Chapter 19+20

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Chapter 19

”Dad…” Noe’s father came in the room after speaking to the doctor. ”Come on…you need to go home.”

”I’m fine here. I want to stay with your mother.” he told them sitting down in the chair holding Noe’s hand.

”Grandpa…you need to go home…” Noe said letting go seeing Zulema’s face go from happy to sad as he declined right in front of their eyes. Noe sat down next to her grandmother holding her hand comforting her as they started to walk out.

”Good bye, Bruno….” Zulema said under her breath seeing them walk out.

” least let me say good bye…” Bruno stopped with his son walking to Zulema. ”I will never stop dreaming of you….” he told he kissing her on the cheek leaving the room. Noe watched the her grandmother start to cry as he turned the corner with her son.

”I’m sorry, Nohua. I’m sorry…” she said through her tears.

”Nana…” Noe held out Kleenex for her grandmother. ”I can only wish to have someone who loves me that much. You have no idea….”

”I know, my love. I know.” she told her granddaughter.

”Nana…what happened next? Talking about him always makes you feel better…” Noe said still holding on to her grandmother’s hand.

”Well you are right. Nohua…” she answered seeing the nurses come in to move some things on her legs. ”This is my granddaughter, just missed my husband.” she told the nurse.

”Oh…we met your husband. He’s quite an amazing man.” the nurse told her.

”Did he hit on you?” Zulema laughed.

”Well, to tell you the truth, Mrs. Hernandez, I would have run away with him if he had.” the middle aged nurse laughed making Zulema laugh as well. ”My sister and I were in love with your husband when we were younger. I think we honestly cried when we found out you two got married.”

”Oh…I’m sorry I broke your hearts.” Zulema smiled.

”Well, I found my own Bruno Mars in my husband.” the nurse answered them.

”Well, everyone deserves one.” Zulema smiled as the nurse left the room.

”I will be back later…it was fabulous meeting you Nohua.” the nurse said leaving the room.

”Nana..tell me what happened…Grandpa didn’t find out about that, did he? That was silly if he got upset…”


Bruno walked through the large truck stop picking up some soda and candy standing next to his best friend and assistant, Ryan, while they drove throughout the United States. As they waited behind the burly truckers he felt his phone vibrate. He looked at it seeing a text from one of his cousins in New York City.

            Isn’t that your girl?

He looked at a picture of Zulema sitting near Max kissing him.

            What the hell is that?

He texted back.

            We went out tonight and saw her. Didn’t talk though.

            Thanks bro.

”What was that?” Ryan asked. ”Do I need to go kick ass?” he joked.

”No…not yet…” he got back on the bus sitting at the small table putting his phone up to his ear hearing the rings.

”Hello?” he heard Zulema’s sleepy voice on the other end.

”Z…what did you do tonight?” he asked her honestly.

”I went out with Lis…” she told him. ”Bru…it’s like 3 in the morning and I have to work tomorrow…”

”Zulema…were you with another guy?” he asked her bluntly. He heard a pause as she sat up yawning.

”Yeah…but there are always guys at these things….” she told him not sure of where he was going in the conversation.

”Did you leave with him?” he asked her.

”Bruno…do you think that I’m in this guy’s bed right now? Like really…” she moaned.

”I don’t know baby…” he admitted.

”Bruno…I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t…where is this coming from…?” she asked.

”But you would make out with him.” he said in a frustrated tone.

”Where are you getting this?” she asked him shocked that he knew about the night.

”David was there.” Bruno told her.

”Oh…your cousin..right? I didn’t see him.” she asked him. ”Why didn’t he come and talk to us?”

”He wasn’t able to…you left with that guy before he could get to you.” Bruno answered starting to get more frustrated with her.

”Bruno…he’s right…I did leave with him…but what he didn’t see…Bruno…I left after that….without him. I did kiss him. I did….but it was too much. I didn’t do it. I didn’t. I’m sorry.” she admitted.

”I’ll call you later, Z.” she heard him answer.

”But…Bru…I….” she started to stutter. ”I’m sorry. I really am.”

”Zulema…I haven’t even looked at another girl since I saw you. I would never do that to you.” he told her in a sad tone.

”I know you wouldn’t. And that’s why I feel so bad. Bruno…it was one time…ever….I only want you.” she told him. ”Only you. You can’t be replaced.” she felt tears running down her eyes as she told him the truth.

”Whatever, Z. It’s okay. Go back to sleep. I’m sorry I woke you up. I should trust you.” he answered her.

”I’m really sorry.” she yawned laying back down in the bed. ”What did you do today?” she asked him trying to make the conversation more normal.

”Well…” he went on telling her about the media events that he had done that day pausing waiting for her to respond. ”Z“ he asked several times. ”Good night, Zulema.” he told he hanging up the phone.


”Nana…that’s silly to get upset about that.” Noe told her grandmother.

”I told him that too.” Zulema smiled.”But your grandfather is very sensitive.” she told her granddaughter.

”He cries at the Titanic.” she told her granddaughter  making her laugh.

