Chapter 19-21

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Chapter 19

He sits me down at the piano next to him and he starts playing those four chords that we were playing the first time I met him in the studio. He remembers it? He then starts humming to himself and I realise it’s the same tune that he sung me to sleep with when I stayed round his house. It sounds beautiful. He then starts to sing with his melodic voice “When I see your face, There’s not a thing that I would change, Cause you’re amazing, Just the way you are, And when you smile, The whole world stops and stares for awhile, Cause girl you’re amazing, Just the way you are” I feel the tears rolling down my cheeks again. “Do you like it Baby?” Why does he always make me speechless and expect me to speak straight after? “It’s beautiful. No one has ever done anything as beautiful as this for me before. I love it” I say in a whisper. He places his arms around me and says “I wrote those lyrics that same day I met you, I’ve had it for a while but I was waiting for the perfect moment to sing it to you”. After a long silence of just listening to each other’s heartbeats he finally says “Baby, what do you mean no one has ever done anything like this for you?” “No one’s ever written me a song before” I say as I wipe my tears away. “What’s the nicest thing a guy has done for you then?” That’s not a hard question to answer. I lower my voice again. “No guy has ever treated me as nice as you have, all the guys I’ve dated before have used me and left me” I look away from him. “And earlier, when I was vulnerable and I wanted to have sex, they would have just done it, but not you, you did the right thing” I turn to look at him; he has a shocked expression on his face. “You did the right thing by stopping me, no one else would have” I lean in for a kiss but he doesn’t respond like he usually does when I do that. “You mean no guy has treated you the way that you deserve to be treated?” I shake my head. “Baby, you know I would NEVER do that right? Tell me you understand that I wanna be with you and YOU make me happy, and I know that I make you happy too” “I know you do and I know you will” I lean in and hug him, he pulls away and gives me that kiss I was searching for.

“Can I just sort my mascara out? Please? I’m sure I look like a panda now” “A very sexy panda though, now go and be fast” Did Bruno just call me sexy!? He’s never said that before and instantly my whole mood is lifted. I really do love him. I love him. I love Bruno. But I’m not going to be the first to say it. I fix my mascara on in front of him just to prove a point that I really loved his song. My song. The song he wrote for me. I will NEVER get over that.

I try to order the cheapest thing on the menu which is pointless because Bruno orders a huge filet steak. Man, this guy can EAT. But so can I. We eat from each other’s plates anyway and we share a cheesecake for desert. I don’t like cheesecake so Bruno eats most of it. They didn’t have any other deserts left anyway. “You want me to buy you desert from somewhere else?” “No thank you, I’m full anyway” I lied. I could have done with some ice cream, but I don’t want to make him waste his money on me. “Your lossssss” he jokes as he devours this cheesecake. When the bill comes I try to sneak a look at how much it all came up to but he snatches it away. “How much?” I ask casually. “Not too much” I know he’s lying. “Let me contribute?” “Yeah right Lex” It was worth a try. Bruno pays with his card and we leave and come back to my place.

Just hanging out with Bruno makes time fly, I look at the time and it’s already 8pm. “So Lex…” “So Bruno…” I mock. “Are you mocking me!?” “Yupp!” And he grabs me and puts me on his lap. “Be nice, I paid for your dinner” “I offered” “Well be nice to me anyway” “And why is that?” “Are you forgetting something?” He leans in close and whispers “Do the words, Bruno, Bruno, Fuck Yes, Right There, I’m So Close, ring bells?” DID HE JUST SAY THAT TO ME!? “Fuck you” I say with a huge smile as I try to get off him but he’s got me held tight. “Soon” he replies. Oh God, I can’t take his teasing anymore. “I give up! What do you want?” I peck him on his lips. He looks away from me. “If I remember correctly, earlier today, you said something along the lines of I need to return the favour” I did say that. WAIT. IS HE ACTUALLY ASKING FOR IT!? “Are you asking for what I think you are!?” Casually he says “Yes” That doesn’t sound like something he would say, OH! He doesn’t think I’ll actually go through with it! Just as I’m thinking Bruno rolls me over and lies on top of me and says “I’m just kidding baby” and he gives me a long kiss. I just remembered that the last time we were in this position, things ended up going well for me. “Stop thinking about earlier Lex” DAMNIT! I can feel all of Bruno again. I can feel that he’s ready. Am I ready to take that next step with him? Not have sex, but…..

