Chapter 18

04/05/2011 21:09

It's been 5 months since Gi Gi died, and times have been hard. With me being pregnant and Bru not in permanent work just writing songs and thing. It's bringing money to the table but it's still hard because the money never last too long. With Maria, Alisia and I running the diner is all so stressful. Sometimes we argue and I would cry about stuff but we would make up. Every night I’ve been talking to Gi and it helps me through the days but I miss him so much.

“I know your somewhere out there, somewhere far away, I want you back, I want you back, my neighbors think i'm crazy, but they don't understand, your all I had, your all I had, at night when the stars light up my room, I sit by myself, talking to the moon, tryna get to you, in hopes your on the other side, talking to me too, or am I a fool, who sits alone ,talking to the moon.”

I wake up and that's what I hear. Bru singing. I look around the room and he's not there, I put on my robe and follow the singing and see him sitting on the couch. Naked.

“Good morning beautiful man who doesn't believe in clothes” I said

“Good morning, babe who would rather have me naked” he said laughing

“yeah yeah yeah”

“hey, no morning sickness”


My stomach said he spoke to soon as I ran to the kitchen sink. Fuck. I hate this shit. I hear Bru get up as i'm hurling my life away. I feel his cold hands on my back and it kinda feels good. After that episode I turn around.

“why are your hands so cold” I asked

“that's what happened when you play all night” he said

“they felt good on my back”

“yeah I bet, your burning up, hot sexy pregnant fire”

“but I feel fine” I said as I laughed

He goes in the icebox and grabs an ice cube tray.

“let me try something” he said

He patted the chair and I looked at him funny.

“trust me” he said

He smiled at me, with that smile that got me here in the first place. How could I resist, so I sat down. He lifted my hair and kissed my neck, then I felt the cool sensation on my neck, running down my spine. I caught a cool chill as it got to the bottom, he did it again but in a different spot. I felt like lava and the ice water was freezing rain, GOD did it feel wonderful. I felt something warm, all of a sudden but it was a wet warm. A tongue. Bru was licking my neck causing me to burst in flames.

“Mmm baby...” I said as I bit my lip

I felt him smile on my neck as he began to suck lightly. He kept sending cool water down my back then warming me up all over again. Shivers running down my spine, My legs were rubbing together, I was biting my lip, closed eyes and rubbing my chest as I was becoming more and more aroused. I felt like I was going to climax right there on the chair. I’ve never been so turned on in my life, I couldn't take it anymore but he finally stopped. I open my eyes, he pulled my head back and kissed me. He scooped me off the chair and grabbed the ice tray in the other hand. We didn't say anything as I looked into his eyes the whole time he carried me upstairs and he looked into mine. We got to the bed somehow an he stripped me of my robe. He pulled out and ice cube and rubbed it against me, licking the water off of me as the ice melted on my body. I wanted him even more and not just his tongue.

“baby I want you now” I said

“wait for it” he said with a teasing smile

“oh baby...”


Teasing me with the ice and his tongue all over my body but I wanted him to go further. He started kissing me and with his pleasure in mine I exploded.


After it was all over all I could do was smile and he was just a cheesy

“wow” I said

“wow indeed” he said

“ I love your passionate love”

“ and I love watching your body quiver”

I rolled my eyes “Mr. Hernandez”

“Mrs. Hernandez and baby Hernandez”

“you think it's a boy?”

“Hoping for a girl”

“i want a boy though”

“Well I don't care as long as Linda's healthy, right linda”


The Baby kicked and he smiled, this was a daddies baby. We decided on a nick name pooka because we didn't know the sex. I think pooka is a cute nick name but Bru always call pooka, Linda. He just knows it a girl but i'm still not so sure on that. Every time he would talk to pooka,He kissed my belly that was growing oh so fast and kissed.

We took a shower together. We got dressed and went downstairs to make breakfast. French style. French toast with Syrup and French vanilla ice cream on top, Scrambled eggs with string cheese & a little white wine and Home French Fries, just how Gi would make it.

“What is this?” Bru asked

“Pari, Pari” I said

“Oh I get it the french theme” he said

“yeah, Gi came up with the name”

“I don't care about the name this is great, it could be called Shit Wine and I would still eat it”

We just laughed

“but how did Gi come up with all these ideas”

“we all did actually”

“oh really”

“ yeah”

Him saying shit, made me think back to where Gi was alive. I though back to where, Alisia and Maria was in the kitchen with Gi arguing about the Hispanic dish name...

“Cuban Cobana” Maria said

“No, that sounds disgusting!” Alisia said

“ Latina Labamba, sounds like lamb on a stick” Maria said

“i think they both are horrible” I said

“Silencio Bruta” they both said

“Ok ok how about, Loca Caca” Gi said

Well all started laughing and Gi was laughing the hardest...

