Chapter 18+19

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Chapter 18

“Are you serious?!” I said leaning back a bit still kind of stunned. He nodded, “Yes sir.. and I’m glad it’s at a good time in my life.” I nodded slowly, that was a big step for Phil. I wish that I could picture that happening to me right now, but I couldn’t. “Life is good B.” I smirked, “You’re right about that one.” He kept grinning, “I hope I have a son.” I laughed a little, “Of course you do..” He pushed me a little, “Why don’t you have yourself a son..” I shrugged and started to jumble up my words, “Time.. ehh.. I don’t know man.” He laughed, “You’re a mess man.” “Clean me up then!” He frowned, “Don’t ever say that again.” I burst out into laughter, “Jeezee I’m kidding.” He laughed too as well, “Come on Brunz let’s finish this rehearsal up.” The whole rest of the time at rehearsals I thought about having kids of my own. I thought about it all really hard actually, more then I had ever before. I really didn’t want to wait too long. I would have to talk to Diamond about it.

I walked into the arena behind Presley and I could hear the crowd cheering already and the show wasn’t even set to start until a whole another hour. We went about finding our seats and took them. I had never watched Bruno’s show from out in the crowd before, and I bet it was a even better experience then watching from off at the side. “I’m so excited..” Bernie said looking over to me. I nodded, “You should be. He really knows how to make his songs come alive.” I said honestly. He was a really good performer, not many artist nowadays actually sang their songs live, most of them lip synced. The time crept horribly slow until it was finally show time. The mayor of Hawaii came out and gave a couple words. He named this day ‘Bruno Mars Day’ here in Hawaii. We all stood and cheered as Bruno and the guys came out in their blue suits and black ties. I hadn’t seen Bruno smile like that in awhile, I guess it was something about being in his hometown.

I loved how much we we’re all enjoying the show, and it was together as a family. There was so much love in this hour that it was hard for me to keep back tears. Bruno asked the crowd if he could do one last song before he left. He started to sing, ‘I’ll Remember You’ and I cried as soon as he started because I could hear how upset he was in his voice. I really started to cry when he did, not only was it an emotional time, but it was hard for me to see him cry because he was always smiling no matter what. After the show was over I went out to dinner with the girls, Bernie, and his uncle. Bruno had told us before the show that he would meet as back home that night. I was still shaking from the whole experience, it was one that I would remember forever.


December 19th, 2010

Incredible. That is the word to describe Bruno and the guys. They are something you don’t find in the music business. I guess I realized a lot since I sat from the audience’s view today. It’s sad to think that our days are growing short here in Hawaii. So much has happened already and I really don’t want to go. I really do miss sleeping in my bed, but there is no place in the world like here. Especially when you’re with people like the ones I am with. I can’t not even begin to thank Bruno’s mother for everything. She reminds me of my mom so much and it makes me feel like I’m home with her. Her son has given me his love and I will forever give it back to him. February hurry the fuck up.

“Just say I doooooooooooooooooooooooo” <—- Marry You reference..

Bruno’s mom asked me if I would be alright with staying here by myself tomorrow if Bruno had things to do. She was planning on going out Christmas shopping with the girls, and I had already done all of my shopping. I told her that I would pass the time, by doing this, or surfing the internet. Or even going out to the beach. NOT GETTING IN THE WATER. She thanked me and I told her that it was no problem. I knew I would have time to really study all of Bruno’s posters and things in his room if he wasn’t there. Muahahahahaha.

Oh and Happy Bruno Mars Day. :)


I closed my notebook and slid it into my backpack. I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes. I listened to the wind howl, and the trees sway back and forth outside the window. I reached over onto the nightstand and grabbed my phone it was almost midnight and I hadn’t heard from Bruno. I dialed his number and listened to it ring a couple of times. “Hello?” he answered whispering. I frowned, “Why are you whispering..” “Because it’s late I have to be quiet..” “But.. aren’t you out with the guys..” “No.. fuck those losers..” he said almost laughing. “Bruno seriously..” I said as I turned to the door. It slowly crept open and Bruno stood there with his phone on his ear. I smirked and he started laughing. I kept talking on the phone, “Well ummm I got to tell you something.” He reached out and closed the door back so we couldn’t see each other again. “Anything baby.. tell me what you know.” “I know this guy..” “Yeah.” “He’s got really curly hair.. and a beautiful smile..” “Yeah..” “And I love him a lot..” I could basically see his smile threw the phone. “And a really little butt too.” I threw in. He opened the door back and stared at me, “Really?” I burst out into laughter as he hung up his phone and came in and set it on the nightstand.