I sit back on his lap again and start to kiss him. I start with his lips and move down to his neck. Fuck. His sexy neck. He throws his head back and I can tell he likes it. I move back up to his lips and kiss him more intensely as our tongues dance, I feel him smiling. He knows what’s coming. “Stop smiling” I say against his lips. “Sorry” He replies, but doesn’t stop. I start to toy with his belt buckle and move my hand lower down. He jolts, he wasn’t expecting that. This time I laugh and continue. His breathing starts to get faster. I feel a vibration and this time I jolt “THE FUCK!?” “It’s my phone, ignore it” he says as he ignores the call and pulls me back in. He’s eager now. His phone goes off again, “you better answer it” “No baby, just ignore it” He comes back in for another kiss but I pull away. “Answer it, I’m not going anywhere” I say as I get off him. Annoyed, he gets up and answers it. “What, NOW!? Dude, I’m busy now, can’t we do it later? Give me like an hour then” I’m not in the mood anymore. “Fine” And he slams the phone down. He closes his eyes and leans his head back. As annoyed as I am, I can’t imagine how pissed he must be now. I go over to him and say “Soon” and with that. He leaves for the studio.

I decide to go up to bed; I’ve had a long day.

“Lex” “Lex” “LEXII!” What the!? Is someone calling my name!? “LEXII! IT’S US!!” Someone IS calling my name, and its coming from outside. Not again. I get up and go to my window and I see all the guys waiting outside my front door. Bruno looks up at me apologetically. Sill tired I try to yell down at them “What the fuck!? Do you realise the time!” I glance at the clock and its 2am. Ray yells up “Come on Lex, let us in, we just need to use your studio, we won’t make any noise we promise!” I don’t care anymore; I just want to get some sleep. I throw the spare set of house keys down that I keep next on my table and get back in to bed.

I wake up again because I hear movement. “Bruno?” “Yeah baby it’s me, go back to sleep” I can just about see Bruno start to undress with the moonlight shining down on him.

Chapter 21

This chapter has adult parts, I don’t want to offend people, but if you don’t like reading things like that, then don’t read it and save me the abuse. Enjoy you horny Hooligans! :)

I should stop watching but I can’t help but stare. I watch him remove his shirt, the way the moonlight bounces off his body is just mesmerising. He then undoes his jeans and takes them off. That was supposed to be my job earlier. “Baby, there is a pillow over there” He goes and gets the pillow and I move over so there’s room for him in the bed. He gets in wearing nothing but his boxers. I cuddle up to him and fall asleep in his arms.

When I wake up I’m still in Bruno’s arms and he’s already awake. I got scared that he might leave in the morning. “Did you have a nice sleep?” He asks “Mmmhmm, did you?” “With you held tightly in my arms, it was the best sleep of my life. Distracting. But the best” Distracting? Oh. “I see you’ve stolen my clothes, its ok though. They look much better on you” I’m wearing his Mickey Mouse shirt that I took from his house. He starts to play with the waistband of my underwear. I forgot I wasn’t wearing anything else. “What else are you wearing?” As if he doesn’t know. I get up and sit on Bruno’s legs while he’s still lying down. “Not much, as you can see” Now it’s my turn to tease. He starts to rub my thighs again. “You know your underwear looked better on the floor yesterday. Let’s see if these white ones look as good as the black did” Oh God Bruno. I don’t think I can take it anymore. “How about we see if yours look as good on my floor?” His eyes pop open. Typical guy actions. “Say that again” I lean in and whisper “Lets see if your boxers look as good as mine did on the floor” and I start to kiss his neck again. I love his neck and I know he loves it when I kiss him there too. I gently start to lick it and he clears his throat. Trying to conceal a moan Bruno? Am I really gonna go through with this? I know I want to, and I know he wants me to. So what’s holding me back? I decide to just go for it. I slowly make my way down from his neck to his chest, and stop at his abs like he did to me yesterday making a trail of kisses along the way. His breathing gets faster as does mine. I stay on his abs for a while, just at the waistband of his boxers. Teasing him. I gently graze my hands up his thighs, still waiting at the waistband. Right, I decide to go lower. Just as I do Bruno moans “Lex, baby, if you don’t hurry up I’m not going to last much longer” I laugh at this thought “Don’t laugh, now get on with it, please” I like teasing him. I sit up and he gives me a pleading look. Bless him. “Continue with what exactly?” He gives me a confused look. “What? I thought……what?” He squirms, I’m making him wait and it’s making him uncomfortable, but this is fun. “What did you think I was going to do?” “You know what I wanted” “Say it” “BLOW ME” I start to laugh at his bluntness “Blow what exactly?” “This HUGE uncomfortable thing that’s under these damn boxers, now remove them and get on with it” “Yes sir!” And I do just that……


