Chapter 17

18/09/2011 17:45

Chapter 17

"Baby, have you forget about our dinner? -Shawn" FUCK. I didnt remember about the dinner ! I replied "I'm so sorry, I'm tired.". He called me.
"Hey babe." 
"Hey Shawn, I'm so sorry about our date. I'm so tired. I'm so so so sorry."
"It's okay. Anything for my love. Happy birthday. I love you." he put the phone down. I don't know what to do now. I have to decide between my bestfriend forever or Shawn. I tried to think but I can't. I fell asleep dizzy.

I woke up. Shawn texted he wanted to see me. He said he missed me. He can't come to my house. I won't allow him. He don't even know where I stayed or where I work. I won't tell. I just can't. I changed into a Simple outfit and waited at The Starbuck. Few minutes later, he came. 
"Hey, we need to talk about our marriage." he smiled.
"Oh. About that. I'm so sorry. I can't. I just can't." I said.
"What? Dont tell me you'll reject me!" his voice cracked.
"Well. I just.... Can't" I said.
"maybe you need time. Fine, I'll give you time" he said and leave. I closed my eyes and tried to calm. My phone rang. It's Bruno.

"Hello?" I smiled. I love these butterflies in my tummy. He gave me hopes.
"Hey, Sasha. Wanna come to the studio?" he said.
"Sure, but... I don't think I remember the way." I laughed.
"Okay, I'll come to pick you up. Stay at home !" he laughed.
"Okay. See you soon." I put the phone down. FUCK. I walk out an quickly drove to home. I changed into the nicest outfit I can find. I can't stop smiling. It's like I'm going to a date with the hottest celebrity.

"SASHAAAAAA!" Fyza screamed and she smiled at me.
"What?" I looked at her,
"I've never seen you so happy like this. Even though with Shawn. Where are you going?" she said.
"I'm going to the studio. My old studio. Where I get signed." I smiled.
"YOU DIDN'T TELL ME, BITCH!" she laughed.
"I'm so sorry! Wanna come? I'm going with Bruno." I smiled.
"Ohh, Bruno. Nevermind. I won't disturb you." she winked.
"Thanks ! I'm hoping you will say that." I winked at her back. We burst out laughing.
"YOU BITCH!" she laughed. I heard a honk outside my house.
"Sorry, Bruno is here." I smiled.
"Good luck!" she smiled. I walked out and hopped inside Bruno's car. I mean, my old car. He kissed me.
"Hello gorgeous." he smiled.
"Hey Bruno." I smiled.
"Are you ready now?"
"Always am. Now, let's go!" I smiled. He laughed and left my house. Few minutes later, we stopped in front of the studio. It's small like usual. But my living room is still bigger than it. We walked inside.

"Hey guys, remember Sasha?" Bruno said. He sat down on the couch.
"HELL YEAH!" Phil, Ari, and Phredly screamed. They hugged me.
"Guys! Don't hug her! She is Bruno's GIRL!" Eric said and they all laughed. 
"No way!" I said and giggled. Bruno's face changed but I ignore it. 
"Come on Sasha, make a beat for this song!" Phil said and he sings a song. I make some beats and they loves it.
"Sasha McAdam will never change." Bruno smiled. 
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well, you always have that talent. It'll never go away. You played the guitar like the first time I teach you. PERFECT." Bruno kissed me.
"GET A ROOM!" Phred screamed. I turned to Phred.
"OKAY!" Bruno replied and he grab my arm. He took me to our apartment. I can't stop laughing. 

"Babe, you can stop now." Bruno smiled. He pushed me on his bed. He lay on me. Damn he's fucking heavy. He kissed me. He rolled me on the bed and now I'm on top. We're still kissing and he pulled my shirt off. I pulled away.

"Why?" he asked. I can tell he's not happy.
"I'm so sorry. It's too fast. I just can't..." I said. I wears back my shirt and walked to my old room. Things are in the same position since the last time I left it.... I lay on the bed. The room is so dusty. I just don't know what to do. I can't choose Shawn. I don't love him, eventhough we kissed too much. But the kisses from Shawn doesn't mean anything to me. I just can't. I'm gonna tell Bruno about this and we're going to solve it. I walked out to his room and he's sitting on his bed. I sat next to him. 
"Sasha, The Smeezingtons are going to London to be with Flo-rida. He wants to do the song Right Round. And we're going tomorrow. Well, actually it's just me. But Phil and Ari wanted to go and Flo-Rida wanted to introduce the Smeezingtons to some people. And.... I need you to come with me." he said and he looked at me in the eyes. I'm fucking melted!
"Wait, tomorrow?" I asked.
"Yup. Tomorrow." he smiled.
"Okay." I said.