Chapter 19.5

24/03/2012 13:26

I turn around, jumping a little. Bruno was literally RIGHT behind me.

"No Brax." I say, not turning back around. Instead I stare into Bruno's eyes.

"Okay... I'm kinda low on cash.."

"Then do your chores."

"Fine I'll just tell mom-"

"And I'll tell her what you did." I turn around to face him now. He does so much wrong that I don't have to specify. He goes in the house.

"Bye wifey!" Bruno hugs me as I turn around.

"It's weird."

"What?" He pulls away, looking at me confused.

"For one, being married at 15,"

"Almost 16" He cuts me off. I continue. 

"Two: You calling me 'wifey' and Three: Being married to you!" He gasps.


"No offense!"

"Yea? Well OFFENSE TAKEN!" He says before turning around and stomping home like a little girl with a tantrum. I laugh and shake my head. 

"Bye Bruno." I say before stepping in the house and closing the door...

I wake up on the couch with the T.V. on, not remembering falling asleep. I sit up, looking out the window only to see it's still dark outside.

"Mom? Dad?" I call out. No answer. It's kinda scary since my only source of any light is the dim T.V. 

"Braxton?" I call out standing up. A small light comes on at the top of the stairs, making me turn my head towards it. I see the light pointing at me, causing me to squint my eyes. The flashlight moves up, showing that the person standing there is Bruno.

"Bruno? How'd you get in the house?" He starts walking down the stairs.

"Bruno you're scaring me!" He walks over to me. He just scans my face. His eyes are not the same. He speaks very low. 

"Abrianna.." His voice isn't the same either. It's almost like a grown man's.

"Bruno, whats going o-" He cuts me off by kissing me with a lot of force, pushing me on the couch. I kiss back, I guess.. that was all I could do. He licks my lips, asking for entrance into my mouth. Of course I let him. After a while, he pulls away.

"Bruno. Why'd you do that?" 

"Goodbye Abri" 

"B-" He starts to choke me. I try to move his hands but his grip is too strong. Moving one hand off of my neck, letting me breathe a little, he takes a knife from God knows where and holds it up. 

"No Bruno! Please!" I cry and plead.

"Please don't! Please!" Just before he stabs me, my dad runs through the front door. He grabs the knife from Bruno, but it was so close to me then, he accidentally cuts my upper arm. He stabs Bruno in the arm, making him grab his arm, screaming, and fall to the floor. 

He kicks Bruno in the stomach and keeps kicking him until he is coughing up blood.

"Bruno!" I scream, falling to the floor next to him.

"Abri!" I grab him in my arms.

"I'm sorry. Soo so sorry." He whispers before fading out

"Bruno! No!" I shake him.

"Abri!" I hear though he's not talking.

"Bruno!" I shout once again.

"Abri!" Someone's shaking me.


I wake up..