Chapter 19

18/09/2011 17:46

Chapter 19


We walked into the plane and few minutes later, it took off. Sasha's sitting next to me. I hold her hand tight. I want this moment to last forever. Who knew after two years she's back in my arm? Few hours later, we arrived at London. We took our luggages and we headed to our hotel. Sasha wanted a room of her own. So we decided to have rooms with doors to enter each other's room. Mine with Sasha and Phil with Ari. I walked in my room and unpacked my luggages. I walked to my balcony and I saw Sasha's standing on her balcony. Her hair was flying everywhere. She looked at me and I laughed. She make a sad face and walked in. She knocked on my door. I opened it and she attacked me. She pushed me on my bed and I kissed her. She pulled away and closed her door. I knocked on her door so many times begging "Open the door! Mummy! Don't leave me here alone!" and I can hear she giggled. Maybe she's fixing her hair. I sat on my balcony. The view is fucking great! Few minutes later, I heard a knock on my front door. I opened it. 

"Yo dawg! Lets go down to the studio! And bring Sasha too!" Phil said.
"Now?" I asked.
"Of course ! Me and Ari will wait for you both in the lobby." Phil said and left. I knocked on Sasha's door.

"WHAT?" she asked. 
"Don't be mad. You look pretty when you're mad." I smiled. She kissed me.
"I'm not mad. That's mean I'm not pretty." she laughed.
"You're not PRETTY! Cause you're gorgeous!" I smiled and kissed her.
"No I'm not! Anyway, what brings you here?" She asked.
"We need to go to the studio. I'll wait. Make it quick." I said. Few minutes later she's done and we left to the studio. We make some good songs and before we know it, it's getting dark. We walked back to the hotel and changed to have dinner. I planned to have a dinner with Sasha. Alone. I waited for her at the lobby. Few minutes later, she walked out from the lift. She smiled as she's making her way to me.


"SASHA!" a man screamed. I stopped from walking towards Bruno. I turned around. FUCK. It's Shawn. What's he doing here?!
"Shawn? What are you doing here?" I asked. I looked at Bruno. His face changed.
"I'm coming for you. I missed you so badly." he said as he walks towards me.
"Huh? I've gone for only less than 48 hours ? It's not like we met 24/7 in L.A?" I asked.
"That's different." he smiled. I looked at Bruno. Bruno walked to me.
"Shawn, this is Bruno. Bruno, this is Shawn" I said and they shakes hands.
"I'm her fiancée. Nice to meet you." Shawn smiled. Bruno looked at me like his eyes about to pops out. I gave him the 'its-not-true' face.
"I'm her bestfriend." Bruno faked a smile.
"I know, Sasha talks about you all the time." Shawn smiled. Suddenly, we heard a weird noise coming from Shawn's stomach.
"I'm so sorry. I'm hungry. Let's go and eat, Sasha." he pulled my arm.
"Bruno, come with us?" I said and pulled Bruno's hand.
"Sure." he said and he followed us to have dinner. We talked at the tables and I went to the toilet for few minutes.


We were talking and talking until Sasha have to go to the toilet. 
"Bruno, I'm warning you. Don't you dare coming near to Sasha ever again! She's my fiancée and please, let me love her." Shawn said. I couldn't say anything. I just kept quiet until we left and went to our own room. I called Phil. He'll come to my place any minutes, so I took a quick shower and told him about everything.

"Well, if you loves someone, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours. And fate. If she's your fate, you'll end up being together. It's just test from God." Phil said. He's nice to me. More like to a best guy friend. I fell asleep without talking to Sasha. 

The next day, me, Phil and Ari worked in the studio. While Shawn 'borrowed' Sasha to sight seeing on London. Its was a tiring day so I lay on my bed. Thinking what else could go wrong. I'm to tired until I forgot to close my door which led to Sasha's room. I just can't stop thinking until..

"BOOOOOOM!" she screamed and she shakes my body.
"What THE FUCK?!" I said.
"Sorry Bruno. We need to talk." she smiled as she sat on my bed.
"Talk? About what? You've made sex with Shawn? WHAT, Sasha, WHAT?!" I asked her.
"NO, BRUNO! NEVER ! To tell you the truth, he's not even my fiancée ! He asked me to marry him but I just can't! Wanna know why?!" she screamed to me.
"WHAT?!" I asked her. I can't look into her eyes.
"Because my heart is with you! Since the first day I met you, until NOW! I've met Shawn, we dated. We kissed. But it'll never be the same with you! You have my heart!" Sasha burst into tears.
"I'm sorry. Shawn tell me to don't disturb you." I said and I looked into her eyes.
"If you think that you'll give me to Shawn just like that, fine, I'll go. Don't you ever dare and find me again!" Sasha walked out and closed her door that connected to my room. I fell asleep crying. The next morning, all I know is. She's gone. For the second time of my life.