Chapter 19

05/05/2011 20:59

"Wow.. She's so pretty.." Tiara said, looking at Alegria as she slept like Aurora in sleeping beauty.

"She's not pretty. She's beautiful! Look at those long eyelashes.. Her eyes are really mesmerizing!" Presley said as she leaned closer to Alegria, taking a good look on her eyes.

"And look at her lips.. Whoaa.. They're really red.. And I don't think she's wearing any lipstick. She's really pretty!" Tahiti said, also mesmerized by Alegria's beauty.

"Bruno's taste on women never really fails." Jaime said, smiling as she looked at her sisters.

"Keep it down girls, you'll wake her up." Mommy Bernadette said as she stroked Alegria's hair. She was sitting beside Alegria, looking at her son's precious woman.

"You know mom, I like her. I mean, she fooled Bruno and all, but he deserves it." Tahiti said.

"Hell yeah. If Trimaine cheated on me, I swear I'm not just gonna let him go like that. He'll get a thousand beatings from me before he goes to another woman." Presley said.

"She's a poor girl.. Living only with her brother.. Ohh, I am so gonna kill Bruno for breaking her heart!" Tiara said.

"I hate Bruno for doing that. I never knew he could do that to a woman. Tsk tsk.. Poor Alegria.." Jaime said, shaking her head.

"You know girls, I think she'll make a good wife to Bruno. When we arrived in the house earlier, the house was sparkling clean. And I don't think Bruno would clean the house." Mommy Bernadette said.

"Really? You mean, she cleaned our house?" Mommy Bernadette nodded. "Woww.. She's cool! Now, I really really like her!" Tiara said.

"Now, I wanna see the house!" Tahiti said.

"By the way mom, how did you find out they were there?" Presley asked, curious.

"I don't know, I just knew he went there." Mommy Bernadette answered.

"That's a mother's intuition." Jaime said, smiling.


Alegria slowly opened her eyes. She saw Bruno's sisters talking, and Bruno's mom looking at her. Her head hurts, but she still tried to sit down.

"Oh, she woke up.." Presley said.

"You still need to rest, sweetie." Mommy Bernie said to Alegria, smiling.

"I'm fine, really.."

"Here, have a glass of water." Tahiti said as she handed the glass of water to Alegria.

"Thanks.." Alegria shyly said as she took the glass and drank a bit. She put it on top of the table afterwards.

"You sure you're okay now?" Jaime asked.

"Yeah, I'm good." Alegria smiled at Jaime.

"Aww, look at her when she smiles! She's so pretty!" Tiara said, admiring Alegria.

Presley and Tahiti tried to hide their laughs and Mommy Bernie and Jaime smiled at them. Alegria blushed, she was flattered by what Tiara had said.

"What? I'm just telling the truth! She's really pretty!" Tiara said.

"You've said that already." Presley said as she grinned.

Alegria looked around. She was inside her hotel room, but Calyx, Danielle and Alexander weren't around. 'Where could they be?'

Mommy Bernie noticed Alegria, as if she read her mind. "The others are outside. They're having a.. heart to heart talk."

"Ohh.. I see.." Alegria said.

"Uhm.. Alegria.. I wanna ask you something.." Presley said as she sat beside Alegria. "Do you love Bruno?"  Presley was serious when she looked at Alegria.

Alegria bit her lip and looked down. Her eyes started to turn red. She loves him, but she hates him. She also doesn't want Alexander to be hurt.

"Now you made her cry. She was so pretty when she smiled.." Tiara said as she sat beside Presley.

"You know, Bruno loves you too. He is just one big chicken." Jaime said.

Alegria looked up at Jaime. "On the day that he had sex with Chanel, he said that he still loves her.. If he loves me, then.. Why did he do that?" Alegria said, crying even more.

All of them gasped at what Alegria had said.

"He had sex with Chanel while you two were still dating?!" Presley asked.

"And he said the he still loves her?!" Tahiti said.

"Oh my God.. We didn't know! Earlier, we asked him about how you two broke up.. He just said that he cheated on you!" Tiara said.

"Gosh.. I am so gonna kill Bruno!" Presley said.

"Dear, are you sure he said that?" Mommy Bernie asked.

