Chapter 19

29/02/2012 00:45

This chapter contains explicit sexual language. If you're under 18 or not into that, don't read it please!


"But what?" I ask him demandingly.

He looks deep into my eyes a light grin runs over his lips but he's serious again in a second. "...but I would go there, sing my part AND his part so fuckin amazing that Kanye doesn't know anymore that Tony even exists and then I'd beat him in his fuckin ugly face so many times as you cried because of him. And I'd laugh with every punch." 

I just have to smirk about his cuteness while he's saying so harsh words. This man really is unique and I'll never ever doubt again his loyalty.

"That's the best answer you could give." I stroke over his cheek. "But Bruno I know you couldn't kill a fly..."

He opens his eyes wide and backs up a bit. "Don't say that! You don't know my Hooligan side. I can be a troublemaker." 

Phil holds in a laugh.

"You?" I say giggling.

"Yes I punch small children, ya know." He says seriously and gets close to my ear whispering. "And when we're at home I'll punch your ass for doubtin this."

I smirk even more and bite my lips. Actually this turns me on. I love that he's such a boy but also so sexy. He starts kissing me so sensitive and squeezes my ass. Chills running down my spine. How in hell could I even think of leaving him??? I really would have been dumb!

"Erm guys I don't wanna interrupt all this lovey dovey make-up thingy, but man we still gotta have to figure out what beats we play to Natasha Bedingfield... The session is in 2 days..." Phil says from the side. Bruno looks at him shortly and nods then turns his head back to me. His eyes just scream a mix of fuck and sorry. I give him a quick peck and we part. 

"It's ok. Anyways I have a manicure in 2 hours and I promised Laura to go to this Zumba course before... So I'll be back in about 3 hours okay?"

"That's okay... Just prepare it's going down today! I'm gonna show you what I'm about to do, baby squirrel!" He winks at me.

I laugh and raise an eyebrow. "Baby squirrel?"

"Oh yeah." He says and starts snapping his fingers lightly rocking from side to side.

"Oh hell no." Phil says and turns around while he playfully puts his hands over his ears singing loud a random melody.

I have no idea what's going on now and look at Bruno confused when he starts to sing in a Doo-Wop-Style. "du du du du du uhhh uh uh uhhh yoooouuuuu aaaaaaaaaarrreee myyyyyyyy baby squirrel aaaaaaand Iiiiiiiiii'm your bedrooooooooooom baaaaaaaaaandit sha la uh sha la I'm goooooooooonna fuuuuuuuck all your brains off sha la la la uh sha la aaaaaaand you're screeeeeeeamin out my name so loud sha la uh sha la aaaaaaaand I'm goooooonnaaaaaaa fuuuuuuuuuuck you even har..."

I press my hands over my ears like Phil and run out of the room fast before I die because of laughing so hard. Oh god he's a crazy pervert! I shake my head while getting into the car. The bad thing is I get horny from all this. Looks like I'm pervert too... this gonna be interesting.


