Chapter 2-4

17/01/2012 11:50

Chapter 2 

“I don’t have anymore… and my doctor is in L.A.” she said looking me right in the eyes. 100 things started running threw my mind at once. “Can’t we just go pick up some more or something?” I said moving a little closer to her. “No.. you can’t mix birth controls!” I shook my head quickly, “I don’t get this shit.” She started to walk away and I grabbed her arm, “Babe please don’t do that…” “Bruno.. it’s alright.. I’ll see what I can do..” I didn’t want to say this because I knew it would probably make her even more mad, but I did anyway. “So… does this mean we can’t do it?” She shot me a look, “Yes that’s what it means.” I widened my eyes, “But.. it’s been awhile.” She started smiling and I had no idea why. “What are you smiling?” I said blinking at her a couple of times. She shook her head and looked away, “Because you’re so cute.” I laughed a little, “Well this isn’t a cute convo.” She hugged me, “I love you.” I closed my eyes and hugged her tighter and rocked her back and forth, “I love you too.” “Ew… get a room.” Phred said walking in. We both just laughed as we unlocked from our hug.

“Come here.” I whispered still looking at Phred. He frowned as I whispered in Diamond’s ear. “Can we please do something else.. like soon.” She started laughing and Phred just rolled his eyes and left, I bet he thought I was talking about him. She looked behind her and then back to me, “Sure Bru.. we’ll do other things.” I smiled from ear to ear, “I’m excited.” She looked down to me, “Maybe a little too excited?” I grabbed myself and started laughing, I didn’t even realize it. I quickly rushed into the bathroom to get myself together. She laughed at me the entire time.

I sat backstage watching Bruno fix himself up in the mirror. He looked so damn nervous for some reason and he started pacing. He would stop and start humming and then start pacing again. All the guys we’re in the room and I really didn’t want to make him even more nervous by accidentally getting him hard or something. I took a deep breath and started playing a random game on my phone. A guy with headphones and a clipboard came to the door, “10 minutes guys.” They all looked around at each other and smiled. I couldn’t believe how far they had all come, especially Phil and Bruno. I remember going to his first gig at a club and now he was touring the world. And the best thing about it is that he deserved every part of it. I felt like he was a authentic artist, before him I really wasn’t a big fan of pop music. But, he completely changed that after I heard his style of music. I also loved the fact that I was not only his fiancee’ but, I was a big fan of his and I think that is what makes us even more of a better couple.

I stood there jumping up and down watching Bruno ‘hit his James Brown’. I had no idea where they came up with these things, but I really loved it. The guys we’re amazing live, and I could tell by the crowd noise that they we’re into it. I cried a bit as he sang Just The Way You Are at the end of his show. I honestly felt like I was up there on the stage with him. He may be a little guy, but he could do everything everyone else could. He was born to be a performer.


November 18th, 2010

I’m in one of the biggest cities in the USA, San Diego! I haven’t been in years, way before I ever met Bruno. What I remembered most is how hot it was and how hot it still is. This tour bus life is pretty awkward, but at the same time it’s interesting. Phil made it clear that we are NOT ALOUD to take dumps on the bus. The best part about it is the time I spend with the guys, I mean they’re all pretty young guys so they like to have fun, if their not glued to the fucking TV playing video games. Bruno is getting pretty frustrated about this whole birth control situation and I keep telling him that we’ll be fine but, he’s so horny all the time he doesn’t know what to do. When we did finally get some alone time back in the lounge to ‘watch TV together’ he was so nervous about getting caught that we didn’t do anything. What the fuck Bruno?

I talked to my mom yesterday and everything is going really well at home. She always asks me how her little hawaiian man is doing, and it makes me smile every time. Speaking of Hawaii, I wonder if we tour there? I’m sure Bruno wouldn’t tell me if we we’re because he’s so fucking sneaky. When I think about the time, I realize that in the next year Bruno will be touring the world for the most part, and he really won’t have time to get married, or have kids. Well at least thats what I think. But hes one pretty amazing guy and I never know what he has planned until he just does it. I like that hes about action. Next stop, Scottsdale, Arizona! How beautifulmore fucking sun.


“Dre scoot over a little bit.” I said trying to focus the camera. “The other way…” I said strongly making all the guys laugh. “Alright.. one.. two.. three.” I took the picture and then all of them ran over to me to see it like little girls. “Whoa whoa wait a second.” I said moving my arms around trying to get room. I passed the camera around so they could see it and I’m glad they we’re all satisfied. Bruno kissed me on the cheek, “Thanks babe.” I smiled as we started walking again, “You’re welcome.” This was our 3rd city we had been in during this tour and it was a must that we went sightseeing. When we we’re teenagers he had always told me that when he did make it big and he traveled he wanted to ‘see it all’.