“babe you ok?” Bru asked

“yeah” I said

“you were laughing then crying”

“ I just miss Gi so much”

“i know babe”

We finished our breakfast when there was a knock on the door. Bru opened the door and it was Alisia. She was 7 months pregnant now, she was 2 months when she found out and 2 months ahead of me. She looked so beautiful in her pink sundress and her sun hat she shined when the sun was on her and shined even more with Phred with her. I envied their love a little but I didn't envy her waddle.


“Mmm is that, Pari Pari?” Alisia asked

“yeah but with More vanilla” I said

“yeah, I remember when you added more vanilla and graham crackers, he was so mad”

“yeah, he made me mop for a week”

“yeah we were like 16”

“ I still can't believe he's gone”

“yeah it's been like 5 months now”

All of a sudden there was a loud knock and the door swung open with Phil and the gang in the door way.

“Bruno we got a interview in 10 minutes” Phil said

“With who?!?” Bru asked

“i'll explain along the way, rapido” Phil said

We all stopped and looked at Phil.

“What, I know a little now but lets go bro”

Bru grabbed his notebook and we ran out the door. We were all crammed in the car driving to this place, it was hot and stuffy but so much fun

Baby, i'll catch a grenade for you”

yeah yeah yeah”

Jump in front of a train for you”

yeah yea yeah

throw my hand on a blade for you...ooh baby...ooh baby...

“naw man that's too much”

“yeah man, you a little off key”

“warm up”

“ok, Lalalalala

I don't know who was saying what but it was all this commotion and singing going around It was making pooka kick. I put my hand on my stomach but pooka kept at it, it was like pooka was singing too. It was cute to think that.

We finally got to the place and got out of the car. Bru was smiling so hard that his cheeks were probably screaming happiness. I haven't seen him this happy since....well I don't know, we all walked in hand in hand.

“Babe why don't you and the girls go relax, well tell you the news when we get home” Phil said

“Ok mi amor” Maria said

“but I want to stay here with Phred” Alisia said

“Oh I know Lis, but I know you. Your going to get hot sitting here waiting for us” Phred said as he kissed Alisia's forehead

“ok, your right phreddy” Alisia said

“see you at Alicia 's?”

“ok babe”

He kissed her again and then her belly, they were so in love it was making me nauseous. I love Bru don't get me wrong but were not mushy like that at all. I didn't feel like going home I was always there plus I wanted a new senery.

“you going to be alright baby” Bru asked me

“yeah i'll be fine” I said as I kissed him

“Good luck to you all” I said


We all kissed our good byes and got back into Alisia's car.

“ I don't feel like going home gurls” I said

“same here, lets go to Gabbys park” Maria said

“ and do what? I can't fit on a swing” Alisia said

“you can too Alisia, quit your blabbering” Maria said

“don't start you two, please i'm not in the mood” I said

“so where do you want to go them Alisia?” Maria asked

“we can go to my house for once” Alisia said

“ok fine” I said

“bien” Maria said

We drove off onto the road to Alisia's house. When we got there it was just as I suspected it. Far away from the city and cute and cuddly, It was a two story cottage house made out of stone. We went inside and my mouth dropped. It was beautiful.

“wow, girlfriend.” I said

“yeah, thanks. Phred and I redid the whole house” Alisia said

“bonito chica” Maria said

“yeah, you want to see the babies room” she said

“The babies room is done?” I asked

“yeah follow me”

We went upstairs and she showed us the bathroom and her n Phreds' room, the guest room then finally the baby room. The walls were yellow, tan and light green stripes with a white thick stripe on top with tan and yellow duckies. The rug was tan and so was the crib, the changing table, the rocking chair, the dresser and the toy box. There was a yellow ceiling fan, it was just perfect. I looked over and Maria and she looked like she was going to cry.

“you ok” I asked

“it's just so beautifully done, I love it.” Maria said

“i know perfect for the baby” I said

“aw thanks you guys, we worked hard on it” Alisia said

We walked out and she closed the door, Maria still had on this sick face. I was about to pull her a side and ask if she's ok.

“well i'm famished, how about lunch” Maria asked

“um, yeah sure, you guys mind spaghetti from last nights dinner. Phred made it” Alisia said

“sounds great, right Alicia” Maria said

“yeah” I said

We went back downstairs but I had a feeling Maria was hiding something. I didn't want to bother her like a pest but, she didn't look so good. Alisia put the spaghetti in a pan and put it in the oven to warm up.

“so what do you think your having” I asked Alisia

“ little Phred jr” she said

“aw how sweet” I said


“but what if it's a girl?”

“Danielle, Ella for short, what about you?”

“Boy, the same with the Jr thing but for a girl Geraldine but Bruno want's Linda”

“Can we not talk about babies” Maria said

“why not” Alisia asked

“because it's making me sick” Maria said

“no, it's my house, I can talk about what ever I would like” Alisia said

“for once would you please not be a bitch about something” Maria said

“excuse me” Alisia said

“i just dont feel good when you guys are talking about babies ok” Maria

“well get over it, i'm pregnant” Alisia said

“well just this once please”

“no if you don't like it, get out”

“multa de mierda puta egoísta ”

“get the fuck out maria!”