“I was right, your boxers did look better on my floor” He’s speechless. I can’t believe I just did that, I can’t believe how happy he looks. “Whose voice hurts now” I mutter, I know he heard me. He opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out. I’m on such a high right now. I throw his underwear back at him and go brush my teeth and jump in the shower. When I come back out Bruno’s put them back on and is in the same position that I left him in, but this time he’s smoking. It’s so fucking sexy when he smokes. He has a huge smile on his face. I bet he’s happy. I come out in my towel because all my clothes are in my walk in closet. He’s watching me intently; I grab my lotion and go in front of the mirror and start to put it on, he’s still watching me. I start singing to myself and dancing to no music, when I’m done teasing him; I go in to my closet and get changed. When I come out I go over and sit next to him, he offers me his cigarette and I happily take it. He clears his throat and says “My throat hurts” I burst out laughing, “I bet it does! Now apologise to me for making fun” He takes the cigarette back “Never!” “Baby can I take a shower?” “Of course” “Will you wash my clothes for me?” “Sure, are you ok to walk after that?” “Shut up…” and he gets up and goes in to the bathroom. Moments later he throws his boxers out and they whack me in the face “EEEEWW!!” He shouts from the bathroom “Calm down Lex, it’s not like you haven’t had worse things in your mouth before” OH MY GOD. This guy is just pure FILTH. “You’re nasty Bruno!” I hear hum turn the water on and get in “Baby you wanna join me in the shower?” Yes! But I shouldn’t… “Love to, but can’t, I gotta wash your clothes” “They can wait, I don’t need clothes” Ahhhh, stop it Bruno! The temptation is so high! “Yes you do” and with that I go downstairs and throw his clothes in the wash. Luckily no one stayed last night so we have the whole house to our selves.

Whilst I’m waiting for the washer to stop I see my phone flashing in the corner. It’s a text from my mom, it reads “You, me and Bruno tonight, my house. I’m cooking” Fuck.

Chapter 21

Bruno comes down the stairs in nothing but a towel. God dayum. Just to be able to rip that towel off right now. I know he wouldn’t mind. The way how he hasn’t completely dried off yet and how he has tiny droplets of water all over him. To be able to lick hi-“Lex, stop staring, do you want me to take the towel off? Because I will” FUCK, I need to stop zoning out all the time. “Your clothes will be out soon, I just put the dryer on” “I don’t need clothes” No you certainly don’t “Yes you do” “You’re wearing too much for my liking, go put my shirt and your underwear back on, I liked them” Stop it Bruno, he’s making it so damn hard not to just jump on him right now. “Baby, did I leave my phone down here?” “Yeah it’s over there” He picks up his phone and smiles “No messages, I am so loved” I feel like saying, I love you to him, but this is the wrong time, and he may not reciprocate. “Baby, what are you thinking about?” Fuck. “Uhm, my mom wants to invite you round for dinner tonight, you know, meet the boyfriend” It still sounds surreal to refer to him as my boyfriend. “Awesome, she can cook” “Is food the only thing that runs through your mind!?” He walks up close to me, this isn’t helping my control. Fuck it. “You run through my mind, all day, every day, there’s not a moment when I don’t think about you or when I don’t want to be with you” and he leans in and slowly kisses my forehead, my nose and finally my lips and as per usual. I melt in his arms.

It’s only when the buzzer for the dryer goes off that we both snap back to reality. Whilst still kissing me, Bruno responds “Ignore it” I laugh and pull away to go get his clothes. I throw them at him and say “Now go put your clothes on before I jump you” “I wouldn’t mind that” He says slyly and starts to open his towel “NOT IN FRONT OF ME!” I yell and cover my eyes. He just stares at me until I look back at him. He’s still wearing the towel. “I was doing it up so it didn’t fall” “Oh right. Well go anyway” He just laughs and goes upstairs. Seriously, what am I gonna do with this one. He comes back down looking even sexier with clothes on. Is that even possible!? “You coming to the studio today?” He says as I still stare at him in awe. He runs his fingers through his luscious curly hair “So I can wear hardly anything and you stare at me, and I can wear clothes and you still stare at me, I’m not a piece of meat Lex” he says as he attempts to cover himself. What a fool. “You are a piece of meat. But you’re my piece of meat” and I kiss him. “And to me you’re just perfect” I STILL get shivers when he speaks about me like that. “Breakfast!? I can make you pancakes, bacon and eggs” “mmmm my girlfriend can cook too, looks and great in bed, I scored well” “You don’t know about the last part” “Not yet, but I can guess” I could just take him here on the floor. Right now. Who would care? Bruno wouldn’t mind. No one would find out. SNAP OUT OF IT LEX. You’re not some whore that goes around fucking hot guys. You know to wait for the right guy, which you have, and wait for the right time. Bruno starts to rub my back “What are you thinking about?” “Nothing” and I start to make breakfast.