”I have to go, Nana…I have a date tonight with Colby.” Noe smiled.

”Oh! You have to tell me about it tomorrow!” Zulema said.

”I will Nana. Have a good night.” Noe said kissing her grandmother on the cheek leaving the room.


Chapter 20


A few days later Noe walked down the same sterile hallway to see her Grandmother during her lunch hour. She walked in the room past another patient who she had met previously waving walking to her grandmother who was surprised to see her.

”Oh! Noe! I didn’t know you were coming today!” she said in a surprised tone.

”I wasn’t sure if I would be able to come today, but I had a meeting across the street and figured I would stop to see you…and tell you about my date with Colby.” Noe told her grandmother.

”Oh yes. Please tell me how fabulous he was. Your father said it went well.” Zulema told her.

”Dad has us already married because I updated my facebook status to in a relationship.” Noe answered.

”Oh dear. I don’t think that I ever updated my status until everyone knew we were married.” Zulema answered.

”Well, that’s different. I would think that would be kind of weird.” Noe replied.

”He had one though. He was only friends with a few people though. But he knew everything.” Zulema responded.

”He was able to use facebook?” Noe asked.

”Sweetie…facebook may have been new and your grandfather may not be able to look up his own name on youtube now..but he wasn’t that stupid.” Zulema reassured her granddaughter.

”Okay..okay..I believe you.” Noe said. ”Nana..what happened after your fight?”

”Oh…oh…your grandfather is so sweet. He came to see me that next weekend…”


Zulema sat on her couch in early December covered in a blanket with her TV muted on the Stylenetwork while talking to Bruno while he was on his way home from Boston.

”You’re just gonna sleep when you go home?” she asked him.

”Yeah. I’m just gonna lay in my bed and do nothing.” he told her over some loud noise. ”Hang on Z…” he pulled the phone away from his ear talking to someone that she didn’t know.

”Who was that?” she asked.

”Oh…it was the lady at the airport. I had to hand her something.” he told her.

”Bruno…I wish you were….hang on….there’s someone at my door.” she threw her phone down yelling at the door telling whoever it was behind the door she would be there in a second. She grabbed the door hearing an infectious familiar laugh as she opened the door seeing Bruno standing there with a giant bouquet of flowers holding them in front of his face.

Behind the flowers he said in a fake English accent ”Delivery for Zulema Austin.” starting to laugh. She took the flowers from his hands seeing him start to laugh uncontrollably making her laugh at the same time. She took his hands dragging him in the apartment. ”I…um..I better be getting a good tip for delivering these flowers…” she turned off her phone looking at him wrapping her arms around him kissing him. He returned the kiss holding onto her back running his fingers through her dark brown hair through the kiss. He pulled away getting a clump of her hair stuck in his hand making her cringe. ”That’s gonna cost you an extra $25 Ms. Austin.” he smiled at her.

”I’ll pay you later Bruno.” she said sitting down on the couch burying her head in the flowers. ”How did you know these are the ones I like?” she asked him.

”I called Kelly and asked her.” he told her.

”What?” she asked shocked.

”Well, I didn’t talk directly to Kelly. I talked to Andrew. But he knew exactly what to get you.” he said sitting down on the couch next to her taking the flowers from her.

”Oh..yeah…he knows that stuff.” Zulema told him. ”Brunz…what are you doing here? You said you were going home…”

”I lied. Kill me. I missed you.” he answered her giving her a sad face.

”Well, I missed you too.” she said looking at him still shocked to see him.

”What were you doing?” he wondered looking at the floor full of magazines and a glass of wine.

”I was looking at some coverage some clients got.” she explained pouring him a glass of wine taking a sip of hers sitting in the middle of her pile. ”Like this one…” she explained the story not sure if he would care. She looked over at him sitting on the couch watching her talk in detail about her job and what she was dong. ”Bruno?” she turned to look at him watching her.


”Do you even care?” she asked him as he looked over her things.

”Of course I do, baby.” he told her explaining some of the things she had told him. ”Now…get dressed. We’re going out.” he told her lifting her up from her pile of papers.

”Bruno….” she wrapped her arms around him dramatically. ”Can we just stay home and Netflix something?”

”Only if I approve of it. Nothing sappy and romantic.” he told her.

”But…I wanted to watch the Notebook.” she told him in a sad tone.

”Noooo!” he matched her dramatic tone falling on the couch making his hat fall behind the couch.

”Or we could just skip the movie…” she said throwing her body on him kissing him.

He pulled his head away from her. ”What do you think I am? Your boyfriend? I just delivered the flowers.” he answered her trying to pull away from her picking her up sitting her on the couch. ”Get dressed. We’re going out.”

”Nooooooo.” she said holding out her hands toward him. ”I was out all this week with clients. I just wanna lay around tonight.” she whined. ”And I have wine here…” she said taking a sip of her drink.

”You got me at wine, Z….” he said sitting next to her kissing her after taking a sip of his wine. ”The wine makes it classy.”

