Chapter 16

28/01/2012 21:13
Seconds kept flying by and I was starting to get sick to my stomach. This couldn’t happen, now right now, not today, not ever. I blew into her mouth again, and when she didn’t respond I laid my head on her chest and began to pray. I felt her chest move a bit and then I quickly lifted my head up to look at her. Her face was still emotionless and her head was slowly tilting to the right. I grabbed her face with my hand and lifted her chin up to me. I quickly glanced up to the girl and she had no expression what so ever, I knew she was just as scared as I was. I wasn’t going to give up, I opened her mouth again and blew into it with all the rest of the air I had in my lungs. As I raised up she started to cough and choke. I scooted back a bit as she coughed up water she had swallowed. I just shook my head, I had no words. She finally shifted her attention to me and I saw her eyes again. I smiled and she smiled as well. I looked up to the girl and she smiled as well. I looked back down to Diamond, “Babe… we are not going in the ocean anymore okay..?” She wiped her mouth, “That’s fine with me..” I shook my head still trying to get over the whole situation, “I thought I had lost you there..” I said honestly.

She shook her head as she sat up on her elbows, “I’m sorry.. I slipped..” The girl started to stand up, “I’m glad you’re okay.” she said smiling at the both of us. I stood up as well and reached out for her hand, “Thank you so much.. I’m Bruno.” She nodded, “I’m Jazzy.” We both reached down at the same time and helped Diamond to her feet. She slowly wiped sand from herself, “I think we lost your board…” she said softly. I shook my head, “Fuck that. I can buy a new board but, what I can’t do is buy a new you.” She smiled from ear to ear and hugged me. I squeezed her tight in my arms and closed my eyes, we we’re both lucky. As we unlocked she turned to the girl and hugged her as well, “Thank you so much.” She shook her head and smiled, “It’s nothing. I’m glad to help..” “So.. maybe you can come over and have a plate or something… my mom is a really good cook.” Bruno said pointing back towards the way to his house. She shrugged, “Well I don’t know if..” Diamond cut her off, “No really you should come.. it’s the least we can both do.” She smiled and nodded, “Alright.” We all started collecting our things and getting back dressed. I threw my arm around Diamond as we started walking back to the house.

I took a deep breath and I stepped out of the sand, I was so lucky. I could tell by Bruno’s eyes when I looked up at him that he was really scared for a minute there. I guess surfing wouldn’t be on our fun list anymore. As we got closer to the house I could smell Bernie’s cooking. We stepped up onto the patio slowly and Bruno opened the door and waited for us to walk in. “Oh who do we have here?” Bernie said turning to us. “Bruno!” Jamaro said running up to him. “What’s up little man..” he said smiling down him. “Bernie this is Jazzy.. she just helped us threw a little.. dilemma at the beach.” I said trying to make her more comfortable. “Come on over, have a seat dinner is almost ready..” she said turning back to he stove. Jazzy slowly walked over to the table and Bruno and Jamaro followed close behind her. “I think I wanna take a shower really quick.” I said going towards the stairs. “Hurry up in there babe..” I heard Bruno say as I started up them. I smiled as I went in the bedroom.

I started gathering my things. I knew that this shower would make me feel a whole lot about myself and this day. I carried my things into the bathroom and sang Marry You as I washed up. It seemed that a new song by Bruno got stuck in my head every other week. To just think that I was the reason and the inspiration for those amazing songs blew my mind. I was already excited for the next things he had coming for him. I knew it from the first time I heard his beautiful voice that day at the volleyball courts at college that he was something special.

“You from here?” I said as I sipped on my drink. She nodded and sipped from hers as well, “Right here in Honolulu..” “Aww yeah? Me too.. I’m here visiting family and stuff you know..” “Bruno.. I know who you are..” she said cutting me off. “Yeah? Who am I then?” I said smirking. She laughed, “You’re Bruno Mars.. everyone in Hawaii knows you..” I threw my sly eyes on and grabbed at the collar of my shirt, “I guess I am that good..” She laughed again and shook her head, “It’s actually really funny that I meet you.. I’m a big fan.” “How big of a fan..?”  She shrugged, “Well.. I don’t know..” I smiled, “So.. you coming to the show?” “Of course.” I smiled, “Ayee that’s what I call a fan!” “No really it’s a honor meeting you Bruno.” she said softly. “Awww.. stop it!” She laughed a bit, “No really..” I nodded slowly, “That makes me feel really good you know..” “Good you deserve it..” I smiled at her and shook my head, “Stop it.” She laughed, “What I’m not doing anything?” I shrugged, “I know.. I’m just living my dream you know.. and when you say things like this.. it’s just still amazing to hear..”

“Well you know.. you really are.. I’m telling the truth.. you’re wife is a lucky woman..” I smiled and nodded, “Thank you.” Her words really did mean a lot to me, to just think that I had other fans out there like her made my heart skip a beat. It felt good to be recognized for things like that. Music is really all I know.

I moved a piece of hair from my face as I walked down the steps. “There she is!” Bruno said smiling at me as I walked towards the table. “Glad you could join us.” Bernie said smiling as I sat the table. “Sorry.. shower made me feel a whole lot better though.” Bruno shifted his position in his chair, “Where are the girls?” “You know it’s Saturday.. they get into their own things..” she said putting plates in front of us. I licked my lips in anticipation, I was really loving the food here. I widened my eyes at the beautiful Hawaiian chicken salad she put in front of me. I looked across to Bruno and he was already stuffing his face. We all eat and conversed really well during the 20 minutes. I really like Jazzy but it was sad that she lived here in Hawaii so I wouldn’t get to hang out with her as much. After I was done eating I took my dishes into the kitchen and went for the bathroom.

I got up and started towards the patio door. “Where you going?” Jazzy asked making me start to walk backwards. “Take a smoke.” “Mind if I join you?” I shrugged, “Not at all.” I went out onto the patio and held the door opened for her as she walked out. I lit my own cigarette and then hers. Each day I was smoking less and less, but I couldn’t find the strength to just quit. I looked over to Jazzy and studied her a bit as she smoked. I started to look to places where I really shouldn’t, but I’m a guy I can’t help it. I really wasn’t trying to get myself in any kind of trouble, but I was just curious. “So.. I know a girl like you is all tied up..” I said dumping the ashes from my cigarette. “Well actually I’m not..” she said almost cold. I could tell she had been threw some things. “Oh..” I simply said. She frowned, “Why do you ask?” “Well I just wanted to know.” I said smirking. She shook her head, “Yeah okay..” Hundreds of things started running threw my head at once, why do I keep doing this to myself. It was like I had no filter to tell me when I was going to far. What am I doing with myself…