avoid millions of flashes. The limo drove us to this famous "boulangerie" Paul. I rolled my eyes and looked at Bruno. Is he serious?! Breakfast is so expensive here!


_No! I won't eat there…

_You don't like this place? Well, we can go to…I can't read the name -he showed me the paper with the name of an another very expensive bakery- do you like it?

_Wait..NO! Bruno, I don't want you to waste your money like that…It's not such a big deal…

_Your birthday isn't such a big deal?! Hm..yeah 19 years-old isn't such a big deal

_No I swear B. you. are. crazy. that is all.


He took my hand and we got out of the limo. We discreetly entered in the french bakery, but unfortunately, everyone was looking at us. Suddenly, the 3/4 of people in the bakery ran to Bruno asked for pictures and autographs. He looked at them with a sad look and said "I'm sorry I can't take pictures with you guys right now, I can't sign papers either. It's my girlfriend's day today and I told her it'll be her day and only her day." Fans weren't sad. They replied "Yeah we know that! -they started to sing- HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLEE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLEE!". I laughed and thanked them. Someone said "Maybe if Kaylee agrees, could you take pictures and sign after your breakfast?". Bruno took a look at me and i nodded as I would have said "yes, go ahead. Hooligans are the best. Just make them happy too.". Everyone looked at me, thankfully and  I smiled. They both went back to their seats and we did the same. When we sat, Bruno took my hand and gently caressed it as if he wanted to say "thank you for being grateful".

The waitress came and Bruno ordered his lovely croissants. We randomly talked until they brought our order. We ate then Bruno stand up and paid. All the fans came again and Bruno did what he promises them he will. Hooligans thanked us again for our time and we left. We got in the limo again. I asked to Bruno where the next stop was but he didn't answer. In fact, the next stop was the center of Paris with all his wonderful stores! Gucci, Prada, Chanel, we almost done everything single store in a record time. At the lunch hour, Bruno had reservations for the Fouquet's, a really famous restaurant in Paris. A really expensive one by the way. We ordered french specialities and he tasted almost everything. Now, we had free time. I asked to him what he'd like to do. He told me as an answer that it was my day so I had to decide. I replied that he'll do me a favor if he would have chose the next place. So he agreed and he told me he always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. So, the limo driver picked us and dropped us at the Eiffel Tower. We went on the top of the tower, the last level. The view was marvelous. I quickly remembered the first time I went there, I was such a little girl. It was one of my good childhood memories. I was showing everything we could see from where we were to Bruno and explained the history of all. He tried to read french information signs, It was really cute with his accent. I helped him and he was so amazed to see that he could finally read french. He told me that he wanted to learn my language because I meant the world to him and he wanted to understand me and be the closest he could to me. I smiled like a fool. He hugged me and kissed me in my hair. Then I realized how much the time was filling and how much time we spent there so I asked him if we could go. He said yes so I started to walk when he caught me by the arm.


_Wait! he supplied me.


I turned around and looked at him. He took a little box from his pocket and gave it to me. What the hell was that?! My heart started to beat really fast.


_Open it! he said, smiling but a little bit nervous too.


I took the box in my hands, stared at it and opened it. There was a ring in it. I took the ring by two fingers and saw that there were words carved on it. We could read "I promise to love you for the rest of my life" and next to this sentence was carved "Bruno". It was a "couple" ring. So, I had this ring with a Bruno's quote and his name on and he got one with my name on. The ring was made of iron and it was all shining, it was just so beautiful.


_You wanna see my ring? Here! he said, proudly showing me his ring, on his cute forefinger. There's your name on but I let some space for the quote because I wanted to carve something who describes you, something touching you would have told me or something you say all the time…but I couldn't chose so I'll make this up to you, I just carved "Kaylee" on for now, we'll see later for the quote.


I couldn't help but nod. I was stunning by everything he already done for me. Plus, the day isn't even over...


My name is Kaylee, I'm almost 19 and I'm Bruno Mars's girlfriend.