"I heard it loud and clear." Alegria said, looking at Mommy Bernie. Her eyes were already blood-shot red from crying.

"Oh, you poor girl.." Mommy Bernie hugged Alegria and rubbed her back, trying to comfort her.

Alegria felt lighter when Mommy Bernie hugged her. She's never had a hug like that after her mom died. She stopped crying the moment Mommy Bernie hugged her.

Mommy Bernie pulled away and sighed. "Do you wanna talk with him?"

"No, no.. I can't.. I'm sure he's still angry.." Alegria answered.

"He's angry, but he's also worried about you. When you collapsed, he came to you, running and crying like a boy who dropped his ice cream." Jaime said.

"See? Bruno loves you. He was just angry that you tricked him." Tahiti said.

"Yeah. You two are just ashamed of the bad things that you've done to each other. You both love each other but too afraid to admit it." Presley added.

"Bruno should ask you to be his girl again." Tiara said.

"But Bruno doesn't deserve someone like me.." Alegria said as tears started to roll down her cheeks.

"Oh Alegria, don't say that.. Bruno loves you and you love him too. That is enough reason for the both of you to be together." Mommy Bernie said. Alegria just shook her head. Mommy Bernie sighed and spoke. "Tiara, can you call Bruno?" Mommy Bernie said.

"I'll tell him to come here right now." Tiara said as she went out of the room to fetch Bruno.

"You shouldn't do this.. Really.." Alegria started crying again. She was worried that her conversation with Bruno might not turn out good.

"Now, now.. You need to calm down.. Your eyes are already sore from crying." Mommy Bernie said as she rubbed Alegria's back gently.

Alegria felt comfortable. She just didn't know why, but she felt comfortable being with Bruno's mother and sisters. 'He's so lucky..'


"It's all your fault, you fucking good-for-nothing two-timer!" Alexander yelled at Bruno.

Bruno kept silent. He felt guilty about Alegria. He understands why Alegria did that to him. 'I'm a jerk, that's why.'

"Alexander, stop it. It's not gonna help Alegria." Calyx calmly said.

"If it weren't for him, Alegria wouldn't have collapsed! It's his fault!" Alexander shouted.

"If you weren't such a tattle tail, then Alegria wouldn't have collapsed! Admit it Alexander, you were one of the reasons why Alegria collapsed!" Danielle said.

"Calm down, people. Alegria's head ache is not something we could control. So it's nobody's fault." Eric said

"He's right. It's my fault." Bruno said as he looked at Danielle.

"That's right! It's your fault! Now, go kill yourself and die!" Alexander yelled at Bruno.

"I'm not talking to you, bastard. Stop nagging at me like a chicken." Bruno said as he looked at Alexander.

"Why you.." Alexander punched Bruno in the face.

Bruno punched him back. Alexander was thrown in the ground, but Bruno still continued punching him. Alexander's glasses broke due to Bruno's punch.

"Hey, hey! Stop it you guys!" Danielle said as he tried to stop the two boys.

Calyx pulled Alexander and Eric stopped Bruno from punching Alexander.

"Hey, hey, Bruno, everybody's looking! Stop it already!" Eric said.

"I don't fucking care!" Bruno said as he tried to jump on Alexander and punch him. Eric stopped him and grabbed his shoulders.

"Don't you ever go near Alegria again!" Alexander shouted at Bruno.

"Make me." Bruno answered sarcastically.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Alexander said as he shook off Alexander's hand and punched Bruno.

Bruno kicked him in the stomach. "I'm gonna have to kill you first!"

The bodyguards started to intervene.

"What the hell's happening here?!" Tiara said, shocked at what was happening. "Bruno, stop it!" Tiara said as she faced Bruno, standing in between the two boys. "Mom told you to talk to Alegria. Come with me." Tiara said and walked towards the elevator.

Bruno froze. "I don't wanna talk with her."

"Liar." Tiara said, looking at her brother. "You know, just come with me." She said as she dragged Bruno towards the elevator. Two bodyguards followed them as they entered the elevator.

"You didn't tell us everything." Tiara said as she pushed a button in the elevator.

"What? What are you talking about?" Bruno asked, confused.

"You didn't tell us you had sex with Chanel while you were still with her. You even said that you still loved Chanel. Bruno, that is just so heart-breaking!"