After walking the streets of Scottsdale with the sun blazing down on us we finally got back to the tour bus. I collapsed into the couch and fanned myself with my notebook. Bruno came and sat by me and started unbuttoning his shirt some. When he finally looked over to me and I raised my eyes and he smiled. He hunched his back over some and wiped his forehead with his sleeve. He was known by all the guys to sweat a lot, a whole lot. His shirt was damn near soaked. I quickly looked away from him and swallowed hard, I did not want to get turned on right now. “Does the fucking AC in here work or what!” Phil yelled at the thermostat. “Calm down man…” Kameron said to him standing by the door. It was pretty hot in here, but it wasn’t as hot as it was outside. I went over to the mini fridge and got me and Bruno a bottle of water. “Why didn’t you get me one?” Phred said from across the room. “Yeah Diamond… why didn’t you get US one?” Jam said. “Cut it out guys..” Bruno said smiling. I loved how they picked on him, I knew he didn’t take any of it seriously and that was the best part.

“If you all think this is hot wait till we get outside to do that show tomorrow..” Bruno said. They all groaned and moaned and I just laughed. They all complained but, I knew for a fact that they would love each minute of it. Living life on the road, I asked for it….



Chapter 3 

I sipped on my water and smiled as Bruno talked to the crowd. They we’re doing an amazing job once again, not letting the heat mess up their flow. After the show we all decided to order pizza and stay in the bus since it was cool in there now. I sat in the lounge next to Bruno while him and Kam, and James played a basketball game on the playstation. We we’re sitting on a couch together at a angle where no one could see me, so I decided I would have myself some fun. I slowly rubbed on Bruno’s thigh and he started to smile but, didn’t look away from the TV. The closer I got to down there, the more he smiled. “Babe.” he said out the side of his mouth. “Hmm?” He looked to me for a quick second, “Stop it.” “I’m not doing anything.” “Alright.” he said scooting a little farther away from me. I giggled and started rubbing his back, I easily slipped my hand under his t-shirt and started rubbing his lower back, I knew that was his spot. He quickly looked over to me and whispered, “Really? Right now?”

I got up on my knees on the couch and put my lips right next to his ear and whispered, “Bruno.. I need you.” I watched him bite his lip out the corner of my eye. I licked it a bit and I watched as he shivered. “Oh my god.” he whispered. It had been more then a week since we had even touched each other, and I was starting to get pretty needy as well. Even though I didn’t have any more birth control to take it was still working for now. Bruno quickly got up and went over to the guys, “Play for me real quick Dwayne?” he said handing him the controller. He looked at him like he was crazy but grabbed it anyway, “Yeah alright.” He went to walk out and nodded signaling for me to follow him. I started to get butterflies as I smiled and got up.

I went threw the curtain and saw Bruno going into the bathroom. I laughed as I watched to make sure no one seen me go in with him. As soon as I got in he closed the door behind us and instantly started kissing me moving his hands all over my body. He pushed me up against the wall in the tiny bathroom and started kissing on my neck. Things we’re moving quickly and I started letting moans escape. “Shh…” he whispered into my ear quickly. We both started reaching underneath each other’s shirts really quickly knowing that we had little time. He moved even closer to me and I could feel him on my thigh. He started to reach into my shorts not bothering to unbutton them. 

Someone started banging on the door. We both froze in our exact spots. I widened my eyes at him signaling for him to say something. He coughed, “What?” “Are ya’ll serious right now?” They said. I had no idea whose voice it was, we both just looked at each other. “Serious Brunz, I gotta piss.” They said after a couple of seconds. Bruno threw his head down in defeat, “Here I come.” We both fixed ourselves up and Bruno tucked himself because I was sure he was hard. We opened the door to Ryan standing there, he instantly started smirking and looking back and forth to us. Bruno grabbed my hand and pulled us past him. I looked back to him and he shook his head as he went into the bathroom. Bruno let my hand go and rolled into the bunk we now shared. I snuggled in behind me and held him close to me. “Diamond I swear I can’t do this.” he whispered. I played with hair on the back of his head, “What do you mean?” He slowly struggled and turned around towards me almost making me fall off.

