Chapter 18

18/09/2011 17:45

Chapter 18

He packed his things really quick and he drove to my house. He said he wanted to sleep at my house. I'm cool with that. I walked inside the house, locked the door. I showed Bruno his room which is next to mine. He put his things and I walked inside my room and started to pack. Few minutes later Fyza walked in.

"Sasha, where are you going?" she asked and sat down on my bed.
"I'm going to London." I smiled.
"What? WHEN? WITH WHO?!"
"Tomorrow. With My Smeezingtons." I continued to pack my bag.
"What zingtons?" sha laughed.
"Smeezingtons. We make songs. And produce it." I stopped and sat on my bed.
"Are you going to tell Bruno?" 
"About what?"
"About your feelings? And..... Shawn?" 
"I don't know... I'll always choose Bruno. I'm gonna call Shawn. Now, can you get you ass off? I need some privacy." I giggled.
"Sure, bitch." she laughed and ran to her room. I locked my door and dialed Shawn's number.

"Hello?" I said.
"Hey babe."
"I need to tell you something."
"Oh, you wanted to tell me that you're ready to marry me? Okay, let's pick our venue for the wedding. Hmmmm. Singapore sounds perfect." he said.
"No, I'm not going to talk bout that."
"Oh... Then?" he said with a disappointed voice.
"I'm going to London tomorrow. And I don't know when am I coming back here. But it's gonna be days."
"Who are you going with?" he asked.
"My friends. We have things to do at the studio." 
"STUDIO?! What are you gonna do there?!" he raised his voice.
"Making music, Duhhh. I have to go. Bye!"
"Gonna miss you baby. I love-" he didnt finish his sentence and I put the phone down because Bruno walked in. He lay on my bed.

"Remember the last time we slept together?" he smiled.
"Sorry, Bruno. I'm not in the mood now. We didn't do anything the last time we slept together." I left my phone on the table and lay next to Bruno.
"Sorry baby, but you gotta promise me to sleep with me in the hotel at London. Or.. You have to sleep with me now. Choose one." he smiled.
"Okay, sleep with you now." I said and turned to him.
"Okay, goodnight beautiful." he kissed me.
"Good night Bruno." I smiled. Few minutes later,
"I miss your warm lips." he winked at me.
"I thought you miss EVERYTHING." I laughed.
"Yes baby, I miss everything. Your hair, your perfumes, your eyes, your lips, your kiss. EVERYTHING. We've never been apart since we were kids. And then, you left me like a two years old boy who lost his mother. I felt lonely." he said. His voice cracked.
"I'm sorry." I said.
"I love you." he kissed me.
"I love you more." I smiled. The next thing I remember is we fell asleep.

I woke up. Bruno is staring at me.
"Good morning," he smiled and he walked to me. He wanted to kiss me.
"Sorry, I didn't brush my teeth yet." I covered my mouth. He rolled his eyes and pull my hand from my mouth and kissed me. He tasted like mint.
"We're going in 2 hours." he smiled. I quickly jumped into my bathroom and took a shower. I walked into my room with a towel wrapped around me. Bruno's gone. I changed into a nice simple outfit in red colour. I unlocked my door and walked into Fyza's room to take back my hair dryer. She never return it back after she used it. I opened her drawer and I saw a pic of me, Bruno, Fyza and Eric when we were small. I miss that moment. That time Fyza just got her bicycle and she can't stop riding it. Eric keep chasing her. Me and Bruno will always look at them both. Eric and Fyza were best friend. But they never have any feelings like me and Bruno did. I quickly took the hair dryer and walked into my room and do my hair. Few minutes later, I'm done. I took my luggages and put next to Bruno's luggage in the living room. I walked to the dining room. Bruno and Fyza are having breakfast.

"Babe, come and eat breakfast. Fyza cooked your favorite meal." he smiled and kissed me after I sat next to him.
"Wow! Pancakes !" I smiled.
"He told you so, darling." Fyza said and we all burst out laughing. We ate and Fyza sent us to the airport. We said goodbyes and walked to Phil and Ari.