“vete a la mierda!”

“Damn it Alisia!” i said

Maria got up and walked out the kitchen and I heard a door slam. I glared at Alisia and she just rolled her eyes. What the hell was going on between the two of them, why couldn't they just get along for one fucking day. I walked outside and heard crying, I walked towards the back and of course it was beautiful. A garden with a waterfall and stone pavement, a swing and a grill with a pool. Maria was on the swing crying. Even though the she was beautiful, he tears just didn't match the scenery. I looked in the sky and it looked as though it was going to rain. I sat down next to her and she started wiping her tears.

“ Maria whats going on amor?” I asked

“nothing, it was in the past and i'm over it” she said

“obviously not if your crying”

“no, estoy bien”

“ then stop crying”

She couldn't, so I just wrapped my arms around her. Alisia opened her back door and had her arms crossed over her belly. She looked as though she's been crying too.

“Look Maria i'm sorry, I didn't mean to be a bitch”

Maria sighed “it's not your fault”

“yes it is, Maria i'm sorry”

“why can't you guys just get along” I asked

“'s a long story Alicia” Alisia said

“we have time” I said

“no Alicia, not right now” Maria said

“why am I always left in the dark” I said

“'s just complicated ok maybe later or something”

“Why not now though”

“because, I don't want to talk about it”

“why not, i'm going to find out sooner or later”

“Alicia let it go ok, i'm already stressing enough”

“stressing about what”

Maria didn't say anything. She always does that, tell me something when it's too late. I'm always the last to know stuff and the makes me so mad.

“fine, just tell me when your ready” I said

That was the hardest thing to say, but i'm trying not to make it all about me. Like Bru said, I can be self centered sometimes. My anger can get the best of me sometimes my anger can get me to know things that I wasn't ready to know yet. Maria stares shaking and crying again, Alisia came over and we both rubbed her back. What was wrong with my best friend.

“I had a miscarriage” Maria said

“what?” we both said

“yeah, I was arguing with Philippe about something and it got me really upset, then I was in pain. We went to the hospital and they told me I had a miscarriage. I didn't even know I was pregnant...”

Maria started crying again. Damn, Maria. I felt so bad but what could I do? It made sense now why she didn't want to talk about it. We walked her into the house and went upstairs to the guest room. We all got onto the bed and fell alseep.

I popped up hearing Alisia scream on the phone.

“Alisia what?” I asked


“what?” Maria said

“THEY GOT SIGNED!!!” I screamed

We all started screaming and jumping on the bed. Alisia hung up the phone and drove over to my house, where the fellas where all at. We were going to celebrate!

When we got to my house all you could smell was food. We ran into the house.

“Baby WE GOT IT!” Bru screamed

He kissed me all over and Phil and Maria were all kissing, Phred and Alisia were holding hands.

“Well, what happened?” I asked

“well we were singing grenade and man did he love it, he was tapping his feet and snapping his fingers and all” Phil said

Phil got up to impersonate the guy and we all started laughing. Bru got up and started singing oohs and aahs while Phil was being the guy all silly. All of that has us going for a while.

“Then he was like I love you guys, your in and man it was like magic” Phil said as he spun Maria around.

“yeah man magic, aw I can't believe it!” Phred said

“i'm so happy fellas, we made it!” Bru said

Bru blasted the radio and started dancing. All the guys stared dancing and singing, except for Phred and Alisia. He was behind her, holding her and swaying with a big smile on their faces. I got up and went into the kitchen to get a bottle of champagne when I heard a knock.

“hold on” I said

I opened the door and it was mama. I stepped out on the porch and closed the door. Mama looked so nice with her new clothes and everything but her eyes looked so tired.

“is that how you answer the door now child?”

“mama, what are you doing here”

“i just came by to say congratulations on the marriage”

“thank you mama, do you want to come in mama?”

“No....i just came to...i just wanted to give you your gift, it's not much but it's all I have”

I put the box on the floor and hugged mama.

“mama I missed you so much”

I didn't realised that I was crying until I felt her shirt getting wet

“i see that your pregnant, congratulation”

“thank you mama”

“ he in there”



“yes but how do...”

“i...i got to go now child i'll see you soon”

“but mama...”

She ran off into her car and started pulling away. I went after the car, but she was too fast and drove off.

“Mama wait...”

I ran as hard as I could with my pregnant belly but I got there. Thunderclaps were all over the place as the sky grew dark. I looked at my mama's house and seen that the curtains were gone. I went around back and seen that the garden was gone too. No swing either, no nothing. I looked inside the house but it was, empty. Hearing another thunderclap, it started pouring. My face felt wet, but I didn't know if it was the rain, or the tears from my eyes. Mama had left, without a trace.