Chapter 2+3

07/08/2011 22:24

 (Chapter 2 and three are very very short cuz itz 3 am )

chapter 2
sakia is already seven months and is pregnant with a little baby boy but shes is being so miserable! of course bruno and sakia broke up and landed me! ( booyah!!) but i know for sure that bruno is trying hard to avoid her but he told me that everytime he want to leave the house that the baby pops up in his head, i feel so bad. bruno jumps over the chair and does a ridiculous happy dance "wha.....what happen bru???!!!" i yell hugging him to hold him down " i got signed!!!!! i got signed stacy!!!" he yells i get excited and jump on him from the front with my legs wraped my legs around him. " oh my gosh bruno im so proud of you!" " thanks stacy i love you so much that i want you to go wherever i go!!" he said my eyes nearly fell out thier sockets " i love you bruno thank you your going to go far and your going to be a good daddy!!" i said he gave me the biggest smile. We went to the backyard and played like little five year olds! We chased,tickled and tackled each other. I tackl
ed him and landed right on top of him, right on top of his front! We stared at eachother for about five seconds when i felt hom getting closer and then kissed me, WOW it was nice and slow and it felt like he meant it. I grab on to the back of his shirt and he starts to roll on top of me but i can manage it. It was amazing but i thought he might end up getting inside me outside! Thats how far it was going. We manage to reach the geuss bedroom and we made love like theres no tommorow!, after a while we calm down and fall asleep 

chapter 3
i feel someone rubing my waist,up and down, it feel so good i might pretend sleep! i wake up to the sight of someones chest,brunos!! yay!!! bruno moves and smile at me " morning! u were my alarm clock with all that snoring!" he said " oh whatever! youve known me since hawaii you know that i snore horribly!" i said laughing " your preety" " thanks i love you and will always love you!" he smiled " i love you too and maybe in the future well make other brunos and stacys!" we laughed our way to the bathroom and took a shower. he was all over me like we were  glue to paper! we made mind love in that shower he couldnt get enough of me!! as we dried each other off we cuddled on the couch i had on my black lace undergarments and brunos button down shirt while he had on only his plaid pajama pants (lmao) we were the cutest couple!