“I mean.. I wanna fuck you.” he said bluntly. I raised my eyebrows, “Bru.. we’ll make it.. You made it a whole month without me..” “But, this is different you’re here with me.. and I can’t do anything. It’s torture.” I held back a smile, he was so cute when he was upset. “We will have our time baby.. I promise.” I said trying to reassure him even though I was sure we would never have alone time. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, I could tell he was frustrated. I kissed him softly on the lips, I did feel kind of bad because I started this, but I didn’t think he would get this upset. I took a deep breath also and held him a bit closer making us both comfortable. Our day will come, I thought to myself.


November 23rd, 2010

I’m in Dallas, Texas yall! <—- Sorry I had to do that. Surprisingly I’ve been having a pretty awesome day. We all got up a little early this morning and went out sightseeing. Bruno had already told me that he would be busy most of the day with interviews, and his show tonight. I took a couple of naps, and went out shopping myself. I don’t know why but, I stopped at a pet store. I wasn’t sure or not if Bruno would ever let us get a dog. But, I would get one if he didn’t like it anyway. I got a couple of souvenirs for the girls and made sure I got Michelle her shot glass she had been asking for. Today, I don’t know why but, I thought about Deondrea. Not in a sexual way, but in a friendly way. Before everything, I had promised I would help him get a job after our company shut down.

Today marks 2 and a half weeks since the last time. Of course I’m taking it a lot better then he is, because he is a fucking horn dog. I’m honestly just waiting for him to take me in a bathroom backstage his show or something. Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow and instead of my mother’s turkey and dressing, I would have to whip up something for the guys since they begged me. I still don’t even know what I’m going to cook.. fuck. Well anyway, I’m looking forward Chicago in a few days, I really loved that city ever since I was little. I tried not to look forward to the wind, or how fucking cold it was going to get. I knew that if I was with the guys, I had no worries.


I closed my notebook and put it into my bag.I scooted out of the both and went over to the mini fridge and grabbed a water out of it. I decided I would go and watch myself some soap operas since I hadn’t got to since I had been on tour. Every time I would try and watch them, the guys would complain. I went into the back lounge and got comfortable on the couch. I sipped on my water as things started to get serious. Before I knew it a romantic scene came on, and I couldn’t help but think of me and Bruno. I sighed to myself and looked away a bit trying not to get myself too bothered.

I heard the door open and I listened as someone walked towards the lounge. I got a little scared because I knew the guys weren’t supposed to come back for awhile. Bruno walked in to my surprised and he started undoing his belt and unbuttoning his pants, “Look we got 20 minutes. Let’s go really quick.” I started to smile as I stood up. I guess the day came a lot faster then I thought..



Chapter 4 

This chapter is VERY dirty. o.O You have been warned, but enjoy!

He quickly pulled his pants down and stepped out of them. I struggled to get my shorts undone since it was so unexpecting and I was a bit nervous. “Bruno.. but the birth control.” I said pulling them down. He nodded quickly, “I know.. I’ll pull out I promise.” I shook my head, “No.. we can’t trust on that.” He pulled his shirt off, “Come on please I need this right now.” he said threw his teeth. For some reason that turned me on, “You better not get me pregnant Bruno..” I said pulling off my shirt as well. “I’m not.” he said pulling me in to kiss him. I loved the determination he had on his face. We had both addicted our ownselves to sex.

We started making out and I softly rubbed him while he squeezed my breast. We both moaned a bit against each other’s lips and I realized then just how sexually frustrated we both we’re. As he stopped kissing me he slid down his boxers and sat on the couch. He looked at me up and down and I looked down to his friend who was standing straight up. He reached out and pulled my underwear down and pull me onto him. He pulled my thighs closer to him as I sat on him slowly. We both let out moans as he went all the way inside. He put his arms around my back and hugged me close to him as I rode him slowly. I put my arms around his neck as I started to get loud. “Not to loud… please.” he whispered.

I couldn’t control my breathing as she rode me. I had been wanting this for weeks that seemed like years. I looked up to her and she had her eyes closed. I started softly kissing her neck as best as I could with her still thrusting on me. There we’re moments where I had to stop and close my eyes because it felt so good. I kissed down from her neck until I got to her breast. I slowly licked around before I started to suck them. She threw her head back in pleasure and I closed my eyes and just took in the moment. She started to speed up and I leaned back into the couch and just watched her. I loved the way her hips we’re moving on me and I couldn’t help but rub up and down her body. She bent down to my ear, “Bruno… I’m trying.” she whispered. I shook my head, “Take your time baby.” I whispered back.

