Chapter 19

01/03/2012 14:52

The entire house was decorated. “Wow, it’s amazing. But why?” I asked. He chuckled. “You really don’t know it do you?” “I-“ I couldn’t finish my sentence. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLA!” I saw people popping up from behind everything. At first I was a bit scared but soon after I felt comfortable again. “Wow! For me?” I asked with tears in my eyes. “Duh, it’s February second, it’s your birthday dummy!” Moniek said. I met Moniek 2 weeks ago at Starbucks. We started to talk and became friends. She’s an amazing person. I laughed. “Touché…” I replied. We all laughed. “Cammiiieeee….!” Kyra yelled while she ran towards me. “Feliz cumpleaños!” she said with a smile. I bent through my knees and looked her in the eyes. “Gracias.” I said while I hugged her. “I made you this.” She handed me a drawing. “Whoa, it’s beautiful! I wish I could draw like that.” She came closer and started to say what she drew. “Look, this is you and Bruno holding hands in front of your house. And these are your babies.” I chuckled and fell back. “Cammie, are you okay?” she asked worried. “I’m fine Kyra.” I sat up again. “And, you young lady, have a cute fantasy.” I smiled. “It isn’t a fantasy.” She replied. I looked at her with a shocked face. “This will really happen!” “We’ll see Kyra.” I said as I gave her another hug. I got up and looked at Bruno. He gave me a lazy smile. I slightly shook my head. “WE’RE NEXT!” Lotte and Moniek yelled at the same time. I also met Lotte at Starbucks since she was chilling with Moniek. Those two are crazy. There ain’t a party without them. “Happy birthday Camilla!” They said as they both hugged me at the same time.  “Uhmm… I don’t… wanna be… rude but you two… are chocking me…” I tried to say. “Sorry.” They both said and let me go. “Anyways, here’s your present.” Lotte said as she gave me a small box. “Well, present, one of the presents. You’ll get the others later.” Moniek said smiling. I looked at them with a small smile. I looked back and the box and slowly unwrapped it. When it was unwrapped I looked at them with a ‘seriously guys…’ look. They both burst out in laughter. “You two are crazy!” I said. “And I have the urge to throw this at your heads…” “Aww… Don’t be mad. They’re just condoms.” Moniek said. “Yeah, they can only be useful.” Lotte said with a wink. I just rolled my eyes. “What are condoms?” Joshua all of the sudden asked. “It’s something for adults. You’ll find out when you’re older.” Bruno said. “Oh, okay. And Cammiiieeee…” Joshua said. “Yes Joshua?” “I made you this teddy bear.” He said as he handed me the bear. “Thanks Joshua, it’s beautiful.” I gave him a hug. “Now it’s our turn.” Julie said excited. ‘Our’… I still hadn’t gotten used to the whole couple thing. They’re meant for each other but that it actually happened this soon. “Happy birthday sweetheart.” Julie said. “Happy birthdayCam.” Paõlo said. “Here ya go.” Julie gave me a huge present. “But be careful with the unwrapping.” Paõlo said. “I will.” I smiled to them. I carefully unwrapped it. “Oh my god, it’s gorgeous.” They gave me a painting of us sitting at the beach looking at the sunset. “When did you make this?” “We worked on it every day back on the Dominican Republic.” “But the both of you are on here too…” I said surprised. “Yeah, since we sit on the exact same spot everyday we could take turns with it and put both of us on it too.” Paõlo said and gave me a smile. I hugged them both really tight. “Muchas gracias.” I said to them. “You deserve it girl.” Julie said. I sighed. Bruno and Paõlo ignored each other as usual. “Time for our last gift!” Moniek said. They both got up and sang a ridiculous song. Everybody was laughing by the end. “You two are the best!” I said laughing. “Well, want to have my present now?” Bruno asked. “Sure. I’d love to.” I said as I flashed a smile. “Here you go.” Bruno said as he pulled a small box out of his pocket. I slowly opened the box and inside was a gorgeous necklace. “Wow, Bruno, it’s beautiful.” It was a silver necklace with a rose on it. I carefully took it out and looked at it. “Let me help you.” he said as he carefully lifted my hair up. “Thank you Bruno.” I said and hugged him. After that we all started talking and laughing while Kyra and Joshua were playing some games. All of the sudden the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it.” I said as I got up. I opened the door and the first thing I saw were the guys. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLA!” They all screamed. “Sorry we’re late.” Phil said. “It’s okay.” I replied as I let them all in.