Chapter 19+20

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Chapter 19


'bruno...bruno...bruno, wake up...' i shook him gently on his shoulder. i heard him breathe deeply before turning over towards me with his eyes still closed.


'bruno, you up?'

'am now...'

'good, 'cause i need you to do me a favor' i whispered close in his ear.


'i need you to take me to las vegas'


'uh-huh' i started to smile because i knew what the next question would be


' 'cause i wanna get married' he opened his eyes slowly and looked up at me.

'get married to who?'

' you.' he sat up and just stared at me for what seemed like hours. i just smiled and started to giggle; it seemed strange, even to me at first, but then it dawned on me:  'why wait?'. i loved bruno more than words could explain and forever with him just sounded...right. we had known each other for three months  then and i've known people who have gotten married after one month and things had worked out between them(so far).

' why?'

' because....we can.' i smiled as he shook his head; after this he must've realized that i was serious and that he would actually need to talk with me.

' oh really?'

'yup' i watched him and my heart sank a bit thinking that he just might say no. i wanted, no, i needed this-bad, and i wouldn't know what to do if i had to have things with him any other way. he looked me straight in my eyes before saying anything else; even in the dark his eyes were so beautiful in the moonlight.

' danny, don't think i don't love you...but..don't you want it to be a bit...better than vegas?' i closed my eyes and shook my head...determined for him to see things my way.

'bruno...when i was little, i saw..enough weddings to realize that...traditional was not what i wanted. it took too long, costs too much...too many things could go wrong.if a big ceremony is what you want, fine, i really don't care; i just wanna know that i'm yours forever, i really don't care how i get there. i just' he sat there just looking at me like i was going off the deep end. in my mind i was begging him to just. say. yes.

'really? now?' i started bouncing up and down on the bed like an excited little kid. my heart was pounding at the thought that i would become mrs. hernandez within 24 hours from that very moment...

'yes! now! stop teasing me and let's do the damn thing!' he laughed.

' well...don't you want a ring at least?'

' you can do whatever the hell you long as the time it takes to do it fits within a car ride to vegas...' he thought for a moment as i bit my lip in anticipation.

'damn...well...i guess we're gettin' married in vegas.' all i could do was smile and stare at who was to be my future husband. i couldn't belive that we would actually be husband and wife the way i wanted it to be done...the wrong way. i was so excited, i started  to kiss him all over his bare body. the kisses, which started off wild and frantic, soon turned passionate and sensual. i could hear him softly moan as i stroked every part of him. we gave each other a single glance before letting desire take over...


'keep your eyes closed'

' c'mon danny, just show me whatever it is that you need to show me so we can get on the road.' i just giggled at his impatience. it was later in the morning when we decided to leave for vegas. before the sun had come up and bruno would wake up to get ready and leave, i decided to pull a few strings and get him a small gift...

'hold on...almost there...' i stopped before uncovering his eyes to reveal my 'early wedding present.' i laughed as his jaw dropped at the sight of the brand-new, cherry red 1959 cadillac.

'may i introduce you to ... the Shark' i said dramatically. he just stood there and stared with his mouth wide open. i felt a little confused...maybe he was dissapointed that i might have used so much money on some old car that he might not have even liked.

'hey...if you want me to take it back...'

'hell no, i don't want you to take it back! this thing's amazing!' he jumped into the car and began to play with all of the comtrolls for the car.  'how could you afford this?' he asked in complete awe.

' i know a guy...' i said.

'what kind of guy?' i laughed at his extreme suspicion.

'i have a friend who loves older model cars...but loves me more... as a friend.' i added the last three words very quickly at the end, so as not to stir up any doubt that the past was, in fact, well behind me. bruno still glanced at me with a slight bit of distrust, but i just giggled and jumped into the car's passenger seat next to him.

' do you like it?'

'i love it.' he breathed

'good. that's all that matters.' i watched his eyes as the roamed across the glossy red paint job and pristine leather interior...perfect. i wanted to give him a little present for putting up with my...unusual request.

'why'd you get it now?'.

' i just wanted to get you a present that would be at little to no cost to me... and i just love the thought of you and me getting married in vegas with this as our getaway car.' bruno smiled and leaned in to kiss me softly.

'acting like our love is a crime,' he murmured softly

'uh-huh,' i replied, biting my lip.

'so, when do you wanna  leave?' he asked.


'do you wanna...i don't know,  pack some things?' i shook my head and smiled. i was going as i was; a white t-shirt with my favorite faded denim jeans. michael would stay with phil and once we got back....we'd be a family in the most real sense...all of us, without michael being raised by my best friend. we got into the car and pulled off into the direction of sin city...



