Chapter 19-21

14/03/2012 12:49
Chapter 19:

As I opened my eyes, all I seen was Kameron jump off of me and Bruno and Phil run in the living room…. I couldnt believe what I was seeing… Then 2 more people walked in.. I couldnt tell who everyone was I was just happy that Bruno was here and I knew everything was going to be ok……”Come here babe…you ok” “Not really, but Im so glad your here” “Its ok dont worry” Right when he said that I felt all my pain go away….

As I hugged Sammie, I told her to wait in her room… “Dude, what the fuck is your issue” “Fuck You” “fuck me, really now” I punched his dumb ass straight in his face… I couldnt help it, I told him today not to fuck around” Phil grabbed me and started pushing me to the kitchen, while the boys grabbed Kam and took him outside “Fuckin punk ass” “Your gonna get whats coming for you bruh, that career of yours, kiss that shit goodbye, same with Sammie too” “Phil, let me fuckin go” “Bruno, stop, let that motherfucker keep feedin you bullshit, let that shit go, look at me man” “What PHIL” “You have Sammie in there, she needs you right now go, we will take care of Kam, just go” “Thanks fam” I couldnt thank Phil enough.. I knew Sammie was hearing everything that was going on and I didnt want to worry her anymore…. “Baby, fuck your smart” “I know, I tried to think as fast as possible.. Im so glad your here” “I told you WE would figure this out Together” “Bruno hes fuckin crazy, I told you” “I know, fuck I dont know what to fuckin do, I just didnt wanna tell the whole world, for your privacy” “I dont care anymore this bastard is a maniac” “Look at me Sammie, I cant let you go, you outta my sight is something I cant face right now” “You dont have to ever leave me Bruno, Im always here” “Look I know this isnt the right time for this, because of what just happened but I was gonna do this tonight anyways” “Do What” 

I couldnt even think straight my mind was running in circles.. I was so glad to be in Bruno’s arms again…and to inhale his scent again… and to stare into his big beautiful brown eyes… “What is it Bruno” “Close your eyes” “You and your surprises” he puts this necklace on me…. “Whats this for” “Well this is a necklace that my dad and mom wore growing up together, he first gave it to her, after felt the deep love connection with each other” “Awww Bruno’ “But wait, so this is a part of me that you will always have with you, and I will also always have this part of you with me” “BRUNOOOOO” “Sammie, im doing this all out of love, Ive never had this much love for a woman, in my life, you understand me on a whole nother level” I couldnt believe he was saying all of this right now…. Hes never done this before, and every word that was coming out of his mouth, I felt it, It was so touching to my heart, All I could do was cry….

“Sammie, look at me baby, dont cry” I whipped her tears from her face  “Bruno…you are saying these things with so much emotion, how can I not cry” “Because your here with me now, I gotchchu now” She was deeply in love with me then, I could tell something with her was different after I said that, and I have a feeling that it was because I expressed my love for her…. “question” “Anything beautiful” “Is there anything you would change about me” “No” “Im serious Bruno, anything” “No babe, Nothing At All…..”

Chapter 20:

This chapter is Rated R… for all you Dirty Hooligans.. ya lil nasties 

I wanted her to really feel the affection that I had for her, It was something I had never felt before with any other woman… I could tell that this had done it for us.. “Im tired and I dont wanna stay here not after what happened anyways” “Lets go to my house then” “Let me call Faye really quick, I havent got the chance to tell her anything yet, shes been so busy, can you tell Ryan not to say anything to her..” “I didnt say anything to him, but the guys might have now.. let me text him..” 