"I was confused at that time.. I really didn't know why I did that.." Bruno said, shaking his head.

"Ugh.. You're unbelievable." Tiara said, rolling her eyes.

The elevator door opened and Bruno, Tiara and the bodyguards went out. They walked straight to Alegria's hotel room.

"Well, this is it." Tiara said, looking at Bruno. She knocked at the door and opened it.

Bruno looked at Alegria. Her eyes were swollen, but she still stayed beautiful.

"Girls, let them have a private talk. Let's go." Mommy Bernie said as she stood up and walked towards the door. Jaime, Tahiti and Presley followed.

"Keep calm, alright?" Mommy Bernie whispered at Bruno as she patter his back.

The bodyguards followed Bruno but Mommy Bernie stopped them. They nodded and went outside the room and shut the door.

Alegria stayed silent, but her tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Bruno sat beside her and gently wiped her tears using his hand. "I'm sorry.."

"I should be the one to say sorry.." Alegria said, looking at Bruno.

Bruno held Alegria's hand and shook his head. "I'm really sorry.. I got confused that day, I've been a complete jerk and didn't apologize.. I chickened out.. I'm sorry.."

Alegria sighed. "I'm sorry I tricked you.. I shouldn't have done that.. I should have just hidden from you in the airport and didn't show up.. I shouldn't have done all these.. I'm really sorry.."

Bruno hugged Alegria. He didn't know what to say. It's been a long time since he hugged Alegria like that. He missed her hugs, her kisses, her smiles, her scent, he miss everything. Bruno missed Alegria so much. Bruno looked at Alegria and pressed his lips against Alegria's.

Alegria pulled away and shook her head. She cried again as she stood up and went out of the room. Bruno didn't follow her. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know why Alegria was being like that. He didn't understand her. 'Why is she doing this to me?' He didn't notice he was already crying.

Suddenly, his mom entered the room. "Tell me what happened."

"I don't know.. She just.. left me.. I didn't know why.." Bruno continued to cry.

"Come here.." Mommy Bernie hugged Bruno tight, but gentle enough to make him feel better.

"I think she's a nice girl. A really nice girl." Mommy Bernie said, rubbing Bruno's back.

"She really is.. I just don't understand her.."

"You know us women.. We're sometimes unpredictable. You know that."

"I don't understand.. I really don't understand why she's hurting me.."

"You love her that much?" Mommy Bernie looked at Bruno.

Bruno nodded as he cried.

"You know, someone once told me this: 'Anything worth its value is worth fighting for.' If you really love her, then go tell her right now. Fight for that love." Mommy Bernie said, encouraging her son. "Now, wipe those tears and follow her." Mommy Bernie said, smiling.

"Thanks mom. You're really the best." Bruno hugged his mom and wiped his tears.

"Now, go. You don't want the Alexander guy to steal her right?" She said as she smiled at her son.

Bruno nodded and went out of the hotel room running. Mommy Bernie followed after a while.

"My baby boy.. He's all grown up now." She said, smiling.


"Alegria, I wanna talk with you." Alexander said as he grabbed Alegria to the beach.

Alegria kept silent, but she followed Alexander. They finally stopped in a spot where only few people can see them.

"Let's sit here." Alexander said, sitting on the sand. Alegria sat beside him.

"What do you wanna talk about?" Alegria asked.

"I just wanna say that I'm really sorry.. I shouldn't have told Bruno about the revenge.. Then the mess wouldn't have been this big.. I'm.. I'm really sorry.." Alexander said.

"You know, it's okay. You did the right thing. You just told him the truth, and I shouldn't be angry about it. I should even thank you for that." Alegria smiled at Alexander.

Alexander sighed and caressed Alegria's cheek. "No, I should thank you for forgiving me."

Alegria noticed Alexander's broken eye glasses. "What happened to that?"

"You mean my eye glasses? Bruno and I.. you know.. We fought earlier.. And yeah, this got broken." Alexander said.

Alegria took Alexander's glasses. "You know, you look better without wearing this." She smiled. "Look, your blue eyes are even more noticeable now. You should start wearing contact lenses."

Alexander smiled at her. Then he saw a silhouette behind Alegria. He can't see it clearly because he weren't wearing his glasses, but he was sure it was Bruno, spying on them. He gave Bruno a sarcastic smile, then looked at Alegria and kissed her.

