Chapter 16

29/12/2011 15:19

By the time I get downstairs everyone has left. Urgh I’m so sick of this, I’m just so sick of all the secrets and lies. “Lex, come on, let’s get to the studio, I wanna record! We got an album deadline remember?” and with that he runs out the door and drags me with him. “Why do we always take my car? Why don’t you buy your own?” I ask confused. “What’s yours is mine. Deal with it.” “No, but seriously, why?” “I dunno, I like your car. I wanna buy a Cadillac, maybe I will…” Or maybe I’ll buy him one. Knowing him he’ll never get around to actually buying one. We get to the studio, go in, and get straight to work. “Baby this song is so fucking dramatic! What are you gonna call it?” I say “Errr Grenade?” “Wow, that’s shocking” “Lex, you heard Runaway Baby?” Ari asks. “No, I haven’t, play it for me!” “Oh shit, you’re gonna love it” and they play it for me. Wow, the music of this song is amazing! It just makes you wanna dance. Wait. Did he just say what I think he said!? “Theirs only one carrot and they all gotta share it!? THE FUCK!?” “What!? You don’t like those lyrics!? Hahahaha” “Since when do you call your huge dick a carrot!?” “Huge!?” Ari blurts out. We all ignore him and Bruno continues “Come on Lex. Me singing *There’s only one dick and they all gotta share it* sounds weird” “Ok, but you’re gonna start of a new trend with this carrot thing. Your Hooligans are gonna start using it in normal conversations and stuff…. and before you know it, something Bruno Mars/Carrot related will trend on twitter!” “I don’t even know how to fucking use twitter!! Bruno vs technology remember?” “Oh shut up, you’re not THAT bad at it” “Lex, I dropped your iPhone the other day because I couldn’t figure out how to lock it” “Then you shouldn’t be on my phone then” “Ok you two…. stop fighting, or whatever you’re doing” Phil says. “Anyway, I gotta go, gonna see what Mid is up too, see you later, bye” and before Bruno or anyone has time to say anything else, I’m out of there….

“BITCH OPEN THIS DOOR!” I’ve been ringing her door bell for five fuck knows how long! Fuck it, I decide to just open the door with my spare key, I mean what the fuck could she be doing!? As I walk in its all empty, but her lights are all on, and her car is in the drive. Maybe she’s upstairs. As I make my way upstairs I hear, well I hear. Actually, what the fuck can I hear!? Heavy breathing and the bed banging. Oh Fuck. I kinda have the urge to open the door and see who she’s with though, I suppose a quick peek wouldn’t hurt right? Just as I’m about to open the door, I hear “Fuuuuuuucccckkkkk!!!” Oh God. I know that voice. It can’t be! Not her and him! Anything but that! I open the door and yup! It’s who I thought it was! I walk in and turn my back to them and speak “THE FUCK ARE YOU BOTH DOING!? I MEAN, I KNOW YOU’RE BOTH ADULTS AND EVERYTHING, BUT SERIOUSLY! I THOUGHT YOU BOTH HATED EACHOTHER!” “Lex, calm down sweetie, and you can turn around, we’re both covered up” Mid says. “I don’t think I can look at you both right now” “Lex, please look at us” he says to me. I slowly turn round and look at them both sitting there looking sheepish. “I can’t believe this. Mid I thought you liked Jamareo! Why do I come in your house, which is something I rarely do, and find you fucking Phred!? Care to explain!?” “Uhh, I don’t know why, it just happened, heat of the moment. And I do like Jamareo! But it was just this one time. And to be honest, I don’t ever wanna do it with Phred again” “Hey!? See something you didn’t li-actually, yeah I don’t wanna do it with her again” Phred says as he checks his phone. “Anyway, why are you here? I thought you’d be with the guys in the studio” he says. “I was. But I wanted to have a talk with Mid, but it looks like you were keeping her busy” “Get on with it Lex” my phone starts to ring, but I ignore it “I’ll see you downstairs, then we can talk. Alone”

