Chapter 18+19

01/03/2012 13:56

Chapter 18

I look at my fork.

“So, Lyne. Baby. What happened in England?” he says, asking me again.

“Nothing happened. I was just helping out a friend for an album, that’s all,” I lie.

He looks at me. “Really?” he asks.

Damn, he knows. He knows. I can’t hide it, now. Well, I guess can for once in my life.

“Yeah… It was just a little game of truth or dare that me and the Sugababes always play when I’m there, that’s all,” I stretch the lie, a little further. “Trust me, that’s all.” I pick up, the glass of red wine and I take a little sip.

“I trust you.”

Thank, God…

The waiter, Bruno brings the food to us. He place them in front of us, then leaves. Yum, yum, yum. But expensive. And Jesse’s like uber-uber-rich. I don’t really care about that, but he’s cute. Well… what if I don’t want him, anymore? Isn’t it too much to say out loud, right now.

“Hey. Want to come with me to the studios?” he asks.

“Yeah. That would be cool,” I smile.

Chapter 19

Damn. Lyne can hate when she’s tired.

God, I am in my hotal room, finally. Shit. He did not just ask me, shit about England. Sorry, but this it’s just damn stupid. Even for Jesse.

Ring! Ring Ring! Ring!

I lay down in bed, my legs are hanging off the bed, I look at my phone. One New Test Message from Phil. It reads: “Doo-Wops is going gobal. It comes out just before, you know whose birthday.”

I press reply and type, “Ergh! Phil, give me a break. I haven’t rested yet, since the fucking plane ride.”

Phil: “Opps!”

Lyne: “Ergh!!”

Phil: “Your too mean.”

Lyne: “I’m not mean. I just needed a damn rest.”

Phil: “You sound like Bruno.”

Lyne: “Well… I’m sorry. I’m going to bed, now.”

Phil: “Goodnight, child. What??”

I turn off my phone, just in case Phil or Ari teaches Bruno to bug me. Damn. This doesn’t makes any sense to me.

“Just pick a boy, already. Lyne Aubren.”

I feel like my eyes are fluttering like crazy. Damn…