Alegria was shocked at what Alexander did. She was just about to pull away when someone behind her grabbed Alexander. She turned around, and it was Bruno.

"What are you doing with her?! She's my girl!" Bruno punched Alexander so hard that he fell on the sand.

"Bruno, stop it!" Alegria shouted.

"I won't stop until that bastard dies."

She stared at Bruno and shook her head. "Bruno, this isn't gonna work."

"What.. What do you mean?" Bruno asked, confused.

Alegria helped Alexander to stand. "We're going home. Now." Alegria told Alexander as they walked away from Bruno.

"What?! You can't go home just like that.. We still need to talk." Bruno said as he grabbed Alegria's wrist.

Alegria turned to face Bruno. "Talk about what, Bruno?!"

"Us. To talk about us."

"There is no us, Bruno." Alegria said. Her eyes started to turn red. She turned around and walked away.

Bruno pulled her waist and kissed her lips. Alegria resisted and tried to push him away, but Bruno was stronger. He didn't let her go. Alegria felt Bruno's gentle but passionate kiss. It shot her through her heart. She remembered his sweet kisses, his smiles, hugs, everything. She kissed Bruno back, passionately.

Alexander's heart sank. He just couldn't accept that Alegria chose Bruno over him. He walked away with a broken heart.

Lots of people were taking pictures of Bruno and Alegria as they kissed each other. Others applaused and were happy about it. Female fans started to swoon and scream frantically.

Alegria pulled away, trying to catch her breath. Bruno smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss. The crowd started screaming even louder.

"Oh my God, she's the luckiest girl, ever!!!" A girl from the crowd screamed.

"You hear that? You should feel lucky kissing me, Mr. Bruno Mars." Bruno grinned at Alegria.

"Come here you.." Alegria kissed Bruno again. And the people shouted louder. The bodyguards started to push the crowd away.

Bruno pulled away and smiled at her. "I love you."

"I know." Alegria smiled back.

"So.. Everything's okay now, right?"

Alegria nodded as she smiled at Bruno.

"We should go back to the hotel now." One of the bodyguards said.

Bruno and Alegria, with the bodyguards, went back to the hotel safe and sound. Bruno accompanied Alegria in front of her hotel room.

"I'll meet you up tomorrow. Nine in the morning on the swimming pool. Don't be late." Bruno said as he gave Alegria one last peck on the lips. "Bye Ms. Erickson." Bruno smiled as she waved goodbye to Alegria.

"Bye Mr. Hernandez." Alegria smiled and went inside her room. She was surprised when she saw Alexander.

"Alexander.. What are you doing here?" Alegria said.

Alexander was standing by the balcony. Staring at the sky, then he looked down. "I wanna die." He then started to climb it up.

"Alexander, what are you doing? Get down there!"

"I won't until you say you love me."


"You have to choose. Me, or that fucking playboy?"

"Alexander.. Don't do this.. Please! Get down already!" Alegria started to cry.

"Choose me, and I'll make you forever happy. I'll give all you want. Everything. But.. If you choose him.. I'll jump in here and you'll get blamed for killing me. Now.. CHOOSE!!" Alexander said, and it made Alegria's heart thump faster.

"Alexander.. Please don't--"

"I'm only gonna count until five."



Alegria cried harded..


"Please.. Don't do this.."


Alexander seemed serious. Alexander has been good to her. He's her savior. He saved her at the cemetery and took care of her since then. He helped her live a new life. Alegria owed everything to him, and she couldn't just watch her savior die because of her. She couldn't take the pressure. "I'll do it.. I.. I choose you.." Alegria said.

Alexander smiled and went down. "Pack up. We're leaving."


"I said, we're leaving." Alexander raised his voice.

Alegria looked at him. He was close to a crazy person. Alegria didn't know who he was already. She did as to what Alexander have said and packed her things up.

"We'll leave on midnight. Don't let anybody know. Especially Bruno." Alexander said as he left Alegria's room.

Alegria cried. She didn't have anyone to talk to. Alegria cried her heart out. She cried and cried until her eyes were completely swollen. She cried the whole night. That was all she knew she could do.


'I'm sorry, Bruno..'