Once I’ve finally gotten to grips with what I just saw, I finally sit down with Mid to try and get her to tell me what the big secret is. “So, what did you want? You don’t usually come round to mine, you usually call me to come to yours” “Nothing much, I just wanted to talk, hey, where were you the other day when I called you and you put the phone down quickly?” “Uhhhh, I don’t know what you mean. Have you done something new with your hair? It looks fucking amazing!” “Mid, stop. Where were you? Why is everyone keeping secrets from me?” “Leeeexxxx, go away, I don’t wanna tell you! He made us all promise not to tell you!” “Come on! Just tell me!!” “You know what? You are really dumb. Like SO dumb that it hurts. ANYONE would be able to guess what’s happening except you! Come one Lexii, you’re a smart girl! Think about it!” I just stare at her, waiting for her to tell me. “Bruno. You’re FIANCE. Is planning-“ “-Our wedding” I say as I finally put all the pieces together. FUCK! “Are you serious!? Wha- I mean. How? No, wait, since when!?” I say shocked. “Since we got back from Vegas and, he was even planning when you both had that argument” “And that’s where he was that morning I woke up and Jake was in the house! So that’s what he’s been hiding from me!” “Lex, you’re so lucky to have a considerate guy like him” Again, my phone rings, but I don’t recognise the number so I ignore it again “What’s he planned?” “Nothing huge, he said that he still wanted you to plan it when you got your tiny ass round to it. He’s chosen all the music and your ring, oh it’s so beautiful, and he chose that with me and your mom. Uhhhh, if I’m honest, the rest of the stuff me and your mom have been doing, but we were just running it by him to check that he’s happy with everything. Like we’ve spoken with this woman that agreed to custom make your entire bridesmaid dresses and your wedding dress, her stitching is beautiful” “what about a venue?” “Well, that’s the thing. He really wants to have it in Hawaii. But he’s not sure if you’d rather have one here in L.A, he said he only wants to make you happy” “I don’t care where we have it. If he wants it in Hawaii, then we’ll have it their” a single tear runs down my face. Wow, he really is perfect. “You know what Mid? I never, ever, ever in my life thought that I’d end up with someone as perfect and amazing as him. I never thought that I’d love someone as much as I love him. Honestly, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Or will be” “Well that’s a lie Lex” “What?” “Well, you said this is the happiest you’ll ever be. You’re gonna have so many more amazing times with him. Especially when you’re married…… and you’ve chosen a maid of honour…. hint. Hint” “Yeah yeah sure, whatever, I need to go and see Bruno now….” “Fuck, he made me promise not to tell!” “bitch please, he knew you’d tell eventually” and with that I leave to go find him and fuck the shit outta him. As soon as I get to the studio, I see him sitting on the couch, as soon as he sees me he smiles and I walk over to him and attack his lips with mine. I sit on his lap, grab his neck in my hands and give the most passionate, steamy, intense, sensual kiss I’ve ever given him. I don’t care that people are in the room, and by the looks of where Bruno’s hands are placed, I’d say he doesn’t care either. “Oh my God, GET OFF OF HIM!” Trust Dre to be the one to tell me to get off his man. We both ignore him, we could have sex on this couch right now and I wouldn’t care if people were watching. Bruno pulls back for air. What, what the fuck am I saying!? He looks up at me and smiles and says “You spoken to Mid?” I nod. “Hawaii” I whisper “Hawaii” he replies and comes in for another kiss. Before the kiss starts to get heated again, my phone rings. What’s this number? I look at Bruno “Answer it, it might be important” I finally answer it. “Hello?” “Hello, is this Miss Lexii Roberts?” “Yes, this is Lexii” “We’ve been trying to get in contact with you for a while, I’m afraid I have some rather bad news” Oh my God. “What!? What is it?” “Miss Roberts we have your mother. She’s in a critical state; we think you should come down to the hospital right no-“I drop the phone…