Chapter 2 - What did he say?

03/06/2011 19:29

What? Did he just say teacher? But.. that can’t be.. it’s not possible. He’s joking.

         “Are you serious?! How old are you?” I blurted out before thinking. He starts laughing at my questions and nods his head.
         “25... What grade are you in?” He asks me.
I have to stop and think a little before I respond, “A junior this year.” It’s illegal... we can’t be together. He nods his head at me and then he notices that I’m upset.
         “Did I say something wrong?” I started shaking my head and laughing.
         “NO! You’re fine...” I say putting my hands up. “Very fine...” I whisper to myself.
         “Hmm?” I shake my head again. I look up at the clock and back at him.
         “I have to go back... my mom’s probably worried.” He nods at me and takes me into a hug. I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him tightly. He’s hugging me! My teacher is hugging me! Oh My GOD! When he begins letting go of the embrace, I begin to pull away but he doesn’t. I look back at him and his big brown eyes are staring back at me. He’s smiling with them. With those big brown eyes. I felt our faces getting closer to each other but right when our noses were just brushing I hear,
         “Bruno! Hey man!” someone yells to us and quickly we get out of each others reach. I’m looking away, hiding my blush towards the steps of the pool as I get there I look back at Bruno who is talking with his friend but I can see him peeking glances over at me. I’m so embarrassed, how can I go to school knowing we almost kissed? I grab the towel and begin drying my body off and I walk back down to my apartment where my mom was waiting for me to go to dinner with her.
         “Ready?” she says.
         “Do I look ready?” I ask sarcastically to her. That night and the next I wasn’t able to stop thinking about Bruno. Monday morning came by and I wake up from my alarm clock going off with some random radio song. I turn it off and quickly shower, and curl my hair. I put on a pair of jean capris and a plain white, low cut shirt. I tie up my converses and grab my book bag with all my stuff.
         “Bye mom.” She kisses my forehead and closes the door behind me. I get in the elevator and who do I happen to see down at the lobby? Bruno.. er.. Mr. Mars that’s what I meant. I have to start getting used to that. I see him look over at me and smile. Damn! How can he smile at me like that when he knows, he knows! That I wanted to kiss him on Saturday. I walk past him and I don’t even wave to him I just walk down the steps of the apartment building and begin crossing the street to get to my new school.
         “Hey! What was that?” I hear the voice behind me. Without even turning around I know it’s Bruno’s voice.
         “I don’t know what you’re talking about Mr. Mars.” I emphasize his teacher name.
         “It’s the teacher thing isn’t it?” he asks me with some attitude there.
Two can play the attitude. “No! Maybe it’s by chance that you’re my teacher, you didn’t tell me. Maybe it’s because you have a girlfriend whom you kissed on the cheek like a week ago and then tried to kiss me! BUT didn’t because your friend showed up. Maybe it’s that! What do you think?!” I yell at him. People have begun to stare at us and Bruno looks shocked at me. “Sorry… you just piss me off ok?” I start getting all panicked now. “That won’t get me a detention.. will it?”
         “No! It won’t but your attitude has definitely lost me. Now I’m only your teacher. Happy?!” He walks past me and begins going to the school. I walk behind him cussing him out with such colorful words that I didn’t even know I had in my vocabulary. ‘I HATE YOU! You Stupid ass MOFO! Go to HELL!’’  I finally reach the school and walk past Bruno towards the office to get my schedule. I take it nicely from the secretary and walk to my locker where I stuff my crap in my locker and shut it. I look at my schedule and see in big, bold letters, SCIENCE: ROOM 103. I swear if it’s Mr. Mars’s classroom I will slam my self with a book. I make myself up the stairs and have to ask around for room 103, but I finally make it before the bell. I open the door and don’t see a teacher there yet so I sit down in a desk close to one of the windows, just in case, you know, Mr. Mars shows up I can throw myself out of it. Some guy comes walking into the classroom and sits down right next to me.
         “Hello.” He says to me. I look him up and down. He has this brown hair, it’s short and straight, and he’s tall. I can tell. He isn’t ripped, but he isn’t not ripped haha. He has this big smile and it’s cute.
         “Hi there.” I say to him nicely.
         “I’m Johnathan Brayes. You are?”
         “Rai.. Tatianna Oberski.” That was close. I have to learn how to control myself from saying Raina. The bell rings and a flood of people come rushing in. I hear people whispering,
         “He’s coming.”, “Shh.. here he is.”, “Look!” The girls are giggling all over. The teacher walks in, oh fuck. Really? The first thing he does when he lifts his head is look straight. At. Me. Bruno’s eyes dig straight through to my soul. I gulp a little and Johnathan rolls his eyes at him.
         “That’s Mr. Mars. Every girl wishes she had him, and every guy wants to be like him.” I nod my head and I remember he’s my teacher.. not my lover.
         “Morning, guys. I’m Mr. Mars for those of you who don’t know me. Hope you all woke up and had a good morning. I know I didn’t.” He looks up and around the room and back to me. I can feel him growling at me.. I can feel it.
         “Oh I’m sorry Mr. Mars. Wanna talk about it?” I turn my head quickly to the girl who asked. She has this thin blonde hair that curls naturally and these blue eyes. I feel myself growling at her.
         “No thank you Bess. It’s always nice to know I have a friend to talk to.” He smiles at her and I know she just died a little inside. Who wouldn’t?