I stepped outside my room into the hallway to call Faith….”hey gurl” “hey, whats up…is Bruno there yet” “Yeah hes here but were gonna go over his house” “Ok thats cool..imma bring Ryan over tonight then” “Ok.. I need to talk to you about something that happened” “What..tell me now.. Are YOU PREGNENT” “No, gurl hell no” “MMMM mmm” “Faye shut up..” “Ok well have fun you fuckin love birds” “I love you crazy ass…bye” “See ya foo”…. Bruno steps out into the hallway “Is everything ok” “Oh scared me a little” “Sorry, I know youve been really jumpy lately, relax im not him” “I know, im sorry I dont mean to be that way..” “I understand but just breath and it will all be ok” Moments like this made me feel like I was the only girl in the world.. with the sound of his voice he made all my worries..stress.. and pain go away…. “You ready to go” he took off his jacket and threw it around me with his arm around my shoulder.. I grabbed my bag and we were out the door… 

I had to have patience with her… Kameron has left a bad mark on her… In Sam’s mind every touch and noise that I make can trigger a memory for her and I hate that this happened and its never going to happen again..but I just have to give her space and time.. It should all run over… When we were driving…. I looked over to her sitting in the passenger seat, with her head rested against the window.. and to my surprise.. her eyes were closed I knew she was tired but it wasnt that that surprised me it was her beauty.. Everyday I discovered something different with her.. Tonight it was the way her curly black hair sat on her shoulders and her skin …the way it would just seem to glow in the dark… I think she caught me lookin at her.. She didnt open her eyes, she just moved her hand over and grabbed mine….

I knew Bruno was watching me sleep.. It was too charming, he was remembering every detail about me.. I did that to him the first time we had sex.. He was mind blowing, its funny how he tried to hide that he was looking at me.. We pulled up to his house and he got out super fast to come and open my door…. It was raining, So he had his umbrella ready.. what a gentleman I thought to myself.. But its my Bruno were talking about and he has the up most respect for me.. So I couldn’t expect any less from him…

“Would you like to change out of those clothes” “Yes, give me anything…” “Here’s an old sweater of mine” ‘Thanks babe” “Im gonna go hop in the shower really quick…you can join me if you want” I was hesitant on asking that question, because I didnt want her to feel like this whole relationship was all about sex and the fact that Kam tried something again with her just a few hours ago I cant even imagine whats going on in her head…”Um just go ahead, Ill meet you on there If I come” “Ok” 

I didnt really know what to say… I was comfortable with Bruno, but it was still all so new and fast for me.. I knew he was comfortable with me tho, and he loved my body not to mention. so why was I so nervous still.. I creped in the bathroom  “Bru…” “Yeah babe” “Are you almost done” “Yeah I just have to wash my body” “Ok, well can I join you” He peeked his head out of his gray and black shower curtains “Hell to the yeah, you can join this party, cuz it aint shit without chu” “Your such a nerd..turn around” “No its ok, you can drop them draws in front of me baby dont be nervous” All I could do was laugh, really, he made me so happy, even when I was nervous… I got in with him eventually… He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight… The feeling off our warm bodies together…I just closed my eyes and let myself go….. He started kissing my neck and my head fell to one side… I knew I was going to enjoy every bit of what was about to happen, He turned me on with every touch he made…

She loved me pleasing her, so again I felt like this was the right time to ease that pretty little mind of her’s… I started to rub her back…my hands led down to her butt.. I was just admiring her body… I loved it so much… She turned around and put her arms around my neck and started slow dancing with me… “No music babe” “I dont need it” “why not” she pointed to my heart “Because its all right her” she also put my hand on her chest.. I was surprised at her warming up to me so quickly… then I see her bend down..and I already knew what was coming next I just didnt expect for her to do it so fast….

I knew he was going to love this.. and the crazy thing was Ive never done it before But I wanted to try something different with Bru… I grabbed his length and stroked it up and down … the look on his face was priceless… I put his length in my mouth and went to town… I could her little moans from him…as he kept my hair out of my face.. Even tho I always said I would never do this, it wasnt that bad.. If he could please me, then I should be able to do the same for him… “Damn..Sammie… you sure you havent done this before…shit” I shook my head no “mmm mm” “Fuck.. stop..get up” he helps me up and then he pins me up against the wall and lifts me up.. I wrap my legs around his waist..and he enters me.. I ran my hands down his back and every movement that he made inside me triggered me to scratch his back… I couldnt help it…. I started letting out loud moans as he was going deeper and faster…. Our breathing started to get heavier as it got more intense… he put me down.. and he turned me around and entered me from behind…

“Baby bend down a little bit” I wanted her to enjoy everything as much as me… I placed her hands on the wall in front of her so it wasnt so awkward… I started out slow, then went a lil faster.. she was enjoying every bit of every moment which turned me on even more…. 

