Chapter 19

10/01/2012 20:20

In the morning my mom gets discharged from the hospital and we all finally get to go home. I suppose if I’m going to actually be planning this wedding then I need to sit down with Bruno and talk first. I mean now is not the best time; I’m not even just saying that, it’s not. He’s got his album launch coming soon, on top of that, it’s almost his birthday, then he’s got to go on tour and promote his album, he hasn’t got time to be having a stupid wedding. Why can’t we just stay unmarried!? Why is he in such a rush? “What’s wrong? Why are you looking all concerned again? You’re not having second thoughts about the wedding again are you?” he asks as he sits up in bed. I look at the time and see it’s nearly 1am. Damn, I wish he couldn’t read me as well as he can. “No, I was just thinking… is now really the best time to be getting married? Just think about how busy October and probably December, and maybe even January will be? It’s not the best time, even you know this” He just slams the side table and gets up, I grab him before he has a chance to leave. He looks at me and yells “Why are you so opposed to marrying me!? Do you think I’m going to be such a bad husband that you don’t want to marry me? Let’s just get this out in the open now. Why exactly do you not want to marry me?” “Bruno, you need to get it out of your head that I don’t want to marry you. Because I do. You know this. I’m just not in a rush to be married, and I don’t know why you’re pressuring me so damn much, I said I would! Why can’t you just accept that and let me do it in my own time!?” “Because every time someone brings up about us getting married you change the subject and act like you don’t wanna be with me. Lexii it hurts when you do that. Now answer me. What is the exact reason you don’t wanna marry me?” “Because, I’m scared ok!? Scared of losing you!” “What? Scared of losing me? What does that mean?” “You know exactly what I mean, people go years and years happily dating each other and then when they decide to get married, everything goes wrong for some reason and they end up divorcing. You know what it’s like, your parents are divorced and so are mine, one day they’re happily in love and the next they’re not. What if marriage isn’t for us? What if we end up like that? I don’t want that for us, at least not yet” He sits back down next to me and starts to rub my back “Lex, you worry for nothing, in fact, much of what you just said is stupid. Complete bullshit. And you know why I’m being so honest with you right now? Because I love you, and I know that I can say whatever I want and you’ll understand. We’ve gotten to that stage in our relationship where we’re so damn comfortable in front of each other. We’ve gotten to that stage where we can have a huge argument like we did the other day and still be yearning for each other by the end of the day. Stop worrying so much and put your faith in to me, sometimes I think that you only said yes to me in the heat of the moment” “That’s dumb, of course I didn’t. Why do you wanna be married so badly? Why can’t you just wait for me?” “I will wait for you; I’ll wait for you if you have the right reason. But I know you wanna marry me, so I don’t see why we should have to wait. Baby, I think that if two people love each other as much as we do, then they should make a commitment. Forever. I’m not asking for much. I just wanna replace that beautiful ring on your finger with an even more beautiful one. And instead of introducing you as my fiancé, I wanna be proud and introduce you as my wife” “What if I’m a shit wife?” “Unlikely, you can cook a fucking amazing meal, you’ll be a good wife” “you know, they say the sex gets shit when you’re married” “I’ll take my chances” I exhale. Here goes. “Well, it’s September so we can’t get married this year, because of your album, tour, and promos. We can’t get married in January because you’ll be promoting your album in London. So….” “February?” He says with a smile. “Does it have to be that soon?” “Yes. I’m calling my mom to tell her now” “It’s like 11pm there!” “I don’t care, she’ll wanna hear this. You should call your mom too” “I’ll wait till the morning to tell her….” “I’ll put her on speaker, you’re gonna wanna hear her reaction” I just smile and watch him dial; I love how excited he looks right now. “Bruno what’s wrong?” “Nothing mom, I’ve got some good news” “well at 11pm I would hope it’s good news” “I told you not to call her now!” I whisper so she can’t hear me through the phone. He ignores me “We’ve decided when the weddings gonna be” “Are you serious!? Oh I’m so happy for the both of you! When is it?” “February” “Are you gonna have it here in Hawaii?” He looks at me and I smile and nod. “Yeah in Hawaii…. Ok mom gotta go…” and he puts the phone down and jumps on me….

I wake up in the morning and a thought occurs to me. I shake Bruno to wake him up, not surprisingly he doesn’t even move an inch. “Bruno. Bruno. BRUNO!” And I shake him even harder. “Hmmmmm? Baby I’m too tired, we can do it again later…” “Oh gee thanks. But that wasn’t what I wanted.” “What time is it?” “1pm, now listennn… you know what I realised? Your album comes out in 7 days. ONE WEEK. Can you believe that!?” He sits up. “One week.” He repeats. “Yeah, all your hard work will have paid off, all the promotion stuff, the interviews, the TV performances, everything. October 5th will be a day you never forget. You excited?” He stays silent for a bit. “Do you think its good enough? Do you think I need to change some of the songs around? What about the album name?” “Bruno, it’s too late to change anything now, it’s already been announced that that’s what it’s gonna be called. The songs on there are all amazing, I can’t fault anything. And the best thing is that the songs you’ve put on the album are all from you. They all describe a different part of you. This album is solely 100% about you. Most people don’t have that, they normally get restricted by their management, you didn’t, baby you need to be proud of this album” “One. Week…” He says as if he didn’t just hear a word I said. “Oh and it’s your birthday soon!” my phone starts to go off, it’s a text. *Get changed, we’re going dress shopping* Shit.