'danny....wake up...we're here.' bruno softly shook my shoulder and i leaned my seat back up to look around at where we were. it had been two days since we had left and i slept most of the way. bruno stopped multiple times, but i always would tell him, when he asked, that i just kept my eyes closed, so i had no idea where we had stopped. i looked around me to see that we were indeed, there. surrounding us were a plethora of casinos and buildings with bright neon lights. i looked over at him with a huge grin on my face; we were really going to do more doubt.

'ready?' he asked, squeezing my hand tightly.

'ready when you are...' i  said. we drove around for awhile, trying to find the most generic chapel we could find...we were gonna milk this vegas wedding thing dry.

'that one looks more like a chistmas tree than a chapel.' bruno remarked, refering to one on my side of the road that was blue with bright blue and white lights.

'naw, not that one....aha! this one!' i exclaimed, pointing franticly to a small white chapel. bruno saw what i was talking about, and pulled into the parking lot of the building. we walked in and told the 'priest' (who was dressed like elvis, the perfect touch!) that we had our own vows that we were going to surpise each other with. this would be interesting....

'ya'll ready?' he asked, we nodded. 'let's get started.' there was barely enough room for the three of us at the alter, but we managed. after we got through the questions of intent, bruno said his vows first...

' i take you, danielle miles, with your beautiful brown eyes, beautiful smile, and amazing heart, to be my soul mate until the world comes crashing down on us...and after that. i love you more than any verse, melody, or measure of a song could describe. i'll try, though, for as long as i live, to explain to you why the only forever that i could imagine is with you. i hope to make you happy in every sense of the word, and i pray that no matter how many miles apart we ever get to be from each other, that our hearts will stay together through anything we go through. i will always look out for you and protect you from any sorrow or hurt or heartache that comes your way...i will always be there for you. i love much.' by the time he was done, i was in tears. no one, for as long as i could remember, had ever said anything so heartfelt and true to me... his words resounded in my mind and soul as binding law that we  had to be together. it was just meant to be...

'your turn' the priest whispered; i was so moved by bruno's vows that i had almost forgotten my own...

'i take you, bruno mars, slash peter gene hernandez, to be the man who stays by my side through thick and thin, in all of the rest of my be the only man i wake up to in the mornings with your sweet smile and warm voice, and the only one i go to sleep next to at night with your warm touch and even warmer heart. i promise to always stay true to you and to never, ever leave your are to special for me to do such a thing... never in my life has anyone ever loved me in such a way...that i finally saw the good in myself...and the people around me. you've been a true friend, lover, and inspiration for me to see the good in every thing...and everyone. your love has reached across my universe where all i knew was darkness and sadness...and you made it light. i will never feel a love so strong for anyone as i do for you, right now.' i looked up at him and smiled. the priest, who was strangely quiet, started to sniff and wipe his eyes...he'd been crying too. both bruno and i had to restrain ourselves from laughing.he straightened up for the next part...

'uhh...oh you guys have rings?'

i started to respond with,' no sir, we don-' then bruno interrupted with 'well, of course we do,' he glanced over at me and winked 'what would a proper wedding be without the rings?'  he shoved his hands into his pockets and produced two of the most beautiful rings i had ever seen. my ring, which was set in an intricatly woven silver band, had five stones; two black diamonds on the outermost sides, two rubies on the next innermost sides, and a lovely, pure diamond in the middle. his ring was a thick solid band with the same pattern of stones set into it, except that there was an extra red stone set into the middle at the bottom of the band. of course we didn't have matching rings...not all the way...he knew thats what i wanted...

'wow' i gasped. bruno just smiled as he slid the ring onto my finger, a perfect fit. i stared at it in awe until he whispered 'your turn,' and held out his ring for me to put on his finger. i slid it slowly onto his finger, then held his hand for the remainder of the ceremony. the last little bit was a blur except for one line that would stay with me forever

'... Your vows may have been spoken in minutes, but your promises to each other will last until your last breath...' i smiled inside, knowing that this wouldn't be a problem for a love like the one  that bruno and i shared...

' i now pronounce you man and may kiss your bride.'

' good thing i've had practice,' bruno said, and kissed me softly, but passionately. i held him close until the priest cleared his throat a bit loudly- a que to leave. we  signed whatever papers we needed to and paid the bill and jumped into our car. all i could do was stare at my new ring...we had really just gotten married...

' so how's it feel to be mrs. hernandez?' he asked with his arm around me. i didn't look up from my hand as i responded quietly, 'feels...good.' he looked at me and saw that i was still staring at my wedding ring.

' is it really that beautiful?' he asked.

' did you pick it?' he explained that the black was the world around us and, although unpleaseant at times, made us who we are and makes our love so strong. the red was supposed to represent his love as it surrounded me, the diamond.

'bruno...i just love it...i love you.' it felt good to have things going my way; with the man that i loved and i was on my way home... it felt like nothing could go wrong...