”You stay classy, San Diego…” she told him pulling him in toward her kissing him again making him laugh at her comment. She could feel his smile against her lips while he started to move his hands up along her plain black t-shirt touching the middle of her bra where the hook was. He unsnapped it pushing the fabric away touching her as he started kissing her neck He stopped for a second letting her take off her shirt and bra as he started to stare at her.

”Zulema…did you always have that birth mark?” he asked pointing to her neck.

”It’s called a birth mark because you’re born with it, silly.” she told him moving her eyes to his shirt.

”Oh..oh..right…” he said taking his shirt off pushing her on the couch kissing her stomach while touching her breasts lightly making her moan. She moved her hips toward his face directing him toward her pants. He understood her movement touching her jeans slowly teasing her as he looked up at her. She started breathing heavier as he moved his hands along her legs touching her boy shorts lightly trying to decide what to do next to her. He looked up at her seeing her arching her back as he touched the inside of her thighs.

”I swear…I’ll take them off if you don’t, Bru.” she laughed at him.

”Just be patient, Zulema…” he told her as he ran his fingers along the waistline pushing them down slowly. He started kissing her moving his hands up in between her legs feeling how wet she was making him excited himself he leaned down kissing her lightly and then more passionately moving his hands between her legs making her twist her body when he hit the most perfect place to pleasure her.

”Oh fucccckkkk….” she moaned grabbing the side of the couch with one hand and his hair with the other. He suddenly stopped picking her up carrying her into the bedroom as she kissed his neck not saying a word. ”Brunnnooooo…you’re driving me crazzzyyy….” she moaned as he laid her down on her bed.

”That;s what I want to do.” he winked at her moving his hands up and down her thighs kissing her lips moving down to her neck and then quickly to where he was before. She sounds so sexy when she does that. But of my fuck….when she calls out my name. The things I want to do to her. He thought to himself as he moved his fingers in and out of her quickly making her breathes heavier and her moans louder.

”Brunnnnooo…get inside meeee….before I cum all over your face….” she moaned pulling him to kiss her.

”But what if that was the goal of all of this?” he laughed at her as he slowly moved inside her making her cringe at how awkward it was since they hadn’t had sex in weeks. ”Woah…baby…how do you get so tight so fast?” he asked her kissing her neck through his words.

”What, you’d rather I be all loose and shit?” she asked him running her fingers down his back digging her nails into him.

”Hey..I didn’t say that!” he smiled looking her in the eyes through his movements. She moved her hips a little directing him to a certain direction making her close her eyes biting into his shoulder.

”Do you like it when I work the left side, baby?” he asked her. ”Or the right sidddeee…” he sang back to her moving her hips a little. ”Or..I could work the midddllleeee…” he started singing into her ear as she screamed during the last part. He ran his fingers along her hair gently moving down to her cheek kissing her deeply as she started to bite his bottom lip. She pulled away moving her head into his shoulder biting into it was he pushed harder into her.

”Oh shit…Bru..I’m sorry…” she moved her hand up to his shoulder wiping a little bit of blood off of him. He laughed into her neck as she moved her fingers along his shoulder.

”It’s not the first time, baby…” he told her laying his head on her as he started to feel himself getting closer to climax. She could feel him getting closer so she moved her body indicating that she wanted to be on top. He grabbed onto her back flipping her over seeing her chest and eyes trying to decide which part to pay attention to as she moved her hips to get him to slow down. ”Oh damn, Zulemmmmaaaaa….” he moaned moving his hands to her back controlling her movements looking into her eyes as she closed them throwing her head back. He watched her start to slowly breathing then throwing herself on him as he started to kiss her with the two of them climaxing at the same time. She rolled over on the side of the bed sighing heavily.

”Holy shit, Bruno. You’re the best ever….” she told him moving her hand toward him. As she touched the bit of sweat on his neck her hands started to shake.

”Woah….Z…” he held onto her shaking hand trying to calm her down.

”That’s….only…happened once before…” she said feeling the calmness of his hands making her stop shake.

”It’s okay, Zulema….it happens to a lot of people.” he told her kissing her on the cheek getting out of the bed putting on his clothes. She turned around facing him with a confused look on her face.

”Where are you going?” she asked him.

”I’m getting dressed so we can watch a movie…it’s cold in there…” he shivered pointing to the living room. She laughed at him grabbing her sweater and sweat pants walking into the room with him as he wrapped his arms around her tightly kissing the top of her head. ”You’re amazing, Zulema.” he told her sitting down on the couch flipping through the movies. .She closed her eyes as he picked a romantic comedy for them to watch. Within the first thirty minutes of the movie they both fell asleep on the couch.


”Aww, Nana…that’s so sweet…minus the part where you told me y’all got it on.” Noe sighed.

”Well, I mean….you wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t any of that going on!” he grandmother joked.

”Ewwwww. Nana….I mean..grandpa was cute and all then but gah. Just thinking about it. Ewwwww.” Noe said pretending to be really grossed out.

”But I know you would like the movie we ended up watching…” her grandmother told her.

”What did you watch?” Noe asked.

”Anchorman.” Zulema answered her with a smile.

”Oh geez.” Noe laughed.