Chapter 18

19/02/2012 23:14

BEWARE! This chapter is COMPLETELY naughty!

The breath is knocked out of my lungs as Bruno slams me against the door, burying his face in my neck. Since I was still wearing my dress, it was easy access for him. He pulled the dress over my head and inserted his whole right hand inside my panties. I threw my head back and “BRUNO!” escaped from my lips. He inserted his fingers inside me while continued to kiss me. I brushed my fingers through his hair for support and our mouths wrestling with each other. I grab hold of his shirt and quickly lift it over his head to expose the hard body I can’t get enough of. I undid his pants and black boxers appeared underneath. He lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom. This time there were no candles, no roses. It was just us, the bed, and the darkness. 
He laid down on the bed while I pulled off his boxers. “Work the middle, baby.” He whispered. His erected dick was waiting for me. I bit my lip hungrily. I started licking it. With each lick, from the bottom to the top, I looked at Bruno. He looked back with his blood shot eyes and mouth opened an inch. I kept licking and then put the whole inside my mouth. His legs shivered. I held onto his thigh and he placed his hand on mine. I moved faster and faster. My mouth opened wide when Bruno starts thrusting, trying to open my throat and spluttering a little when he slides in the whole dick, forcing me to deep throat. I can tell by the way his breathing quickens that he is enjoying yourself, maybe a little too much as I cough, trying to breathe around the massive penis in my throat. I also worked my tongue while I was sucking. The sound of his deep breathing got me aroused. He moaned and grunted with each of my movement. “Okay baby.” He hissed. 
I lifted my head and sat up. He put on a condom while I slipped out of my panties. I sat on top of his lap and he sat up, feeling him inside me, meeting my lips. I was still a bit cold, but with his touch, I didn’t know if my Goosebumps were from him or from my body temperature. He wrapped his blanket around me while I started rocking back and forth slowly. This time, I wanted to pleasure him. He was my prince who tried to protect me and save me so I owed him. He placed his hands on my ass while I continued to grind. “I’m so sorry about tonight baby. I tried-,” Bruno whispered against my ear. “Shh” I say quietly. I kissed him. “Now it’s my turn to take care of you.” I whispered. I started to grind faster and faster. Then I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted to fuck him and thank him at the same time. I started to speed up while Bruno sucked on my neck. “You can leave me a mark if you want.” I said breathlessly. I wrapped my hands around Bruno’s hair. I gently pulled it and made him throw his head back in ecstasy. 
“Oh fuck me baby.” Bruno said in his deep, drunk voice. I started to bounce on his dick. I held onto his hair while I screamed “OH OH OH!!!” I wrapped my legs around him and he got in deeper. He then licked and sucked my hard nipples while I moaned in pleasure. My body arched when he started to suck my nipple very hard. Just when I was catching my breath, Bruno then gets on his knees, while he’s still inside me, holds me tight and pounds so hard and so forceful. His face gets so wet from the sweat. The heat of his body against mine and the way his skin slides over mine while thrusting is intoxicating. “OH SHIT BRUNO!!!!” Now he was in charge. He flipped me on my back and continues to fuck me. I held onto the headboard and Bruno places his hand in mine. Bruno is working me so hard, the sound of the headboard hitting the wall echoes throughout the bedroom mixed in with his moans and my screaming. “Tell me you want me baby, tell me you want me to fuck you,” He whispers in my ear. “Tell me you love my big hard cock inside your sweet little pussy!”
I couldn’t reply. My mouth was opened but no sound could come out except for moans. I let go of the headboard and put both my hands on Bruno’s back. I felt a climax and when it happened, I roughly scratched Bruno’s back with my fingernails. I felt small droplets of blood on my fingertips. But he seems not to mind since he keeps on going. “Oh Bruno! Oh God!”He picks up the pace, going faster and cock ramming harder into my pussy. Our bodies slap together as I lift my hips between each thrust to meet his and I bite down on his shoulder. 
Bruno hissed and moaned out my name. We continued to kiss and I felt his dick twitch inside me. “I’m going to cum.” He whispered so sweetly. He kissed my forehead and then started to pound me so hard, I was screaming out “DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! OH! OHHHH! BRUNOOOO!!!!!” The look of utter release on Bruno’s face as his eyes rolled back and the guttural grunt sends me off the edge. My head falls back and my toes curl as I spiral downwards into a world of heat and light and movement for a split second that seems to last a lifetime.
He then after quickly pulled out and attacked my pussy. He lick up my cum from my thigh to my center. He sucked and put his tongue inside me. “Ooh ooh, Bruno baby.” I whined. I looked down at him and his beautiful eyes were fixed on me. “I love you.” I whispered. Then I threw my head back. I closed my eyes and I felt so calm and relaxed while Bruno was licking me up. 
When we come back down to earth, we rolled to the middle of the bed to catch our breath. He held me in his arms while my legs shook from the orgasm. I giggled while Bruno wrapped his legs around them. He put his knee between my legs and I still felt the wetness dripping down. I sighed when Bruno held me closer to him. So close, we were cheek to cheek. We looked around the bed and saw the mess we made. The sheets were off the bed, the comforter was close to the bedroom door, pillows on the floor, and I’m pretty sure there’s a hole behind the headboard. “Look at what you did.” Bruno laughed. I giggled. “What we did.” I corrected him. We kissed each other until we fell asleep.