He closed the door back and jumped onto the bed on top of me. Before I could scream at him he took one of his hands and put it on my mouth. “Don’t scream.. my mom is sleep.” “I’m not going too.” I said from underneath his hand. He took it off and crawled off of me, “I’m not going to play with you tonight man… your too loud.. gonna get me in trouble.” he said in a almost disappointed tone. I laughed, “Alright Bruno.. smart man.” He stripped down to his underwear and crawled into bed with me. I reached over and turned off the lamp as he put his arms around me. “I love you babe.” I smiled in the darkness, “I love you too Bru.” “Babe are you going to be okay here by yourself tomorrow?” he said lowering his voice a bit. “Yeah.. I’ll be fine.. I got my phone.. and TV.. I’ll be okay.” “Alright.. just making sure.” he said digging his head into the pillow. Soon after thinking about unrelated stuff, I fell asleep.

“I’ll see you later on babe.” Bruno said kissing me goodbye. I hugged him, “Be good.” “Always.” he said walking out the the truck. I closed the door back and just looked around. I guess I had said I would be fine by myself but, I was so used to being around people that it seemed different now. I went over and sat on the couch and watched a couple of TV shows and music videos. I spent a whole half an hour looking threw pictures that I had taken so far from being on tour with the guys. I came across a picture of me and Bruno. He was kissing me on the cheek and I was looking away. His face was looking so funny that it actually looked like he was smelling me instead of kissing me. He had given me so many memories. Two hours rolled by and I was about ready to take a nap. Right as I laid down, my phone started to ring. I flipped over and grabbed it off of the coffee table, it was Bruno.

“Hey babe.” I said smiling. “Aloha!” “What’s up? How’s rehearsals going..” “Uhh.. about that..” I frowned, “Huh?” “Look no time to talk, come open the door.” “What do..” he hang up before I could even finish my sentence. I sat my phone back on the table and got up and slowly walked to the door. As I opened it he was walking up the driveway. I moved aside as he walked in. “Bruno… you’re supposed to be at rehearsals right now..” I said closing the door. He turned to me, “No I wasn’t..” I shook my head, “I don’t understand..” He took a deep breath, “We don’t need rehearsals, I said all of that so we could get some alone time.” I laughed a bit, “What?” He came close to me and grabbed my hips, “Now… you can be as loud as you want.” I bit my lip, “Oh yeah..” “Hell yeah..” he said sexually. Oh how I had been looking forward to this….


Chapter 19

This chapter is VERY dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

He pulled me close to him and started attacking my neck with passionate kisses. I started to moan a bit as he started unbuttoning my shorts. “Bru.. I want this so bad..” “How bad do you want it..” he said in between his kisses. “Really bad baby..” I said softly. He leaned out from my neck and went up to my mouth. We started making out and I slowly moved him back. I really didn’t want to have sex down here in his mother’s house. As we got over to the stairs he stopped kissing me. “This has to happen right here.. right now..” “But, Bruno..” “Shhhh..” he said pulling at my shorts. He took one of his hands and softly pushed me back until I sat down on the stairs. He stood up and started to unbutton his flannel. I just kept my eyes on him anxiously waiting for us to get started. I could see him threw his shorts, and I loved how fast he got excited. He unbuttoned it all the way and then reached out and pulled my shorts off. I helped him pull my underwear down and he knealed in front of me on a stair. He looked up at me as he spread my legs and went down.

I grabbed at the banister as he wasted no time and slid his tongue inside me. I threw head back and played with his curls as he did it. He moved my legs up a step so that my legs we’re spread even more. He was moving so fast that I was to far gone off of the pleasure. My moans grew louder and I was glad I didn’t have to constrain them today. Even though he always complained, I knew he loved it when I was loud. The faster he moved the deeper his tongue went inside me. We we’re so used to doing things every other day. Now that we we’re on tour the times we’re so far apart that when we finally did get to do it, it was such an amazing experience. I closed my eyes and held my breath as his tongue swam all around in me. I started pulling at his hair more as I came. He came up licking his lips, “You taste so good baby..” His words turned me on even more then I already was. He helped me up and I gathered my things together. This time he pushed me up the stairs into the bedroom. He closed the door behind us and I was so excited to see what he had in mind.

