Chapter 18

04/01/2012 22:47

After hours and hours of waiting. She doesn’t wake up, although the Doctors say that her heartbeat is getting stronger but I won’t be able to rest until she’s fully awake and talking to me. “Baby, it’s 3am, let’s try and get some sleep, the Nurses will come and check on her if they need too, it’s not good to stress yourself out even more than you already have” he says to me. I just nod and he leads me over to the couch in the corner. He lies down first and I lie next to him in his arms. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep so I just lie in his arms awake. He doesn’t sleep either, I think it’s because he knows I’m awake that he can’t drift off.

I haven’t cried in a while. I don’t want to do it in front of Bruno, I know it’ll just upset him more and that’s the last thing I want to do. “Baby what are you thinking about?” he hasn’t asked me that question in a while. “Nothing, I just wanna get some sleep” I lie and close my eyes hoping to drift off. About five minutes later I feel Bruno fighting. What’s wrong with him? He alters his position slightly and I feel his hand move from my hair, down my cheek, down my neck, across my chest and he rests it on my stomach under my top, leaving a searing heat in its journey. Just as I’m about to say something he attacks my lips with a slow but passionate kiss. I don’t object. It’s just kissing. I feel his hand start to move up across my stomach to my chest, where he starts to draw a line with his fingers where the lace of my bra starts. Why am I not stopping him!? He then cups me and I can’t help but suppress a moan in to his mouth. He just laughs against my lips as his hand moves again. This time lower. Down past my belly button to the button on my jeans. This time I stop him. “Are you mad!? She’s over there!” I hiss. He just laughs; his laugh is like music… “Come on Lex, it’s not the first time you’ve had sex when your mom’s been in the house, remember the story about her walking in on you with your old boyfriends?” “This is different! I’ve never done it when she’s in the room! You’re sick!” “It’s dark as fuck anyway, she won’t be able to see us” “No” It’s as if I didn’t say anything and he starts to undo my jeans. “I’ll be quick” “So you’re just gonna get your dick out in front of my mom!? What is it with you and having sex in the same area as our parents!?” “I like the thrill, now shut up and enjoy it” and he kisses me again. I’m kinda scared to know what he’s gonna do, but at the same time I’m also turned on. Who knew Bruno had this wild, yet creepy side to him. Our kissing gets more intense, as his hand makes its way in to my jeans and in to my underwear. FUCK. SHIT. I try not to moan so instead my breathing just gets louder and louder which is probably worse. I lose my mind; I forget where I am for a second. My eyes and head roll back as he attacks my neck with kisses without removing his hand. I can’t take this anymore. Just as I’m about to reach my peak “I wish I had my camera right now for blackmail, Bruno I bet your fans would like to see this” a weak voice says. Holy balls…. Bruno slowly removes his hand whilst smirking at me. I hate how smug he is right now. He attempts to do my jeans up for me before I whack him and say “I’ve got this, you’ve done enough” “I didn’t finish you off though” He whispers so only I can hear. I hate him right now. I go over to her “How long have you been awake for?” “About a minute, I promised myself I’d stop you both before you came” I hear Bruno laughing. “Don’t ever say that again!” “Whose idea was that anyway!? Are you guys THAT horny that you can’t keep your hands off each other for one night?!” “It was your future son in law’s idea! Although he keeps annoying me these days and I’m not sure if I wanna marry him anymore” “BULLSHIT!” Bruno yells. Damn. He’s right. “I heard what you were saying to me. Every little part. But I couldn’t wake myself to say anything, I’m happy you’re gonna start planning the wedding, I can’t wait to go dress shopping! It’s going to be amazing” “Mom, can we be serious for a second? Please?” She exhales and looks over at Bruno. He instantly get’s up “Do you want me to leave the room whilst you both talk?” he makes his way over to the door. “No! Sweetheart stay, you’re already family to me; I want you to stay here with Lexii. I don’t know if she’ll be able to handle what I’m about to say” she says. Oh shit, what’s happend? He walks over to me and I let him sit on the chair and I sit in his lap, just like we were in earlier and wait for my mom to start.

“I had a visitor this morning. You’re father” at this my eyes pop wide open. I feel sick. “Urgh, what did he want? I hope you just sent him on his way…” I spit out. “He wouldn’t leave, he was drunk as fuck though” “Did he hurt you!? Please tell me he didn’t touch you” “He wanted money. The same old story. I just told him to leave, but you know what he’s like, we argued for ages before he finally left” “But why did you faint? You’ve never done that before, what did he do to you?” “I don’t know why I passed out Lex, all I remember was he left and I was so angry, and the room started to spin and I found it hard to breathe, and I just remember falling to the floor unable to move. Then it went all dark and I felt, I dunno, light? After that I remember hearing your voice faintly tell me about how much you love Bruno and the wedding, but I can’t remember much of that. Uhhhh, after that I slowly woke up properly and opened my eyes. Once I realised that I was in a hospital bed I realised that I could hear heavy breathing… and uhhh… don’t make me go on” “Yeah, please stop…. Just. Don’t” “So, he just left? You argued and he just left? When was the last time you saw him or spoke with him?” Bruno asks. “About two years ago, I don’t know what it is but he comes back in to my life and my heart breaks for him, we have everything and he has nothing” “But from what Lex’s told me, he’s a horrible horrible man *He lowers his voice* she still has faint scars all over her, I’ve noticed” I shiver at what he says. I never knew he’s noticed them because they’re so faint. “He is a horrible, vile man. I know this. But I can’t help the way I feel. He was my first. My first everything in life. And at the end of the day he’s still my daughter’s father. I’ve got this bond with him that I don’t want. No one else understands it, I know it just sounds weird, ignore me….” I look up and see him smiling. The fuck? Before I get a chance to open my mouth he says “I’m smiling because that’s exactly the type of thing Lex says, the *Ignore me* part, I just found it funny…” “Ahhh Lex, you sure do know how to pick them” “Yeah, I do…” I can’t wait to start planning the wedding. This time I mean it.