Why can't this elevator go slower? And why isn't there a stop button? Weird questions running through my mind while Bruno presses me against the elevator wall sucking on my neck and stroking my breasts. His hand is already under my shirt and I can't wait to get this damn clothes off of our bodies. Bing. The elevator door opens and we stumble out not letting go of each other. I go backwards down the hallway and he kisses and pushes me towards my apartment. We finally reach it and have to part when I take the keys out of my purse. I unlock the door and the second it opens he shoves me inside, closes the door fast and continue pushing me into the bedroom while pulling off my shirt and my bra. I rip his shirt off and open his belt. His pants drop a bit and I grab his package massaging it lightly. He gets hard in seconds and he pushes me onto the bed. He steps out off his pants and boxers while I lift my ass a bit to take my skirt off. He stops me and pulls it up instead. He licks his lips when he sees I'm not wearing anything underneath it. "You a nasty gurl!" He says and lays down half beside half on top of me starting kissing me passionately. One of his hands strokes my neck and hair and face, the other one caress my inner thighs coming closer to my middle. I gasp when I feel two fingers rubbing and circling between my legs just on the right spot. I pull his head to me and kiss his neck ardent lightly biting it. I'm just too excited. I can't hold back moans and have to stop our kisses a couple of times holding my breath when he shoves his fingers deep inside first slowly then faster and faster. He teases me taking them out and rubbing me again. I grab his hand and signalise him to put his fingers back inside. He smirks against my lips and lowers his head starting to suck and kiss my breasts and at the same time going back inside even deeper than before. He repeats that a couple of times and then stays inside circling his fingertips. I know I'll lose my mind if he finds my spot and oh god he found it. I press my head back into the pillow and he goes on rubbing this spot. My body is out of control and squirms around. It doesn't take long until I come all over his fingers. I breathe heavily and pull his face again near me to kiss him. He slowly takes his fingers out and puts them into my mouth. I open my eyes and see him watching me licking them with his amazing sexy bedroom gaze. I'm so turned on right now. I don't think anything just do what I desire. I lift my body and push him on his back. Then I sit down on his legs and lean down. I start with kissing his chest and caressing his upper arms. On my way down I look from time to time up to him and see him watching me with half closed eyes. He licks his lips in anticipation what I'm about to do. We had so much sex already but I didn't blow him yet. I'm normally not so into that but it's so demanding and sensual today that I feel an urge to do it. I fucking love his dick. I smile at my thoughts. Maybe this Hooligan side is totally what I'm going for. I smirk lightly and then start to lick and stroke his dick. He seems to enjoy it a lot. I hear him moan and mumbling my name. He grabs my head when I speed up and he lightly grinds with his hips. Although I enjoy it pleasuring him I wanna feel him inside of me finally. So I back up and look at him. His eyes pop open and I say Fuck me with the most seductive voice I can come up with. He doesn't hesitate. He sits up and puts the pillow against the wall. Then grabs my arms and pulls both of us closer to the wall. He leans his back on the pillow and pulls me on his lap. I go down and gasp when I feel him entering me fully. He wraps his arms around me and sucks my breasts and the place between them. I also put my arms around his neck and go up and down and back and forth. Finding the perfect rhythm and the spot where I'm most sensitive. I could go on like this forever! It just feels so good as if our body parts were made for each other. I don't know how to explain but it's like he fills me fully and touches the right spots. I speed up and he thrusts against me. We both start to sweat and breathe and moan loud and fast. I alternate kiss him, press my head in his neck or just let it hang backwards. I lean back a bit and spread my legs more. He rubs me again and in addition to his dick going in and out of me so quickly I'm almost exploding. I can't control myself anymore and I'm about to fall back when I'm close to climax. He catches me and holds me tight, then pushes me on my back. He puts one of my legs on his shoulder and the other one between his legs. I'm almost doing like a sideways split. Then he enters me again deep pounding me hard. I open my eyes for a second and watch him. His eyes are closed and he presses his lips. He looks so sexy I could die. I close my eyes again and concentrate just on feeling him. He thrusts so hard and fast that I come after some seconds and he shortly after. Exhausted he falls down on me and I continue moving my hip lightly feeling the rest of the orgasm I just had. Both our eyes are closed enjoying the moment and feeling each other. I feel so damn good when he suddenly lifts his head. I open my eyes and see his scared look.

"Shit!" He whispers out.

"What?" I ask him.

"We forgot using a condom..."

I smirk. "I know. That's ok. I'll take morning-after pill. Anyways I wanted to start taking pill again."

"I'm fine with that. Honestly I hate condoms." He answers relieved slowly leaving me. "It's just without them it's a bigger mess..." He grins looking down. I look down too and grab some tissues laying on the nightstand and dry myself. We laugh together and cuddle up. He kisses my forehead and caress slowly my arm.



"I don't wanna destroy the moment but before we totally stop using condoms I'd like you to get tested.."

"Tested? For what?"


"Oh.... ok..." I feel him tense a bit. "You can trust me I don't have it."

"I trust you but it's just I want to be sure..."

"It's ok." He kisses my forehead again and I lay my head down on his chests.

"You know, I got tested regularly, every time..." I stop. I don't know why I started this topic but it's something I never told anybody not even Lena and I wanted to get it off my chest.

"Every time what?"

I gulp. "Every time Tony got back from a gig in another city or from tour..."

"Why that?"

I gulp again and take a deep breath in. "He once slept with a girl who had HIV and luckily he didn't get infected. Since then he promised me to always use protection, but you know how could I trust him?!"

"Wait!" He lifts his head and I mine too and we look at each other. "You knew he cheated and stayed?"

I nod lightly and look down. This is so embarrassing. "I loved him so much and he was sex-addicted. He got nervous if he didn't get some for 2 or 3 days. He was honest with me since the beginning that he would fuck other girls when he's not in town. And I kinda lived with that. But when I found out that he did it even when he's in LA and I'm around, I finally quit. I caught him in the studio. A random girl sitting on his lap. It was disgusting." I sit up and wrap the sheets around me. "I'm pathetic, I know."

Bruno sits up as well and strokes my cheek with his thumb. "No. I think that's strong. You showed how much you gonna do for love. The only one who's pathetic is he letting a woman like you go..."

A single tear runs down my cheek and he wipes it away. It feels so good to finally talk about this with someone and he's comforting me. I hug him tight and long.

"I'll never hurt you like that." He whispers into my hair.

When we part he starts kissing me carefully and slowly leans me back. We do it once again, but this time it's not just pleasing our desires. We make love, sweet nice innocent love. Afterwards we fall asleep and I have this feeling inside I didn't feel for a long time. It lightens my heart. It's not only happiness, it's love...  


The next 2 weeks go by fast. Bruno and the guys are very busy with all the sessions Kalman wanted to have them on. But they're so happy to be able to work with so many artists that they don't mind and work their asses off. I'm busy too with organising everything for the MJ tribute show and Mary gave me another job as well. It's again a sweet 16 birthday party one of the friends of Mister Brown's daughter celebrates. Bruno bought a car, a silver Honda Civic and some instruments. Though he's sad he can't afford buying back the signed Elvis guitar. He's looking around for small apartments but it's difficult because he still has no regular income. I don't mind I enjoy having him around me and although it's rare that he's already home when I go sleeping I wake up next to him. And that's the best feeling ever. I try to stay away from Beverly as much as I can and luckily she leaves me alone too.