I went towards her and nodded to the bed signaling for her to lay down. I quickly buttoned my shorts and took them off. I let my flannel slide off of my arms as I watched her take her shirt and bra off. I squinted my eyes, “Lay on your side?” She frowned, “Bruno.. what are you up too..” “Come on babe.. just do it..” She rolled her eyes as she did it and I laid down behind her. “You ready for this baby..” I whispered as I pulled down my boxers. She nodded quickly and I just smiled. I grabbed and guided myself into her. She let out moans as I thrusted in her slowly. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her breast. I played with as I began to speed up. She wrapped her legs around mine and I reached down and pulled her thigh over mine, making me go deeper. She started moaning my name as the sounds of our bodies colliding filled the air. I closed my eyes and gently kissed her back as she moaned my name.

“I’m almost there..” she moaned softly making my stomach tingle. I didn’t say anything, I just started moving my hips in a motion that she loved. She started to grind against me as I did it and I closed my eyes and moved my hands back and grabbed her leg. I held it up a bit as I went faster making her scream out my name. “You love this.. huh?” I moaned as I watched myself. “Yes Bruno.. I fucking love it.” she moaned back making my breathing get out of control. I felt her get tighter as she came again. After she was done, I quickly pushed myself up until my knees we’re on the bed. I wiped the sweat from my forehead with my arm as she got up as well. I bit my lip and rotated my finger around signaling for her to turn around. She smiled as turned around and I pushed her back down making her head go into the pillow. I scooted myself farther between her legs as I guided myself into her again. “Bruno please don’t…” she said before I got all the way started. “I’ll try not to make it hurt..” I said honestly. I always tried my best not too, but I couldn’t help it. When I got going, I just didn’t want to stop.

I closed my eyes as he started slow. I really wasn’t looking forward to being in pain, but this position always brung it. He grabbed the front of my thighs with his hands and pulled his self deeper inside me. I moaned out his name and he rubbed them slowly. There was a huge different in our sex now that we weren’t having it almost everyday. He had more to offer, and I loved it. The faster he went the more the pain started to come. My moans turned into screams and I started to raise my upper body up. “No.. lay back down.” he said never stopping. “Bruno.. it hurts..” I said honestly. “Alright..” he said moving his hands to my shoulders. He pulled me back as he hit me with each thurst and I closed my eyes. I could tell by the way he was moving inside me that he was going to cum soon. I had of fear of him doing it on me, but I loved making him happy. We we’re going to get married soon so there was no reason for me to not give him everything now. “You can cum on me Bru..” I said suddenly.

“What?” he said his voice shaky. “Just do it.” “Oh my god yes..” he moaned. He wrapped his hand up in my hair and started going at it. I loved how aggressive he got right as he was about to be done. I started moaning his name after every couple of strokes, trying to help him get done. “Say it like you mean it.” he said threw a grunt. I started to scream his name as he pulled at my hair more. “Fuck…” he yelled as he stopped thursting. “Where can I do it at?!” he said in a hurry. “There, just do it right here..” I said quickly. I turned my head so that I could see him. He started moving in closer to me while he stroked himself. “Don’t watch me please..” he said his voice and face still determined. I turned around and smiled, he was so cute when he was shy. “Alrightttt.” he said as I felt his hand that he was stroking himself with rub against my back several times. He let out a couple of short breaths as I felt him explode on me. “Thank you..” he said softly as he backed off the bed. “Can you at least get it up?..” I asked still holding my same position. “That’s what I’m doing..” he said walking back over to me with a towel. He slowly got it up and I crawled off of the bed.

“I bet you want a shower now right?” I said smirking. “Uhh.. yeahh.” she said grabbing her towel. “Let’s do it..” I said out the side of my mouth. “But..” “Nope NO.. I don’t wanna hear it no one is here..” I said cutting her off. She smiled, “Alright..” We both made our way into the shower and if I could get back up, I didn’t mind doing it in there again. I couldn’t believe that she was letting me do all these kinds of things now. I think we should have been threw the birth control out the window a long time ago. I hugged her from behind and we swayed together as the warm shower water hit up. She turned her head to me and we started making out. I don’t know why, but a question arose in my head. I sat there debating on wether I should ask her or not. I looked into her eyes as we stopped kissing, “Babe.. I got a question..” She smiled, “Anything Bru..” I took a deep breath, here goes nothing…..