I moved my hands down to her ass and I started thursting with her as I bit my lip. “Go a little deeper.” I said pulling at her legs. She adjusted herself and then went back down, this time making me go deeper inside her. She pulled me closer to her again and I laid my head on her chest. I closed my eyes and felt myself getting closer and closer to being done. I reached my hands down and grabbed her hips forcing her to go a bit faster, after some hard strokes she let out a sexy moan as she came. “Let me get on top really quick?” I said smiling to her. She nodded and smiled as she got up. She laid on the couch and I quickly got on top of her, I needed to hurry. I had no idea when the guys we’re going to be on their way back. I lifted her legs a bit as I slide myself into her again. I laid on top of her and started thursting in her fast, making her squeal.

“Fuck me Bruno.” she said in-between them making me get closer to my destination. I loved the way she felt after she came. I always wanted her to get hers before I got mine. I turned my head and started kissing on her neck more. “I’m gonna cum again.” she moaned. “Do it baby.. please.” I responded. I bit my lip as I got a little bit faster. She rubbed up and down my back and I spread her legs a bit more. She came again, and it felt even better. My breaths started getting shorter and I was going to be done at any second now. “Don’t do it in me Bruno!” she said pushing me off of her. I quickly took my self out of her and closed my eyes as I started stroking myself. I threw my head back and let out a moan as I exploded on her stomach. I took my time making sure it all got out before I opened one eye. I peeked down to her and she was just staring at me. I closed my eye back, “I’m sorry.” I said my voice a bit shaky. 

“Oh my god.” she finally said. I finally opened my eyes still scared of her reaction, “Babe you told me not to do it in you..” “That doesn’t mean on me either!” she shot back. I started to panic and reached down for my t-shirt that I had on. I handed it to her, “Here use this, I’ll put on a new one.” She groaned as she grabbed it and slowly wiped it up. I got up and started getting dressed again, trying not to watch her. “I mean you let me cum in your mouth before…” I said pulling on my jeans. She looked at me in mock horror, “You did not just say that out loud…” she said getting up and fast walking into the bathroom. I picked up the rest of our things and tried to make the place look as nice as possible. I took her things into the bunks and folded them and put them on our bed and threw the cover down. I heard the shower water run as I walked to the door. “Babe are you okay..” I said threw the door. “Yes.. I’m fine. But, I swear we are using a condom next time.” I had forgot how much she didn’t like it, but I truly was sorry.

I went threw my clothes and threw another shirt on and sat at the table waiting for Diamond to get out the shower or the guys to walk in, whichever came first. I couldn’t help but, think about tonight’s show and how much better I was going to perform now that I had got some. I was pretty upset that we had to make it quick, but it was better then nothing.


November 26th, 2010

We are now pulling out of Texas after a successful show in Houston. We have to make it to Illinois by tomorrow afternoon and the driver isn’t going to be one minute late. Bruno has told me over 10 times how sorry he is, and each time I tell him that it’s fine. Even though it was fucking disgusting. I really did forgive him, but I think I was just upset at the moment because I didn’t expect it. I guess I did tell him to pull out…

Anyway, Thanksgiving was great and I ended up making the guys chicken (Phil’s idea), macaroni and cheese, dressing, and green beans. It wasn’t your typical Thanksgiving dinner but it worked. It was pretty hard considering how small the oven was on the bus. Not to add the pressure of someone looking over your shoulder every 5 minutes. PHRED AND JAM. Bruno gave an amazing prayer as we stood around and it made me tear up a bit. He was just so grateful for everything, and I was grateful for just his presence. He was such a sweetheart and with Christmas around the corner, I knew things we’re going to get nothing but sweeter.

Bruno. <3


“Corn. Corn. More corn.” I said looking out the window. Diamond lightly hit me, “Would you stop that?” I quickly turned to her and laughed, “I mean look it’s fucking ridiculous..” I went to looking back out the window, I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. “We’re in Illinois.. what do you expect…. stupid.” Phil said. I quickly looked at him and he nonchalantly texted on his phone. “I’ll show you stupid.” I whispered. He looked up at me and then looked behind him, “Who?” “That owl on your shoulder.” I shot back quickly. He started cracking up laughing and then all of sudden stopped, “No.” 

“Why do you both act like little kids?” I said looking at the both of them. “Because they are…” Kam said walking past. “Shutup Kameron..” they both said in unison making me laugh. “What am I going to do with all of you!” I announced. Everyone started laughing and Bruno put his arm around me, and pulled my head into his. “I love you.” he said. I smiled, “I love you too.” Dwayne came up to the table with a deck of cards in his hand, “Get off that love shit, and let’s play some cards.” Phil scooted over so he could join as at the table. He hit the table, “Let’s go deal sucka.” Bruno took his arm from around me and I smirked. Time to beat some ass……