Today it's Saturday afternoon and in 3 days Bruno, Phil and Ari will fly to London to work with the Sugababes. I'll miss him a lot and I try to avoid coming up these worries I had every time Tony went abroad. I know Bruno's different, but he still didn't say the 3 words. Well me too but I want him to say it first. I shake my head. I can trust him, I tell myself. He's at the studio right now like every day. I just came back from shopping and unpack the groceries when he calls me.

"Hey babe. Whatcha doin?"

"Nothin. You?"

"Ya know we fuxin in the studio... Ryan and Brian are here too... wanna come around?" 

"Erm I don't wanna disturb your boys day... and don't you need to work out some beats?"

"Nope all finished we just chill now and I miss you..." I hear aaawwww sounds in the back. "Shut up jerks." I have to laugh. "You can bring Lena, Brian's dyin to see her!" He giggles. "And later we go to Eric's, havin a lil BBQ... Bana's comin too and you finally gonna meet her and Cindia..."

"Oh ok.. well then... gimme 30, 40 minutes and I'll be there." I say back.

"A'right see ya! And please put on some underwear otherwise I can't promise anything." I gasp. He didn't just say that knowing all the guys hear him.

"Idiot! Now everybody knows!"

He just laughs and hangs up. I call Lena and she's free. So I tell her the adress of the studio. I get dressed and leave the apartment.


"Erm babe..." Bruno starts while we're driving to Eric's place.

I look at him shortly then back onto the road. "Yes?"

"Jaime's coming too. You know my sister... She wanted to meet you so bad..."

I smile. "That's cool. I want to meet her too."

He takes my hand and intertwines it with his. "You don't think it's too early?"

"What? No! Do you think it's too early? I mean I know Eric too and he's your brother..."

"That's not the same. First you met him 'cause he's in my band and secondly he's a guy. He loves me but he doesn't care what woman I'm with. He lets me live my life..."

"Oh and Jaime doesn't?" I smirk. Now I'm even more anxious to meet her. It seems like he's kinda afraid of her.

"Erm... no! I mean yeah she does, but since I'm in LA she's like my second mom not like my sister, ya know... She's good in destroying my relationships... She hated Mandy and she always argued with her..."

I smirk. He's so cute sounding like a 15 year old boy. "So it's like no girl is good enough for her baby boy?" I squeeze his cheek.

"That's not funny. She'll can make your life a hell trust me. She always asks those exposing questions. She's really good in that."

"Ok. Don't worry I can defend myself and there's nothing I have to be embarrassed of, so I think I'll handle it..."

"Ok. I warned you! If she's takin it too far just show me and I'll help you out. Ok?"

I laugh. He's really worried. "Okay. And what secret sign do we have?"

"Hmmm... pull on your right earlobe." He suggests.

I burst out laughing. "I feel like in a movie now. Meeting the evil sister-in-law... I think I love her already makin you so nervous..."

"I bet it doesn't take 10 minutes and you gonna pull so hard on your earlobe that you almost rip it off." Now he smirks too. 

We arrive and leave the car. Shortly after Brian and Lena arrive and Phil took Ryan with him. 

"Look she's already here." Bruno says to me and points to a car. That must be Jaime's. We go around the house straight into the backyard where the garden is. Eric stands at the grill looking at the meat. 

"Hey the smeeeeezes arrived." Phil yells out which everybody who sits on the bench around the table causes to turn around their heads. I point out Bana immediately knowing she's highly pregnant. The other 2 women must be Cindia and Jaime. They all smile at us and waive with their hands. Phil steps to Bana.

"Caro meet my beautiful lady Bana and lil Philly boy here." He says proudly patting on Bana's belly. I greet her and turn to the other women. I reach out my hand to one and she shakes it.

"Hi. I'm Cindia. Eric's wife. Nice to meet you finally. Eric told me already much about you. And I'm glad that you take care of this dude over there. Now he doesn't get on our nerves anymore." She says glancing to Bruno. "Although I feel sorry for you too."

I smirk. "You know someone has to do it, right?!" 

Everybody laughs and Ryan claps Bruno's back with an uuuhhhh sound. Only the other woman stays serious. Must be Jaime then, I think to myself. I reach out my hand towards her too and say Hi. She slowly takes my hand and shakes it lightly.

"Hi." She glances on me up and down. "So you're Bruno's newest squeeze, hm?!" She looks over to Bruno. "Since when do you date older woman? Did you develop some kind of mother fixation in the last time or what?"

Everybody freezes, I see Cindia presses her lips. I also look at Bruno and he just stares at Jaime. He didn't promise too much. She's good. But Tony had a sister like that too. If she wants it this way. Okay... Here we go...