Chapter 17

19/02/2012 21:02

“Well Mister Kalman would like to talk to you and your productionteam partners about possible collaborations in the future." She responses. 

My jaw drops. I can't believe what I heard. Atlantic Records wants to work with us... Finally! I try my best to stay calm. "I'm definitely into that! Just tell me when and where we should come."

She giggles a bit. "If you have time, tomorrow at 11am here in the main office." I agree and she gives me the address. "See you then tomorrow Mister Mars."

"Actually my name is Hernandez. Peter Hernandez. Bruno Mars is just my stage name..." I say smirking. "But you can call me Bruno."

"Oh ok. I already wondered about the name... Then see you tomorrow, Bruno. Have a nice afternoon."

"Thanks. Same to you. Til tomorrow. Goodbye."


I hang up and stare at my phone. Did this really just happened? I immediately call Phil, then Ari...


"Well Mister Hernandez, Mister Lawrence, Mister Levine. Welcome in the Atlantic Records family." Mister Kallman or Craig how we should call him says to me, Ari and Phil. I shake his hand still in trance not believing what's going on right now. God I'm thankful to have Phil, he manages to talk to him while I'm just sitting in my chair smiling. Kalman just bought 3 of our tracks and wants us to write songs for some of his artists like Knaan, the other track for Flo Rida's album, Natasha Bedingfield and they even want us to fly to London for a British act I didn't hear about before... It's so unreal how fast this went. Just 2 days ago Flo Rida bought our record and he bragged so much about us that they wanted to meet us immediately. Everything's so surreal. I see Phil and Craig talking but can't hear what they're saying, it's like everything goes in slow motion...


"Dudes... we maaaaaade it." Phil screams when we're going back to his car after the meeting. I'm just able to smile big.

"Man that's so unreal. I don't even know what to say." Ari says quietly.

"As if that was something new..." Phil jokes. Ari just glances at him. 

God, I love this guys! They're my family... I don't know what I would do without them. I shake my head grinning. "Guys we can do that! I already can feel the change. If they like our songs it doesn't take long we record our first album..."

They nod in agreement. Phil is so hyped and rhymes and free styles the whole drive long. We meet the other guys at the studio and pack all the equipment and instruments we need for the show. I decide to call Caroline as soon as we arrive at the venue. I can't wait to tell her the news. Although our last talk wasn't really good, I'm confident that it's gonna be better this time. She's so upset and emotional because of all her family stress, I guess that's why she was so sensitive... Driving now to the venue and watching the guys going crazy about the news I feel that I miss her a lot. I'd do anything to just have her now sitting next to me, wrapping my arms around her and seeing her beautiful smile.

After we unpacked and put everything on the stage, we go into the dressing room. Thank god it's an underage party and there's no alcohol here! Otherwise we all probably would be so drunk that we couldn't perform. Usually we celebrate every success to the extreme. We decide to go to the bar Ryan works at, after the show. Beverly says she wanna join us. I don't mind she's nice and somehow the closest person to Caroline who's around... so it's like she's here too...  By the way Caroline, I wanted to call her, I remember when I feel my phone vibrating. I take it out of my pants pocket and smile. It's Caroline.

"Hey babe!" I say happily.

"Hey Bruno, I hope I don't disturb your preparations for the show or so. You'll be up in a bit, right?" 

"Yeah in about 20 minutes. But you NEVER disturb Caro... How are you? Listen I'm really sorry how our last call went!"

"It's ok, Bruno. I'm sorry too. You just wanted to share good news with me and I was so bitchy... I'm better now. We just came back from the meeting with the buyer... The house is officially sold now..."

"I'm so sorry about all what's going on with your family right now! How's your mom?"

"It's ok... She's doing good. You know we all know it's the best thing to do and it's time to move on and start new... But enough of all this sad stuff, tell me what's going on in LA?"

I grin big. "Oh boy, so much! You won't believe... we met the president of Atlantic Records today..."

She interrupts me. "Kalman? What did he want?"

"Yes! You know him? He said he wants to buy 3 of our songs and we should work with some of their artists. Isn't that huge?! They were so impressed of the Flo Rida track that they want us as songwriters. Ya know they need some dope stuff so who do ya call... da smeezingtones..." I scream out in my ghetto slang. I can hear her laughing a bit. I miss her laugh, I know she hates it but I think it's so sexy. Man I'd do anything to just fuck her right now...

"Hm that's great Bruno. But be careful with Kalman!" She mumbles flatly.

What the hell? Why does she talk like this again? Can't she just be happy for me? "What does that mean? You're not happy for me?"

"Bruno! Of course I'm glad that you get recognised but...."

"But what?" 

"How much will he pay? You signed the contract already? Did you read it through well?"

What the fuck? "Erm Caroline you doubt that I can't read or what?"

"What? No! Bruno it's just I know Kalman. And he kinda milked out Tony 2 years ago..."