I was loving this position and just being in the shower made everything 5 times more special… I turned around to look at Bru’s face and he was so into it.. I loved it when he seen me looking at him…he started smiling at me..and biting his lip…. He than begin to pull my hair..which is something I didnt experience with him last time.. But I did like it I couldnt complain…. “Bruno….…..” 


Chapter 21:

This chapter is Rated R… for all you Dirty Hooligans.. ya lil nasties 

He kept going at this position for a while and my moans became louder every time he entered me.. He stopped and turned me around and now I could see his expressions right in front of me which I loved… “Now its your turn” he said to me… I didnt know what to expect form him because everything we were doing was all new to me  ”Ok babe, have at it” “Oh trust me I am”  He started kissing me again and led his hands down to my waist “darling…I love your body” “Thanks” “Like serously.. I could make love to you all fucking night” I loved when he said words like love insted of sex and fuck.. I could tell that he truly and genuinely loved me… “I Love you Bruno” “I love you to sweetie, lets take this to the bedroom, come on” I wanted whatever he was going to give to me.. he knew how to please me… 

I couldnt take this half ass shit in the shower anymore.. so I had to take this to the bed.. I had her lay down on the edge of the bed and i lend over her and started to kiss her.. she began bitting my lip and as i pulled back she let go slowly….. I went down to her thighs and ran my tounge across them… I started licking her slow to get a good taste and I could already feel her hands on my head gripping my hair… I kept licking slow and long and up and down.. she started moaning my name.. “baby you cant be to loud” “I know.. sorry” “You always do this sweetie” “Bruno, shut up I cant fuckin help it its your….” I didnt even let her finish her words as I started sucking and licking again. I made deeper strokes across her body .. It was driving her crazy she made an arch in her back..and her toes curled… and i just knew it, she was reaching her limit..

he was driving me crazy I couldnt take it anymore.. “Bruno hurry up” “hahah Baby, hang in there” “bruno… baby… I … cant” “yes you can…” “Your fucking…teasing me” “It feels good…dont it” “yes, Bruno” I sat up on the bed, he climbed on top of me and went straight for my neck, he started sucking on it and next thing you know my phone started ringing… “Who the hell is that” “i dont know” “baby, just wait” “No, Bruno, it could be important…. hello” “Is this Sammie” “Yes who is this” “Hi, my name is detective Sharon” “hi, there” “We have a case involving you and would like it if we can have you come down to the Office and have a talk with us” “And who is this Case concerning” “We are not allowed to discuss those matters over the phone” as I am trying to listen to this lady..Bruno is suckin on my neck and bitting me ear and I kept trying to push his head away… then I let out a soft moan and it was so embarrassing.. I hope this lady didn’t hear me “Miss, this is not a good time, its late and im really tired, can I call back later” “Sure, just come in soon, or we will have to come to you” “Ok”….. “who was that” “Damn it Bruno, you cant do shit like that’ “Baby its cool she doesnt know what was going on” “Ughh… whatever” “So who was it” “It was some detective lady” “For what” “I dont know, I was zoning out half the conversation, because of mr.suck a lot over here” “hahhaha Thats funny Sammie” “Im really tired babe, your wearin me out” “Ok, thats fine we can pick up were we left off in the mornin” 

I didnt want to over welm her with sex, I just was used to having sex with my ex like twice a day on average.. it was mostly her, but I had to let that life go.. This was something I wanted to change about myself, not always have to have things my way… I pulled Sammie close to me and covered our bodies up with my blanket… her hair was still wet, and my room was kinda cold, I could hear her shivering, so I just held her tight and sang to her…

Sammie when I see your face…There’s not a thing that I would change..cuz your amazing… Just The Way You Are…..

That was her song…The song I wrote for her, about her and I knew she loved hearing it…when I looked back at her face… she was sound asleep like a little baby, but she was my baby…