Chapter 18

18/02/2012 13:47

We sat down on the blanket and just looked at the stars that were still visible. “Close your eyes and open your mouth.” “What? Bruno, tell me why I would.” “Just do it, please, for me?” He looked at me with his puppy eyes. “Okay, fine. You win.” I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. “Here, take a bite.” I carefully took a bite. “Mmm… Strawberry.” I softly spoke. “I remember you telling me you love them a lot.” Bruno said with a smile. “Yeah, I do. That you remembered that.” “I remembered everything you told me.” “You do?” I chuckled. “Yeah, why not?” “I… Never mind.” I looked at the sunrise. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I asked. “It’s amazing, but…” “But what?” I looked as him questioning. “But…” He looked hesitantly. “Never mind…” “No, tell me.” I said. “No, it’s nothing.” “Oh, okay.” An awkward silence followed so I just kept looking at the rising sun. From the corner of my eye I saw a can of whip cream. I carefully got it, hoping he would not see it and I succeeded. I softly got the top off and turned towards Bruno. “Bruno…” I said in a girly voice. “Wha-“ Before he could finish I sprayed the whip cream in his mouth. He said something I couldn’t understand because his mouth was filled with whip cream. I couldn’t stop laughing and just kept spraying. Eventually he tried to pull the can out of my hand. “You ain’t gonna win this!” “Yeah, I am.” I understood out of his mumbling. “Finally, I can speak again.” he said as he still tried to get the can. “Give me that!” He pulled so hard that I fell on top of him. We just looked at each other for a couple of seconds. “GOT IT!” “Not fair! You caught me off guard!” I said as I got up to run away from Bruno. “You ain’t going anywhere Missy.” He grabbed my arm and rolled me under him. He pinned my arms above my head and hold them there with one hand. “I didn’t know you are this strong.” I said as I tried to get away from his grip. “Well, you know now. So open your mouth so I can get you back.” “NO!” “Gotcha!” He sprayed into my mouth. I tried to stop him but every attempt failed. “Great… The can is empty…” I heard him say after 2 minutes. ‘This is my chance.’ I thought. I blew most of the cream that was in/around my mouth out. Bruno’s face was covered with it. After I swallowed whatever was left in my mouth I started to laugh. He swept the cream of his face and looked at me with a pissed look. “You just don’t quit, do you?” “Never! Can you let me go now? Please?” “Fine. We gotta go anyways.” “Go? Go where?” “Another surprise.” “What’s up with you and surprises?” I asked as we walked back to the car. “Well, the next one wasn’t really my idea.” I stopped. “What?” “Maybe you’ll find out someday.” He kept walking. “HEY! Wait for me!” I said as I ran after him. “Now, tell me. What’s the next surprise?” I asked in the car. “Just think. Maybe you’ll find it out yourself.” I looked at the clock, ’11 am already’. I started thinking after he said that. ‘What could it be? There isn’t anything special today, is there?’ “We’re here.” Bruno interrupted my thoughts. “But, we’re at your house.” I said surprised. “So? Just follow me.” he said as he opened the door for me. “Fine.” I said annoyed as I stepped out of the car. “Come on! You can walk a bit faster.” Bruno said as he grabbed my hand and dragged me with him. “Relax Bruno. It’s not like I’m gonna run away from you. So with other words, you’re hurting my wrist.” “Oh, I’m sorry Miss Smarty-pants. Let me try it like this then.” He stopped and swung me over his shoulder. “Better like this?” “Okay, you’re not hurting my wrist anymore but looking at your ass isn’t a nice sight.” “You’re only gonna complain huh?” “Probably.” “We’re at the door anyways.” He softly put me down. “Thank you.” I said with a smile. “Oh yeah, I need to blindfold you.” “Wait, wha-“ I said as I felt Bruno put the blindfold on. I heard him open the door. ”Ladies first.” “Aww… Are you afraid a ghost will attack you?” “Nope, now walk.” “Nope.” I said. “Why not?” he asked surprised. “Because I can’t see where I’m going, dummy.” I heard him chuckle. “Smartass.” Bruno mumbled. “I heard that.” “That’s just what was planned. Now come on, I’ll lead you.” “Okay then.” “Watch out, doorstep.” “Yeah, yeah, I got it.” I said. And not so long after that I tripped. “I told you to watch out!” Bruno said as he caught me. I just laughed. “Okay, are you ready?” “I already was ready when you blindfolded me.” “WhateverCam.” I felt his hands untie the blindfold. “Here it goes.” He said as he got the blindfold away from my eyes. “Oh my God!” I said when I saw everything. I couldn’t believe what I saw.