Chapter 16

27/07/2011 11:08

 "No! No, no, no! Damn you Brooke!" I banged my fist against the glass of the terminal. "Look, I know your mad bro, but you knew you shouldn't of done that shit." "I know, I know, I shouldn't of lied to her either, she was lied to a lot when she was a kid, she doesn't take it lightly." I let out a sigh and buried my face in my hands. "What am I gonna do Phil?" "I dunno man, you really messed up." "Not helping." "Dude, what do you want me to say?! You know, she might of actually saved you ass back there, because you would've done that stuff and you might of gotten caught, sending you to jail and it could've seriously messed your career up." "Yeah, your right. What am I gonna do?" Phred, Eric, Jamaero, Ari, and Kenji all run over to us. "She already left didn't she?" Phred asks. "Yeah man." "What am I gonna do guys?" "If you love her, go to her." "That's it! I know what I'm gonna do!" I take my phone out and call my mom. "Hey baby! What's up?" "Mom listen this may sound like really crazy but Brooke's alive, she got really pissed off at me and shes flying to Waikiki, she left about ten minutes ago. I need you to throw her this huge welcome home party when she gets there, act really surprised. Me and the guys are gonna fly there and meet her at the party and I'm gonna fix all of this. Just have a stage and drums and a keyboard and a few mics and guitars on stage. Don't tell her anything, make her party I'm gonna make this all up to her." "Bruno Hernandez.....what am I going to do with you?" "Please mom?!" "Alright alright." "Thanks gotta go love you." "You remember that song we started working on, but we could never come up with lyrics? I got the lyrics now. Come on guys were going to Waikiki." We all rush back to our places and pack our things, returning an hour later to the terminal. We all meet up and board the plane.