Chapter 20

'home sweet home...' i said as we walked through the door to my apartment. bruno stopped and gestured for me to come back. i cocked my head wondering why, but followed along anyway...

'the groom must always carry the bride over the threshold' he said and took me into his arms and carried me in. i was grateful for the offer. bruno wouldn't let me sleep on the way home because he didn't want to feel i stayed up with him...for two days straight. i couldn't take another step if i wanted to... and i didn't. he carried me to my room where we found michael and phil asleep on my enormous bed...both were curled up in a ball and holding some sort of stuffed animal. bruno put me down onto the bed where michael crawled up next me and continued to sleep. bruno shook phil and  moved him to the couch in the living room until the morning.

'so what did you lovebirds do in sin city?' i looked at bruno in complete shock; he didn't even tell phil about our wedding in vegas. bruno just took one look at me before answering phil.

'we did what all lovers do when they go to vegas...get drunk and gamble 'til they have nothin left...then get married...' my heart fluttered at the last and only accurate part of that last sentence. bruno looked over at me and smirked, then rolled his eyes at phil who was giving him a look of total disbelief. 'okay, so the gambling and drinking didn't go down...' he said as he glanced down at our rings. phil's mouth was left hanging open as i giggled sheepishly at his reaction to our marriage.

'oh wow....' phil laughed and shook his head. ' i just...wish ya'll the best of luck' he said and stumbled into the living room.

' took it better  than i thought...' i said into a pillow.

' it's doesn't get much more laid back than him...' bruno said, and threw himself into the bed. michael and i were only shaken for a moment, then drifted back off to sleep...


'so you and bruno are married now?' michael asked. he asked where we had been for the past few days and bruno just flat out told him. i didn't want to go through all of this... but if bruno wanted him to know...

'yes, sweetheart, we're...married. but that doesn't change a thing between you and me-' i scooped him up from the kitchen table and covered his little face in kisses. i loved my son so felt good to be raising him in an actual home.

'mommy!' he squeeled between giggles. i swung him around in the air before letting him land on the sofa. i smiled at him and watched his little body wiggle and squirm, trying to get comfortable; then i noticed a large bruise on his leg. i stopped and had michael sit on my lap while i examined him a bit more closely.

'michael...what happened?' he just looked at the mark and shrugged.

' what is it?' bruno asked. he came in from the kitchen with a plate full of random items from the fridge. i showed him the bruise and he looked just as concerned as i did.

'maybe...we should take him to a doctor...just to be sure it's not....serious.' i nodded my head slowly. i couldn't belive son might be sick...very sick. i stopped the horrible possabilities from taking over my mind as we all ate breakfast and packed up the car...


the trip to the doctors office took forever, it seemed. when we got there, there was nothing but hours of paperwork and questions...why should i answer all of thier questions when i'm the one with the real problem? we finally made it to the actual doctor's office, where michael went through a series of physical assesments and blood tests that took a few more hours. after awhile the doctor came back with a grave look on his face.

' your son...he might have leukemia. but we don't know for sure...'  leukemia?my world came crashing down on me. my baby...could be dying. i couldn't breathe...i wasn't able to process anything. i was already dying inside...

'we'll run a few more labs before we make any diagnosis...but, mrs. glad that, if it is leukemia..that we've found it while it's still treatable, while we still can do something about it... you did the right thing of bringing him to us when you did.' i looked up at the doctor who had his hand on my shoulder in a feeble attempt to comfort me. i wanted to rip his arm off and fling it across the world...'be glad?' my son might be dying and you're telling me to be glad? i left the doctor's office ,sat in the car, and cried. bruno came about fifteen minutes later and held me close...he knew the pain that i was feeling was too hard to try to ease with words....



we drove home in silence...the radio was playing low as we sped home. the doctors said they would keep michael overnight and would have an official diagnosis by tomorrow afternoon. it seemed like the time couldn't pass fast enough...

we went upstairs and got into bed without a single word. i closed my eyes and tried not to think of michael sick...with tubes penitrating his small body...needles poking him and hurting him...he'd be pale and tired and probably bald from chemo...i couldn't help but cry to myself as these images flashed through my mind like a horror movie that i couldn't escape...

'i love you...' i heard a voice whisper from the dark. i sat up in bed as i tried to shake the voice off as being just a dream, but something told me otherwise...

'bruno-' i couldn't say another word. someone was gagging me with some sort of cloth and was dragging me towards the door. i shook and twisted and turned, but nothing stopped the intruder from snatching me from my home and dragging me off to some unknown horror. the last thing i heard was bruno call my name before i was hit in the head with something large and somewhat sharp; i felt the cool pavement against the backs of my bare legs as the blood from my head wound ran down my head and neck...

Everything went dark...