When breakfast is over and I’ve cleaned the kitchen up, Bruno pulls me inside to the couch. “Tell me what you were thinking before breakfast” “Did you enjoy breakfast?” “It was delicious, now stop changing the subject” I laugh because that’s the exact same thing I said to him when we were laying together outside in my yard. “It was nothing Bruno, please leave it……” “Baby, we can’t have secrets from each other” He says as he kisses my neck. I know I’m going to regret this. But I reply “You’re keeping secrets from me” He stops and looks genuinely confused. “Tell me about your relationship with Emma” He nods, “Ok, what do you wanna know?” “What was it like, were you happy, and. And what was is that you didn’t see in her that you see in me” I say the last part as a whisper because it just sounds so pathetic. But I need to know, I need to know why this amazing man has chosen me out of all the girls in the world. “Lex, she’s got nothing on you, believe me. There’s so many beautiful girls all over the world. Yes. I could be chasing them. But what’s the point or wasting time? They have nothing on you, you’re the one I want” I wait patiently. “It was a happy relationship. Sometimes, we’d argue a lot. But she was always there for me. This can’t be easy on her either. I thought we were going to be together forever, and so did she” “Why did she treat you the way that she did then?” “Because I suppose she just got used to having me around all the time that it didn’t matter what she said to me, because she knew I’d always be there for her and I was, and like I said. She was always there for me” I can’t think of anything to say. I’m a horrible home wrecker. I ruined her and Bruno’s life together. “Did you love her” “Yes” “Do you still love her” “No” “I love someone else now” he basically just told me he loves me. But that’s not enough for me. I need to hear those three words. I need to hear the rhythm of those words leave his lips and go straight in to my ears. I decide to ask one more question. Purely for my own fascination. “What was the sex like?” He laughs and throws his head back and I can’t help at stare at how gorgeous his beautiful neck looks. “We, uh, we didn’t really….” “NEVER!?” “No, no, we DID. But it was never that much” I laugh at this “Yeah Bruno, we never had sex to a guy means, we only did it once a week” “Try once every two months” “WHAT!?” “Mmmmhmm” “What about other stuff?” He plays dumb “What other stuff do you mean exactly” “Bruno” “Say it” He needs to stop throwing my words back at him. I lean in and give him a deep French kiss, our tongues dance together. When I pull back he looks flustered and out of breath. I feel rather pleased with myself. I lean in and whisper “When you did that to me, but not in my mouth” He clears his throat and his voice comes out higher than usual “No, not really, she wouldn’t let me” “Wow, she really missed out then” I say that more to myself but he heard and looks smug. “What about her, did she ever?” “No, I think once she attempted” He starts smiling like a fool “Why you smiling?” “Because after she did it, she threw up!” “No way!!” “Yeah, that didn’t work out well for me though, now tell me what you were thinking” Ok, I just decide to come out with it. “Bruno, you’ll wait for me right” He looks at me all serious, confused for a second but then he realises. “Baby I’m not forcing you to do anything, you know that right” “Of course I know that” and I kiss him to reassure him. “But I just want you to know that, I just need to wait for the right time, I’ve been hurt so many times before, and I’m not saying that you’ll hurt me because I know you won’t, but I just need to wait. For myself. Although it’s getting harder to wait as each second with you passes” I’m just rambling on now. “Lexii” He moves a piece of hair from my eyes “I don’t care that we’re not having sex. I don’t care that we’ve done the other stuff too. All I care about is that we’re together and about how indescribably happy you make me. When you’re ready and only when you’re ready will we take that next step and I’ll truly then be able to show to you how much you really mean to me” He leans in and kisses me with all the passion he has. This time I feel out of breath. “You’re too good for me, you really are” “If only that were the case”

About an hour later after just talking and being with each other, Bruno has to leave for the studio. I don’t want him to go, but he has to. “What time should I pick you up?” he says “6pm” “Ok” He leans in for a goodbye kiss and whispers “I have a surprise for you later”