I put my spongebob hat on and slipped my ray bans on. I pulled my iPod touch out of my carry on and put it on shuffle. Talking to the moon comes on. I rip the earbuds out and put my iPod away. I feel the tears start to fall down my checks. I viciously wipe them away. "Are you alright?" I look up and standing there is a man about 24 and he looks Hawaiian. Kinda cute, not as cute as Bruno. "Uh.....yeah, thanks." " mind if I sit?" "Uh.....I'm not really in a good mood right now." "Oh, it's ok." "Have at it." He sits down and smiles. I took my sunglasses off. "I'm Mason, but everyone calls me Salt." "Hi, I'm...." "Brooke Daniels." "Yeah." "Sorry, that must get annoying." "It comes with the fame." He puts his carry on bag under the seat in front if him and a paper falls. I pick it up and read it. It's the latest edition from TMZ. 'Brooke Daniels and Bruno Mars back together and already over? The legend left Mars after his interview with Ryan Seacrest screaming 'Call a cab druggie!' We found the softball star boarding a plane for Waikiki with Mars in hot pursuit. Mars was on his knees begging for her to come back. Daniels flicked him off leaving him on his knees.' "Shit!" I turned the paper over and sighed. "Do you mind me asking what happened?" "Basically he did some crap he shouldn't of done, lied to my face, so I left. Simple as that." "Oh....sorry." "No it's fine really, I'm just really pissed and I'm trying not to lash out on you." "Well if you do it's my fault because I'm the one asking all the touchy questions." I chuckle. "I don't think you want me lashing out on you though." "Um...." He looks me up and down. "...I doubt it." "Can we like change the subject?" "Uh...yeah sure, um....what part of Hawaii are you from?" "Waikiki, whadda bout chu?" "Same, grew up on the outskirts." "I grew up in the heart." "Must of been lonely." "No I had........Bruno." "You grew up with him?" I feel the tears threatening to fall. I slide my ray bans back on and look out the window. "Yeah....we were best friends, inseparable.....he was like a brother to me. We did everything together." He doesn't say anything. He puts his hand on my leg. "I'm really sorry I'm not a very good talker person." "It's....fine, totally fine." "No, I've been making you upset." "Salt, chill, I'm fine it's just...." I sigh. "It's better if you don't understand." "Yeah your probably right." We talk the rest of the way to Waikiki. Our plane lands and we Get off. "Will I see you again?" "Uh...maybe...I live in LA......well I used to live in LA, but I guess I live in Hawaii now." "You lived with Bruno?" "Yeah, he was my life, my everything." "Can I tell you something? Nobody's perfect everyone makes mistakes." We exchange numbers and I grab my luggage and manage to wave down a taxi. I give him my address and he turns the radio on. Nothin on you starts to play. I sit there and listen to it. After it's over Bruno comes on. "So man, what gave you the inspiration for that song?" "Well honestly, without my best friend Brooke Daniels slapping on sense into me, I would of never wrote that song, but the whole time I was writhing it I was think about her, because she's so beautiful and nobody else has anything on her." "Aww sounds like a lucky girl." "Here you are Ms. Daniels." "Oh, thanks." I hand him a twenty. "Keep the change." "Thanks." I get out and grab my bags out of the trunk. I look in the from yard of my house, the memories here are so strong. I take my hat and ray bans off and walk to the front door. I knock and a few seconds later my mom opens the door with my dad and Bernadette standing behind her. "Hi guys." The next few minutes are filled with crying, hugging and explanations. "So where's Bruno?" My mom asks. "Uh....well let's just say he did something he shouldn't of done and I found out and he lied to me about it so, he's back in LA." "Oh, baby I'm so sorry." "It's ok really." "Hey why don't we have a huge welcome home party?" "Sounds good to me." We throw together some food and call all our family. A band is going to be here in 3 hours. When everyone finally gets here it's about 150 people in all. Yeah I know, a lot of people. I change into a bikini top and a pair of frayed, torn jean shorts. I walk outside on the beach and grab a beer out of the cooler. "Alright everyone the bands almost here the said they're about 15 minutes out." I walk out onto the beach and let the breeze blow in my face. I take a sip out of my beer, someone comes up behind me and takes it out of my hand, spinning me around and pressing their lips against mine. Bruno. "What are you doing here!" "Well I heard someone needed a band so...." "Wait a mint you set all this up didn't you?!" I turn to walk away but he grabs my wrist. "Brooke please, I'm so sorry, I totally deserved everything you said to me, I deserved it, you have no idea how sorry I am. Please forgive me, I don't wanna loose you again." "Why should I come back, you lied to me Bruno! You know I don't take that lightly, you know what my parents did to me." "I know, I know and I'm so sorry! I shouldn't of lied to you I should have been straight up with you." Silence. "Brooke....." "Bruno we're best friends, we can't keep secrets from each other. Promise no more secrets or lies?" "Promise." "Ok." I kiss him and I hear clapping. I turn around and everyone stopped parting and was watching us. "Oh my god! You guys knew too?" They shake their heads yes. "Come on, I got some singing to do, and you got some dancing to do." We walk back in and the rest of the guys are already on stage. I wave to them and they wave back. Bruno takes the stage and starts singing billionaire. Everyone starts dancing and singing. After that he sings count on me, somewhere in Brooklyn, grenade, just the way you are, and nothin on you. "Alright y'all, I wrote this song on the plane ride here, come here Brooke." The helps me and stage and I stand beside him. "I love you so much, words can't even describe. So hopefully this song will help." He starts singing Rest of my life. The whole time he's looking at me with those amazing brown eyes. As my tears fall he wipes them away with his thumb. He finishes the song and everyone claps. He kisses me and everyone starts cheering. "Now there's one more thing. Brooke can I call you my baby?" I smiled. "Of course Bruno." "Can I change something?" "Uh? Ok? What do you want to change?" "Can I change you name to Brooke Hernandez?" He gets down on his knee and pulls out a black box. "Peter Gene Hernandez!" "Brooke, your my world, I don't know where I'd be without you. I love you so much. Will you share my last name? Will you marry me?" He opens the box and in it is a diamond ring with a diamond in the middle and diamonds around the whole band. I look at the guys and they're smiling and holding up their thumbs. I look in the crowd of my the families and their all smiling too. "Yes! Yes!" Everyone starts clapping and he slips the ring on my finger. I throw my arms over my neck and kiss him. We party the night away. Everyone's jammed together dancing. Bruno comes up behind me and pushes himself up against me. I look over my shoulder at him and slowly grind against him. He bites his lip and smiles. "God girl, your killing me." I do it again. "Ugh...stop." "Make me." I do it again. "Oh I'll make you." He grabs my hand and we start running down the beach to his house. "Where do you think you two are going?"