"But I'm not your fucking Tony a'right!" I hate that she compares me with me him. But fuck she's right I signed the contract without reading it properly. Kalman seemed so trustful...

"Hey dude, we gotta go on stage now." Eric says stepping closer to me. "Everything's okay?"

"Huh? Yeah yeah, all good." I reply and say to Caroline. "I'm sorry we talk tomorrow when you're back ok? We have to go now. And honestly I just wanna celebrate the deal and don't wanna listen to your worries... I'll pick you up at the airport..."

"Okay... I'm sorry I just want your best, Bruno.... Greet everyone from me and yes celebrate the success. I wish I could be there too... I miss you!"

"It's ok. We talk tomorrow. I miss you too! Bye."

"Bye. Rock the show, okay?!" She chuckles.

I chuckle too. "It's bok... Bok the show."


"Oh a hooligan thing... better you don't understand." I say laughing.

"Oh well.. ok...bye Bruno."

"Bye babe. See ya tomorrow."

I hang up. Time to do a good show...


God how I needed this burn on my tongue now! I think putting down the glass telling Ryan to pour me another shot. The show was perfect and we decided to hang out at the bar Ryan works at. I don't know why I feel so weird. All what happened the last days was just great and we got a great opportunity with the Atlantic deal. I should be happy and celebrate it but I can't really relax. The argument with Caroline still runs through my mind over and over again. I hate that I yell at her. She just wants the best for me and I know it's not her what made me mad. I'm mad at myself. She was right I didn't read through the contract and all this songwriting it's not what I really wanted. What if Atlantic just uses our songs and we stuck of being the 'hook' guys or something like that? I still have to learn so much... Everything's gonna be alright... If only I could believe myself. I think and take one shot after another.


"You sure you can take us home, Bev?" Phil asks. It's only Dre, Phil, me and Beverly left. It's late tho and we're all drunk beside Beverly, I guess I'm the most. 

"Yeah guys, that's no problem." She answers leading us to her car. We get in and she drops first Dre then Phil. I'm the last and somehow she manages to bring me up to Caroline's apartement. I fall onto the bed when I feel someone taking off my shoes. I turn around so that I lay with my back on the bed. I close my eyes. Everything's spinning around. I feel terrible and just wanna sleep. Someone undoes my pants and my shirt and... what the hell is that. I feel lips on my stomach coming slowly upwards to my neck kissing and sucking my favorite spot. Shit! That feels good. I lightly moan when the lips make their way to my earlobe softly biting it. That's exactly how Caroline always does it. Is she already back home? The lips come closer and closer to mine and finally reach them. Gosh that turns me on a lot! I grab the body that belongs to the lips and pull it close to me. "I missed you Caro." I whisper my eyes still closed. I only get a giggling as an answer. It's different to Caro's but I don't care. I missed her and I want her now! I feel getting hard slowly when a hand starts to stroke me down my stomach and between my thighs. She kisses my neck again and then comes back to my lips. I grab her head and run my fingers through her hair. Wait! This feels so unfamiliar! Caroline's hair got so soft since the day I brought my shampoo here and she started to use it. But this hair isn't soft and it's longer too. I push the head away and open my eyes. Fuck!

"Beverly?!" I say shocked. "Whad da hell are ya doin?"

She giggles at me. "Bruno baby just relax." She replies and leans into my neck again. 

"No!" I push her away again more strongly and sit up. "I'm wit Caro. I dunt wan dis!" 

"Oh com'on she doesn't have to know! I just wantcha one time to see how you are... You know Caroline she's so happy since she's with you, so I guess you must be good and I wanna check it out... just one time, Bruno..." She says and leans towards me again. 

I only understand half of what she's saying but I know clearly in my mind that I don't want her. I want Caroline to be here now. With her I feel so good, happy and safe. God how can I miss her so much? I feel Beverly's lips again on mine. I push her away strongly, she loses her balance and falls down on the floor. I keep laying on the bed, even if I wanted I'm too weak to move and only stare at her. 

"What the fuck?" She yells at me and stands up. I see the anger in her eyes. "You gonna regret that, Bruno!" She grabs her purse and storms out of the apartement. She doesn't even close the door. Fuck! After one or two minutes I can force myself to get up slowly and close the door. I feel so weak. What did I just do? Fuck fuck fuck! If Caroline finds that out she gonna drop me in a second. No! Fuck! Shit! I don't want to lose her! Why can't she just be here now and hold me? I miss her! I need her! I stumble back into the bedroom. I need to feel her! I go into the closet and look at her clothes. My eyes stop at her Hawaiian flower shorts. She wore this at the day we started our relationship. Fuck that's only about 3 weeks ago and I already fucked it up. I rub my eyes, my forehead and run my hand through my hair. I grab the shorts and put them on. They're a bit tight but I don't care, it's the only thing that makes me feel close to her. I lay down on the bed and fall asleep instantly with Caro's beautiful smile in my mind.